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This is the story of the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church until 1915.
Sermons from the Downey Adventist Church, a Bible-based, family-oriented church in Downey, CA.
Where God's grace meets your need.
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Wadena is a small community in central Minnesota. All visitors are welcome to come and see us. Please make sure to visit and sign our guest book and we hope to see you soon.
LifeSource is a Christian faith community in Denver, Colorado.
Sermons from Hope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore1426 N.E. 12thMoore, Ok 73160WWW.HOPEADVENTIST.ORG
Weekly sermons from the Middletown seventh-day Adventist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to provide a safe environment where people relationships become kingdom relationships.
Sermons preached at the Tullahoma, Tennessee, Seventh-day Adventist church
This podcast is made available from Orion-Oxford Seventh-day Adventist Church. Lake Orion, MI
Each Sabbath we are blessed by the message presented from God's Holy Word--a message that teaches us how to live reflecting the hope and grace that His love offers. Welcome to our church, in person, or by podcast.
Audio presentations of the society's bible conferences and symposia
This video podcast is produced by the Office of Adventist Mission
Are you lukewarm and loving it? This is the podcast for you.
We would love to have you in all our programs, but we know it's not always possible for you to be with us every week. Therefore, here is our podcast which you can subscribe to to hear all that happens inside and outside Holloway Seventh-day Adventist Chur
Bible teaching from the Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Salisbury, Maryland, by Senior Pastor Ken Scheller and Associate Pastor Timothy D. Lee.
Enjoy biblical sermons that challenge and inspire from one of the fresh voices in the Christian world today.
Come share with us as we worship the Lord.
Sermons focused on preparing God's children to receive and collaborate with the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the power of love and make disciples who follow Jesus Christ.
Emissions, predications, tous vos replay
Biblical Hope. Holistic Truth. A Thriving Disciple-Making Movement.
Weekly podcast in English, brought to you by the Adventist Review Magazine (Spoken Edition)
The audio podcast of the Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grand Terrace, CA
...a community church where people from all walks of life can worship together...
Audio recordings of church services at Castle Hill Adventist Church, 84 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia.
Understanding ProphecyFinding HOPE in Uncertain TimesHope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship of Moore 1426 N.E. 12th Moore, Ok 73160 WWW.HOPEADVENTIST.ORG
Challenging you to experience the fullness of life in Christ
Saturday Worship Messages from Pastor Odea Sigh
Conversations with Adventist peacemakers.
A Podcast About How The Church Works
These are messages from Storyline Adventist Church. We seek to encounter God, grow together and serve the world. For more information, check us out at
Welcome to Andover Seventh-day Adventist church's podcasts where, by God's grace, you will find only the truth's of God's word. Our church is located in Andover, MN and is pastored by Adam Breiner.
Annual Former Seventh-Day Adventist Fellowship Conferences held in Southern California and other locations. Christian topics with a focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Christian Doctrine and exposing falsehoods taught in Seventh-Day Adventism.
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Five guys exploring their faith in conversation, Bible study and Interviews.
Welcome to the Arden Seventh-Day Adventist Church Podcasts
We ask the key questions.
Weekly sermons from the Sabbath service at the Manassas Seventh-day Adventist church
Izmir Adventist
Welcome to our podcasting channel. Each week we upload sermons, music and Bible studies. May God bless you as you listen. Enjoy!Podcast kanalımızı hoşgeldiniz! Her hafta müzik ve vaazları yüklüyoruz. Dinlerken Rab sizi bereketlisin.
Sermon's preached by Pastor Jonathan Burnett at Brighton and Hove SDA Church
Weekly Sermon podcast for Saving Grace Adventist Church where our mission is to share Christ through the proclamation of the word. As you listen our desire is that this podcast will strengthen you in your relationship with God. Visit us at
Welcome to the Visalia Seventh-day Adventist Church as we explore the Bible every Sabbath morning. It is our prayer that through God's leading you will be encouraged and uplifted into a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Don't forget to subscribe!
Here you can find sermons preached from the pulpit of Lewisham Seventh-day Adventist church in London, UK.
Sermons from the Discover Life Seventh-day Adventist church in Sonora, CA. Pastor Nathan Renner.
Bi-Weekly Christ-centered sermons by Pastor Joey Suarez and others
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Bible versions can be a sensitive topic depending on who you talk to. In this discussion we attempt to leave dogma at the door and have an honest conversation about how we can responsibly approach this topic. Note: We had a technical issue with Nathanael’s mic so we had to pull his audio from one of the other mics and over-amplify it, so our ap ...…
11: ASI OCI and Self Supporting Ministries – Kim Busl
Throughout history, pride of self has resulted in a separation from God, a creation of hostility towards God and if unrepentant, pride of self will bring eternal destruction ~Pastor Nate Elias The post Christian Pride and the Growing Horn 08-11-2018 appeared first on Peachtree City Seventh-day Adventist Church.…
Where God's grace meets your need.
by Bill Aumack - Go FishBy (Downey Adventist Church).
We hope you are richly blessed by this young man's Youth Day sermon on the needs of a blind man and how Jesus met them.
Believing in the grace of God includes believing that it came to us at the right time. In kindness, Jesus offers us the lifeline just when we want and need it—neither too soon, when we would have scoffed at rescue, nor too late, when we would have been completely sunk. If we imagine we would have welcomed grace much earlier, we underestimate ou ...…
Bill Knott is the Executive Editor of Adventist Review Ministries and shares his monthly editorials in this podcast, ViewPoint.
Here is a fresh look at some aspects of salvation. It is certainly still the “old old story” but with some new framing that may help you process it better and accept it easier. Join us for the conversation, and please comment below! Download This Truth Nugget – Undeserved Innocence Undeserved Innocence by Dave, Luke & Nathanael | Truth Nugget h ...…
Reminiscent of the time when part of a family physician’s modus operandi was visiting patients in their homes, “House Call”—a regular column in Adventist Review magazine provides evidenced-based and biblically sound health-related counsel to AR readers and now listeners. Drs. Peter N. Landless and Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, both board certified ph ...…
The Church, the School, and the Home are the most powerful tools God uses to develop the human mind, body, and spirit. Developing not just a working relationship but a thriving relationship between the church, school, and home gives God the best opportunity to reach both young and old alike. ~Pastor Nate Elias The post The Power of Three 08-04- ...…
by Bill Aumack - Go FishBy (Downey Adventist Church).
In Other Words is the opinion page of Adventist Review staff: wide ranging, as befits the thinking of a group spanning multiple generations and encompassing more than half a dozen nationalities; spiritually earnest, as reflecting the thinking of a team of mature Christian professionals in areas as varied as journalism and technology, education ...…
For all the healing that it brings, grace causes one great, fatal injury. Our pride—the jest that we are masters of our fate—cannot survive when we admit how fully lost we are—and fully saved because of grace. To be in grace is to always be in debt—gladly, joyfully in debt to One who smiles at all our ledgers. Christ paid the debt, erased the l ...…
In this special episode, I interview two producers, Steve Longi and Gregory Crosby, from the film Hacksaw Ridge about the film's subject: Adventist hero and conscientious objector Desmond Doss. They'll share their new book on Doss' early life and a bit about why they love him. You can pick up their new book, The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge: How it A ...…
Have you ever been deceived? Led to believe something that wasn’t true? In a world of fake news, false religions, and “faceless” social media relationships, how can we know what’s real? Theologians Richard Davidson and John McVay, together with national journalist Mark Kellner, share unique perspectives on how even Christians—who may feel they’ ...…
Have you ever felt like overcoming sin is just too hard? Like the weight of that task was too much to bear? You are not alone. in this episode we talk about those sins that just seem to hang on and on and what you can do about it. Join us for the conversation, and please comment below! Download This Truth Nugget – Can overcoming sin be a stumbl ...…
Where God's grace meets your need.
Daniel 7 take us from the local experiences of the battle between good and evil, seen in the narratives of Daniel 1 – 6, and opens our minds to the cosmic war that is being waged against God and His people. Just as the narratives remind us that no matter the outward appearance, Daniel 7 shows us that God is in control, and He will win! ~Pastor ...…
by Bill Aumack - Crazy Things We BelieveBy (Downey Adventist Church).
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