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Love Will End Abortion is a pro-life radio show hosted by Jim Havens. The show features compelling interviews, current events, and ongoing formation to help equip us for increased effectiveness in building a culture of life.
On Theology in the Raw, Preston takes a fresh look at what the Bible really says, as he challenges opinions and traditions--yes, even his own. Homosexuality, sex, porn, drinking, immigration, racial tensions, violence, ISIS, Trump, guns, patriotism, you name it. If it's of interest, you can expect Preston to address it. Think of it as theology for the rest of us. If you have any questions you'd like him to address on the show, email them to Hate mail and tirades wi ...
40 Days For Life
The Beginning of the End of Abortion
A Closer Look
A Closer Look™ with Sheila Liaugminas features notable experts, newsmakers, elected officials, scholars and clergy on a variety of current event topics including social and moral issues, politics, and medical bioethics. Sheila and her guests put the news of the day into sharp focus from a uniquely Catholic perspective.
EndAbortion Podcasts are part of a global multi platform initiative to End Abortion. The Podcasts are here to help energize and educate you on spreading the pro-life message and providing the tools necessary to end abortion.
Bob Enyart Live
Daily conservative talk show hosted by American's most popular, self-proclaimed right-wing, religious fanatic.
Pro-life news, cultural insight, and accessible commentary on abortion and human life by Brian Fisher, an unlikely pro-life leader plucked from the world of business and media to seek justice for preborn children and their mothers.
Gender Fluids
Hosted by comedians Austin Smart and Arielle Isaac Norman, Gender Fluids is a podcast based out of Austin, Texas that takes an explicit and unapologetic look into the rarely explored depths of sex and gender. No subject is too far out or third rail for these two queers to discuss. Subscribe to listen in on all the deliciously depraved conversations you'd be fired for having. Not for the faint of heart, weak of mind, or lame of soul!
Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation - personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope is not limited to spiritual subjects...our host Al Kresta talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, heavy metal, light eating, politics, church affairs, current events, family and marriage, movies and media, theology and apologetics, sports, crime a ...
CHOICE/LESS delivers powerful, personal stories of reproductive injustice and the laws, politics and people beyond the headlines. Part of the Rewire.News podcast network.
Want substance, not fanfare? Real facts, not fake news? Want a podcast that celebrates the best of the conservative tradition and provides a surplus of bold, fresh, and intelligent conversation? Indebted to the timeless ideas of Buckley, Kirk and others, the Right on Point podcast pledges to bring to our listeners a unique and substantive blend of politics and ideas on a weekly basis. We’re unapologetically pro-Trump, pro-flag, and pro-country. Come join our community. Tuesdays and Thursdays ...
Myra Jean Myers is an advocate for the life of women, men and Children, having experienced the deception by the lies of the abortion industry and the wrong ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court January 22, 1973 in Roe vs. Wade.For 43 years now and for Eternity Myra Jean Myers is forgiven in Christ and set-free to reach out to women and men wounded by the deception, destruction and devastation of abortion.Myra's story – "ABORTION HURTS EVERYONE" is available on her You Tube Channel – myoomy1 The D ...
Katie Breen interviews feminist activists, researchers, and advocates working to make women's issues...well, non-issues. Katie explores issues of reproductive rights, pay equity, abortion, birth control, sex ed, paid family leave, breastfeeding, periods, reproductive healthcare, domestic violence, sexual assault, and LGBTQ issues - examining topics through the lens of intersectional feminism and reproductive justice. We also laugh.
Each Thursday, the staff of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio discuss reproductive rights, health care policy, and sexual politics.
TRULife Radio
Join us as we discuss issues related to Christian values and pro-life issues.
Pro-Life Thinking
Clinton, Aaron, and Nathan from Life Training Institute take a gracious, winsome, and persuasive look at the abortion issue.
A podcast about single feminist living in Dublin. Expect abortion stigma smashing, deconstructions of pop cultural portrayals of single women, Virginia Woolf, cats, Tinder horror stories, discussions of emotional labour, feminist book recommendations, and all things single ladies.
Issues for Your Tissues is the definitive discourse on reproductive health and well-being. I bring news and information on reproductive justice, choice, sexuality, Texas and women around the world.
The Fetal Position
The Fetal Position is a pro-life podcast on bioethics, focusing on abortion & related issues
The Brian Nichols Show is a political show for anyone and everyone. Whether it's a discussion about climate change, gun rights, abortion, or big issues like discussing the fundamental role of government, Brian Nichols brings on guests from all forms of political thought to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about. Every show has one primary goal: to discuss the news objectively to help educate, enlighten, and inform our audience.
This is the podcast for Right to Life of Central California's weekly, pro-life radio show, broadcast every Saturday from 7-9 AM on Power Talk FM 96.7 and AM 1400 in Fresno. Our host (and RLCC executive director) John Gerardi gives all the latest news on the pro-life movement in Fresno, throughout California, and nationally. Subscribe today!
The Catholic Feminist is a podcast for strong Catholic women who want to be inspired, informed, and intentional. Each week, we interview guests on topics like poverty, missions, abortion, and how to live out your calling as a Catholic while supporting women's rights.
Straight from the FEMINIST SLEEPER CELL, Lady Parts Justice breaks down the ever-changing, ever batshit, ever rageful news that affects our reproductive rights. Listen as hosts, Lizz Winstead, Nicole Moore and Julie Rosing, work to expose the creeps hellbent on destroying access to birth control, abortion and basically everything logical.
A podcast that is anything but half-assed.
Talk from the left, that's right.
Illicit Chats
Illicit Chats Podcast - when Sex Educator, Glen meets Comedian, Laura (and Chris the Producer edits it to make it funny). We'll make you laugh. Cry. And hopefully think. Tackling the awkward subjects no one wants to talk about every week over a cup of tea. From abortion to xenophobia. Covering every taboo subject we can come up with. We delve into the uncomfortable and make ourselves at home in the search for understanding, human kindness (and maybe some biscuits to go with this goddamn tea) ...
This podcast is all about having real ass conversations about anything and everything. From hot-button topics like abortion to whether or not ghosts are real, we like to argue. A group of 20-somethings from Southern California, we've all been friends since high school. Sometimes discussions get a little heated, but there's no topic that will keep us from being friends at the end of the day.
My Fellow Kansans
From its bloody free-state beginnings to present-day, red-state conservatism, we ask: How did Kansas get here? My Fellow Kansans explores one of the most pivotal chapters in the state’s history — its hard turn to the right over the past three decades. A turn driven by abortion and other culture-war wedge issues, and by politicians skilled in exploiting them. Join us every week from September through the election as we examine the forces and consequences of Kansas politics, the history behind ...
This podcast contains a one-minute radio spot, updated every weekday, from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. The themes are abortion, euthanasia, and the pro-life movement. The radio spot is broadcast on various Christian outlets nationally and internationally.
The Daily
This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.
Did you know that a lot of the most famous landmark Supreme Court cases were all decided because of one sentence? From contraception laws to interracial marriage to abortion to same-sex marriage, one sentence in the Constitution has proven responsible for some pivotal yet controversial moments in American history. That sentence is in the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment and over the course of ten episodes, Alex Akhavan narrates the thrilling events that defined some of the biggest mo ...
Welcome Chosen 🌎Contenders. I Encourage The Broken To Breathe 💨with the word ⚔️Of Yahuah Line Upon Line Precept upon Precept. Here a Lil there a lil. Yahuah has a Point Of View from Genesis to Revelation & it covers all Hot 🔥topics from, Masturbation, Abuse,, Marriage, Abortion, Holiness, Religion, Sanctification Love. You name it we discuss it. I'm in the arena Contending For the Faith.
A show about the law, and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.
The two Phils (Jerrod and Lucas) are talking about the greatest disasters in world history. Disasters like The Hindenburg airship and that time Gerald Ratner said all his stuff was crap.Every fortnight we discuss a new catastrophe. It could be a global mega disaster like the Black Death or a calamitous speech, aborted theme park or failed soap opera.It’s dark, funny, bleak and sometimes a little bit sad, but always entertaining.If you’re tired of True Crime, but still want something a bit da ...
The Compass
The Compass - exploring our world.
Family Policy Matters is a 15-minute show featuring interviews with national, state, and local experts on a wide range of policy issues important to North Carolina families. Hosts are John L. Rustin, President of NC Family and Thomas Graham, Pastor Outreach Coordinator for NC Family.
These women spark a dialogue on many important issues facing women and other marginalized communities today, always keeping the evaluations intersectional! warning: rape, assault, abuse, abortion
The Argument
The other side is dangerously wrong. They think you are too. But for democracy to work, we need to hear each other out. Each week New York Times Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat explain the arguments from across the political spectrum. Their candid debates help you form your own opinion of the latest news, and learn how the other half thinks. Find the best ways to persuade in the modern search for common ground.
We the People
A weekly show of constitutional debate hosted by National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen where listeners can hear the best arguments on all sides of the constitutional issues at the center of American life.
Where can a Christian, Satanist, Muslim, and Atheist have a productive conversation? Who can facilitate a peaceful, open dialogue between a Trump and Anti-Trump supporter? Where can you discuss Abortion, Gun Control, Religion, and all sorts of Politics, and varying Philosophies in an atmosphere of love and tolerance? Meeting of the Mindz of course!!!
If you're easily offended, this podcast is not for you. This is Keith and The Girl Video. Keith and The Girl (KATG) is a fast-paced comedy show that talks about EVERYTHING. Hosts Keith Malley and Chemda (who are exes) talk openly about their lives including topics such as their relationships, marriage, religion and atheism, abortions, LGBT community, love, hate, fights, racism, feminism, weed and other drug use, and any comfortable or uncomfortable topic. This feed features video moments fro ...
Sweet Tea
The power of modern-day journalism coupled with southern charm is what make Sweet Tea perk. UNCG graduate Darneisha Thompson and student blogger Anders Hare come together to merge public affairs with pop culture to probe controversial topics in American society. From drama on Capitol Hill, to entertainment industry politics, to issues that affect us everyday, this show has it all. Get your fresh brew of Sweet Tea., every other Wednesday.
The Rubin Report
Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Like discussions about big ideas? Watch Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report. Real conversations, unfiltered rants, and one on one interviews with some of the most interesting names in news and entertainment. Comedians, authors, and influencers join Dave each week to break down the latest in politics and current events. Real people, real issues, real talk.New episodes every Friday!
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Radio Programs
Sexual health writer. Abortion doula. Amateur holistic health enthusiast. Here to talk about reproductive justice, health, and wellness. 💫
Start Making Sense
Political talk without the boring parts—featuring the writers, activists and artists who shape the week in news. Hosted by Jon Wiener and presented by The Nation Magazine.
The Public Square
The national radio broadcast of the American Policy Roundtable aired coast-to-coast, in this long format edition and hosted by Dave Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd.
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
Date & Debate
Tackling politics, social issues and dating from different perspectives. Join GOP Shelby and Political Nikki as they discuss where they stand on issues and debate topics facing us, and hopefully getting everyone to at least agree to hear someone with different thoughts than their own.
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show series
NARAL’s The Morning After is a production of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. With Senate Bill 23 passed into law, Jaime, Gabe, and Kelley sat down to review what happened in the Statehouse over the past few weeks, and look ahead to how we’re continuing to fight. As always, we’re grateful for ...…
Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life talks about the meaning and the structure of Holy Week (Part 1)
Four states have passed laws this year that effectively ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and others, including Missouri, are expected to follow suit. Some Missourians are crossing the state line to Illinois, where abortion access is protected. We spent a day at a clinic in Illinois with three women who were getting abortions. Guests: ...…
Topics We Cover On This Episode The largest-ever Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign is complete. We know of hundreds of babies are alive and well today because of YOUR prayers, fasting, and peaceful vigil. Now the Christian world enters Holy Week–the week that changed the world. On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Rober ...…
Love Will End Abortion 094 Going on OffenseBy
Abortion is legal in the United States for any reason and during all nine months of pregnancy – even the second half of a pregnancy when babies are fully developed and can feel pain. Today, Brian describes the procedures used to kill children later in a pregnancy, and how this topic can help us find common ground with those friends who support ...…
April 2, 2019 Topics ‘Abortion Extremism, Pro-Life Heightened Activism: Perfect Storm Sweeps the Nation’ Wendy Wiese: Abortion extremism in states, national politics, meet major pro-life activism, Congressional efforts to stop infanticide, successful release of ‘Unplanned’: A Perfect Storm; ‘MeToo’ right now. Kathleen Domingo: ‘By Your Side LA’ ...…
Lila Rose (Pro-Life Activist) joins Dave to discuss Live Action and the importance of educating young people, abortion as a women's health issue, planned parenthood, and more.
After two crashes of Boeing 737 Max jets, regulators and lawmakers began asking whether competitive pressure may have led the company to miss safety risks, like an anti-stall system that played a role in both crashes. In reporting that story, our colleagues began to look into whether the problems extended beyond the 737 Max. Guest: Natalie Kitr ...…
Topics We Cover On This Episode Happy Easter! The dust is beginning to settle following the largest and busiest Lenten 40 Days for Life campaign in history! On this episode of The 40 Days for Life Podcast, Shawn Carney, Sue Thayer, and Steve Karlen look back at some of the most powerful–and the funniest–stories from local 40 Days for Life campa ...…
Maureen Flynn: Confront unprecedented moral crises with coalition to ‘Pray and Fast for America 2019’; spiritual weapons more powerful than evil. Dr. Marguerite Duane: Bringing fertility awareness to the medical community; what women’s real reproductive health means (and medical schools don’t teach). Caller: Julie asks about widespread early us ...…
Today, we discuss the ramifications of the Mueller report rollout backfiring in the faces of so many Democrats and mainstream media personalities. We also discuss the continued assault on traditional values, with the New York Yankees now banning Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America.’ Lastly, we talk about a very creepy sex cult from upstate New York ...…
* Working for Walt Brown: Bob’s and guest host Doug McBurney expose some fake news in a headline about fossilized bacterial bio-signatures, and Bob discusses how what the reporters want to be proof of aliens ismore likely proof of the Global Flood as presented in Walt Brown’s Hydroplate theory. * Three for Three: Bob asks Doug which of the thre ...…
We talk with Steve Ray about the witnesses to the Empty Tomb and Al imagines how a news team would cover the Resurrection.
Gary Habermas joins us with a look at the historical case for the Resurrection.
On episode #735 of Theology in the Raw Preston answers questions submitted by Pateron supporters. Questions covered in this podcast: 1) How did people in the old testament get saved? 2) Can you lose your salvation? 3) What happened to my house church? Support Preston Support Preston by going to Connect with Preston Twitter | @Presto ...…
The most interesting figure in the Mueller report may be the man who was hired to protect President Trump, but turned out to be the most damaging witness against him. We look at the role of Donald F. McGahn II, the former White House counsel. Guest: Michael S. Schmidt, who has been covering the special counsel investigation for The New York Tim ...…
It's 1958. It's the US of A, and The Ford Motor Company have just released a car so incredibly fugly not even Frank Sinatra can shift any units. In what original cast members of Grease are already calling the wela-wela-wela-19th! episode of the CB Wallop podcast join Phil Jerrod and Phil Lucas as they discuss The Ford Edsel - the fifties muscle ...…
There is a targeted genocide occurring today, and its weapon of mass destruction is abortion. The African-American community is the most highly targeted people group in this genocide, and it‘s past time for America to end it. Helpful resources: ...…
HPT Heat Series Part 5 Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and mechanical engineer Bryan Nickle conclude their "Heat" series answering the criticism that the global flood events described by Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory would melt the Earth's crust. The guys have been addressing four critics, Glen Kuban and Tony Reed, and young-earthers Danny ...…
Have you seen the movie Unplanned? The film is about Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director in southeast Texas, who resigned after witnessing an abortion on an ultrasound. We interviewed Abby Johnson and asked her questions about her story and this film. Please don't miss this important broadcast as we talk about the issue of life and ...…
Hey folks! Another fun "BONUS" episode in store for you this week! This episode features my appearance on Keaton Tucker's "Freedom Strips", where I explained the growing popularity of socialism in the United States, and what is causing views of Capitalism to trend downward. Keaton an I also try and answer the question; "Can this be fixed before ...…
Two years and 448 pages later, a redacted version of the Mueller report has been made public. Here’s what we’ve learned. Guests: Michael S. Schmidt and Mark Mazzetti, who have been covering the special counsel investigation for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit This episode includes disturb ...…
Genesis - Abraham & Isaac: The theology of the New Testament builds upon concepts that God presented through the life of Abraham. This exciting album, Genesis: Abraham & Isaac, explores those truths. Only by understanding the life of Abraham can a believer understand the Bible, since God pivots the plot of the Bible upon events in Abraham�s lif ...…
Sheila and Msgr. Stuart Swetland discuss, Pope Francis, Holy Thursday, Triduum liturgies; washing inmates’ feet at Mass of Lord’s Supper; Chrism Mass message to priests. Sheila and Fr. Robert Gahl Pope Benedict’s essay on the Church and abuse scan ...…
On this Holy Thursday we look back at the First Mass and examine what happens at every Mass.
Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation - personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope is not limited to spiritual subjects...our host Al Kresta talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, ...…
Dahlia Lithwick is joined by former department of Justice spokesperson Matt Miller and Fordham Law Professor Jed Shugerman for a read of the (redacted) Mueller report. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The indictment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for conspiracy to hack into a classified government computer has reignited the debate over the question: what is the line between First Amendment-protected journalism and cyber-crime? On this episode, two leading experts on the intersection of the First Amendment and national security–Josh Gelt ...…
John and Jonathan discuss Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal and take on the topic of in vitro fertilization. Tune in!By (John Gerardi).
Fr. Frank Pavone interviews Dr. Kathi Aultman, M.D, of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a former abortionist who is now pro-life.
Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life talks about the Structure and Meaning of Holy Week. (part 2)
We bring back Tim Gordon on our Holy Thursday special to have a wide-ranging discussion on today's release of his second edition of Catholic Republic, as well as Cardinal Sarah’s new book, freemasonry in America, France in the wake of the Notre Dame fire, and the publication of the full Mueller report. More at…
Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews intelligent design rock star Michael Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box, The Edge of Evolution, and in 2019, Darwin Devolves. After decades of spats with secularists including Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, and Jack Horner, and full interviews/debates with Eugenie Scott, Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, an ...…
April 17, 2019 Topics ‘Church as Community of Disciples in Mission, Rebuilding is Part of That’ George Weigel: The Church as community of disciples in mission; Pope Benedict’s letter on Church scandal & way forward; anniversary of Cardinal George passing & current situation of Cardinal George Pell; Notre Dame Cathedral & rebuilding the Church W ...…
Monica Miller reviews how different films have portrayed the Crucifixion and Mary Heal discusses answering the call of the Spirit in our lives.
The chair of the House Ways and Means Committee formally requested six years of Trump’s personal & business tax returns earlier this month. Trump has said he won’t do it—and that the law is “100 per cent” on his side. He’s 100 per cent wrong about that. David Cay Johnston explains why the IRS Director is required to hand over the returns—or fac ...…
Dr. Bill Cook looks at the history, symbolism and theology of Cathedrals.
Nicholas Christakis (Sociologist & Author) joins Dave to discuss the Yale Halloween costume debacle, his book ‘Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society’, the importance of free and open conversation, the value of friendship, and more.
When Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s ascendance to the Supreme Court threw the future of abortion rights into question, states scrambled to enact new laws. Two neighboring states in the Midwest are moving in opposite directions: Missouri is taking action to end abortion access, while Illinois is trying to preserve it. In a two-part series, we explore ...…
You can use Sprite to clean period blood off your fists if your water is out, Austin had an orgy at a burn and she tells all about it, boy do we have some thoughts about our first one star review, and the Fetish of the Week is Dragons! We’ll be back next week with our regular shenanigans. Don’t forget to show us some love by rating and/or revie ...…
When you’re doing intensely emotional work, burnout is common. My dear friend Megan is on the show today to discuss her experience working in social services with young people on the autism spectrum and what a period of unemployment after burnout taught her God and His faithfulness. We also talk about how Megan has been able to find Catholic co ...…
What should U.S. immigration policy look like? The columnists debate Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation, Trump's xenophobia and Obama's legacy on immigration live on stage at the Times Center in New York. Then, in response to listener voicemail, Ross, Michelle and David discuss the 2020 candidacies of Pete Buttigieg, Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Yang ...…
As investment in the night-time economy rises, we look at how this is working in London. Is anywhere else doing a better job?Presenter Fi Glover returns with two new panellists to analyse and critique the best policies from global cities: Dr Ellie Cosgrave, Director of UCL City Leadership Laboratory; and urbanist Professor Greg Clark. The team ...…
Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Anthony Levatino, the former New York abortionist who gave congressional testimony and more recently, acted the part of the abortionist in the Abby Johnson biopic Unplanned. Bob and Dr. Levatino discuss how he came to realize that he was killing babies, and then they debate: - the film's portrayal of pro-life protester ...…
April 16, 2019 Dana Gioia: Christianity’s continuing importance in contemporary culture; the spiritual dimensions of literature and the arts; rehabilitate Catholic tradition. Pastor Jason Noble: ‘Breakthrough’ film true story of invincible faith, hope, love; believe against all odds; prayer can work miracles. All show notes at Christians Can & ...…
We look at yesterday's fire at Notre Dame and get an update on a priest facing charges of sexual misconduct in Michigan.
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