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Holistic Mental Health and Healing
Holistic Mental Health and Healing is a weekly radio program hosted by Tyler Woods. A holistic approach to mental health care does so much more than just manage symptoms, it's an approach that emphasizes the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit and can be any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional western medicine. Holistic mental health and health is an ongoing journey of discovery and ultimately is about living better, being healthier, and striving for whole ...
The Holistic Health Diary
We are the girls of The Holistic Health to inspire you to live for the greener good by eating more greens, living more green, & spending your green responsibly!
Podcast – Holistic Health Show
Welcome to the Official Home of the Holistic Health Show.
Live Fit Podcast: Holistic Health Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Control with Glenn Johnson
The Live Fit Podcast is Your Guide to Better Health. Taking an holistic approach to improving your health with diverse interviews, insight, research, and experience, founder of Live Fit, exercise physiologist, health coach, college instructor, and personal trainer, Glenn Johnson has more than 18 years experience as a fitness professional. Glenn will give you the bottom line on ways to stay fit, lean, healthy and vital. Live life to its fullest. The Live Fit Podcast will show you that living ...
Holistic Health Podcasts and Radio for Women
Holistic health talk and podcasts that focus on holistic health, nutrition and relationship topics for women. My guests and I will be here for you with tips, thoughts, ideas and suggestions, I can assure I will help you feel and look fabulous.
The Holistic Health & Human Potential Podcast with Ronnie Landis
This podcast show is hosted by integrative nutritionist, public speaker, author, and peak performance coach Ronnie Landis. The focus of the show is to provide cutting edge information, strategies, and unique perspectives on all areas of health and human potential ranging from nutrition, physical performance, mind state, spiritual balance, entrepreneurship, and creating a life you love. Ronnie has interviewed leading edge thinkers and luminaries such as David Wolfe, John Gray, Kute Blackson, ...
Grassroots Holistic Health
Grassroots Holistic Health was created to foster global healing on all levels of existence which encompass mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.Our focus is to foster respect for all religions and principles that honor marriage, family, children, elders and our ancestors, to encourage the elimination of vulgarity and lower self-interaction with each other and to create leadership within ourselves that promote service to each other with the highest of integrity.To provide infor ...
Binge Dieting podcast Betsy Thurston/weight loss/intuitive eating/binge eating/healthy eating/dietitian/eating disorder/holistic health/healthy nutrition
This podcast offers practical, proven strategies to transition away from binge eating, chronic dieting, and all disordered eating and to either lose weight or stabilize destructive eating patterns. Weekly topics range from how, when and what to eat to the implementation of behavioral tools. Consistent listening and dedication will guarantee a new way of thinking about food, eating, body weight, and life.
Wake Up Healthy | Alternative Medicine | Natural Health | Holistic Medicine
Wake Up Healthy is a show dedicated to natural solutions for aging and disease. Topics discussed include alternative medicine, nutrition, supplements, anti-aging medicine, hormones, and other holistic approaches to a healthy body. Dr. Ray Hinish is a doctor of pharmacy specializing in nutritional medicine and a personal trainer.
Inkwell - Shiatsu and Holistic Health Practitioner Chat
Conversations with teachers and practitioners in the field of body work and holistic health
Holistic Health & Bliss For Women
Two Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches talk about how to fulfill your dreams of healthy and happy life. Svetlana Burak and Rita Bord both struggled with thyroid disorder but went into remission by integrating healthy balance into their mind, body, and soul. The Radio Show focuses on health, wellness, food, nutrition, as well as mind and body connection.
Modern Immortal: Unleash Your Vitality | Alternative Medicine | Holistic Health | Wellness | Longevity |
Want to live more fully? Join Marco Lam, the Founder and Director of the Mandala Clinic of Integrative Medicine, as we discuss everything from traditional healing modalities to the latest in modern medicine. We define immortality as being on top of your world, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is not just surviving, but thriving with an embodied consciousness. This is an audio tonic for the mind, giving people the knowledge to strengthen themselves in the modern world in the face o ...
Whole Guidance Podcast: Nutrition | Fitness | Happiness | Mindset | Ancestral Health | Holistic Wellness
Holistic Health Education
The Essential Oil Revolution | An Unofficial Young Living Podcast for Healthy Living by Samantha Lee Wright
Each week, Samantha Lee Wright interviews the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, spirituality, and so much more. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes and healthy living tips. While the Essential Oil Revolution Podcast features many Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributors, it is a completely separate entity from the company. Any information on the show in no way reflects the words or advice of Young Living Ess ...
3320AP Holistic Health Assessment
Podcast (downloadable files) for health assessment
FMG Radio_The Holistic Health Show
This show could save your life by providing you with comprehensive holistic interventions for staying well and overcoming illnesses. Staying healthy and overcoming illnesses involve a combination of body-mind-spirit-environment-relationship-political interventions. I believe these should be the most effective ones available and also the least caustic and invasive. The host uses and recommends a combination of holistic interventions for maximum effectiveness in maintaining health but many gue ...
healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing
HealthAddiKt holds the global vision of creating a world of healthy, vibrant, energetic people and we're calling it, the #MainstreamMission. Bethany Londyn the Mission Founder along with Tessie Tracy in Mission Development, are here to bring you all things health and wellness. Our intention is teaching people about "alternative", integrative, and proactive health practices that will keep you energized, out of the doctor's office, and vibrant in your long, wonderful life! Tune in weekly, shar ...
Awaken to Holistic Health – Tenacious Living Network
Ignite Your Tenacity
Liberated Body Podcast
Brooke Thomas of is gathering together the thought leaders and experts who are shedding light on what it means to thrive in our bodies. Whether you're a body nerd, or someone who is looking to turn their cranky body happy again, the Liberated Body Podcast has the resources you've been looking for.
Rick Osborn: Holistic Health & Executive Wellness Coach in Raleigh, NC
Holistic Wellness Coaching Using Proper Nutrition, Accountability, Spirituality & Balance
BEST SELF MAGAZINE | The Leading Voice for Holistic Health and Authentic Living
BEST SELF MAGAZINE (available in The App Store) is the leading voice for self-help and self-empowerment, with life-shifting content on holistic health, wellness, authentic living, and the mind-body-spirit connection. The BEST SELF podcast includes many of the magazine's top articles read by the actual authors, plus our feature interviews. Get inspired by some of the world's leading minds, with actionable tools to amp up your own life! Learn more at
Radically Loved Radio | Yoga + Meditation | Health Coaching | Mindful Living
RadicallyLoved Health + Wellness. The show is based around subjects ranging from nutrition, holistic health coaching, yoga, meditation and overall just healthy living. Rosie Acosta is an expert at helping her students cultivate a life of mindfulness, presence, and intention. She is known as a teacher who is skilled in her ability to guide students into experiencing a deeper connection with themselves and exploring the consistent changes of life while creatively weaving in spiritual elements ...
Christian Women of Wellness | Live Vibrantly! | Inspiring interviews with Christian wellness professionals showing you how to have a healthy life based upon God's Word.
Inspiring interviews with today's Christian wellness professionals. Influenced by the teachings of Christian leaders such as Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Gloria Copeland, and Christine Cain. Join Christian Women of Wellness as we hear health and wellness professionals within the Christian community share their stories from struggle to victory. Every show will give you health and wellness tips that you can implement this week!
Essential Oil Zen
ESSENTIAL OIL ZEN is all about Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and Wellness subjects. Powerful for your health & happiness! Podcasts feature how to use essential oils, benefits, safety tips, specific essential oils and much more! Easy to listen to, most episodes are under 10 minutes. Brought to you by Kathy Heshelow (author of "Essential Oils Have Super Powers", "Use This For That! You Easy Essential Oil Guidebook", and "Break Sugar Cravings or Addiction, Feel Full, Lose Weight" etc. ) and by S ...
Beyond The Basics Health Academy Podcast
Are you looking for practical, holistic, real-life solutions for healthier living? Join Dr. Meaghan Kirschling for real life education as she discusses and explores topics that affect your everyday living. Learn how balanced eating can increase energy, stabilize moods, jumpstart metabolism, eliminate cravings, restore digestion and decrease inflammation. Dr. Meaghan fields questions from listeners and brings in expert guests for a lively discussion about nutrition, supplements, holistic heal ...
Life Strength & Health Podcast
Life Strength & Health Podcast fka Jamal & Kim’s Innercircle Health Tribe is a weekly podcast offering you support, education, and inspiration, thus empowering you on your path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Balanced Living For Busy Professionals Podcast
Balanced Living for Busy Professionals, a podcast hosted by Diane Randall, MA- Whole Living Expert covering topics of life balance, self care, self help, health, fitness, mindfulness, plant-based nutrition, and much more to give you the best inner tools and strategies with small, actionable steps that sustain real change even with the busiest schedule. Find out more at:
Well Being Radio with Brian Sanderoff
Every week Brian Sanderoff produces and hosts the Well Being radio show. This is your opportunity to listen to Brian share his insights about health and educate you about how the body really works and the ways in which you can make changes that will result in avoiding or reversing disease.
Raising Women Podcast
Raising Women Podcast is hosted by founder Johanna Rossi. She interviews inspirational women who share personal stories of self discovery through motherhood. Johanna hopes that each episode will be a source of inspiration and motivation to help you contine to raise your woman within.
Real Food and Beyond Podcast
Hosted by B.J. Tucker and Lisa Fallon Mindel CHHP, AADP
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The Essential Oil Revolution | An Unofficial Young Living Podcast for Healthy Living by Samantha Lee Wright
Menopause may be a normal part of a healthy woman’s lifecycle but it doesn’t have to be miserable! Learn some amazing tips about using essential oils that support a women’s health and vitality. Dr. Krystal is the CEO of Pure Balance Holistic Healing in Portsmouth, NH and Newburyport, MASS. She is physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, arom ...…
Filomena Trindade, MD, MPH, ABAARM, ABFM, FMNM is a physician, teacher, author, and international speaker who focuses on functional medicine and a holistic, preventive approach to health. After immigrating to the United States at age 11, Dr. Trindade became committed to the pursuit of delivering accessible clinical education from an early age. ...…
If you aren't currently experiencing a mental health concern yourself, it's very likely that you know someone who is. And yet, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do or say to help someone who might need our support. In this podcast, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and soon-to-be psychotherapist Kristina Virro explores some tips on h ...…
This week, we have an interview with Monica Cassani. Monica has seen the mental health system from both sides – as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs. She writes critically about the system, as well as holistic pathways of healing without medication. Monica’s website, Everything Matters Beyond ...…
Welcome, I’m going live in my Medicine Room so please join me as I focus into the audience and pull ancient Rune Stones around the importance of obtaining optimal health. Pamela Langenderfer, a Naturopath physician and licensed Acupuncturist for fifteen years will be joining me today. I will open our sacred circle by playing beautiful bells in ...…
Janelle Morrison – Part 2 Listen to the second part of Ally Johnson’s interview of Janelle Morrison. The Interested in knowing more about Ally Johnson and her fight to end poverty by cycling from sea-to-sea? Visit her other podcast here at Tenacious Living Network – home of your holistic health podcasts : What is Cycling to End Poverty? Friend ...…
Janelle Morrison – Part 1 Janelle Morrison was badly injured in a head-on collision in late November of 2010 when another car turned right in front of her. The road to recovery has not been easy, but Morrison has a lot of determination. The Interested in knowing more about Ally Johnson and her fight to end poverty by cycling from sea-to-sea? Vi ...…
SeaToSea Cycling To End Poverty – Week #3 Recap (July 10th – 16th) Ally joined us on Sunday, July 9th to share her experiences so far on the ride! She shares some incredible stories with us about her experiences in the Sea to Sea Ride to End Poverty. She has also met many Friends to Mankind along the way as well. Tune in to hear all about it. T ...…
Today is a special episode as the tables are turned and listeners get to know Jen Arnold, founder of Redesigning Wellness. Bob Merberg not only convinces Jen that it’s important for listeners to know her story; but interviews Jen himself. Jen shares her beginnings working as a wellness professional in a corporate setting before pivoting to the ...…
The Positive Head Podcast | Helping Spiritual Seekers Maintain an Elevated Vibration Five Days a Week!
Brandon and Erica Middlemiss continue their ongoing conversation on holistic health, answering some follow-up questions that were posed from the last episode's discussion and talking about new aspects of the relationship between the physical body and the infinite power of the human soul.
Why You Should Listen: In this episode, you will learn about nutrition, addressing parasites, the importance of healthy fats, mitigating EMF exposure, and much more. About My Guest: My guest for this episode is Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. Continually breaking new ground in traditional and holistic health, Ann Louise Gittleman is a top nutri ...…
Psychology of Eating
Dorothee, 29, is learning to navigate her own body wisdom, and step into her present and future in a healthy way. This means she will need to make peace with the past, and let go of the opinion of others. As she shares her story with Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we learn she has challenges with inflammation ...…
Mandy’s journey is not unlike many others you’ve heard. She was working in a busy, fast-paced corporate job with a stressful lifestyle that lead to health complications. She became a holistic nutritionist, left her corporate job and launched HEAL - Healthy Eating And Living. She works with health conscious people who want to increase their ener ...…
Health coach and comedian, JP Sears, discusses how comedy can deliver different perspectives and help us get in touch with our emotions by teaching us to not be so rigid and attached to our own beliefs to the point that we can negatively impact our health and well being. JP also shares 3 affirmations that he lives by, plus his daily self-care r ...…
Today we are talking with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, Business Networking International, the world’s largest business networking organization. He founded the company to help himself with his own professional networking when he was just 28 years old, and realized he was onto something big. Today BNI has over ...…
Social Entrepreneur: Conscious Companies | Benefit Corporations | Impact Investing
Appetite for Change uses food as a tool for building health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis. Michelle Horovitz grew up in the well-manicured suburbs of Minneapolis. If you ask her about the beginning of her journey to social change, she points to her Jewish upbringing. She says that her family made her aware of major injustices ...…
HealthCast Now - The Intersection of Health, Wellness & Circadian Optimization
Dr. Josh Lamaro is an osteopath, a therapist who treats patients in a non-invasive manner with a focus on a holistic approach to body health by means of strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. He’s worked in Bendigo for over 9 years. He promotes the idea of treating the whole body as a unit and considers the lifestyles and various stressor ...…
Sue Mustalish RN, BHS, HNC is founder of Solflower Health Consultants, a holistic health practice integrating mindfulness, wellness, reflexology and end of life matters. Her forty years of nursing experience in a wide variety of areas and her mindfulness practice inform her health philosophy. She believes each individual has the capacity to rec ...…
Inside the Episode Natalie and Jess explore the role of OT in promoting intimacy, and talk with Danielle Centi on ways to tactfully introduce the topic with a variety of populations. References: Fritz, H. A., Dillaway, H., & Lysack, C. L. (2015). “Don’t Think Paralysis Takes Away Your Womanhood”: Sexual Intimacy After Spinal Cord Injury. Am ...…
Sparta Chicks Radio: Mindset | Confidence | Sport | Women
Katee Pedicini is a coach with a degree in Exercise Science who specialises in managing fatigue, stress and hormones to achieve optimum performance. She runs Holistic Endurance based in Melbourne, Australia. In this conversation we discuss what stress is, the impact it has on your body, why many women train a lot, eat well and struggle to lose ...…
Join UIF's Tim Ray and his guest speaker/author Elicia Miller as they discuss "Your symptoms are a gift.. the Candida Effect" on UI radio. Elicia Miller is a Candida Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Journaling Facilitator.Elicia’s own journey toward physical, mental and emotional enlightenment began year ...…
Somerville, MA – When it comes to our health, sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing. Dr. Marium Murad has been recognized by CUTV News as an “Empowered Entrepreneurial Woman” for her Movement is Blessed program, where she has developed a specific exercise technique to improve circulation in patients. “Movement is Blessed is a very old, ...…
Somerville, MA – When it comes to our health, sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing. Dr. Marium Murad has been recognized by CUTV News as an “Empowered Entrepreneurial Woman” for her Movement is Blessed program, where she has developed a specific exercise technique to improve circulation in patients. “Movement is Blessed is a very old, ...…
Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network
Dogs Naturally Magazine - Your Complete Resource for Canine Natural Health Care Join Dr. Judy Morgan as she interviews Dana Scott, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Dogs Naturally Magazine. Through the magazine, Dana brings together a community of the top holistic vets, breeders, trainers and dog lovers in a complete resource for natural canine he ...…
Your host and Holistic Life Coach Viyahta shares about the latest health topics. Her guest today will explain what FENG SHUI is and how it can bring healing to a cluttered lifestyle. We'll be discussing a recent documentary: A Cluttered Life: Middle Class Abundance and how hyper consumerism is creating more stress in individuals and families.…
Podcast Episode 122 Release Date: July 14, 2017 On this podcast Carey Davidson, CEO of Tournesol Wellness, shares her novel ultimate relaxation program for balancing and nourishing mind, body and soul. Carey developed a treatment which combines her gift for Intuitive Energy Balancing with Vibroacoustics that helps you recognize your own innate ...…
Summary In this episode, I chat with Estrella Jaramillo, cofounder of Bwom, a website and customized phone app for managing women’s intimate health. Estrella discusses her journey to launch Bwom in the U.S., including what it’s like to live in five different cities across two continents in one year. Offered in both English and Spanish, Bwom is ...…
OMTimes Radio Archives
Aired Thursday, 13 July 2017, 6:00 PM ET Detoxing with Natural Foods The Journey to Health Series with Marion Killingbeck RN, NMD. Over the next four months, on the second Tuesday of the Month Dr’s Kevin and Marion will be sharing with you some ideas and insights with which you may take journey to health. About the Guest: Marion Killingbeck RN, ...…
Waking Up Bipolar with Chris Cole | Bipolar disorder, spiritual awakening, and everything in between.
In this episode of Waking Up Bipolar, Chris Cole discusses the relationship between humility and confidence, especially for folks with bipolar questioning their worth and integrating spiritual experiences. JOIN THE DISCUSSION at Chris Cole hosts the Waking Up Bipolar podcast, focused on the intersection of bipolar ...…
Radically Loved Radio | Yoga + Meditation | Health Coaching | Mindful Living
Black Girl In Om promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. Founders Lauren and Deun encourage self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of color. I’ve been listening to their podcast and I literally binged the whole first season. Deun and Lauren are the medicine we need right now. On Black Girl in Om they ...…
Katharine Pike is a speaker and Light Catalyst, she also is the creator of the LIGHT SOLUTION®, a step-by-step, holistic, and comprehensive process that helps people release the weight of judgment and unhealthy behavior patterns and, instead, embrace lightness of mind, body, and soul. She received the NAPW Woman of the Year in Health and Wellne ...…
Aloha Healers Network
a self-help and spirituality resource focusing on healing & health from indigenous and mystical traditions. Diva Brenda Kelly will guide us in yearly, monthly & daily Feng Shui for yourself & home--including Flying Stars, 24 mountain stars & elemental luck of Earth, Heaven and the Human Being. Pathfinder (Canku Woksape) will share spiritual hea ...…
Life, more specifically modern life in the modern world, puts a lot of stress on our minds and bodies. For 99% of human existence on this planet people did and didn’t do things quite differently from how they do or don’t do them now. They did have long portions of every day where they got to be quiet, and just listen to nature. They did follow ...…
Listen to Johnnie and Dr. Michael going deep about forgiveness. Learn more about BEING LOVE in the presence of those you are working to forgive. When you can remove the pain, you can get back to the essence of you! It's about replacing the content of your own mind or your own story with love. Dr. Michael Ryce is the founder and director of Hear ...…
Summit For Wellness Podcast
Mineral Balancing with Lydia Joy If you go to see your doctor, you will most likely hear them say that you should be taking a calcium supplement, or your fish oil, or avoid salt, but is this advice true for all people? When it comes to minerals, there is so much more information that goes into a protocol than just taking one pill to supplement ...…
Mary dishes up the salty truths about this spicy little ingredient. Including: - Why salt is necessary for humans - Yes, too much salt can be bad - A compelling study that debunks previous salt views - The thing about potassium, magnesium, & calcium - Salt alternatives - Is "sea" salt better than regular salt? - Good news about salt - PLUS: The ...…
Why You Should Listen: In this episode, you will learn about neuroplasticity, creating a more adaptive brain, and implementing Self-Directed Neuroplasticity. About My Guest: My guest for this episode is Dr. Martin Hart, DC. Dr. Hart is a Chiropractic Physician at the Hansa Center in Wichita, KS, led by Dr. David Jernigan. He works with patients ...…
Plan Simple Meals with Mia Moran
We can feel sick, and gradually we feel better. We kind of forget how sick we felt. So, we don’t connect what we’re eating to how we felt. – Maria Quintana-Pilling On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Maria Quintana-Pilling, Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner. She’s a health coach who te ...…
In Today’s Episode Today we’re talking with Dr. John Douillard about a surprisingly controversial topic: wheat. Dr. Douillard is the author of a great book titled Eat Wheat, so you can see where this is going. I was so excited to interview him because he believes something that I have observed in my own life and practice, that is that eliminati ...…
Karlosophies - Stories Behind Success
Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Health Practitioner, treating out of her garden clinic in Hills East of Perth. If she's not working or writing you’ll find her in the garden with her family, or in the bush soaking up the awesome flowery vibes. . Tracy uses a combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy help ...…
The Holistic Health & Human Potential Podcast with Ronnie Landis
Dallas Michael Cyr is a Life Guide Vlogger, Speaker and Entrepreneur who is know as the Edutainer due to his candid and unique fun style of educating his clients while having fun. Dallas Michael Cyr: Ronnie Landis: The Holistic Health Mastery Program:…
From theater dork and film student to non-profit work and dancing her way through Boston, NYC, Europe and Los Angeles, today’s guest finally came out, submitted to her calling to go back to school for nutrition and found a path for delving more deeply into spiritual based practices.Her journey has taken her to a space where, once she came out t ...…
Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, author of the book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014), is internationally acknowledged as a leading authority on facial acupuncture. Mary Elizabeth is a licens ...…
Waking Up Bipolar with Chris Cole | Bipolar disorder, spiritual awakening, and everything in between.
In this episode of Waking Up Bipolar, Chris Cole discusses what he calls “The Spiritual Mania Fallacy,” where folks with bipolar mistakenly equate spiritual awakening with mania or manic psychosis. JOIN THE DISCUSSION at Chris Cole hosts the Waking Up Bipolar podcast, focused on the intersection of bipolar disorder ...…
Join me live as I discuss this not for profit's message and motive. On the show I will be joined by breastfeeding experts. Iam hoping to answer unanswered questions and get to the bottom of this groups message and what it means for families and breastfeeding.My guest are : *Jennifer Tow LLC,IBCLC, RLC, OMT has practiced holistic lactation for 1 ...…
Welcome to Marketing Monster Mashup, the official podcast of Leading Results! Join host Matt Starnes for episode fourteen to hear Harriett Russel, AKA Boom Hari, owner, and founder of Boom Holistic Health and Fitness. The podcast was recorded in Harriett's backyard. Boom shares the story of how she decided enough was enough with being overweigh ...…
The Food Heals Podcast: Like Sex & the City for food. Join The Food Heals Nation!
At just 27 years old, Isabelle Shuman received a diagnosis that changed her life forever: Multiple Sclerosis. She was told to get ready for a wheelchair, and given long list of pharmaceuticals with an even longer list of side effects. But she’s a tough chick, and had experienced the benefits of holistic healing at a young age, when acupuncture ...…
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