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Some of the world's greatest scientists, doctors and medical researchers share their discoveries and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
50 stories, 5 continents, 1 theme: showcasing passionate people and innovative projects from around the world aimed at combating climate change.
A weekly video summary of the latest news, events and mission activities at NASA.
The Department of Physics public lecture series. An exciting series of lectures about the research at Oxford Physics take place throughout the academic year. Looking at topics diverse as the creation of the universe to the science of climate change.
These are screencasts for Dr. David B. Miller's sections of General Psychology I. (PSYC 1100) at the University of Connecticut, reviewing many key topics covered in course lectures.
Cool physics and other sweet science - all in a few minutes!
NASA X Vodcasts
NASA X is a new NASA television show and video podcast that follows innovative new technologies and the NASA scientists, researchers and engineers who are putting them to work for us.
Audio podcast featuring information and interviews about NASA Edge.
Dive in to the fascinating world of science with Tomorrow Today. Your weekly dose of science knowledge. A show for everyone who's curious -- about our cosmos and how it works.
The Guide to Space is a series of space and astronomy videos by Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today
New York Times video reports about health and science.
Science Nation
An online magazine examining the breakthroughs and the possibilities for new discoveries about our planet, our universe and ourselves. Each week, Science Nation takes a dynamic, entertaining look at the research--and the researchers--that will change our lives.
Open dialogue about important issues in earthquake science presented by Center scientists, visitors, and invitees.
FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Drug Info Rounds Video Podcast
TMRO:Space - For the Space Geek in all of us
New and exciting data presented each day during the conference and address the potential impact on current clinical practice. - Glidewell Laboratories offers free clinical and product presentations in order to contribute to the overall knowledge of practicing dental professionals.
Deutche Welle's eco@africa showcases innovative concepts and best practice projects from Africa and Europe and presents environment and climate change ideas that inspire others to get on board or start something of their own. eco@africa offers insight and moves people to help protect the environment.
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Another Successful Orion Parachute Test, Instagram Video: 5 Ways We’re Getting Back to the Moon and more ...
Women in a village in Mali were given sheep by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). They were taught to fatten them so they would benefit more from them.That helps them to adapt the climate change.
The German city of Hanover is taking on the disposable coffee cup culture with a reusable cup scheme. Coffee drinkers can pick up a cup for a small fee, which they get back upon returning it.
Garden City in the Kenyan capital Nairobi is one of the largest green building projects on the African continent. The site includes a car park that doubles as a giant solar panel. It also champions a pioneering waste disposal system.
One farmer in Uganda isn't too worried about lack of rainfall. That's because he's invented a clever drip irrigation system by recycling plastic bottles.
The Mono River forms the border between Benin and Togo. Its delta is a refuge for rare species like the manatee and red-bellied monkey. Now, the two countries are working together to protect this natural paradise.
What started as a neighborhood clean-up has turned into a nationwide project to tackle plastic waste. Journalist Regina Leke tells how she got inspired to act on pollution.
Patrick Maganga of Zanzibar is called 'Mr. Spice'. He's one of the island's farmers trying to boost the ailing spice industry there with organic offerings.
The effect of shear heating on earthquake cycles and the structure of intercontinental shear zones
The cotton-top tamarin is at risk of extinction due to deforestation in its habitat, the Colombian rainforest. The NGO Proyecto Tití is fighting for their survival.
We have our scheduled roundtable this week, voted on by the Citizens of TMRO. Jared hosts and asks, "What are the missing pieces needed to get humans to Mars?" This turned in to a really lively discussion and we would love your comments below or on our new forums at Launches: Launch of Progress MS-09 on New 4 Hour Trip ...…
Fermi Traces Source of Cosmic Neutrino, Sound of Electromagnetic Energy Moving Between Saturn, Enceladus and more ...
In Africa's greatest mammal migration, around 10 million fruit bats travel from Congo to Zambia every year. But the species is under threat: they're hunted in Congo, and their forest habitat in Zambia is shrinking.
Professor Sani Abubakar Mashi is Director-General and CEO of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency - DW asked him what is behind Nigeria's current extreme weather. Is it caused by global warming? And who is responsible?
To help as many people as possible grasp the severity of climate change, a short film is showing what exactly it's doing to our planet: a vicious cycle of population growth, melting glaciers and rising sea levels.
Artist Farida Laimech lives in the Tunisian oasis town of Tozeur – at the heart of the country’s date production. She’s come up with a way to use the waste from date production – turning it into art while reducing trash.
Uganda has lost two thirds of its forest cover since the late 1990s – mostly cleared to provide charcoal for burning. But now an innovative idea to use volcanic rocks for cleaner cooking provides a greener alternative.
NASA EDGE interviews Dragonfly Program Manager Jennifer Dawson about the latest developments in robotic assembly in space, and how having this flexibility allows NASA and its partners to think differently about building and operating structures in space.
NASA EDGE visits Made in Space at NASA Ames Research Center to learn about Archinaut, a suite of capabilities for space manufacturing, robotic assembly, and verification and validation.
NASA EDGE visits Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman) to interview Lead Systems Engineer Dave Bodkin about the tools being developed for Commercial Infrastructure for Robotic Assembly and Services (CIRAS) and how these tools will potentially be used for missions in space.
John Blincow and Dr. Tom Spilker join us to talk about the Gateway Foundation and their plans to design, test and build the Gateway Spaceport. If you're interested in helping volunteer your time and talents to making the Gateway real, head over to for more information Space News: An Eruptive Enigma Solved on MarsKep ...…
New Resupply Mission Arrives at Space Station, Dawn’s Latest Orbit Reveals Dramatic New Views of Ceres and more ...
In Serbia, Mangalitsa pigs dig up forest floors in search of acorns, helping create fertile alluvial soil. But pig herders are a dying breed. Is the tradition at risk?
Luckily for the Cape Flats, eland antelope have a taste for the invasive plants that are encroaching on its diverse ecosystem. Conservationists are reintroducing the animals which were once pushed out by urbanization.
City dwellers have started virtual gardening and nothing has been left out to get that real earthy feeling. Now users can order plants, get 24-hour camera surveillance and even measure the soil online.
A plastic bag ban in Uganda may propel banana paper to the forefront and create huge opportunities for local producers. It is an innovative technology and sustainable way to turn banana waste into something usable.
Nigerian entrepreneur Adebola Odenike is a hybrid car enthusiast. He wants to ease the country's congestion and pollution woes by getting clean vehicles on the roads.
It's estimated that over 330,000 hectares of forests are lost annually in Zimbabwe. To make up the difference, nurseries are sprouting up around Mount Darwin that grow ready-for-planting seedlings for locals.
Gourmets in China pay crazy prices. One kilo of dried sea cucumber fetches up to 1-thousand US dollars. Breeders in Madagascar earn an extra income while at the same time protect the marine ecosystem.
The 3rd Wetton lecture, 19th June 2018 delivered by Professor David W. Hogg, Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, New York University In the last 20 years, the astronomical community has found thousands of planets around other stars, and we now know that many or even most stars in our Galaxy host planets. These planets have been found by ...…
Jeffrey Ayers of Death Wish Coffee joins us to talk about the caffeinated payload they just sent up to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's CRS-15. TMRO has an incredible history with coffee. When we were Spacevidcast the whole show was produced at the back of the Crow River Coffee Company, we had our own blast off blend coffee and A ...…
Whiteboard Update: Transforming the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Whiteboard Update: Transforming the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Whiteboard Update: Transforming the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Virtual Patient Case: Carcinoid Syndrome: Best Practices and Emerging Treatment Strategies
Virtual Patient Case: Carcinoid Syndrome: Best Practices and Emerging Treatment Strategies
Rocket launches are expensive. Even with huge price drops from SpaceX and other New Space companies, there’s no cheap way to get stuff down here in Earth’s gravity well up to low Earth orbit. In order to really survive and thrive in space, we’ve got to learn to live off the land, to acquire the resources in space that will allow us to survive… ...…
New Resupply Mission Launches to Space Station, ECOSTRESS Experiment Launching to Space Station and more ...
Can poetry save the planet? A group of students at the University of Lagos thinks it can certainly help! They've set up the Parliament of Poets initiative, using poetry to educate people about the environment.
Ivory Coast is the largest agricultural producer in West Africa — understandably most farmers use chemical fertilizers. But an eco-friendly business based in the capital Abidjan has found success producing organic alternatives.
It took seven years to build but the KivuWatt power station in Rwanda is the first commercial power plant of its kind. It is designed to turn methane from Lake Kivu and the surrounding villages into electricity.
From an Amsterdam supermarket which has become the first in the world to open a plastic-free section to a Berlin store which has cut out plastic completely: we visit two pioneering stores taking a stand against waste.
Farmers in Kenya’s West Pokot County struggled to sell their milk as it often spoilt during transportation. Then Percy Lemtukei found a solution: solar powered milk coolers designed to fit onto donkeys and motorcycles!
Deadly Intraslab Mexican Earthquake of 19 September 2017 (Mw7.1): Ground Motion and Damage Pattern in Mexico City
In this week's questions show, I answer if it's a good idea to build a space internet, if microbes reach Mars, will they evolve into something new, where could we go after Mars, and more.
Southwestern Morocco has a huge industrial parc with more than 400 small and medium sized enterprises. 25,000 people are working in agriculture. The companies produce fruits, fish or argan oil. 90 percent of Morocco's agricultural exports come from here. But climate change is a threat for the firms. An insurance against damages through extreme ...…
In an effort to find an alternative to throwing away food, restaurant owner Dounia Mebtoul started the first "solidarity fridge" in front of her Paris eatery. Now anyone can take food from the fridge.
This week I'm joined by my Astronomy Cast co-host Dr. Pamela Gay to talk about all things astronomy, and casting.
Dr. Charles Liu joins us to talk about the observable evolution of galaxies, quasar hunting and has some inspiring words about science communication. Launches: Russia Launches GLONASS-M Satellite Space News: Einstein you geniusB-b-b-blackhole and the jetsThe EU is taking down the trash
Bridenstine Attends National Space Council Meeting, NASA Will Seek Partnership with U.S. Industry to Develop First Gateway Element and more ...
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