Breast MRI in 2021 with Kristan Harrington. From Abbreviated Protocols to New Advancements


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Zone3podcast is lucky to be joined by returning guest Kristan Harrington, MBA, RT(R)(MR) to discuss Breast MRI

Breast imaging is one of Kristan’s passions. Her interest started with her experience in research at Emory University.

Kristan provides the audience with a run-down of today’s Breast Cancer statistics and how MRI is becoming the leading preferred imaging modality because of its success with specificity and sensitivity. This consequently, could be linked to the reason the breast cancer mortality rate has dropped 40% in the past 25 years. 322,000 women’s lives saved!

Kristan discusses Breast cancer’s many contributing factors that are considered established risks. She also touches on some interesting things that are considered emerging risks, as well.

Kristan is an advocate of abbreviated breast imaging. Allowing the exam to be available to more patients is key. Technological Advancements in MRI have greatly increased image quality, resulting in an increase in diagnostic integrity.

About our Guest:
Kristan has been an educator specializing in MRI since 1998. She worked as an educator with Philips Healthcare for almost 12 years. She held a full-time faculty appointment at Emory University School of Medicine leading the MRI Bachelor's Degree Program. Kristan is the Senior Associate with William Faulkner & Associates providing both MRI educational and consulting services. She speaks at conferences nationally for many vendors including, MTMI, NWIF, Siemens, Philips, Bracco, and Medtronic. Kristan is also developing bachelor's degree programs in MRI for universities that are moving in that direction. Kristan earned her Associate's degree in Radiology Technology in 1996 and her Bachelor's Degree in Medical Science Education, with honors from Emory University in 1997. She then received her Master's in Business Administration in 2010.

About our Sponsor:
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