Episode 111 - Big Tubs of Carmex


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You're probably wondering, "Hey! Where's episode 110?" Well, one of our guests in 110 (the "missing" 2008 YaMB Holiday Extravaganza) has yet to return his release papers. Until we get them, we can't put the show out. I won't say who it is... but his name rhymes with Pando Ralcissian. So, while you wait please enjoy episode 111!

First, Yivvits and MrBubble both put down their bets on when Game Update 9 would go live. Since the update went live last week you'll find out if our guesses were even close! Next, MrBubble tells us about his trip to visit our podcast librarian, Red Headed Tim, we debate whether or not it is best for geeks to hide their toys when asking a date over, and we bring up a couple ideas for SWG. Finally, MrBubble rates which SWG species are the most drama prone.

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