The Mythological Significance of Global Catastrophes (Dialogues #2)


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Do you hear the call right now?

The call to rise up, to step into your power, to be the hero. To take actions for yourself, your community, and your world.

These are the tests that we've been waiting for.

This is the call to be a Hero.

This is where you can demonstrate the fruits of your inner work.

In times of uncertainty, the best things you can do are often the smallest steps. Take care of yourself and others. Remaining grounded and centered. Check-in on others and see what help is needed. Coordinate information and resources. Contribute. Show Up.

It is under this thread that we embark again today on another Dialogue, sitting down to riff on these concepts and far more, dissecting the mythological significance and opportunity that the COVID-19 pandemic is offering individuals.

With some reframing, some individual empowerment, and a lot of diligence – we can all find space here to step further into our power, to embrace this as an opportunity to rise up and be the Hero in a time that needs more of them.

  • Cultivating sovereignty in uncertain times
  • The slippery slope of framing humanity as a virus...
  • The danger of listening to successful people
  • What nobility looks like and why it's been lost
  • How the Hero's Journey relates to global events
  • The revitalization of the Warrior archetype
  • How to be the hero that the world needs
  • MUCH MORE...

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