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Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the natural world. Rich in imagery, sound, and information, BirdNote inspires you to notice the world around you. Join us for daily two-minute stories about birds, the environment, and more.
Sound Escapes
Join BirdNote’s Ashley Ahearn and sound ecologist Gordon Hempton for an immersive audio journey through some of the most wild, beautiful and sound-rich places in the world. Along the way, Gordon gives us a crash course in the art of truly listening. It’s something he says is a dying art, constantly under threat in our noisy, modern lives.
The American Birding Podcast brings together staff and friends of the American Birding Association as we talk about birds, birding, travel and conservation in North America and beyond. Join host Nate Swick every other Thursday for news and happenings, recent rarities, guests from around the birding world, and features of interest to every birder.
Nature's Voice
Love nature? You'll love Nature's Voice. Each month we'll bring you features, interviews and news of birds and wildlife, from back gardens to the Sumatran rainforest. If you can't get enough, try dipping into our back catalogue. We'll take you soaring with birds of prey, look back over 30 years of Big Garden Birdwatch, offer wildlife gardening advice and hear from celebrity wildlife lovers like Bill Oddie and Kate Humble. To make sure you get each new edition as soon as it’s published, why n ...
Experience the wonder and excitement of watching wild birds! Suzy shares her observations, interviews and bird walks with guests, and stories from listeners around the world. Featured birds are primarily from the UK, Europe and North America. Subscribe to the show! Join us in the Facebook Group at on Twitter @CasualBirderPod or on Instagram @CasualBirderPodcast
Talkin' Birds
Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way. Every week, we have contests for prizes like bird feeders and other great bird-related stuff, along with expert guests. So, whether you're an experienced birder, or you're new to birding, listen in, and be part of the show by calling in with a question, sharing some information or observatio ...
Inside the Great Outdoors is the best choice for Outdoors talk radio! Whether they're talking about hunting, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, nature or just some good old fashioned appreciation of the outdoors, it's guaranteed to be a great time! Inside the Great Outdoors is hosted every week by the legendary Joe "Kastaway" Kulis and is often joined by Joe "Good News" Keough! Other frequent co-hosts include Dr. Norm, Bob Faber, Carl Bachtel, Jason Samosky, Jim Peters, and many more!
Birdchick Podcast
Sharon Stiteler, the Birdchick, talks about the latest in birding news.
Welcome to all you Birdwatchers, Birders, Twitchers, Scopers, Ornithologists, Bird Nerds and Nature Lovers out there - Here you can listen to my weekly podcasts where I discuss all things Bird-related, plus YOU have the chance to have your say too!
Mountain Musings
For people who love outdoors, a few tips to make their trip memorable.
Pointed and irreverent discussions about birding and the bird world.
Three guys discuss topics chosen by the Random Topic Generator.
Bird Podcast
Welcome to the Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. This podcast will focus largely on birds, specifically on Indian birds with occasional global forays. India is home to some 1200 bird species, amongst the highest in the world. This podcast showcases and highlights our feathered friends We will talk to naturalists and birders about common and special birds such as the Greater Coucal, Himalayan Quail, Nilgiri Flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the Great Indian Bustard, and other amazing spec ...
Between audio books? Curious about the writers themselves? Listen to full-length sessions from the Bay Area Book Festival, where readers and writers meet each year in Berkeley, CA, to engage with their favorite authors, including Pulitzer Prize winners, chefs, and activists, to discuss writing, race, love, mystery, and more.
Roots and All
Do you want to know how to grow plants and get the best out of your outdoor space? Do you find traditional gardening media baffling and/or boring? Then you’re in the right place, because the Roots and All podcast is here to dig deep into how to create a successful garden. If you want honest information and insider knowledge about how to get results, join irreverent horticulturist Sarah Wilson as she chats to the best people from the world of plants and gardens. Sarah is on a mission to help ...
Talking Animals
A radio show about animals & animal issues
A longform freewheeling monthly recap of site doings, with the original MeFi team.
Grumpy Old Birder
Grumpy Old Birder rants about the world of birdwatching, wildlife conservation and more...
The Dork Forest
Jackie Kashian discusses favorite obsessions with the obsessed. Video games, Comic Books, Birdwatching. How deep in the dork forest are you? Celebrate it and f*&%$, make it your own!
Hàng tháng
Got a Problem? UNFIXED. UNFIXED is the best radio show you will listen to in your short life. UNFIXED has been on the air for over 10 years. UNFIXED features interviews that are possibly TOO interesting. Please do not take this warning lightly. UNFIXED is the only place you can catch up on news that will keep you informed of unexplained sounds people only hear at night and things of that nature. UNFIXED is broadcast from an abandoned bar. UNFIXED will often take you to the Pet Cemetary. Don' ...
3 dudes, talking for real. On the internet. About issues that matter, like the comment box in HR, birdwatching and robots. Robots that read poems from the internet.
The Sunny Side is a collection of short stories and essays by A. A. Milne. Though Milne is best known for his classic children's books, especially Winnie The Pooh, he also wrote extensively for adults, most notably in Punch, to which he was a contributor and later Assistant Editor. The Sunny Side collects his columns for Punch, which include poems, essays and short stories, from 1912 to 1920. Wry, often satirical and always amusingly written, these pieces poke fun at topics from writing play ...
Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey was an American ornithologist and nature writer. She started observing bird behavior at a time when most bird study was based on collections and skins. By 1885, she began to write articles focusing on protecting birds. Her introduction of a birdwatching field guide, aimed at living birds, is considered the first in the tradition of modern bird guides. She wrote the first of these at the age of 26, initially as a series of notes in the Audubon Magazine and late ...
Do you enjoy birdwatching? Would you like to learn a little more about the early conservations efforts to protect wild birds? In the Preface to The Bird Study Book, Pearson tells us “This book was written for the consideration of that ever-increasing class of Americans who are interested in acquiring a greater familiarity with the habits and activities of wild birds. Attention is also given to the relation of birds to mankind and the effect of civilisation on the bird-life of the country. ” ...
Looking to simplify your life a little? Join us each month on the SLV Podcast where we talk to other crazy dreamers out there who are getting back to the basics, simplifying life, growing a better tomorrow, and doing it their own way!
London Undone
Journalist, City of London, City ofWestminster and Blue Badge Guide. Podcasting about lesser known sites in and around London.
Anxiety Diaries
A weekly podcast about mental health, incredible people, and much more. Created and hosted by Scott Neumyer. *Support this Podcast* Website: @anxietydiariespodcast Facebook: @anxietydiarypod Call us at 732-903-4441 or email us at to ask questions, leave us a voice memo, or tell us your story.
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This week, I’m talking garden birds with Kate Risely, Garden BirdWatch Organiser at the British Trust for Ornithology. Kate talks us through the trends that have occurred in our garden bird populations over the past 40 years, what and when to feed them, diseases that are on the rise and how you can attract more birds in your garden. Plus, Kate ...…
If we let them, natural spaces and creatures can help us slow down, notice and reflect on modern life. These authors come to us from England, Oakland and France to explore the wonders that acts of attention can bring. With the support of Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States.By Bay Area Book Festival.
Who is Birdy? In a tern of fantastic luck, we get Niall Hatch of BirdWatch Ireland (who has featured extensively on many major outlet Irish radio outlets) to swoop in and slum it at the abandoned bar and its a heck of a lark. From local garden birds tips all the way to tales of twitching on distant shores leading to taking the first-ever photog ...…
In many birds, plumage is often the easiest way to tell males from females. But in raptors, size is often the best indicator of sex. In many bird and mammal species, males are larger than females. But in birds of prey, including Ospreys, hawks, falcons and eagles, the rule is reversed.By Tune In to
What do mega-bestselling crime writers talk about around the family dinner table? Perhaps they plot their next juicy thrillers. After all, they do some great work together: Jonathan and Jesse have a new book that Stephen King calls “brilliant, page-turning fiction,” and Faye and Jonathan co-wrote the New York Times bestseller “Double Homicide.” ...…
The incredible variety of bird song in a morning chorus on a spring or summer day is a phenomenon that a lot of birders are familiar with. But even after centuries of study there is still a lot we don’t know about bird vocalizations, especially the world of female birdsong. The vocalizations of female birds are frequently as complex and importa ...…
If we had to pick one bird’s voice to symbolize our Eastern woodlands, the Blue Jay’s voice would likely be it. And as a frequent visitor to back yards and bird feeders, the Blue Jay is among the most recognized birds of the region.By Tune In to
Shorebirds' lives take them to many places other than the shore. Most of the shorebirds we see along our coasts migrate to the Arctic in summer. Here, many nest on the tundra, some along rushing streams, and others on rocky mountainsides.By Tune In to
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers–New York Times bestselling authors of “Zoobiquity,” whose new book is “Wildhood: The Epic Journey from Adolescence to Adulthood in Humans and Other Animals”—in recalling that […]
Chickadees and titmice, nuthatches and jays, and woodpeckers, like the Pileated pictured here, all love suet. As do birds whose beaks can’t open seeds, like tiny kinglets, and almost any wintering warbler.By Tune In to
When he was just a kid, Gordon Orians kept notebooks about the birds he saw. And then he realized he could make discoveries – he could add to the body of knowledge and contribute to science.By Tune In to
On our latest show: Good news for the Kirkland’s Warbler; a plan to save the Marbled Murrelet; sea level rise threatens Cape Cod; and electric power comes to trucks and ships.By Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds.
The Cree call the full moon in October "The Moon of Falling Leaves." It's almost time to stow the tools and put the garden to bed for the winter. When the trees lose their leaves, you can see the nests of summer. It's a good time to prune trees, because you won't disturb nesting birds.By Tune In to
There are more than two dozen species of gulls living in North America. Some people might dismiss them as just “seagulls.” But not the people of Port Orchard, a small town on Washington State’s Puget Sound.By Tune In to
Crow experts think big communal roosts provide warmth, protection from predators, shared knowledge about food sources, and a chance to find a mate. Follow crows to their roost some autumn evening, if you can, and watch these avian acrobats wheel in for the night.By Tune In to
As an old story from Germany goes, workers building the world’s tallest church were preparing to install an immensely long beam, but they couldn’t get it through the city gate.By Tune In to
A beautiful Rose-breasted Cockatoo named Harri took the adventure of a lifetime. She set off unseen on a cruise ship from Brisbane, Australia, and wasn’t discovered until the ship neared New Zealand.By Tune In to
Stephen Bennett—the founder and executive director of Suncoast Organized Animal Relief, or SOAR, which pursues a mission that involves an unusually broad portfolio of objectives, including providing funding and assistance, […]
This week Beau, Michael, and Crofton quickly escalate an infuriating argument about Outrage Culture? The great hope for internet spaces where we can publicly communicate in open forums and share ideas seems to have recently devolved into a massive cavalcade of toxic messages that undermine this very noble idea. Is sharing your outrage an import ...…
Rasheena Fountain studied environmental science and worked at her local Audubon Society. Now she writes about nature and diversity in the outdoors. And what got her interested in the first place? It all started in kindergarten, with a teacher named Miss Beak and the first robin of spring.By Tune In to
This week, Sarah is talking Peonies with Alec White of Primrose Hall Peonies. If you attended this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, you probably saw the amazing, gold-winning stand Alec put together in the floral marquee - it was the one with the bath, peonies spilling everywhere and the semi-nude model painted all over with peonies. It certainly ca ...…
An estimated 1.5 billion Red-billed Quelea live in Africa today, making them the most abundant of all wild birds. The sparrow-sized Red-billed Quelea flock together in groups so large, from a distance they appear to be clouds of smoke.By Tune In to
On Our Latest Show: Fighting back against bird population declines in our own backyards; the Mojave Desert may be getting too dry for birds; and we meet the "Mexican Eagle."By Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds.
In spring, we often hear woodpeckers hard at work, carving out nest holes in tree trunks. And now that fall has arrived, we may hear that excavating sound again. Some woodpecker species stay year round in the region where they nest, while others migrate south in winter.By Tune In to
It’s October in Yosemite. Acorn Woodpeckers, Clark’s Nutcrackers, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and Mountain Chickadees like this one know it’s time to stock the larder! For us, there’s still time to enjoy a hike before the harshness of winter.By Tune In to
Jessamyn! Me! Podcast! MetaFilter! Talking! Helpful Links Podcast Feed Subscribe with iTunes Direct mp3 download Misc - some facts about the number 156 - Lurking, by Joanne McNeil Jobs - Help plan a DIY US tour for an indie stage magician type by divabat - Photos in Vienna, Austria by eleanna - Adjust a sewing pattern by Melismata - Purchase a ...…
Black-crowned Night-Herons feed primarily on fish, but they will consume everything from earthworms to clams to eggs of nesting birds and refuse at landfills!By Tune In to
The State of Nature Report 2019 shows the decline in the UK’s biodiversity is continuing unabated. In this edition of Nature’s Voice Jane Markham talks to Dr Mark Eaton, RSPB Principal Conservation Scientist, about the report which has been collated from data produced in partnerships with more than 70 conservation NGOs, research institutes and ...…
Ann Beattie is known for casting a gimlet eye on her generation’s ambivalence and ambition. “A Wonderful Stroke of Luck,” her 21st book, explores the complicated relationship between a charismatic teacher and his students and the secrets people keep from those they love. She’ll talk with her friend Carol Edgarian, author, publisher and cofounde ...…
3 Billion breeding birds have been lost in the last 40 years in the US and Canada. These are certainly sobering numbers. This was the conclusion of a paper published recently in the journal Science, and the core of the 2019 State of the Birds report. This report, spearheaded by American Bird Conservancy, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Canadian Wil ...…
Kelsen Caldwell drives a bus in and around Seattle for King County Metro. As a bus driver, sometimes there’s downtime if your bus is moving too fast. What do you do with all that extra time? If you’re Kelsen, you fall in love with birds.By Tune In to
The Merlin Bird ID smartphone app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a free, easy way to help you identify new birds.By Tune In to
This week Beau, Michael, and Crofton discuss the genre of Cyberpunk? Is our fascination with the genre branch of science-fiction known as “cyberpunk” alarmist and overblown? Or is it a worthy indication of how intensely we are grappling with the rapidly changing technology that is affecting global human society at this very moment? We want […] ...…
European Starlings regularly adorn their twig nests with marigolds, elderberry flowers, yarrow leaves, and even willow bark — all of which are full of aromatic chemicals, which fumigate their nests and are thought to discourage pests and parasites.By Tune In to
Just how free are we to walk around our cities and countryside? Who owns our parks and public spaces and who makes the decision what you can and can’t do in them and when they can be closed for ticketed events? What can you do to make sure our green spaces stay open and accessible to all? These are all questions I asked Neil Sinden, the Directo ...…
Compared to many birds, Great Horned Owls remain with their parents a long time. They hatched in early March, from eggs laid in late January. By April, both parents were hunting through the night to feed their young. But for the last two weeks, the adults have not fed the young.By Tune In to
On our latest show: We talk about Bird of Prey — the new film about the endangered Philippine Eagle — with cinematographer Neil Rettig and expedition leader Laura Johnson. Plus, we learn more about how birds are affected by neonicotinoid insecticides, and we find out about the unusual nesting habitats of the Solitary Sandpiper.…
How did Theodore Roosevelt develop his interest in birds? The chain of events may surprise you. As a budding birdwatcher, Roosevelt was influenced by John Bell, a New York City taxidermist.By Tune In to
Coast to coast and border to border, Birding Trails offer great opportunities to find birds. On a summer trip in New England, along the Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire, you can hear the vividly colored Blackburnian Warbler.By Tune In to
If you’re ever lucky enough to see a Red-necked Phalarope, keep an eye out for its delightful method of feeding. The birds twirl on the surface like little ballerinas, spinning and pecking, again and again.By Tune In to
This roundtable includes the New York Times Ethicist columnist, the former National Book Critics Circle president, the Freeman’s literary journal editor, a Washington Post book critic, the German secretary of culture and The Paris Review’s editor. With support from “Wunderbar Together,” initiated by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goe ...…
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