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Money, I'm Home
Join us on a journey from finance to fitness! Discover practical tips and tricks to take control of your financial and physical health from the personal stories of industry experts. Tune in every Monday starting in January!
Welcome to the Financial Advocate Podcast - Formerly known as "The Special Needs Connection" & "Caring For Aging Parents." We found ourselves sharing podcasts to both shows so we decided to combine them into one podcast! You will continue to find strategies, resources and connections for dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial challenges of aging parents and raising children with special needs. Hosted by Colin Meeks, a Certified Financial Planner focusing on Eldercare Financial P ...
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Kristen Davidson joins Lynne to discuss ConsumersCU's new Online Banking experience. From design to testing into implementation and receiving feedback, today's episode focuses on the technology that allows you to bank how you want, where you want, when you want!By Consumers Credit Union.
This week we join Betsy Loeks, marketing manager at Consumers Credit Union, takes you on a journey through her life as a working mom. Listen today and explore fitness to finance with this episode of Money, I'm Home!By Consumers Credit Union.
Lyndsey Crowell, the assistant manager of our Digital Service Center, discusses our Interactive Tellers – a technology we're using to make our members lives easier with extended hours and personalized service. Listen today!By Consumers Credit Union.
Scott and Christine Vogel are the owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn about their journey from corporate America to owning a bakery, all while learning lessons about life and marriage! Money, I'm Home!By Consumers Credit Union.
Eve Rogus, vice president of the Lighthouse Group, discusses her life story on today's Money, I'm Home! As a divorced mother of three, Eve fought and won against challenge after challenge on a personal quest to prove to the world that she would provide for her family and succeed at life. Listen today!…
Jaimie Counterman from Metro Health University of Michigan Health discusses stroke prevention and care. Your reaction to stroke symptoms can add years back to your life! Listen today on "Money, I'm Home!"By Consumers Credit Union.
Vonnie Woodrick, executive director of i understand, joins us during suicide prevention month to discuss the true roots of suicide - pain and hopelessness. Learn about changing the definition of suicide, Pink Heart Day (which is officially September 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan) and more in today's special episode of "Money, I'm Home." Learn mo ...…
Shannon Dwyer, a business development manager for Consumers Credit Union, talks about the trials and tribulations of the home buying journey in a tight housing market. From getting the pre-approval to finding the right home, Shannon's story will give you the help and hope you need to find the home of your dreams! Money, I'm Home!…
We're on location at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce with the President and CEO, Rick Baker. Discover the wonder of the business community in Grand Rapids and learn about why your Grand Rapids based business should be involved. Money, I'm Home!By Consumers Credit Union.
Steve Owens, chief lending officer of Consumers Credit Union, talks about the snapshots and stories within our financial lives and how they play a part in lending. Communication is key when times become difficult. Listen today to "Money, I'm Home!"By Consumers Credit Union.
Join Sundeep Kapur and Lynne Jarman-Johnson for a discussion about maintaining the human touch with customers in an increasingly digital world. Hard work and a willingness to take the extra step are topics in this week's "Money, I'm Home!"By Consumers Credit Union.
Mary-Catheryn from Copper Corners Art joins us on location at her art showroom. She specializes in paintings of animals and creating unique pieces of jewelry. Learn about her journey to build a flourishing art business, including asking the opinions of strangers, building a customer base and finding your stride in the world. You can visit Coppe ...…
Join us for our 30th episode as we speak with Jordan Baker about his dealership, Comodo Motors. Discover what separates Comodo from the rest of the pack - and it's not just his wife's art gallery, Copper Corners! You don't want to miss today's episode. Money, I'm home!By Consumers Credit Union.
Rick Vuyst joins us today to discuss his book "Operation Rumination." By putting his social calendar on hold for a year, Rick undertook military style basic training while exploring the character and personalities of the servicemen and servicewomen of the United States Armed Forces. Listen today!By Consumers Credit Union.
Greg Meyer, chief community officer at Metro Health - University of Michigan Health, discusses setting goals in life and in business. As a Boston Marathon winner, Greg's insight into moving our communities forward is clear and concise. Listen today!By Consumers Credit Union.
Ron Kitchens from Southwest Michigan First joins us to discuss the need for leaders to learn and how it led him to create Catalyst University. Today's podcast is required listening for anyone that wants to work on their leadership skills. Money, I'm Home!By Consumers Credit Union.
Bill Simonson of The HUGE Show joins us for a walk down memory lane. Discover the passion and the journey that drove Bill to become a radio personalty that's bigger than life!By Consumers Credit Union.
Jeremy Prins, a business development manager at ConsumersCU, discusses his journey to the credit union, working with the community and learning when it's time to step aside and manage your business. Listen now!By Consumers Credit Union.
Adam Leavesley joins us for a special Father's Day edition of "Money, I'm Home!" In Finance and Parenthood, Adam and Lynne discuss the importance of budgeting with a family, planning for comfort and more!By Consumers Credit Union.
Money, I’m Home! Lynne speaks with Tim Kosak, our vice president of consumer lending, about an intelligent borrowing process for credit cards, loans and savings accounts. Listen now!By Consumers Credi Union.
Join Cindy Brown, Vice President of Talent Initiatives at the Right Place, as she discusses finding and retaining talent, trade schools and how Michigan will move forward in the years to come. Money, I'm Home!
This podcast discussion is about the difference between financial planning and investment planning. Financial planning is looking at the big picture : a collaboration of estate planning, tax planning, investment planning, insurance planning, healthcare, etc. Multiple professionals working together to help an individual reach their goals. It tak ...…
This episode is a conversation between Colin Meeks and myself, Ryan Stark, about our experiences helping people undo some of their financial decisions. We also tell a few stories about when we couldn't undo something, unfortunately; not everything can be undone.
Listen in this week as Consumers’ own, Chief Operating Officer Scott Sylvester, fills us in on an exciting community event – The Dirty Donut Bike Race. Learn how you can get involved, whether you’re riding your bike, volunteering or eating donuts!
There are more than 3 things, but these are important and a good place to start for things to look out for. Remember to set a plan and stick to it. We routinely suggest not changing the plan unless your life changes. Investing is a long term game.
Gary Ferguson, vice president of business services, joins "Money, I'm Home!" to discuss your business's journey to financial stability. From loan applications to a growth mindset, you'll find your answers in today's episode of "Money, I'm Home!"
Consumers own, Kristen Davidson, talks about her own personal journey with nutrition. What seemed like and overwhelming feat, changing the way her family and her eat, has truly changed all of their lives.By Consumers Credit Union.
Scott Dobson joins us once again to discuss everything related to your credit score. Find out what it takes to make or break your score in this week's episode of "Money, I'm Home!"
This podcast is about insurance in general. It describes some of the different kinds and how we use them to plan, especially for special needs planning. We use both cash value/permanent and term insurance depending on the situation. We may even use Universal Life, which is a combination of whole life and term. It all depends on your situation!…
What is Adult Prep? Check out this blurb directly from their website: "Adult Prep teaches life skills to high schoolers, enabling them to be able to stand on their own two feet when they leave home. Imparting the skills needed to successfully transition to adulthood, Adult Prep creates a mindset empowering young ...…
West Michigan is a great place to be! This week’s guest, Rachel Bartels of “Hello West Michigan,” discusses the stress of relocation and why it’s worth it!By Consumers Credit Union.
This is just a little insight about common financial products that are often misunderstood. There are bad products; however, most of the time the product isn't bad but its use was bad. Products work best in certain situations and are never one size fits all answers. It is important to make sure you always understand what you are investing in. I ...…
This is another case study where we review the basics of a new case. We can't share too many details but we are able to share enough to give you a good view or how we work and the common situations we run in to.
Directly from About Seth’s Mom So, what about Seth’s Mom? We are the FREE NOW FREE FOREVER premier information, news, entertainment, education web portal. What started as an idea in 2015 by Dr. Monique Day, Seth’s Mom was launched in May 2017 as a bridge between families and individuals diagnosed with disabilities and the wealth o ...…
Rick Vuyst, host of the Flowerland show and author of Operation Rumination, talks about the spark that ignited a journey of personal growth. Join Lynne and Rick as they explore the concept of selflessness and leadership in today's world.
Join John Murphy of Consumers Credit Union as he discusses the basics of getting your very first mortgage. Learn about credit scores, down payments, and why we need to see that statement page that says, "This page intentionally left blank." Listen today!
Over 2.3 million people live with Multiple Sclerosis every day. Listen in this week as Consumers’ own, Becky Nap, tells her story about living with MS. Find out how you can get involved in the upcoming MS Walk fundraiser.By Consumers Credit Union.
Shawn Premer, chief human resources officer of Consumers Credit Union, talks about her fitness journey - from VHS tapes in the living room to running half-marathons! Along the way she'll provide tips, tricks and inspiration. Listen today!
Ashley Owen of the Van Andel Institute joins us this week to talk about the upcoming Purple Community 5k and the inspirational work of the Van Andel Institute. From cancer research to Parkinson’s studies, listen now to find out how you can help make a difference!By Consumers Credit Union.
Jeff Visser, chief retail office at Consumers Credit Union, discusses the meaning and value of servant leadership. From asking the right questions to avoiding gossip in the workplace, this episode will help guide you a better workplace environment! Listen today on “Money, I’m Home!”
This is a discussion between Colin Meeks and Ryan Stark about the value an advisor should bring. We discuss value vs. cost and how a financial advisor should bring you enough value to decrease the effects of the cost. For example, hopefully as advisors we are able to save you enough money so they cost is there, but it does not effect your botto ...…
Money, I’m Home! Gary Ferguson, vice president of business services at Consumers Credit Union, discusses doing business in West Michigan. Whether you’re getting started or looking to expand, Gary has advice and ideas just for you!
Here we talk about "selling" and what this word means to us as financial advisors. Please consider sharing if you enjoy the podcast. Thanks!
Money is a lot of things to a lot of people, and all too often stress is included. It doesn’t have to be that way! Join us on “Money, I’m Home!” as Scott Dobson discusses the best tips on how to manage money, work with your significant other on budgets, and reduce financial stress in your life.
In this episode, Elly Drain joins us from Michigan Women Forward. MWF helps women and girls become leaders within their businesses and personal lives. Learn about future events and the mission of MWF is this informational episode!By Consumers Credit Union.
This is how much it costs to work with us. Surprisingly, we never get asked how we make money. We always end up explaining it to people so they understand how much we make from each thing we are doing, whether that be providing life insurance or producing a full financial plan and managing money. Listen to one of our most transparent episodes f ...…
In today’s episode, Shawn Premer, the chief human resources officer for Consumers Credit Union, discusses corporate culture, managing the emotions of the team, and working hard to build positive employee experiences.By Consumers Credit Union.
This is a recorded episode of our podcast 'The Financial Advocate' about timing the market. This is our opinion on trying to buy low and sell high and trying to invest at the right time. We get into some of our investing philosophy! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions -…
This is a real case study we did for one of our recent new relationships. We are working with a really great person and on top of that the situation was just busy enough for us to discuss. Listen to this podcast if you are curious about our process and how we handle our typical client.
February is Heart Month. Join our guest, Consumers employee Nate Stinson, as he shares his story of undergoing three open heart surgeries to correct a life-threatening heart defect. Along with his family, the American Heart Association played a huge role in helping Nate throughout his journey. Listen to hear the whole story!…
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