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FOX News Radio Newscast
Latest Hourly FOX News Radio NewscastBy (FOX News Radio).
NPR News: 01-17-2018 9AM ET
CBC News: The World This Hour for 2018/01/17 at 08:00 EST
The Supreme Court hears arguments in a case in which the defendant's lawyer told the jury he was guilty over the defendant's explicit objection.
Steve Inskeep talks to Republican Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona who says the president's use of the phrase "fake news" has consequences. Flake says authoritarian leaders are now using the phrase.
On his last day in office, Gov. Chris Christie signed a law Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone after too many drinks.
The center will introduce visitors to the culture and customs of the Star Trek warrior race. Fans will also get to tour a replica of the Klingon capital city.
NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN - English News at 20:00 (JST), January 17
House Republicans propose a temporary measure that keeps the government funded. It buys times for them to work out differences on protecting the young undocumented immigrants who call the U.S. home.
Now that the Trump administration has excluded Florida from its offshore drilling proposal, other places want the same. They're making their case as the public comment period gets underway.
It appears Saudi authorities may soon move businessmen and princes held on corruption charges from detention in a luxury hotel to a prison. The move comes amid a series of changes in the kingdom.
After the Vikings' last-second TD, they were supposed to attempt an extra-point kick, which would have covered the 5 1/2-point spread. The team decided instead to end the game without a kick attempt.
The FX true crime anthology, American Crime Story returns Wednesday night for its second season. Based on journalist Maureen Orth's book, it will explore the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace.
NPR Programs: Morning Edition : NPR
House Republicans have proposed a temporary measure that keeps the government funded. And, the Navy says the commanding officers of two vessels involved in separate collisions in the Pacific Ocean will face court-martial proceedings and possible criminal charges. A total of 17 crew members were killed.…
Lawmakers in the House are set to consider a bipartisan bill that would overhaul how Congress handles allegations of sexual misconduct. Rachel Martin talks to Republican Rep. Bradley Byrne of Alabama.
African and Caribbean immigrants in Philadelphia are organizing following disparaging comments attributed to President Trump that he made about their homelands.
David Greene talks to Adam Goldman of The New York Times who broke the story about a former CIA officer who has been arrested and charged with illegally retaining classified records.
The Navy says commanding officers of the 2 vessels involved in separate collisions in the Pacific Ocean will face court-martial proceedings and possible criminal charges including negligent homicide.
Commentator and columnist Cokie Roberts answers listener questions about the history in Congress of attaching spending for pet projects onto major pieces of legislation — a practice known as earmarks.
Rachel Martin talks to Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, about Steve Bannon testifying before the panel as it investigates Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.
Simone Biles has made public her account of sexual assault by an ex-doctor with USA Gymnastics. David Greene talks to Mark Alesia, of The Indianapolis Star, about proceedings against Larry Nassar.
David Greene talks to Abdul Kafi Alhamdo, an English teacher who fled Aleppo for the countryside in 2016. Advances by Syrian government forces have him worried he may have to uproot his family again.
A United States couple has been arrested after police in California found their 13 children, malnourished and filthy, held hostage in their house. Police made the discovery after one of the children escaped and called police. - Bác sĩ đang điều trị cho 13 anh chị em người Mỹ vừa được giải cứu ở đông nam Los Angeles, California sau khi bị chí ...…
Tet Factor is a spin off the from popular TV Series first created in 2001. Neil Ta thought it would be a great idea to use a similar concept to unite the community by giving them an opportunity to display and share their talents during the New Year celebration. - Bên cạnh các phần thi tài năng như ca hát, ảo thuật, múa, võ thuật, Tet Factor năm ...…
Johnathon Shillings just got out of prison. He talks to Macario Gonzales Jr., who is currently serving seven years, about how to be the father his daughters deserve — and avoid becoming a target.
Gospel singers look back at the legacy of choirmaster and four-time Grammy winner Edwin Hawkins, who died Monday at 74.
At a contentious congressional testimony, Kirstjen Nielsen said under oath said President Trump and others used "tough language" on immigration, but not a particular
Filing to run for president of Egypt begins this weekend, but potential candidates say they're afraid of the consequences of taking on hardline President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who looks to run again.
NPR Programs: All Things Considered : NPR
Toyota is investing in a major makeover of its Avalon sedan. It's an interesting choice because Americans are bypassing sedans in favor of SUVs. And while the Avalon is reliable, its styling is considered stodgy, at best.
An unusually severe flu season has strained hospitals around the country with overflowing emergency rooms. In California alone, at least 42 people have died from the flu. NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Dr. Adrian Cotton, chief of medical operations at Loma Linda University Health System, about the influx of patients and what people can do to p ...…
NPR Programs: All Things Considered : NPR
NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, about the future of an immigration deal in Congress. Hurd says he hopes to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
NPR Programs: All Things Considered : NPR
Radio artist and writer Joe Frank died Monday at age 79. Ira Glass, who worked as a production assistant for NPR programs that featured Frank, pays tribute to the artist whose approach to making radio has inspired producers around the country to experiment with and stretch the medium beyond traditional boundaries.…
Laurence Fink, CEO of the investment firm BlackRock, is telling other CEOs they need to do more than just deliver profits. In a letter published by The New York Times, Fink says companies must show how they are making positive contributions to society.
The White House physician made public comments on Tuesday about President Trump's checkup at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Last week, the doctor said the president is in "excellent health."
On Sunday, 13 children were discovered emaciated, shackled and held captive by their parents in a home in Riverside County, California. The motive is still unknown. NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with KVCR's Benjamin Purper, who was on the scene and is following the story.
California is the latest state to begin legal recreational sale of marijuana. That presents a challenge to the thousands of active duty military — and their families — who must navigate changing attitudes toward marijuana use, which is still prohibited under federal law.
The advent of shared bikes and food delivery service apps have led to an unprecedented amount of clutter on the sidewalks of China's largest city. Where pedestrians once walked freely, they now have to compete with speeding electric scooters belonging to armies of food delivery men along limited sidewalk space due to heaps of shared bicycles st ...… published a woman's account of a date with comedian Aziz Ansari that she says turned into "the worst night" of her life. In conversation with NPR's Kelly McEvers, two writers — Caitlin Flanagan of The Atlantic and Anna North of Vox — discuss whether the story describes a bad date, sexual assault or something in between.…
Eighty years ago, barriers were broken when Benny Goodman took a mixed race band to play jazz to Carnegie Hall.
Democrats are celebrating wins in the two biggest races on election night 2017. The party will hold the governors' offices in New Jersey and Virginia.
Tunisians overthrew a dictator in 2011, an event that began the Arab Spring. Steve Inskeep talks to Tunisia's Ambassador to the U.S. Faycal Gouia about what's driving the demonstrations.
On Tuesday, former chief strategist Steve Bannon testifies before the House Intelligence Committee, one of the congressional panels investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.
CoCo Vandeweghe was fined by a referee for refusing to take to the court before she had a chance to eat her banana. Denis Shapovalov could not seem to peel a banana right during a break in his match.
The researcher wants to better understand what dogs say with tail wagging or growling. His efforts come after 30 years studying the language of prairie dogs.
Questioning the official count of how a battle happened 400 years ago has gotten historian Sulak Sivaraksa looking at 15 years in prison under Thailand's lese-majeste law.
Steve Inskeep talks to Mark Krikorian, a conservative immigration activist who advocates for stricter immigration limits and a merit-based immigration system.
Steve Inskeep talks to Richard Painter, top ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, and Norman Eisen, top ethics lawyer for President Obama. They argue Trump's administration has been unethical.
Twenty nations are discussing how to best implement sanctions against North Korea. Rachel Martin talks to Jonathan Cheng, Seoul bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
In Perris, Calif., 13 siblings are receiving medical treatment after a teenage girl escaped on Sunday and called 911. The couple were arrested on suspicion of torture and child abuse.
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