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This podcast is a collection of interviews & lectures, some of which are recorded specifically for this podcast, and some that are from his university courses, public lectures, documentary interviews, and YouTube videos from his channel: Jordan Peterson Videos ( The podcast offers discussion and information concerning a variety of complex ideas: How moral & pragmatic values regulate emotion and motivation; Psychometric models such as the Big ...
International Superstar DJ John B with his Weekly Drum & Bass and ElectroTechno Podcasts - Live DJ mixes recorded at gigs all over the world.
Sarah B. Yoga
Vinyasa yoga podcast with focus on alignment
For the Irish historian John Bagnell Bury, history should be treated as a science and not a mere branch of literature. Many contemporary histories written in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were poetic and heroic in tone, blending fact and fiction, myths and legends. They sometimes relied on sources from Shakespeare and classical poets. For Bury, the facts of history may be legendary or romantic in nature, but they should be recounted in a scholarly and non-judgmental manner, ...
This podcast is a collection of interviews & lectures, some of which are recorded specifically for this podcast, and some that are from his university courses, public lectures, documentary interviews, and YouTube videos from his channel: Jordan Peterson Videos ( The podcast offers discussion and information concerning a variety of complex ideas: How moral & pragmatic values regulate emotion and motivation; Psychometric models such as the Big ...
A Podcast, improving the lives of dentists, dental staff members, and other dental related members. Interviewing industry leaders, super dentists, movers and shakers and innovators in the realm of dentistry, each episode starts with a motivational quote and ends with suggestions to be implemented into practice by Monday morning. Each special guest will share their personal stories including successes and failures. They will have a book recommendation, an internet or app resource, and somethi ...
Intended for children 11 to 14 years old, The Story of the Middle Ages relates a little known period of history in an interesting and entertaining way. The author terms the Middle Ages as that period in the history of Europe between the fifth and fifteenth centuries. Its beginning is marked by the decline and fall of the mighty Roman Empire and its end is generally thought to be the dawn of the Renaissance or the Age of Discovery. The Middle Ages are also divided by historians into the Early ...
Directory providing links to LDS Podcasts
Former NFL players Michael Robinson & Nate Burleson keep it all the way real talking everything football, music, pop culture and much more.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson' on
Podcast by The Bills Beat with Joe B. and Matthew Fairburn
Plan B
Plan B is a weekly talk show contemplating the future and present of Bitcoin. With insights for the novice, shop talk for the expert, and opinionated discussion for the interested observer of bitcoin and related technologies.
Dealing with mental illness is a b****. Luckily, we don’t have to do it alone. Join your Beautiful Bipolar Host Becky as she and her guests deep dive on mental health topics and hopefully have a bit of fun, too!
Nickel B & friends with that downtempo, psybient, and deep dubstep music. Live DJ Mixes for kicking back, spacing out, doing yoga, or whatever. Formerly published as the Bass Culture Vermont podcast. Mixes are available for a limited time only and are for intended promotional use only.
Join the four amateurs: Steve (Woodchuck), Brad (Hollywood), Colt (Train) and Nick (Lefty) here at B Squad Hotrod. We're just a bunch of amateurs getting to the meat and bolts of restoring and repairing real cars for our enjoyment. And hopefully for your education and enjoyment. Because educating us...that is impossible.
Art-marketing and artist career consultant Alyson B. Stanfield of offers motivation, inspiration, and and practical tips to help artists promote themselves in today's crowded art market. This is the audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter.
Catch up with Susan's knitting, spinning, designing and more!
Welcome to Career and Employability Talk with Segun Akiode. The central theme of this podcast is – “Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.” This podcast is all about wise career counsel for a better you!
Ugly Radio is an innovative Internet based urban radio station with a play-list of ONLY the hottest “Independent Recording Artist” in the Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae music genres. Independent musicians have always had an uphill battle getting their music to the public, making a great number of very good recording artist go unnoticed. This inadvertently impacts the quality of music heard today. Ugly Radio is also a movement that’s committed to the advancement of independent Hip-Hop, R&B and Regg ...
The B. Scott Show
A weekly recap of the hottest topics in celebrity news and entertainment featuring B. Scott's signature commentary and Denver's witty banter.
Preface by W.S.B. Mathews: I have here endeavored to provide a readable account of the entire history of the art of music, within the compass of a single small volume, and to treat the luxuriant and many-sided later development with the particularity proportionate to its importance, and the greater interest appertaining to it from its proximity to the times of the reader.The range of the work can be most easily estimated from the Table of Contents (pages 5-10). It will be seen that I have at ...
The Blackfeet were hunters, travelling from place to place on foot. They used implements of stone, wood, or bone, wore clothing made of skins, and lived in tents covered by hides. Dogs, their only tame animals, were used as beasts of burden to carry small packs and drag light loads. The stories here told come down to us from very ancient times. Grandfathers have told them to their grandchildren, and these again to their grandchildren, and so from mouth to mouth, through many generations, the ...
B Movie Breakdown
B Movie Breakdown is a weekly podcast where we find humor and enjoyment in awesomely bad films of the past and present. Home of the good, the bad and the WTF. Each week’s movie will be revealed on the prior episode, so you too can join in on the madness! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Peter B. Collins
News and Politics from the Left Coast
Between A to B
"Between A to B" is a 10-part podcast travel series produced and edited by Josh "Byline" Ellerbrock as he hikes the 2,600+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT. First official episode releases April 16, 2017.
The Jenell B Stewart podcast is a weekly lifestyle podcast designed to Educate, Empower and Engage. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including health & fitness, love & marriage, entrepreneurship, parenting, self love and more. Jenell presents topics in such a way that after you listen to each episode you will feel uplifted and inspired.
Inside the Locker Room with Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell
Movie review podcast of B movies and beyond from Netflix and where ever else we saw a movie.
Barbershop-like debate topics, mixed with some Parliamentary-like debate structure. Debates done by the people, for the people. Option A or B is a debate platform unlike any other, changing the way ideas are expressed and opinions are shared. We connect passionate everyday people from around the world to debate any topic, and give them the ability to make their points fairly, effectively and intelligently on a big stage. We also focus on connecting people in positive ways, and limiting the r ...
Thoroughly appalled and sickened by the rising numbers of white-on-black murders in the South since the beginning of Reconstruction, and by the unwillingness of local, state and federal governments to prosecute those who were responsible, Ida Bell Wells-Barnett wrote Southern Horrors, a pamphlet in which she exposed the horrible reality of lynchings to the rest of the nation and to the world. Wells explained, through case study, how the federal government's failure to intervene allowed South ...
STUDIO B Power Yoga Online is your one stop shop for live yoga classes, workshops, tutorials, 20 minute themed practices and MORE! At Studio B, all classes are for all levels. The style of yoga we teach is a power vinyasa flow. In this style you connect breath to movement as you flow from one pose to the next, building heat and fluidity. Burn calories, stretch and strengthen muscles, relax the mind, cleanse the body, and be inspired. Visit for videos tutorials an ...
Epic high-energy DJ mixes of the latest club, top 40, hip hop and dance music. Features the hottest remixes and mashups.
The Rush B Podcast
The Counter-Strike show you've been waiting to hear.
Plan B with Opie
A Podcast for the masses
Is a defense attorney bound to defend his client, or with his conscience, when he knows that the man he is defending is guilty of the charges against him after the trial has already commenced? And if friends hold a belief that he may have been aware of it before the trial commenced, yet they are endeared to the man and his family as upstanding and of the highest grade? Might it not become cause for blackmail, and therefore potential retribution? "The House of White Shadows" brings these issu ...
Three B Zine Podcast Presents Beer Night in San Diego! San Diego’s Longest Running Beer Podcast covering the San Diego Beer Community! Tune in each week as we showcase the best in San Diego Craft Beer, Local Music and Local Food with a touch of comedy. Each week we feature the great people behind the scenes that make San Diego the best city for craft beer, bands and bites! Join us! The official podcast of!
Each week on Soundtracks: The B-Side, host and music historian, Jason King will discuss the songs and historical moments explored within the CNN Original Series Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History. From the March on Washington to the riots at Stonewall, the moon landing to Hurricane Katrina, featured guests will discuss how music has played an integral part in celebrating, criticizing, and amplifying these seismic events in our collective history. Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History ...
The Souls of Black Folk is a well-known work of African-American literature by activist W.E.B. Du Bois. The book, published in 1903, contains several essays on race, some of which had been previously published in Atlantic Monthly magazine. Du Bois drew from his own experiences to develop this groundbreaking work on being African-American in American society. Outside of its notable place in African-American history, The Souls of Black Folk also holds an important place in social science as on ...
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It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! The Rush B Podcast is bad and this time has Aizyesque and Piethrouer on as guests to welcome in the 30th episode of the podcast that experienced a minor hiccup in production. This podcast episode talks about the AZIO Esports debacle, the dominance of Astralis, the quandry of North, and how every team might be any other te ...…
Join us once again for spoilers galore. We go through demons to ducks, gorillas to girls, see how we bring almost every film back to Marvel or beyond. We review Drag Me to Hell, Howard the Duck, Rampage, and Tragedy Girls. Check it out!
This week on the podcast we discuss a movie that is far too good for this show. Yet another absolutely fantastic brand new horror movie that many people might not even be aware of. Summer Of 84 is a true horror gem from the masterminds behind Turbo Kid, a film that takes the serial killer film and takes it to the next level. It’s rare that two ...…
Rocker Neil Young, whose latest release is “Monsanto Years” and wife Darryl Hannah join jurors fighting for $289 million judgment….--judge who showed pro-Monsanto bias in Roundup case gets pushback from jurors to “honor our verdict” --Neil Young and Darryl Hannah attended the trial, and support the verdict in this op-ed --new study shows 93% of ...…
Hour 3 of The Brian Mitchell Show. Still waiting for Leveon Bell to come back. Packers great win over the 49ers. Calls on the Redskins. Guest: Wizards' forward Kelly Oubre.
Redskins RedZone: Brian and Scott talk about the Redskins' special teams stepping up big on Sunday and what unit needs to step up this week as well - Callers weigh in with the guys to talk about who they think needs to have a big game
Brian and Scott start the show talking about the passing of Paul Allen and what he meant to the Seattle area - Plus the Patriots fan being banned from Gilette Stadium and should more teams crack down on fan behavior?
Doc is joined by former Cowboys WR Tony Hill to talk about the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry and what it means to him and the Dallas side of things - Plus former Skins DB Vernon Dean joins the show to talk more about his memories of the Cowboys/Skins games
Doc is joined by Darryl "World" Grant to get you set for Dallas Week - memories of the rivalry, his TD in the NFC Championship game, difference between rivalries then and now - Plus another former Skins DL Kedric Golston joins the show as well to break down what this game means
Doc continues to get set for Dallas Week as Joe Theismann joins the show to talk about what it means to him and how many memories he has playing versus Dallas - Plus calls on Dallas week and how the Skins can get a W
Free Preview Clip Journalist and historian Gareth Porter returns to discuss his new article, exposing exaggerated claims of Russian skulduggery on Facebook in 2016.Porter's article was published last week at ConsortiumNews, showing inaccurate claims in the late-September rec ...…
Corporate media and political leaders generally silent about Facebook’s brazen censorship of indy media outlets, as “PropOrNot” tweets its approval….--the pages and accounts purged were on the November, 2016 blacklist of “PropOrNot”, published uncritically by WashPost; WSWS has good coverage --scrappy MintPressNews exposes the agents of the pur ...…
Hour 3 of The Brian Mitchell Show. We take calls on the Redskins win over the Panthers. We listen to Jay Gruden's press conference.
Brian and Scott start Hour 2 of the show with Redskins RedZone, post game edition. Open lines on the Skins with what they liked, didn't like and what needs to change next week against the Cowboys
Brian and Scott start the show talking about the Skins victory over the Panthers and how the Skins turned it around from the Saints game - Ben Standig joins the show from the Sports Capitol DC and what he saw from FedEx Field yesterday
Doc starts to look towards Dallas week, including some Cowboys fans calling to start the trash talking early - More on the Panthers game and what can improve
Doc is joined by JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington to go over the Skins victory over the Panthers and what he saw in the W - Callers start to weigh in on what they thought of the win with Doc
Doc recaps the Redskins victory over the Panthers on this victory Monday and Doc is here to enjoy it - Scott Jackson joins the show to recap the win and what he saw, plus the Cowboys blowing out the Jags in shocking fashion
The Buffalo Bills are now 2-4 on the season after their loss to the Houston Texans. Of course, Joe Buscaglia and Matthew Fairburn discuss the Josh Allen injury and the subsequent Nathan Peterman implosion and what it means for each player, but then they dive deeper into how the organization has mismanaged the quarterback position since January ...…
Episode 0102 - Finding Train's Project Craigslist is scoured by B Squad to help Train find a project truck. Also some black lash from Trains comments about paying for your project. Show Notes: Fire Trucks ...…
Free Preview Clip Two years ago, Emily Johnston was one of the activists who shut down tar sands pipelines in coordinated action. This week, she was acquitted. In this podcast, she explains her relief and disappointment. Johnston is a poet from Seattle who joined forces w ...…
In body blow to First Amendment, Facebook and Twitter arbitrarily took down hundreds of sites claiming “coordinated inauthentic activity” (WTF?)…--in front page story, NY Times focuses on “Right Wing News” platform, but many users now banned tilt to the left --more honest coverage from World Socialist Web Site and Caitlin Johnstone at The Antim ...…
Hour 3 of The Brian Mitchell Show. BMitch is out so Fred Smoot is in studio hosting with Scott Linn. We preview Redskins-Panthers and the rest of week 6 in the NFL. Also we talk to BMitch on the phone from Louisiana.
A Tinder date got a little carried away via Knit
Redskins RedZone: How to the Redskins beat the Panthers? Scott and Smoot discuss - Callers discuss the Redskins winning if.... - Trevor Matich on all this weekend's biggest NCAA match ups
BMitch is out today, Fred Smoot is in! Scott and Smoot start the show unpacking the Thursday Night Football - Is Eli done? Are the Eagles the team to beat? Callers weigh in as well - Plus the Caps loss in NJ last night
Doc is joined by LaMont Jordan to preview Terps/Rutgers this weekend and how UMD can rip off a win to bounce back this week - More calls on the Burgundy and Gold - Former NFL DB John Booty joins Doc to talk about the Redskins defensive performance on Monday and how they bounce back vs the Panthers
Doc is joined by Redskins Official Postgame host Scott Jackson o talk NFL and college football, then Jackson sticks around to talk burgundy and gold with callers as well - Plus the Caps loss in NJ last night
Doc jumps into this football Friday, Good Counsel vs St. John's on ESPN2 tonight - Then, Skins beat reporter John Keim joins the show to get you set for Redskins/Panthers and how to move past the Saints game
80s 90s DNB BEACH PARTY!! John B Alternative Set on the Beach at Sun and Bass 2018! International Superstar DJ John B with Drum and Bass Electro RoboPunk Mixes recorded from his Live gigs all over the world, radio shows & interviews, studio mixes, and tour videos with behind the scenes footage, studio work and random tour adventures...…
Join us for another NOT Marvel podcast of B Movies and Beyond!!! In this episode we review Venom, Emelie, and the One I Love. Peter has to defend himself against the accusations that Sony and Marvel are the SAME! Find out what Ryan constitutes as an outhouse. You don't want to miss this one!
Nancy Pelosi tells hometown paper she’d get Trump’s tax returns if Dems retake House, but opposes impeachment of Trump, Kavanaugh…--NY Times says both sides are ready to fight over Kavanaugh, as it dismisses impeachment prospects --in op-ed, Sean McElwee urges Dems to impede the Court and undermine support for conservative justices --new websit ...…
Hour 3 of The Brian Mitchell Show. Giants vs Eagles on Thursday Night Football. We take calls in S-Talk. We listen to Jay Gruden and Greg Manusky's press conferences.
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