Cultivating Business Growth Through Personal Growth with Robert Clinkenbeard - Episode 212


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Do you have the mindset you need to break through challenges? In this episode, Robert Clinkenbeard joins host Ian Lobas to discuss how to be intentional every day and how unhappy business owners can transition to working “on” the business rather than “in” it.

Robert is the CEO of The Radix Group, which has offices in Greenville, Phoenix, and the UK. Raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Robert moved to Arizona in 1999. He is an entrepreneur and a four time Ironman. Having sold his $20M company, he now has several franchises, multiple real estate investments and the largest Peer Group facilitation company in the US, all while raising a large family. He is also a senior leader in EO and therefore understands the challenges of CEOs within growing companies.

His book, ‘Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneurs’, helps entrepreneurs develop the same mindset as athletes that have succeeded by pushing their current mental and physical limits.

Robert has found that entrepreneurs who work in the business are typically exhausted and they take out some of their frustration on their family and miss out on quality family time, whether it’s at the dinner table or sporting events. That’s why he works hard to get them out of the business so they can work “on” it instead.

If you don't have those people you either need to change them or preferably coach them into becoming key players. Once you have those players in place, they will need a roadmap and KPIs to effectively achieve their goals and manage the business.

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