9/4/2018 Roma Calatayud-Stocks & Thomas Lamarre


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On September 4th, Ian talks with Roma Calatayud-Stocks about her recent work A Symphony of Rivals. A Symphony of Rivals, the second book in a trilogy, is a compelling historical novel set in 1930s Germany, Austria, Italy, and the United States. Alejandra Stanford Morrison pursues her dream of becoming a symphonic conductor at an unfortunate time when culture and the arts are falling under the influence of Nazism, but through her devotion to music and Beethoven's legacy, she finds a measure of hope and strength. Award-winning novelist and composer Roma Calatayud-Stocks holds a Bachelor's degree in Music and Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She later continued her studies in creative writing at the University of St. Thomas. She's currently working on the third book, An Ode to Joy.

We then hear from author Thomas Lamarre discussing his latest work in Japanese animation, The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and Game Media. With his field-defining study The Anime Machine, critics established Lamarre as a leading voice in the field of Japanese animation. He now returns with more broadening insights to give a complete account of anime’s relationship to television while placing it within important historical and global frameworks.

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