How to Harness Your Tragedies to Empower Others || Myrna Peterson


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Myrna Peterson is a quadriplegic living in rural Northern Minnesota who is a proactive advocate for differently abled persons. She has done a TEDx Talk, broke a Guinness World Record and is a recipient of the very prestigious Andrus Award for Community Service. She says that she only has one thumb that moved but she has a mouth that doesn’t stop. And she uses her voice to do all the good that she can.

PEBBLE OF THE WEEK: Do your best to really see people and understand their story. This can be as simple as looking the store clerk in the eye while (sincerely) telling them thank you and to have a wonderful day. Or it could be taking time to talk to someone while in line at the store or even reaching out on social media to an acquaintance and learning more about their story. Brené Brown has said that “people are hard to hate close up.” Do your best to get know someone and understand their perspective – especially if it is different from yours.

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Myrna’s TEDx Talk

“The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” by Melinda Gates

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