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Best Deloitteuniversitypress podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Deloitteuniversitypress podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Welcome to the Press Room, from Deloitte Insights, your source for the issues and ideas that matter to your business today. Host Tanya Ott interviews thought leaders and change makers on developments in business strategy, emerging technologies, growth, innovation, performance, risk and security, social impact, sustainability, talent and more. Deloitte Insights publishes original articles, reports, and periodicals that provide insights for businesses, the public sector, and NGOs. Our goal is ...
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Host Tanya Ott takes us back to two of our most popular topics of 2019: The meaning of work and the surprising parallels between duct tape and digital technology.
Katy Milkman, codirector of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, shares some surprising findings on what kinds of nudges can help people make long-term behavioral changes.
Driven by positive consumer sentiment about the economy and household income, this holiday season should see healthy retail spending, with consumers picking experiences over gifts, and e-commerce over in-store purchases, says Rod Sides, Deloitte’s Global Retail leader.
The percentage of women in finance leadership roles is growing, but there's still a ways to go to reach gender equity. Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Finance, joins Deloitte's Stacy Sandler and Alison Rogish to discuss how the industry can improve.
Piyush Pandey, managing director at Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice, talks about how to guard against cyberattacks on smart cities’ web of interconnected technologies and constant data flow.
​To benefit from disruptive technologies such as AI and blockchain, businesses need to experiment with them, learn from failures, adapt, and start over, says Barb Renner, Deloitte US consumer products sector leader.
Despite decades of growth, Australia is facing economic challenges. To be ready, the country should reassess notions about work, workers, and workplaces, say Deloitte Access Economics’ David Rumbens, Jessica Mizrahi, and Cathryn Lee.
Jim Guszcza, Deloitte’s chief data scientist, explains how behavioral nudges, aided by AI and data science, can help governments, universities, and businesses address some of their most pressing issues.
Host Tanya Ott met with Stanley Porter and Marlene Motyka—authors of Deloitte’s 2019 Resources Study—to discuss how businesses and consumers are tackling climate change’s challenges and how to reduce carbon footprints.
In today’s data economy, governments should rethink what data can accomplish and work toward facilitating platforms where it can be used efficiently to further the greater public good, say Deloitte’s Bill Eggers and Beeck Center’s Sonal Shah.
Automation is changing how work gets done, and companies need to shift workers’ focus from routine tasks to more value-creating activities, the kind machines can’t replicate, say John Hagel and Maggie Wooll of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.
Both quantum computers and 3D printing have received a lot of hype, but the reality is is more complex than the headlines. Deloitte technology leader Duncan Stewart breaks down what to expect from these disruptive technologies.
The popularity of smart speakers is soaring off the charts, even though they’re an urban-wealthy trend right now. And video hasn’t killed the radio star. In fact, radio is edging out TV in terms of listening time, according to the predictions of Deloitte’s technology leaders Paul Lee and Duncan Stewart.…
5G’s ultra-fast, low-cost networks are set to change the way the world experiences mobile—and connectivity. Deloitte’s telecom leaders—Paul Lee, Jeff Loucks, and Duncan Stewart—weigh in on the synergies 5G will unlock among AI, cloud, and IoT.
Video gaming has moved out of the basement into the big league with eSports—the next wave in social networking. Will traditional TV sports get into a battle royale with eSports or will broadcasters work with gaming companies find monetization synergies? Deloitte’s Duncan Stewart and Chris Arkenberg have the answers.…
China’s advances in 5G and semiconductors give it an edge in machine vision and machine learning. Those technological advances are firing up the country's ambition of greater independence and control over its own destiny, say Deloitte’s Paul Lee and Chris Arkenberg.
How can organizations survive the disruption caused by digital technologies? By embracing a digital environment, encouraging a culture of technology-enabled collaboration, and having the courage to experiment and fail, say Deloitte’s Ahn Phillips and Boston College’s Jerry Kane, authors of The Technology Fallacy .…
Economic fundamentals are strong, the regulatory climate is favorable, and transformation technologies are more effective than ever before. Now is the time for the banking industry to rethink transformation and pursue long-term strategic change, say Deloitte’s Val Srinivas, Scott Baret, and Anna Celner.…
Scott Buchholz and Bill Briggs, technology leaders at Deloitte, recap their 2019 Tech Trends report with a look at how today’s technology landscape is driving businesses strategy and laying the groundwork for future innovation.
We are entering the era of pervasive intelligence thanks to AI. David Schatsky, leader of Deloitte's trend-sensing program, says it is high time companies took stock of the impact this will have on their businesses and position themselves to reap the benefits.
Behavior change is hard! But when done smartly, with the help of behavioral nudges, you can set yourself up to succeed. It’s all about building the right environment.
Sustained economic growth, rising interest rates, and higher investment income contributed to a strong year for insurers in 2018. Tanya talks to insurance practice leader Gary Shaw about the possibilities for 2019—will it be another banner year, or will longer-term challenges like the potential for economic slowdown and ongoing disputes over ta ...…
Investment management is in a period of rapid change, driven by shifting investor preferences, margin compression, regulatory developments and advancing technologies. Patrick Henry leads Deloitte’s investment-management practice in the United States, and he helps Tanya understand how technology, talent, and economic changes may affect investmen ...…
The commercial real estate industry thrives on risk, but it’s not always so open to change. Tanya talks to Bob O’Brien, who leads Deloitte’s global real estate sector, and Jim Berry, U.S. leader for real estate, about how new business models and competition, extensive use of technology, and changing tenant and investor expectations are redefini ...…
Among the 2018 Press Room highlights were examinations of the good and bad of technological innovation, internal hiring opportunities, and how to piece together the digital thread. This episode recaps the key themes of those previous episodes.
When implementing AI technologies, companies face social, ethical, and logistical challenges. Tom Davenport, of Deloitte’s analytics and cognitive practice, says a deeper understanding of AI and a pragmatic approach to its adoption can show a way forward.
What does the 2018 holiday season have in store for retailers? According to Rod Sides, Deloitte’s wholesale and retail distribution practice’s US lead, consumer optimism and a strong US economy point to a successful season.
Achieving digital maturity involves changing how things are done -- and having the courage to fail. Tanya Ott met with Jerry Kane and Anh Phillips to discuss how organizations can overcome these challenges and realize fully the perks of going digital.
Consumers now are in control of when, where, and how they view content. Tanya Ott joined Deloitte’s Jeff Loucks and Kevin Westcott to discuss how media and entertainment companies can meet consumers’ ever-rising expectations.
Nudges are being used today in increasingly varied ways to drive consumer behavior. Similar strategies in health care can lead to better medical decisions and improved patient outcomes, says Mitesh Patel of the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit.
Is hiring internally beneficial, and if yes, then what stops companies from doing so? Host Tanya Ott spoke with Robin Erickson, Denise Moulton, and Bill Cleary about the promise internal mobility holds and the barriers to its more widespread adoption.
How do we work alongside bots without resenting them? And can there be poetry in the technology enterprise? Bill Briggs discusses these and other technology trends of 2018.
Millennial households in the United States have fewer assets and lower income than older households, which is a concern. Technology could come to rescue by improving productivity and helping people earn more, says Patricia Buckley.
Assessing the worth of a new product or technology projected as the next big thing can be tricky. Brenna Sniderman, Susan Hogan, and John Lucker say a more pragmatic approach can help business leaders separate reality from the hype.
A challenge to selling ethically produced products is getting consumers to follow through on their good intentions. Georgetown’s Neeru Paharia, who spoke with Tanya Ott at Deloitte’s 2017 Nudgeapalooza conference, discusses how to better guide consumer behavior.
The digital thread integrates the virtual and real worlds in a way that could spark a revolution in how we make and deliver products. Tanya Ott spoke with Paul Michelman and Mark Cotteleer about how organizations can capitalize on this emergent technology.
Does the “always-on” workplace standard always facilitate well-being? The pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness may have had some unintended consequences, but technology enhances—and not rules—our lives, say Jennifer Fisher and Connor Joyce.
The connectedness and data volumes of Industry 4.0 are not only changing manufacturing and supply chains; they’re also changing how salespeople sell these connected products. Listen to a discussion on selling Industry 4.0, from questions on accountability to overcoming the fear of failure.
How do we expand our thinking of behavioral science—and habit formation—beyond the nudge? The first podcast from Deloitte’s 2017 Nudgeapalooza conference, which focuses on how behavioral insights can improve outcomes in health, commerce, and public policy.
Just scaling efficiency may no longer be enough for companies to thrive. Instead, the key may be to track the progress of work groups with a clear shared goal, say John Hagel and Maggie Wooll.
It’s that time of year again when we make resolutions—most often to lead healthier, better lives. This episode offers real, actionable ideas to help you with your work goals, from better managing time to balancing mindfulness with action.
From dark analytics or probing the depths of the deep web, to tapping the wisdom of the crowd through predictive analysis or the brave new world of quantum computers, 2017 was a breakthrough year. Tanya Ott presents excepts from some of our thought-provoking technology podcasts of 2017.
The Gen Z workforce is bringing new experience -- and new expectations -- as they enter the job market. Carolyn O’Boyle talks about technology advancements being a bane or a boon for these entry-level Gen Zers and the critical cultural transition required when handling the new kids on the block.
Non-profits have to be accountable for the money they receive and foundations today are increasingly asking for hard data. But how do we reimagine measurement to measure social impact? Rhonda Evans and Tony Seisfeld discuss.
The holiday shopping season is upon us—and it’s good news for retail. Consumer confidence is up and forecasts show that holiday sales will follow suit. Rod Sides talks about experiential giving, disruption in retail, consumer expectations, mobile payments, and much more.
Giving—and receiving—feedback is one of the most difficult tasks from a talent perspective. Done well, it can go a long way in building healthy working relationships; done badly, it can lead to lead to bigger problems than it hoped to address. Todd Fonseca and Tim Murphy talk about behavioral principles and how they influence the feedback process.…
The average tenure of one of the most high-stakes, challenging jobs in an organization is just four years. Why do technically proficient leaders stumble when it comes to soft skills? Khalid Kark clears the air about how CIOs can manage expectations in their new role.
The Internet of Things touches diverse sectors, from agriculture to health to automotive. How is IOT helping farmers irrigate better? How are the lessons from retail being applied to health care? How is the auto industry handling all this data? Tanya Ott finds out how IOT is transforming the world.
Is a leader born or made? Executives and HR have historically held divergent opinions. The answer in fact lies somewhere in between. Stacey Philpot and Kelly Monahan talk about how inherent biases can become barriers in choosing a leader—and how diversity and a data-driven approach can remove them
The future of work is hybrid. Technology is getting smarter and reskilling and retraining need to be the main weapons in every employee’s armory. Josh Bersin talks about continuous apprenticeship, the culture of lifelong learning, and the need to overcome the fear of reinventing ourselves.
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