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Two hours of entertainment in the comfort of your own ears… this enlightening, humorous, uncensored and unmissable show features comedy legend Casper de Vries and his team. The show is in Afrikaans and English, as Casper brings back his own brand of unique Afrikaans sketch comedy so sorely missed by his fans, but also gains new audiences by entertaining, educating, speaking and interviewing in English. His show is presented with the help of the CasperTeam: Gavin Prins, Riaan van Wyk, Shemane ...
I tell jokes for a living but i'm living to tell more jokes. I do this podcast for free though but it is Brilliant
A show about all things stand up comedy - both locally and internationally. It's about the business of stand up, the comedians, the shows and what's going on in the general sphere of stand up and the industries attached.
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I spoke to talented comedy minded human Claudine Ullman who is not only a comedian but a maestro at improv comedy.Hear us chat about comedy and how she got to where she is but more importantly listen to some of her characters that will be on display in her one woman comedy show Artifically Infeminated.… — Apocalypse Later join the show to perform some of their music live in studio. Then author AnnMaree Barry talks about her book, 'Jaar van Skandes'. — Diaan Daniels and Jurie Hayes discuss Casper's new makeover, and Dusty Ray Bottoms from the 10th season of RuPaul's Drag Race pops in for a chat as the extra special guest.
I sat down with Kate Pinchuck and spoke about the correct way of pronouncing her surname, comedy, depression, where to sit in an uber and more comedy! Also she has the best voice ever! — Casper is back! This week’s extra special guests are Sean van Noordwyk and Christel van den Bergh from the popular TV soapie ‘Getroud met Rugby’… and co-host Hannes brings his daughter Maya in to the studio for everyone’s entertainment. — We try to do a highlights reel for you to round off 2018. Then some biking NUNS (an acronym) join us and hijack the show. Trust us, you know nothing about lady biking clubs. Until you meet N*ggers Under No Supervision... and we possibly say the N word way too much on this episode. We started our own Comedians Under No Supervi ...… — It's the final show of the year with the usual crew and fun. Casper invites a superfan to share her animal story... and Bradley joins the show to invite someone in need to join his family for Christmas.
I sat down and had a really great convo with Altaaf Sayed. He is a comedian from Cape Town but what I really enjoy about Altaaf is how he applies his craft. Hear us speak about love, sliding in DMs, how he use to make burgers, the disease he suffers from, how he applies himself and listen to my funny convo with an uber driver.… — South African TV legend Anne Williams joins the team - a must listen! And the team discuss the vegan lifestyle and sample some yummies. — This episode was recorded in Martin Evans’ rooftop flat in Bree St, Cape Town. We start off with an interesting chat about comedians being shitty at financial management. Then we call Rabin Harduth who has a new club opening called The Comedy Comedy Club. Then something completely new for us... can you imagine a fully persona ...…
Hi! I sat down with really talented journalist/former editor/current digital guru at Power fM Verashni Pillay. We speak about her life and how society deals with "shame" and her family tree, my poetry and there is a new feature where I interview uber drivers — From golden classics to something new and powerful... extraordinary singers Peter Vee and Anna Wolf are Casper's special guests on the show this week - plus some sexy dancers. Anna also shares a story about her dear departed dog for Animal Stories with Bravecto. — Take a listen to Ryan and Dave get as deep and emotional as two males can get. It’s been an interesting year for comedy, with some obscure and underground concepts becoming mainstream. These days people seem to be more educated around comedy issues. They know where the clubs are, they can name more than 5 comedians, there’s s ...… — Casper and team welcome Jaremi Carey, a drag performer, television personality and singer who is best known as Phi Phi O'Hara from the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. They also chat to Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott about their award-winning feature documentary about the rhino horn war... plus your usual fun features, incl ...… — Making comedy clubs great again... what tips do we have for the dedicated comedy clubs of SA? Do comedians have any advice to offer the owners. Turns out the 2018 JustNow Comedy Club Awards are overdue. We even get a real club owner on the show. Kurt Schoonraad has recently celebrated 5 years in the biz! Eric is in CT and Ric ...… — Theatre legend Janice Honeyman pops in to chat about her new pantomime. Then Greek author Harris Dousemetzis joins the team to speak about his book, 'The Man Who Killed Apartheid: The Life of Dimitri Tsafendas'. — Welcome to the JUSTNOW Book Club. First rule of Book Club? Bring a book with. Do comedians read books about comedy? Or do they like the serious stuff? Ryan reads e-books. Vittorio Leonardi has books for days. Dave has his favourite joke book that helps him get through the day. Richelieu finds help in The Art of War! Who knew?… — Actresses Michelle Botha and Claire Taylor are the extra special guests this week. Plus some dancers and Animal Stories with Bravecto to round up a fun-filled feast of entertainment. — Richelieu believes in some unwritten comedy rules. Basic comedy values. Are there rules for new comics? Is it ok to have rules? We also discuss whether Durban has a sustainable scene, and if stereotype observations are still relevant. Can male comics do the ping pong ball trick? We reveal this, and even found a client who has ...… — The team chats to actor Ryan de Villiers from 'Matilda The Musical'... and drag artist LouLou Blu brings some fabulousness to the show. Plus all the usual features to entertain you in style. — We take a break from comedy to chat with Jaryd Smith about his ideas and progress on the SA music scene. Then we write and sing our first song. Possible hit there. Yes things move quickly on the JustNow. We even got Ryan a gig as a wedding MC in Springs! — Casper and the team chat to Jaco van Rensburg and Nieke Lombard from 'The Little Prince', and Jaco shares a story about his dog on Animal Stories with Bravecto. — Why do people heckle? What’s the best way to deal with them? And what’s the measure of success in comedy or in any field for that matter? We get into a heated discussion about what it takes to be a well rounded entity. Our guest is the quiet unassuming Jermaine Mattroos... his calmness juxtaposes his crazy energy on stage. We ...… — Casper and the team chat to various people from the film Kanarie. Shemane shares a story about her dopey dog on Animal Stories with Bravecto. Plus some sexy dancing from an old friend of the show, Kyle... and the Girlesque girls. — We return from Clarens refreshed and ready. But what can happen in a comedy podcast when you try to be hilarious clowns? We are lucky to have smart funny people on who know way more about stuff than we do. Like today. Waylene Beukes and Dalin Oliver have so much knowledge about the world of comedy, with a fresh take on everyt ...… — Afrikaans hip-hop act HemelBesem joins the team in studio for a chat and the Urban Movers Pantsula Dancers entertain everyone with some cool moves. Plus a very sweet story about baby ducks on Animal Stories with Bravecto. — This was an intense 15 minutes that lasted an hour. When 16 comedians pull into town it’s the perfect time for a podcast. Cape Town comics at the Clarens Comedy Fest Martin Evans and Angel Campey join the JustNow team for a chat. We get deeply philosophical about material that can and can’t be done. Including rape culture ref ...… — International pianist and music star, Rocco de Villiers joins the CRS team this week. He joins in the fun and even shares a story about one of his dogs for Animal Stories with Bravecto. Bravecto — Rabin Harduth is a creative force in the industry. But instead of talking about the Clarens Comedy Fest, he explains how blood pressure and hypertension will make you appreciate life, and then it turns into a discussion about striking starter kits and car guard salaries. Also, in a very rare occurrence, a JustNow listener com ...… — Nik Rabinowitz joins Casper and the team to talk comedy and his plans for the future. Plus all your usual favourites with the team. — What a pleasure having 5 comedians around the mic on Heritage Day eve. Alfred Adriaan joins us. He’s the most logical comedian in the land. He lets us into some secrets regarding one man shows. We cover taxis, Superman, and how to move from weed to crack in 2 weeks. As Richelieu says you can take a horse to the water but no b ...… — Casper shares stories about how Bravecto has changed the lives of his dogs, and chats to the Bravecto team about the history of the product and more. Then Afrikaans rapper Early B pops in for a chat with the team. — Dave, Eric and Richelieu are joined by Chantal Jax Venter, a Cape Town comic. They chat about hangover cures, the Comic's Choice Awards review, a 3-year comedy plan and how fold up bicycles are the loophole in the 'No bicycles on the bus' rule. Chantal also tells us lesbians have outties!… — 'Gert & Joey' author Pieter van Zyl joins the team to speak about his book that tells the story of SA's notorious paedophile and serial killer, Gert van Rooyen. Then a couple of Tap Dogs pop in to chat about the show. — Yaaseen Barnes joins us to speak about his show, The Water Shortage Show... and registering the word ‘Bruin Ou’. It’s also a pleasure to have comedian, dancer, and actress Stella Dlangalala on the show. Ryan had to sit on the couch - but came in with 5 minutes to go. And killed it!… — Filmmaker Christian Grobbelaar and singer/songwriter Armand Joubert join the team this week... along with the usual fun stuff you've come to expect from the #CRS! — We chat to a Big 5 comedian! Also learn about ‘swinging’ comedy couples. We ask: What makes a man born in a Sudanese refugee camp become a comedian? Or is it actually advisable to help you survive? AK (from South Sudan) lets us into his world and Long John tells us about his swimming philosophy. Such a great group of comics i ...… — Jitsvinger is a rapper from Cape Town and he joins Casper, Bernard and Gavin for some fun and a chat. Plus all your usual favourites with the team. — Richelieu tells us what clothing won’t get you into a club. We find out why the beach attracts racists. We discuss movies. And Ray Shivamba - a doctor who is also an anaesthetist with a Robin Hood complex giving back to his community - has an art exhibition in Tzaneen with a strong upliftment angle. And he’s doing a comedy se ...… — Martin Davis is in town! This means a plethora of life and comedy knowledge. But it mostly ends up being about Mods, Aretha, cakes, Airbnb, accents, art in the forest, Clint Eastwood and how a saying like ‘sh!t to a blanket’ needs more exposure.
I got to perform at the Heat City comedy festival earlier this year in Durban. I decided to take questions from the crowd and various comedians. Listen to the drunkest muslim guy and I sing songs and my discussions with various comedians. Also, some white guy who identifies as a colored guy. It got very weird.… — It's a comedy festival of nostalgia as Casper brings us another collection of amusing memories from the show featuring Jason Goliath, Mark Banks, some Trippe Trappe Trones and lots more! — When we finally get Tumi Morake to agree to be on the podcast we better be prepared. And we weren’t. From a Netflix special to writing a column and producing a live TV show, she has made us all realise we all need to work harder. Her advice and views are like golden comedy nuggets. We also have a quiet voice of reason in comm ...…
Probably one of the funniest conversations I have had with a comedian in a long time. Hear me speak to rising star in comedy Lindy Johnson where we speak about her twitter fame and other glorious topics and she undoubtedly provides me with one of the best questions i have ever been asked. — While Casper is away on a well-deserved break, he has compiled a series of memories from the show over the years - enjoy! — Besides the usual chaos on the show, we delve into some serious biz and see if there are any apps available for comedians to further their careers. We speak to Emilio Tobias and Richelieu. We also chat about the launch of a new comedy club using all 11 SA languages in its opening 2 weeks. Finally we ask, do comedians have imm ...…
I sat down with a really good friend: Dillan Oliphant. Honestly he may come across as a quiet guy but he is such a deep thinker with an erudite mind. Hear us discuss if he regrets a particular joke, DVDs and a night where he thinks I crawled into bed with him — Jurgen Klopp, Michael Caine, Jose Mourinho... all on our podcast? We found a lawyer who does impersonations. Brad Nowikow leads a double life - court during the day and then the voices take over to entertain the convicts! We have our offensive joke ‘panel’ help us through some material. And Eric does Optimus Prime ‘cos he has ...… — Casper and the team chat to singer Kyle Grant from the band ADAM, there's some dancing and a whole lot of other craziness. — This show is a fantastic forum for young comics to learn more about the craft. Cobus van Rensburg was our sponge today, learning everything about how real the comedy hustle is. What’s it really like getting ‘stage time’? And there can’t be a harder working comic in JHB than Gilli Apter. She’s the opening act for John Vlismas ...…
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