38. Supporting Children When a Parent Has a Gambling Problem


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Gambling problems can create a lot of stress in families. Children and young people may not know that a parent or caregiver is struggling with gambling, but they feel the impact.

In this episode, we hear from Dr. Toula Kourgiantakis about:

  • how parental gambling problems affect families and children
  • signs that a young person is impacted by a parent's gambling problem
  • how to support young people and families in this situation
  • how to include children and families in the recovery process

Find out more about supporting children of a parent who has a gambling problem in the blog for this episode at www.gamblingproblemhelp.ca

You can also read, Problem Gambling: A Guide for Parents, by Toula Kourgiantakis and Sasha Stark.

If you live in British Columbia and would like to access our free, confidential counselling and outreach services, connect with us online at Gambling Support BC or call 1-888-795-6111.

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