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This is the story of the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church until 1915.
Sermons from the Downey Adventist Church, a Bible-based, family-oriented church in Downey, CA.
Where God's grace meets your need.
LifeSource is a Christian faith community in Denver, Colorado.
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Wadena is a small community in central Minnesota. All visitors are welcome to come and see us. Please make sure to visit and sign our guest book and we hope to see you soon.
Sermons preached at the Tullahoma, Tennessee, Seventh-day Adventist church
Sermons from Hope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore1426 N.E. 12thMoore, Ok 73160WWW.HOPEADVENTIST.ORG
Weekly sermons from the Middletown seventh-day Adventist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to provide a safe environment where people relationships become kingdom relationships.
This podcast is made available from Orion-Oxford Seventh-day Adventist Church. Lake Orion, MI
Each Sabbath we are blessed by the message presented from God's Holy Word--a message that teaches us how to live reflecting the hope and grace that His love offers. Welcome to our church, in person, or by podcast.
Audio presentations of the society's bible conferences and symposia
Enjoy biblical sermons that challenge and inspire from one of the fresh voices in the Christian world today.
We would love to have you in all our programs, but we know it's not always possible for you to be with us every week. Therefore, here is our podcast which you can subscribe to to hear all that happens inside and outside Holloway Seventh-day Adventist Chur
This video podcast is produced by the Office of Adventist Mission
Come share with us as we worship the Lord.
Bible teaching from the Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Salisbury, Maryland, by Senior Pastor Ken Scheller and Associate Pastor Timothy D. Lee.
The audio podcast of the Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grand Terrace, CA
These are messages from Storyline Adventist Church. We seek to encounter God, grow together and serve the world. For more information, check us out at
Adventist On Fire
Are you lukewarm and loving it? This is the podcast for you.
Weekly audio sermon brought to you by the Arden Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arden, NC.
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Challenging you to experience the fullness of life in Christ
Welcome to the Visalia Seventh-day Adventist Church as we explore the Bible every Sabbath morning. It is our prayer that through God's leading you will be encouraged and uplifted into a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Don't forget to subscribe!
Sermons focused on preparing God's children to receive and collaborate with the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the power of love and make disciples who follow Jesus Christ.
Five guys exploring their faith in conversation, Bible study and Interviews.
Emissions, predications, tous vos replay
...a community church where people from all walks of life can worship together...
Sermons from the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church worship services. Be blessed!
The Podcast of the Adventist Peace Fellowship
Audio recordings of church services at Castle Hill Adventist Church, 84 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia.
Weekly sermons from the Sabbath service at the Manassas Seventh-day Adventist church
Understanding ProphecyFinding HOPE in Uncertain TimesHope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore 1426 N.E. 12th Moore, Ok 73160 WWW.HOPEADVENTIST.ORG
Visit us in person! 4909 Sylvania AvenueToledo, Ohio 43623
Weekly podcast in English, brought to you by the Adventist Review Magazine (Spoken Edition)
Laconia Seventh-day Adventist Church | 241 Province St. Laconia, NH 03246 | (603) 528-4008 |
A Podcast About How The Church Works
sermons from the Waycross Seventh-day Adventist church in Waycross, GA
These podcasts are audio recordings of programming that has taken place at different events in the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
Weekly sermons from the Sabbath service at the Manassas Seventh-day Adventist church
Welcome to Andover Seventh-day Adventist church's podcasts where, by God's grace, you will find only the truth's of God's word. Our church is located in Andover, MN and is pastored by Adam Breiner.
Annual Former Seventh-Day Adventist Fellowship Conferences held in Southern California and other locations. Christian topics with a focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Christian Doctrine and exposing falsehoods taught in Seventh-Day Adventism.
Saturday Worship Messages from Pastor Odea Sigh
We hope you enjoy these Bible-based messages preached at the Parkwood Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Biblical Hope. Holistic Truth. A Thriving Disciple-Making Movement.
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Every person in the world has a body that is made up of over 50% water. It is well established that good intake of water is required for our survival, but what about the living water that Jesus talks about in the bible? Join us as Dr Tim Standish uncovers the importance of Jesus' living water.Recorded on the: 07/04/2018…
The theory of evolution has been a somewhat recent development as we analyse our past. It also has been a frequent cause of debate among society as to how it fits with the history presented in the Bible. Join us today as PHD Biologist, Dr Tim Standish explores how evolution intersects with Gods word.Recorded on the: 07/04/2018…
One of the most common theories regarding the history of the human race comes from Charles Darwin's concept of evolution. But how does this world view developed from this idea compare with our Christian world view, and what does the bible have to say regarding this? Join us as our special guest speaker Dr Tim Standish explores the Christian wor ...…
I look at 4 different examples of how Adventists (individually and corporately) jump on celebrities and the most basic media attention in order to justify our presence and relevancy. I also talk about why this is damaging and a potential reason for why this happens. The people I specifically reference on this episode I am not condemning, but I ...…
In a world where we often demand personal control, God introduced at Creation a concept the demands complete surrender of control. Surrender of control sounds foreign and living it feels outright repulsive. Why would God want, expect, and demand this type of surrender from His prized earthly creation? ~Pastor Nate Elias The post Seventh Day Mat ...…
In this episode, the success of the Sabbatarian Adventist message brings fresh challenges. The Whites move to Rochester, NY, and set up the press there.
Critically Speaking, is hosted by Cindy Mercer, who interviews Jim Hammer, a lay pastor and author of the books, Victory Over A Critical Spirit and Life Without A Critical Spirit. Jim shares how the Holy Spirit made him aware of his own critical spirit, and how it was not only affecting him, but also his family and friends. He points out how Sa ...…
It is often said that Jesus would have died for just one. I believe this to be true, but I also believe Jesus is always looking for "One More".The Seventh-day Adventist Church has taken up the challenge to be used by God to reach "One More".
This week’s episode is gr-r-reat, probably because we can see why kids love the swirl of Nicks in every bit of this week’s episode… on Breakfast Cereal fans! Next week, we’ll have special guest friend, EFG Nick, to talk about fans of fad foods! Episode outline Fandom Facts History and Origins: Breakfast cereal is a type of food, often made of g ...…
Within the tapestry of human existence, three basic desires – identity, belonging, and purpose – demand answering. God provides Christians truth that requires a rejection of the Satanic lie. This struggle between God (truth) and Satan (deceit) results in the best outcome when one is surrounded by the community we call Church. ~Pastor Nate Elias ...…
Cirsten Weldon is a legal immigrant, author and interior designer who was born in Singapore and now lives in the United States. On the podcast, she discusses some details about how well she believes Singapore’s republican government runs, with low income tax and virtually no crime. She once lived in the liberal states of Hawaii and California, ...…
Nolan and Chris talk about prayer and share what they pray about, how much they pray, whether or not they've ever prayed all night, and their experience with fasting.
Critically Speaking, is hosted by Cindy Mercer, who interviews Jim Hammer, a lay pastor and author of the books, Victory Over A Critical Spirit and Life Without A Critical Spirit. Jim shares how the Holy Spirit made him aware of his own critical spirit, and how it was not only affecting him, but also his family and friends. He points out how Sa ...…
I recently sat down for a chat with Jeff Satterwhite. Jeff is a Certified Senior Product Owner for Salesforce at Adventist Health System in Florida. During our chat, Jeff explains which Salesforce products and third party apps are being used at Adventist Health System, and how Salesforce has helped transform internal operations to provide best- ...…
In this episode: Nolan and Chris talk about the individual experience we each have in worship and discuss the benefits of both personal and group worship.
What is your life’s purpose? What was God thinking when he created you? Does He still call people today, or is that just something that happens only for pastors? Join us as we explore these questions and search for answers through the life and person of Isaiah. Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8; Isaiah 43:1,2, 7, 10,11; Isaiah 44:6-8 “What’s the point?” ...…
Ever felt the need to ramp up your prayer life? This podcast will give you the tools and inspiration you need to connect to the Vine. Hosted by Cindy and Rick Mercer.
In this episode: -Show introduction -The Bible -Adventist Beliefs -Lessons on Faith -In a Pit with a Lion on a Snow Day -The social network -Healthy living -NEWSTART -History -The Adventist church's purpose -Josephine -Compass Magazine: Why I love being a Seventh-day Adventist
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