#1168 Music by Lauri Jones, Wendy Ford, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Bridget Wolf, Mori, Carmen Modjito, Kate Magdalena, Joan Burch, Cate Ferris, Mama Gina, Wendy Ford, Bridget Wolf, Shirley Jackson, Libbie Jo Snyder, Roberta Lamb, Jackie James


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This show includes the following songs:

Lauri Jones - Step Lightly FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Wendy Ford - Good Medicine FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Let a Flower Grow FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bridget Wolf - Oceans and Trees FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Mori - I Run

Carmen Modjito - House Is On Fire FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kate Magdalena - Up Up in the Sky FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Joan Burch - Conversations FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Cate Ferris - Fracture FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mama Gina - One Thing at a Time FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Wendy Ford - Hippy Cowgirl FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bridget Wolf - Sleeping Giant FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Shirley Jackson - River of Dust FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Libbie Jo Snyder - Wall Of Enchanted Words FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Roberta Lamb - Let's Drink to That FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jackie James - Jungle FOLLOW ON ITUNES

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