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Captivating Rhythms and Soulful voices from Cairo, Beirut, Riyad, Baghdad. Featuring belly dance, pop, and traditional arabic music.
A weekly podcast all about the business of bellydance! Go from intermediate hobbyist to advanced professional with these free weekly bellydance business tips. Hosted by Žana
Cafe Bellydance
Hip Swaying Carpet Ride Through the World of Bellydance
Bellydance Talk Radio is hosted by Meagan Mayada Hesham along with fellow bellydancer co-hosts and resident Arab Man, Will. We bring you the latest bellydance news, reviews, and interviews, as well as candid talk on all the controversial hot topics in the bellydance world, bellydancer tips and tricks, music suggestions, listener questions, and so much more!
Yvonne has been studying Middle Eastern Performing Arts since 1998; her main area of study has been in Traditional Egyptian and Oriental Style as well as some Folkloric. She has taken many workshops over the years with such well known dancers and choreographers as Mahmoud Reda (the legendary pioneer of Egyptian dance theater), Raqui Hassen, Dina of Egypt, Hadia and Aziza of Canada, Nourhan Sharif, Yousry Sharif, and Jillina just to mention a few. Yvonne currently studies under Virginia of Mi ...
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Taking an Online bellydance class? Make sure you're prepared to get your money's worth. Listen to the 5 tips how to get the most from an online bellydance class.For more tips, visit or
Struggling with imposter syndrome? Listen to my personal experience with having a day job and overcoming feeling like an "imposter".For more bellydance tips, visit or
Learn how to establish boundaries for a more sane and productive bellydance business!For more bellydance tips, visit or
Dorte from the Ishtar Dance Academy talks about bellydance communities and her tips and suggestions for being a good community member :)Check her out at
Check out the 1 skill that has helped me teach abroad!Join the FB group at
Listen to the 3 things I STOPPED doing to become better in my bellydance business.Join the Facebook group at
This week Amartia is giving us her 5 best tips for aspiring pros. Check out her blog on more helpful tips at:
Struggling to get your project done? Find yourself an accountability partner to get back on track!Join the FB group at
If you're in a slump and chasing after motivation, listen to this episode. Join the FB group at
This episode is how to get back on track to making your dance goals a reality. Share your goals and steps in the facebook group:, I'll be teaching in Phoenix for the first time this coming April! More information here:
New year, new goals! Share yours in the Facebook group and tune in next week for how to create actionable steps to reach your goals and how to find your accountability partner.Facebook group:
No more excuses! Plan out your content a year in advance with this free template.Download it at:
Nara talks to us about what you need to consider before creating a dance course, live or online, and what she wishes she knew before she started.For more information on Nara, check out her website at: tigerclawdance.comFor more weekly bellydance tips, visit
The holidays are coming up which means you can make some serious cash at holiday parties. Listen for these quick 3 NYE gig necessities to make sure your NYE goes off without a hitch.Share your favorite holiday gig tip in the facebook group:…
Woot woot, happy 1st birthday to the AYBD Podcast!Find out the 3 things I wish I did differently and the 3 things you can expect coming
Razia Star gets real with us about retiring from bellydance and why you shouldn't feel bad if you're considering it toofor more bellydance tips, visit
Confused on how to rock Facebook? Let Sophia Ravenna help with these useful FB tips!Find out more about Sophia at sophiadances.comSign up for more bellydance tips at
Don't like to gig but also not ready to teach? Listen to the other routes you can take in your bellydance career.Visit or to sign up for the AYBD weekly newsletter for more bellydance tips.
Listen to the silly but all too common mistake I made while at the MBC.For more bellydance tips, visit or advanceyourbellydance.comJoin the FB group at
Mahin is back this week to talk with us about performance contracts: why you need one and what it needs to include.To get access to Mahin’s sample contract, visit:
In this episode, I get real about what you need to teach your first workshop. For more bellydance tips, visit or
Find out which 5 business podcasts are my fave and why they might become your faves, too!Visit or for more free bellydance tips.
This week we have special guest Oreet from SharQui telling us the differences between teaching bellydance and bellydance fitness classes.Don't forget to sign up for her special offer to listeners at teachsharqui.comFor more bellydance tips straight to your inbox, visit
Networking can seem shady if you're doing it wrong. Here are 3 tips to network authentically.For more free bellydance tips, visit or
This week's episode is about how to use FB groups to showcase your expertise. For more free bellydance tips, visit and sign up for the free newsletter for weekly tips straight to your inbox.
This episode is all about affiliate marketing: what it is, what it isn't, how to get in on it, and why you should consider creating an affiliate program for your product.For more free bellydance tips, go to
Should you invest your money in attending a bellydance festival or an intensive? Find out the pros and cons for each!For more free bellydance tips, sign up at
Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, your website can make or break your image. Find out what 3 things you need on your website to be taken more seriously.For more free bellydance tips, go to
This week I'm sharing my favorite productivity tip!For more free bellydance tips, visit
Confused about sales funnels? This episode talks about what a sales funnel is, why you need one, and how to create one to start profiting in your dance business.For more free weekly bellydance tips straight to your inbox, sign up at
This week's episode is about the necessary steps you need to take to start teaching your first local class.For more bellydance tips, head over to and sign up for the weekly Advance Your Bellydance newsletter.
Stumped on how to book gigs? Let Mahin help! Check out her website and new online course at
This week's episode is a minisode (mini+episode) reminding you that you CAN make a living in the arts. Come join the community and connect with other like-minded bellydancers at
Helping your bellydance business costs less than a new costume! This week's episode is about the 4 easy things you need to help grow your bellydance business.If you want more bellydance tips straight to your inbox, visit and sign up for the free newsletter.
Part 2 of how to self-produce your first bellydance DVD is all about how to market your DVD!
This week's episode is part 1 of a 2 part series in how to self produce your first bellydance DVD!Don't forget to submit your questions in the FB
This week's episode we're talking about how to profit from giving it away for free!Don't forget to register for the Bellydance Business Academy's Online Teaching Summit! Get 25 classes for free for the first 48 hours. Register at:
Short but important message on why your bellydance business needs a niche! Get more free bellydance tips straight to your inbox at
This week's episode is a Minisode telling you what's the 1 thing you need to focus on (besides perfecting your belly dance moves!). Also, don't forget to register for FREE for the Bellydance Business Academy Teaching Summit. Find out more info here:…
If you want to know more about how to brand your dance business, check out the free worksheet and step by step guide in this week's podcast episode! You can download the checklist at:
Overwhelmed on how to brand your dance biz? Anybody can do it with these 5 easy steps! Come join the FB group for free at
Listen to these 3 ways you can use your free email list to drive sales to your dance business.Join the AYBD community on facebook:
This episode is about the 3 things you can do when you don't like to blog! Come join the FB Group:
This week Amity Alize is taking us through bellydance events: how to host and get hosted!Don't forget to check out her site and her e-book at
Terri Allred of Bellydance Business Academy joins us for this week's episode with her 5 business tips for bellydancers! You can find out more about the BDBA at
This week is a mini episode (aka, a minisode) about why you need to focus on 1 thing every day and every week to help grow your dance business.
Tools mentioned (note that * means it's an affiliate link. I only promote what I use).Squarespace: www.squarespace.comNamesilo*: Mail: www.zoho.comMailchimp*: www.boomeranggmail.comBuffer: bufferapp.comRecurpost: recurpost.comPocket: www.getpocket.comIFTT: ifttt.comZapier: za ...…
This week we are talking about Media Kits: what they are, why you need one, and how to create your own.
- Mayada on competitions, recent events, photographing dance, and SBC 2016 - Interview with Star Bellydancer Canada 2016 Drum Solo Challenge Winner, Natalie Zara!
Nadira Jamal talks to us about how to build better bellydance habits. You can use these tips for your practice or business!
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