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This vintage Dateline episode asks us the age old question...if your teenager is a sociopathic murderer, is it your fault? What about if they are just really really annoying? These are the questions that our Lean King Keith Morrison is asking the helpless parents who chanced to spawn the most dangerous creature of all mankind: the teenage girl. Join Kimberly & Katie as we’re talking about MEAN GIRLS, and not the “she doesn’t even go here” variety. She indeed does go here, and she’s making fun of your outfit all while plotting a completely unnecessary and tragic murder. It's a journey through the raging hormones, Lancaster Logic, and one middle-aged person (name withheld) trying desperately to avoid a pack of roving bike teens in her neighborhood. All that plus, two women without children give unsolicited parenting opinions. Please enjoy this very special edition of A Date with Dateline: A Chance for Kaylee.

Warning: This episode contains discussions of adults having sexual relations with minors. Plus murder. Always murder.

Official Description from NBCU: A teenage girl is involved in a murder mystery after her older boyfriend is attacked and dies. Keith Morrison reports.

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