37 – Secrets to Taking Your Life and Work to the Next Level: An Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man


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Do you feel stuck in life? If so, it’s time to take things to the next level. In this interview, Cliff Ravenscraft provides practical insights into how to do so.

Most people know Cliff Ravenscraft as “The Podcast Answer Man” for a very good reason.

Since 2005, Cliff has produced over 3,200 of his own podcast episodes and launched the Podcast Answer Man site through which he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations launch successful podcasts.

If you were to look at the top 100 podcasts in the business category of iTunes, more than 50 of those shows were created be people that Cliff trained.

His free course, How to Podcast, has been used by thousands.

Hundreds of people have taken Cliff Ravenscraft’s course, Podcasting A to Z — including us, David Atchison and John Kramp. We tell everyone that if it had not been for Cliff Ravenscraft, we would have never launched Your Leadership Story Podcast.

What many people do not know is that Cliff Ravencraft helps people with far more than podcasting; he helps people take everything they do in life to the next level. That’s what we probe in this fun and encouraging interview.

You’ll learn practical insights you can use today.

  • How perfectionism differs from excellence
  • Why people with great promise sometimes fail to achieve their potential
  • The secret to getting through “the messy middle” in any project in life
  • The importance of focused passion in fueling longterm progress
  • Why a clear process can help you move forward when you get stuck
  • The power of working with a coach on any project that matters to you

We hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as we did preparing it for you.

If you don’t already know about Cliff and his work, you should take the following steps.

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