EPS 170: Sarah Jividen


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Nurses, are you feeling fearful or unsure of your next career moves? Or, have you had a recently decided to make a shift that stretches you outside of your comfort zone? This next guest reminds us all to stay focused on our goals in order to reach the nursing career of our dreams.

Sarah Jividen RN, BSN, SCRN is an emergency room nurse, blogger and mom. She lives with her husband in a beach suburb of Los Angeles where they are raising their 2 ½-year-old daughter, 7-month-old son and twin rescue kitties. In a rare moment of free time you might find Sarah practicing yoga, writing, sampling dark beers or attending a local concert venue with her husband.

A few take aways from our interview with Sarah Jividen RN, BSN, SCRN include:

  • How continuing to learn can keep you from becoming stagnant;
  • What routine practices can help you stay grounded in chaotic times;
  • And why you should never let fear hold you back from what you want!

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