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Diversity Toolkit
Forward-thinking businesses are recognising that diversity isn’t just about equal opportunity. In a world that is increasingly fast moving, competitive and customer focused, diversity is about having an organisation that can think differently, understand its customer base and innovate to create competitive advantage. In this series of interviews, Carol Rosati speaks to 10 business leaders, who have been at the forefront of this change. We call it a ‘toolkit’, but you won’t hear much about po ...
We help organizations develop customized diversity and inclusion initiatives that advance strategic objectives within the legal margins. The purpose of Littler's podcasts is to provide helpful information for employers, addressing the latest developments in labor and employment relations. They are not a substitute for experienced legal counsel and do not provide legal advice or attempt to address the numerous factual issues that arise in any employment-related issue.
The United States’ increasingly diverse population will create both challenges and opportunities. Diversity will change the face of America’s workplace- expanding organizations’ creativity, innovation, and productivity. However, with these opportunities we must also work harder to awaken our conscience. Not only must we become aware of unconscious assumptions, behaviors and biases, we must eliminate them. Nothing is gained if our moral sensitivities, ethical precepts and humanistic values ar ...
In fall of 2015, The American Association Veterinary Medical Colleges launched Diversity & Inclusion on Air: Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion & Veterinary Medicine.Although there has been in an increase in the amount of diversity programming hosted by AAVMC, its member institutions and student organizations, there is still a dearth of available programming within the veterinary profession. Diversity & Inclusion on Air will change this by delivering more diversity programming to a wid ...
Maintaining diversity and ethics practices is important to most businesses who want to gain the loyalty of employees and trust of consumers. These podcasts explain the ethics and diversity issues in the modern workplace. Part of the La Trobe University Masters of Business Administration. Find out more at
Design + Diversity
John Maeda believes that design and diversity go hand in hand. You can’t (or shouldn’t) have one without the other. The Design + Diversity Podcast tackles the relevant (and forgotten) issues of diversity and inclusion in the design industry. We believe that not only should we be talking about what role diversity plays in design, but also what design can do for diversity. From designing limb prosthetics to integrating diversity into a company’s design thinking methodologies, we will cover a r ...
What’s going on with Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace? What makes a workplace inclusive? How do you measure it? What does safe space look like? Which organizations are at the forefront, doing impactful D&I work? The Diversity & Inclusion Group at Minneapolis-based software company Leadpages has been asking ourselves questions like these as we delve into tough topics, educate ourselves and our co-workers, and take steps to become extraordinary in the the D&I space. Tune in as we talk to ...
Podcast by Sodexo UK and Ireland
The Theropod Present's Diversality - Podcast aimed at supporting lung genres of electronic music in Russia
Linguistic Diversity in a Globalised World
The Official Blog of Diversity Abroad
The UX of Diversity
The UX of Diversity podcast is a blend of narrative and interviews, all centering around issues surrounding diversity and inclusion, hosted by Stephen Ruiz. We focus on diversity in the technology space, in HR, academia, consulting, and more.
Here at Eclectica you’ll find -all kinds- of superb music and unusual new forms of audio entertainment: From Rock to Reggae, Pop to Goth/Industrial, Trance to Middle Eastern, Happy Hardcore to Celtic & Jazz, Folk to R & B, Comedy to Early Music and much, much more, Eclectica has it ALL. We’ve even got a smattering of wonderful spoken-word pieces like poetry, audio plays and storytelling here n' there. So sit back, relax, & I hope you enjoy the journey! :):)
All work and no play can be so mundane, but luckily hobbies keep us grounded and balanced when life because overly repetitious. So what are those components in which we speak? Well tune in and listen to Quick Best and Kyle P as we give the run down from all topics of interests, such as gaming, movies, shows, technology etc.
A look at the wide variety of urban art, as well as the history and nature of this art form.
Interviews with STEM and tech professionals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds
The GRCC Diversity Lecture Series is intended to give insight and understanding of multicultural issues to the West Michigan Community.
The American Diversity Project is an annual week-long documentary project where student and professional photojournalists come together to document a small town.
Diverse Church
Pull up a chair and join us around the kitchen table as we play games, chat about life and answer some questions about what it means to grow up LGBT and Christian. Get involved; Twitter: @Diverse_Church
Rockmart Diversity
Its about my city. Rockmart, Ga. To display the diversity of music i listen too.
State of Belief is a weekly radio show that explores the intersection of religion with politics, culture, media, and activism, and promotes diverse religious voices in a religiously pluralistic world.
Diversity Chat
Diversity Chat is a weekly podcast on current diversity and human relations issues. This 15 minute program begins with a five minute round-up of the week's top human relations news, followed by a 10 minute discussion of that news by experts in the field. Human relations issues are both plentiful and complex. And while we can't hope to address all of them, let alone have all the answers, we can promise you a thoughtful and entertaining discussion each and every week (unless we're too busy, in ...
Hosted by Gabrielle Bondi, our goal with DEFINE is to take part in the ongoing discussions on diversity and fair representation in film and television. We hope to deconstruct stereotypes, inform audiences and do our part to help make our voices louder so our demands can be heard and seriously considered. This is a TYF Production. Music: - Follow @TYFofficial for more information.
Diverse Tremblings
Brass Crown co-op presents classic public domain Sci-Fi and adventure novels read with music. Plus, the full feed of the Meat Moves public sounds, songs, and stories.
Language Diversity
Cultural Diverse
Dealing with culture issues, music, management , and business.
Diversity Sauce
Diversity Sauce highlights articles from the KIDMAP weekly newsletter and features interviews with producers and researchers focused on the importance of diverse, inclusive, and equitable content in all children's media.
Language Diversity
Another Diversion
We delve into music, hours on the road and all manner of things we aren't qualified to talk about brought to you from the heart of Gods Own Country.
Soul Diversity
Any & Everything
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Diversity Matters podcast series focuses on practical techniques for fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the healthcare and philanthropic sectors. The podcasts feature RWJF Human Capital Team consultant Jacinta Gauda in conversation with leaders and practitioners in these sectors who have focused on diversity as a practical challenge.
A spoken life audio journal/alternative music podcast that mixes music styles, comedy bits and movie trailer radio spots that's hosted by a man dealing with the crossroads of his life while he's living off of his twentieth set of second chances and showcases the music that helps him deal with life.
Join Matt Dwyer for a little intensity and humor as he sits down with legendary artists, activists, and journalists to explore their perspective and personal stories.
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Everyone has a diversity story- even those you don’t expect. Get ready to hear from leading CEO’s, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs as we uncover their true stories of diversity and inclusion. The Will To Change is hosted by Jennifer Brown- Jennifer is an award-winning entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and author and diversity and inclusion expert. She is a passionate social equality advocate committed to helping leaders foster healthier and therefore more productive workplaces, ultimately ...
the entertainment podcast hosted by tom & josh
In this three part miniseries, Tarin Denney explores the idea of diversity in higher education: how we conceptualize it, why some people get so angry about it, and the underlying difficulties in our conversations surrounding it.
An upcoming, UK based video gaming news and opinions blog that often produces a topical podcast that is, most of the time, coherent and relevant. The rest of the time it's a mess, this is the Presumptive Diversion Podcast we aim to divert your presumptions!
More than 80 percent of public school teachers in the U.S. are white, and a WXXI News investigation has found that the disparity is much more severe in the Rochester, NY and Finger Lakes regions. Degrees of Diversity takes an in-depth look at diversity among local teaching staffs, and the steps, if any, the districts are taking to making their staffs better reflect their student population.
KUNV Las Vegas | Live from UNLV
Empjoyment podcast connects and empowers YOU and career changers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds interested in getting a job at a technology company by sharing insights, lessons learned, and step-by-step tutorials from others who have been in your shoes. Come join us Empjoyees as we go beyond the technical aspects of the profession and explore different career paths in tech, the best ways to build your skills, and ultimately how you can demonstrate the experience needed, so tha ...
Diversity All Star
Our Diversity All Star Podcast, includes in-depth chats with entrepreneurs, influencers and talent and from all backgrounds, to undercover both their failures and successes. So you can learn the best business strategies that work, and the steps needed to get started and level up your business.
2 Friends hanging out talking about video games Email us at with any comments, suggestions, we would love to hear your ideas!
I'm Mishal, the founder of Shared Diversity and the host of the Shared Diversity Podcast. My goal each week is to encourage Muslim women to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their diversities within every aspect of their lives. How can we set higher goals while strengthening our spirituality? In this podcast, I will share with you topics around identity & culture, health & fitness and goal setting & productivity and how it relates to our Islamic tradition. I will update you through excl ...
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Donald Trump announced his nomination to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy – and we have questions. On this week’s State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we’ll get expert insight into who exactly Judge Brett Kavanaugh is and what his addition to SCOTUS would mean for religious freedom in this country ...…
Wade Davis, ex-NFL player, speaker and author, shares his journey of being a a gay man in the NFL and subsequently becoming the NFL’s first LGBT inclusion consultant. Wade reveals why it can sometimes be easier to have challenging conversations in the sports world than in a corporate environment, and discusses what senior leadership can do to m ...…
Nic Steenhout is a long term A11y (accessibility) advocate who works remotely for Knowbility, an Austin, TX based non-profit. In this episode Scott and Nicolas talk about various kinds of accessibility from the web to mobile devices to wheelchair ramps! He's also the host of the A11y Rules podcast.By (Scott Hanselman).
Abbey Perl is the founder of the Diverse Gaming Coalition, a non-profit organization charged with ending bullying both online and off. Founded in 2016, the Diverse Gaming Coalition provides resources, education, and safe spaces by organizing events and entertainment media. In this episode, I spoke with Abbey about her own experience with bullyi ...…
(Original Broadcast Date: July 10, 2018) I'm finally back after being away for a year and a half with a new show format, new attitude and not so new music.
Today we bid farewell to Sheana, happy trails! Stephen Ruiz talks podcasting while driving in LA (which sounds like "The Californians"), and working with StartEngine, iRobot, and Dogtown Media. Also, we delve into Empathy, Intersectionality and Mediation, with some special shout-outs to Headspace, Against the Stream and a few individuals who he ...…
Jeremy’s Bio: Jeremy Clark makes developers better. By drawing on over 15 years of experience in application development, he helps developers take a step up in their skillset with a focus on making complex topics approachable regardless of skill level. He is a Microsoft MVP for .NET, and he has authored seven courses for Pluralsight,...…
This week, to mark Independence Day on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and podcast, we’ll celebrate the origins of religious freedom in this country and the need to protect this first freedom for all Americans by revisiting some of our favorite – and most patriotic – interviews. In 2007, State of Belief host Rev. Welton C. Gad ...…
As part of our Women Executives in Engineering series, FY19 SWE President Penny Wirsing interviews Karen Beale of IBM who has attended eXXec, SWE’s executive leadership training program.
Maurice Cherry is a veteran designer AND veteran podcastee. His award-winning podcast Revision Path has showcased nearly 250 Black Designers and influencers. Scott and Maurice talk about the importance of good design on today's web (AND good podcasts!) Where does Maurice see design going with the rise of cookie-cutter themes. Is it hard to be u ...…
Today with talk with Kat Richards, of Hoffman York, about Accessibility in UX Design, an the importance of being inclusive in the process.
What a week it’s been for our nation’s judiciary. The Supreme Court issued the last of its decisions for the term, with several crushingly disappointing results. In addition, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, opening the door for Donald Trump to push the Court further to the right. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Allian ...…
In this minisode, Jennifer shares the 4 steps of the ally continuum, and what it takes to move from one step to the next. Discover how to best use your voice to support others and how to overcome the pushback that can sometimes happen when exhibiting ally behaviors. Jennifer also shares a possible 5th step in the ally continuum.…
Patricia Aas is a C++ programmer working on the Vivaldi Browser where she has currently taken on platform integration of media. She has previously worked at Opera Software on their Desktop Browser and at Cisco on their Telepresence Hardware Endpoints, primarily on Linux. In this episode she and Scott tackle the hard questions around C++ - Is it ...…
In this episode, Sheana talks with Shar Ghoudsifar, founder of Helpkin, an amazing Babysitting and Pet sitting Exchange, about gender roles, trust and social currency.
Podcast talks about World Cup 2018 Talk. Analyzing Games of 06/25/2018. Recap on the teams playing on this day. I break down and analyze the team's weakness and advantages.
Nate Regier, Ph.D., is CEO and co-founding owner of Next Element, a global leadership training and certification firm specializing in communication and conflict skills. He’s an expert in social-emotional intelligence and leadership, positive conflict, neuropsychology, and group dynamics. Regier is a co-developer of Next Element’s Leading Out of ...…
The Podcast talks 2018 the World Cup. Explains what soccer is about. I have determined that this year's World Cup is one the most exciting World Cup in a past decade. I haven't seen this quality of soccer since the 1998 and 2002 World Cup. I'm impressed. I watched four games so far. I can't believe I missed the begging games. I'm an expert on a ...…
Happy (belated) Juneteenth! This week, as the United States commemorated the official end of slavery in 1865, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions used a Bible verse often employed to defend human bondage to advocate for the Trump administration’s family separation policy. On this week’s State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show ...…
The podcast talks about great philosophers thinkers, We will talk about two main philosophers that help shape our economic capitalist country, Mark Smith and Karl Marx. It describes their differences and views about capitalism in how it affects societies. I point out great views about today's modern economy. It also talks about a few companies ...…
Dr. Bandy Lee, psychiatrist and internationally renowned expert on violence, shares her diversity story of growing up as a Korean woman in the Bronx during the 1970s and how it informed her research and career interests. Dr. Lee discusses the psychic toll of structural violence and exclusion, and how inequality creates psychological distress fo ...…
Is a Programming Bootcamp right for you? Why choose a bootcamp over self-study? How instrumental was having done a camp on your resume to get your job? Scott talks with bootcamp graduate Kristen Leake about her journey into technology. 3 Secrets to Getting a Job After Coding BootcampBy (Scott Hanselman).
Kelli Newman, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at FabFitFun talks with Sheana about what her role at FabFitFun, about Diversity, and how that's more than just HR quotas.
Get get to know our host, Sheana Ahlqvist, and learn more about her academic background, her experience, and what the best research says about effective diversity strategies.
What a week it’s been for religion in America! Religious leaders of all stripes – from the Catholic Bishops to Southern Baptists, from United Methodists to prominent evangelicals such as Franklin Graham – have publicly denounced the Trump administration policy to separate families at the border. The administration responded with its most blatan ...…
In this minisode, Jennifer discusses the importance of being able to reach out and meet people where they are, and how to compel allies to take action. Discover how to have difficult conversations in a respectful and productive manner, and how to balance the need for in-group experiences while still being welcoming of allies and accomplices.…
Dr. Neil Brown recently published a scholarly article on how to effectively teach programming. Rather than a series of anecdotes, this is backed up by actual research in educational psychology. He talks to Scott about how we can and should approach teaching the next generation of developers. http://runestoneinter ...…
The Podcast talks about children and how they are the light of the world. Children are a special joy that no other joy can match. I relate the topic to my own personal experiences. I talk about my children and how they saved my life.
Katie Kaitchuck is the executive director of GaymerX, an LGBT-focused gaming convention. In the past year, the organization became a non-profit, separated from the for-profit MidBoss Games, sent diverse indie developers to GDC, and began planning next year’s GaymerX conventions. Amid all this and after only two months as GaymerX’s program direc ...…
The Podcast talks about the culture at work. Organization's culture, it specified office politics and work relations between peers in how in nature they can use one another to get to the top.
SWE Archivist Troy Eller English and Director of Publications Anne Perusek uncover more stories of gender bias and sexual harassment in part 2 of Nevertheless She Persevered.
Ferry is a non-food retailer from the Netherlands. In his position as president for the Foreign Trade Association (now called Amfori) he was part of the success of the growing community of BSCI . BSCI is the leading platform for social compliance in the world. He decided to start helping retailers and brands with the implementation of social co ...…
The Supreme Court gave everyone a chance to claim victory with its decision this past week in favor of the baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. The baker claimed free speech rights on creative and religious freedom grounds. In the narrow Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling, the justices found th ...…
Trudy Bourgeois, CEO and Founder of The Center for Workforce Excellence, and author of the book Equality: Courageous Conversations About Women, Men, and Race to Spark a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough, joins the program to discuss her own diversity story of growing up as an African-American woman in the segregated south in the 1960s. Trudy ...…
Azure Sphere is a new solution for creating highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. Caitie McCaffrey is Principal Software Engineering Lead on the project and is an expert in building large scale services and systems for folks like 343 Industries (Halo), HBO, Twitter, and more. How will this new system (and new Linux) ...…
Being a working parent and building your career, Rachel Jones, Director of Talent Acquisition Sodexo UK&I and mum of two, is interviewed by Liz Marlow, one of the founders of the Sodexo Working Parents group.
In this first of two episodes of the podcasts that focus on our hosts, Stephen Ruiz and Sheana Ahlqvist, we get the chance to hear from Stephen about his experience as a Hispanic in the Tech Industry. From the good, the bad and the ugly, we get and understanding of where his passion for diversity came from.…
It’s business as usual with a little added spice. The dynamic duo talks break down the “Walking Dead” and a few debatable topics on the comics itself.
Happy Pride Month! As people across the country celebrate Pride and the fourth anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision making marriage equality law of the land, we’re waiting for another major ruling that will have a direct impact on the lives of LGBTQ people across the country. On this week’s State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s r ...…
Scott and Mark Downie have been blogging for nearly 15 years using a blogging system called "DasBlog." It started with .NET 1.1 and now Mark is forking DasBlog and taking it into an open source future with .NET Core. Scott talks to Mark about his first open source project, community response, .NET Standard, and moving a legacy app forward while ...…
As part of our Men as Diversity Partners podcast series, FY18 SWE President Jonna Gerken talks to Michael Milligan, Executive Director and CEO of ABET.
Kea is currently the director of the European umbrella organization of Youth For Understanding and responsible for positioning YFU as an expert in intercultural education, creating partnerships and advancing the organization strategically. Youth For Understanding (YFU) is a volunteer-based global non-profit community driven by the passion of pe ...…
Talks about the spiritual connection with God. How to be bounded with God in your own spiritual ways. Keeping your faith. As we think, our problems might not be as bad as we think. Take a look at your perspective on life and ask God to guide you. He is always with you remember that.
Awareness of your self-worth, how to apply yourself in today's current market. Building your platform and knowing how to negotiate contracts.
It’s Memorial Day Weekend. As we remember the service members who lost their lives protecting our hard-won freedoms, the holiday weekend offers the opportunity to rest and renew, to hold our dear ones close, and to recommit to what is a very real battle for the heart and soul of America. On State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s radio show and ...…
SWE FY18 President Jonna Gerken talks to Sabina Nawaz, a global CEO coach and speaker, about courageous leadership.
In this minisode, Jennifer shares her reflections on episode #32, Reversing The Generation Equation and how Millennial mentors are taking center stage. Discover what all of us can learn from developing and sharing our point of view and why the world needs to hear it now. Jennifer also shares some of the content marketing methods that she uses i ...…
Do you need to speak English to Code? Ahmed Abdalla created Noor , an Arabic Programming Language as a way to teach programming to Arabic-speaking kids. ...…
Continuing our Women Executives in Engineering podcast series, FY18 SWE President Jonna Gerken talks with Neelu Khatri, President – Aerospace for Honeywell India.
As part of our Women Executives in Engineering podcast series, FY18 SWE President Jonna Gerken talks with Monika Panpaliya, Senior Director of IT at Boeing International.
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