4 Words that Destroy Productivity


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4 words that destroy your productivity

“Those who are wise won’t be too busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.” – Lin Yutang

“I am so busy.”

It’s a simple, common, four-word sentence.

And with the increase in demands professionally, massive increases technologically, and intense strains on our time personally, it’s a sentence the vast majority of us use with great frequency.

We use it when speaking with colleagues to show our importance: “Things are going extremely well for me…I am so busy.”

We use it when there is some task, job, or duty we’d rather not do: “Sorry. Can’t help with that…I am so busy.”

And we use it to describe our yesterday…tomorrow…weekends…and life: BUSY.

In the journey through life, though, it’s important to keep in mind the goal should never be mere busyness.

Being busy robs us of full productivity. We all have aspects of these four characteristics within us. They steal our time, energy, ideas, satisfaction and potential to truly live inspired. They negatively impact our relationships, our health and our bottom line.


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