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American Idol AfterBuzz TV AfterShow 

American Idol AfterBuzz TV AfterShow
AFTERBUZZ TV is a network, founded by Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro, designated to producing “aftershow” webcast and podcast content for TV series, movies, and events of all kinds. When fans finish watching their favorite programs (shows or movies), they can go online to watch or listen to an aftershow that features hosts, in a state of the art, multi-camera HD studio, breaking down everything they viewed, taking calls from fans worldwide and interviewing guests such as cast members, celebrities, show runners, etc. AFTERBUZZ TV - American Idol edition, is a weekly aftershow for fans of Fox's “American Idol” that features JC Rubio, singer Mark Alan, and Violet Kanian. Thanks to your support, AfterBuzz TV is now the largest new media platform on the web and fan's #1 source for aftershow entertainment! For a closer look visit afterbuzztv.com and subscribe for FREE on iTunes. — AfterBuzz TV Network

American Idol Fan Show 

American Idol Fan Show
Kool 105.5's American Idol Fan Show hosts, Tim Allan, Skip Kelly, Rachel Leigh, and Brody discuss American Idol from the auditions to the finals. — iHeartRadio

S'mores American Idol Radio Show www.idol-thoughts.com 

Weekly commentary and analysis on the American Idol reality TV talent contest — William Bischoff

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