004 - Projects with special meaning to them.


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What are we working on?
  • Bob
    • Honey Dos
    • Working on the kids car
    • Editing Videos
  • Rebecca
    • Prepping for the Evolution of Mushrooms Demo
    • Planning future demos
    • Looking into a pay per view demo
    • Building a custom box to ship out the turning she recently sold
  • Mike

Looking into French Cleat tool hangers

What are we watching / listening?
  • Bob
    • Eli Polite
    • Car Revival Videos
    • Joe Rogan
  • Rebecca
    • Re-watching Dexter
  • Mike
    • Listening to the Biography of Abraham Lincoln
Main Topic

Projects with special meaning

  • Bob
    • Made 7 pens from a broken heirloom rocking chair.
    • Turned a pen from the twig of the tree where my buddy first kissed his wife to be.
  • Rebecca
    • Made from redwood shelves from Arthur’s (Grandmother’s significant other) study, a bowl for grandma and a lidded box for Arthur’s family
    • Pens and pendants made from reclaimed skateboards given to people managing skate parks and skate shops that give Rebecca the reclaimed skateboards that she uses.
  • Mike
    • Block of wood from a grandmother's barn made into pens for her and the family
Social Media Information

Bob’s Social Media Outlets:

  • Instagram @rjbwoodturner
  • YouTube RJBWoodTurner
  • YouTube WhatchaDoinBob

Rebecca’s Social Media Outlets:

  • Facebook Rebecca DeGroot
  • YouTube Rebecca DeGroot
  • Instagram @rebecca_degroot
  • Website www.rebeccadegroot.com
  • Etsy RebeccaDeGrootStudio

Mike’s Social Media Outlets

Dad Jokes
  • Bob
    • A guy went to see his psychiatrist and said: "Doc, you've got to help me all I dream about is Wigwams & Tepees, Tepees & Wigwams.:

The Dr. said I know what your problem is, you're too tents.

  • Rebecca
    • I started a new job at the guillotine factory. I’ll beheading there shortly.
  • Mike
    • What concert can you go to for .45?50 Cent featuring Nickleback

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