Best Birdwatching podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Talkin' Birds
Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way. Every week, we have contests for prizes like bird feeders and other great bird-related stuff, along with expert guests. So, whether you're an experienced birder, or you're new to birding, listen in, and be part of the show by calling in with a question, sharing some information or observatio ...
The Dork Forest
Jackie Kashian discusses favorite obsessions with the obsessed. Video games, Comic Books, Birdwatching. How deep in the dork forest are you? Celebrate it and f*&%$, make it your own!
BirdNote strives to transport listeners out of the daily grind and into the natural world with outstanding audio programming and online content. The stories we tell are rich in sound, imagery, and information, connecting the ways and needs of birds to the lives of listeners. We inspire people to listen, look, and exclaim, “Oh, that’s what that is!”
The American Birding Podcast brings together staff and friends of the American Birding Association as we talk about birds, birding, travel and conservation in North America and beyond. Join host Nate Swick every other Thursday for news and happenings, recent rarities, guests from around the birding world, and features of interest to every birder.
Across the City and South Cambridgeshire
Podcast by Matt Williams
Did you ever have a question you were too uncomfortable to ask? How about finding yourself in a socially awkward situation and being unsure of what to do next? Mind Over Manners is a tool that can help! Lisa Godley and Sondra Woodward’s podcast endeavors to raise your social IQ. Join us each week for insights ranging from proper wedding and funeral etiquette, to how to handle that workplace romance, and even that online interaction on social media. Email your comments or questions to mindove ...
Birdchick Podcast
Sharon Stiteler, the Birdchick, talks about the latest in birding news.
The Weekly Bird Report with Mark Faherty can be heard every Wednesday on WCAI, the local NPR station for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the South Coast. Mark has been the Science Coordinator at Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary since August 2007 and has led birding trips for Mass Audubon since 2002. He is past president of the Cape Cod Bird Club and current member of the Massachusetts Avian Records Committee.
Looking to simplify your life a little? Join us each month on the SLV Podcast where we talk to other crazy dreamers out there who are getting back to the basics, simplifying life, growing a better tomorrow, and doing it their own way!
Explore the British countryside and delve into the big rural issues with the team at BBC Countryfile Magazine. Follow us on walks into beautiful places and meet fascinating people. Please subscribe! To find out more about the British countryside, visit Subscribe to the print version of BBC Countryfile Magazine at
London Undone
Journalist, City of London, City ofWestminster and Blue Badge Guide. Podcasting about lesser known sites in and around London.
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story.We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go.We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to?Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable.We've introduc ...
Hobby Hard
The show about freaks and geeks, weirdos and wannabes, and people pursuing passions that are simply bizarre.
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The Revlon Girl, a play full of rich drama about grief, greed and make-up is being performed at Robinson College next week. Joining Suzie is director, Geraint Owen and actor Martha O’Neil.
Birds like finches, chickadees and this Northern Cardinal love sunflower seeds, but each species uses a different strategy to extract the meat. When a finch plucks a sunflower seed from the feeder, it uses its tongue to maneuver the seed lengthwise into a groove on its beak.By (Tune In to
Phil celebrates World Radio Day with Hannah Kemp-Welch of Kettle’s Yard – she’s been working with the community in North Cambridge. In this podcast we hear the result of a music workshop that was run with participants at Cam Sight.
Phil celebrates World Radio Day with Hannah Kemp-Welch of Kettle’s Yard – she’s been working with the community in North Cambridge. In this podcast we hear about the role of live music in social care settings.
Dr Heather Fairhead, CEO and founder of Phico Therapeutics, a Bourn-based biotechnology company talks about a new generation of antibiotics.
Most hummingbirds retreat south in autumn, but Anna's Hummingbirds are found in northern latitudes throughout the year. Since 1960, they've moved their year-round limit north from California to British Columbia.By (Tune In to
Tim Willett welcomes Bobby and Victor from newly reformed band Ambury Night who tell all about the reasons behind the bands decision to reunite. There’s new music from Mauve, Sploco, Deep City, The Rose Affair, Miiilo and Finn Doherty during the first half hour as well as the latest Unsigned Chart and a look at […]…
Inspired by pioneering developments in radio by Pye Ltd in Chesterton, artist Hannah Kemp-Welch has been working with residents of North Cambridge to explore, create and capture stories, songs and sounds which celebrate the diversity of voices within our community. As part of World Radio Day on February 13th, we hear from residents of North […]…
Lucy visits Cambridge Market where she meets Adam Stevens, otherwise known as The Flower Man.
Tania Verdonk from Spirus Marketing is in to chat to Neil about the South African Chamber of Commerce.
The male Palm Cockatoo uses his enormous beak to break off a stick or seedpod from a tree. The bird then fashions it into a sort of drumstick. Clutching the stick in his left foot, he beats on a hollow tree or dead branch. Most animals that use tools do so to get food.By (Tune In to
Ian Bonham speaks to some of the artists taking part in the fourth heat of BurySOUND 2019.
Julian and Lucy celebrate World Radio Day with Hannah Kemp-Welch of Kettle’s Yard – she’s been working with the community in North Cambridge. There’s also an archive recording of Kettle’s Yard founder Jim Ede.
Here we are knocking on the door of another Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time we had the talk… the talk about the birds and the bees. Before you relive any memories of teenage trauma and retreat to your happy place, I should point out that I’m talking about the actual birds and bees. In my never-ending quest to find romantic role models in ...…
Most wrens in North America are small, furtive birds that stay deep in the vegetation. But the Cactus Wren is large, bold, and brassy. These wrens are well adapted to the desert and can get all the moisture they need from their food.By (Tune In to
Most duck species court and form pair bonds in winter. In the icy waters of Vermont’s Lake Champlain, Common Goldeneyes are getting hot!By (Tune In to
As lambing season approaches, acclaimed soprano Gwawr Edwards talks about growing up on farm in the Welsh hills and how she practises by singing to the sheep – plus she sings a Puccini aria (courtesy of Gwawr's record label Sain)! You can read more about Gwawr in the April edition of BBC Countryfile Magazine, on sale from 5 March. And to find w ...…
Look for the stories birds tell with their tracks in the snow. A crow swaggers, leaving right-and-left steps much as a walking human would. Juncos under a birdfeeder leave a hopping pattern of tiny footprints in side-by-side pairs.By (Tune In to
The Amur Falcons of Nagaland, bird-safe buildings, Monarch Butterflies, and the Great Horned Owl — all on our latest show.
Most bird species in North America mate for a single breeding season. Some may team up again the following year, just because both stay in - or return to - the same territory. Fewer than one-fifth of Song Sparrow pairs, like these, are reunited.By (Tune In to
If it weren't for birds, how many of us would take notice of the natural world? Birds are all around us. In our back yards or driving across country, most of the animals we see are birds. Many draw attention with their songs. Some birds hunt on the wing, and you'll see one if you watch the sky.By (Tune In to
Scott Haber began as a bioengineering student, but transitioned into nature-based mindfulness practice after learning from a woman who was practising traditional Andean ways. Scott then received the Bonderman Fellowship which allowed him to visit traditional, nature-based cultures around the world and learn from them. He now undertakes a unique ...…
Is it ok to call a bird a trollop in a formal presentation? Move over yellow cardinal, you’ve been replaced by the gynandromorph cardinal. White-throated sparrows and the complexity of gender. A king eider shows up in Maine. Birders go crazy and post about it. A hunter uses social media to locate and legally hunt the rarity. Join the Birdchick ...…
Do Snowy Owls hunt during the day or at night? As they are normally arctic birds, Snowy Owls are adapted to hunt both during the long hours of summer and the near-total night of winter.By (Tune In to
The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is one of the most special places in the ABA Area­ for birders and naturalists, hosting some exceptional species and some iconic birding locations. It’s why so many birders have watched the politics around the proposed construction of a border wall in the Valley so closely and why we, along with many other s ...…
A parrot’s eyes are located on the sides of its head. So, if it wants to look at something — say, a delicious piece of fruit — it has to cock its head one way or the other do it. And if it looks with its left eye, then uses its left foot. Scientists call this handedness.By (Tune In to
We get a law enforcement perspective on effective protesting from Commanding Officer Todd Williams from the Norfolk Police Department.
I probably don’t talk about Falmouth enough. As an Outer Cape person, it seems about as close as Boston does, which keeps me from birding it very much. And Falmouth lacks the exciting seabirding and the history of rare birds of the Outer Cape. But a couple of very unusual sightings of seriously lost west coast birds has Falmouth on my mind.…
Head to Chew Valley Lake in north Somerset in the company of BBC naturalist and enthusiastic birder Mike Dilger in search of wildfowl and waders – and also meet his lovely Border Collie Bramble. Find out more about the wonders of the countryside and its wildlife with BBC Countryfile Magazine at…
On our latest show, The Birdist teaches us about the feisty wren family; Mike O’Connor weighs in on birds coping with cold weather; and we meet a bird that’s struggling to survive in a changing landscape.
Are you ready for the Superb Owl? While you Stephen Colbert fans and meme-savvy denizens of Facebook are already rolling your eyes, and saying things like “that’s so four years ago”, you may be surprised to know how many people are unfamiliar with the Superb Owl.By (Mark Faherty).
You've seen the film and read the book, now explore the real landscapes of Watership Down. Escape with Countryfile Magazine editor Fergus Collins to the beautiful and mysterious hills of north Hampshire in search of wildlife, ancient history and very famous rabbits
On our latest show, storyteller Al Batt explains how he keeps warm in his Minnesota backyard (heading to 29 below today!); Mike O’Connor offers pros and cons about putting up roosting boxes for birds; and Debbie Blicher reports on a new camera that lets people see the way birds do.
We started a Patreon! The great black hawk that’s been in Maine is in wildlife rehab with frostbite. What will it’s future be? The American Birding Association Bird of the Year is the red-billed tropicbird. The artwork is by Megan Massa. Follow her on Instagram @MeganDrawsBirds. The raven and snowy owl video we referenced in the podcast.…
Ready to exercise your right to free speech? If that means participating in a protest, you'll want to hear tips from PETA's Daniel Carron on how to make sure your message is heard.
Cornell’s eBird has been around for 16 years now, and 2019 finds it as ingrained in the birding community, especially in North America, as it’s ever been. More users than ever plugging more data than ever into the project, which in turn facilitates a ton of great information that informs research, conservation, and everyday birding. In the last ...…
Last Thursday, intrepid Cape Cod Bird Club treasurer Mary Jo Foti was perusing the waterfowl on Long Pond, which straddles the Harwich-Brewster line. She noted the typical winter species for this often duck-rich pond – scaup, goldeneye, mergansers, Buffleheads. But one duck that crossed her view looked a little off, like a scaup that was having ...…
On our latest show: Solving the mystery of the triple-hybrid warbler; singing the praises of the Common Grackle; and asking the question: is feeding birds really a good idea?
A couple of times this winter I’ve been lucky enough to hear one of our more obscure nocturnal residents in my neighborhood. This species is relatively quiet in winter compared to our more common owls, but, if you can whistle, they can be coaxed to reveal themselves. Everything about the species in question is adorable - their tiny, compact bod ...…
The return of the Pink-footed Goose, bad news for our National Parks, good news for some Piping Plovers, and a small bird with a really big bite — all on our latest show.
Multimedia bird artist Megan Massa is the latest artist to create the Bird of the Year cover art, an auspicious list that includes David Sibley, Julie Zickefoose, and Louise Zemaitis, among others. Her experiences have run the gamut from the hobby side of birding to birds research to art and her creation, a Red-billed Tropicbird soaring over a ...…
The final Christmas Bird Counts for the Cape and Islands were held over the last week – the Truro count on the 2nd and the Vineyard count on the 5th. The closer it gets to the end of the count period, the risker the weather gets, with higher chances of a deep freeze or storm in early January wrecking your count. I had rescheduled my Truro count ...…
It’s the time of year when many people renew their commitment to working out! On this episode of Mind Over Manners we explore proper “Gym Etiquette” with personal trainer Lynette Vargas.
On our latest show: the great David Clapp joins us to talk about wintering finches and why they head south in varying numbers; we learn about the beautiful Red-throated Loon; Mike offers tips on attracting birds to newly placed bird feeders; and we air the first installment of “Stump the Guest.”
In May 2018 I was lucky enough to be able to join the Treshnish Isles Auk Ringing Group ( on their trip to Lunga. This small, uninhabited island is part of the Treshnish Isles off the west coast of Scotland. But while no people live there, it’s full of thousands and thousands of seabirds.We were there to survey one seabird in ...…
On our latest show: A beautiful redhead; another milestone for Wisdom the Albatross; good news for seabirds off Chile and New Zealand; and Mike suggests birding goals for 2019.
Jo Roberts is Chief Executive of the Wilderness Foundation ( She has served as its CEO since 2004. The Foundation works to transform the lives of young people from challenged and challenging backgrounds through wilderness experiences and thereby to demonstrate the value of wilderness. Jo and the Foundati ...…
Days are short, weather is at or near its coldest, and it's easy to just suspend birding for a few months and wait for Spring. But that would be missing out on some truly great birding experiences, including Christmas Counts, which many birders consider to be a highlight of their year. We are currently in the middle of the CBC season host Nate ...…
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas Bird Count season! Birders are digging out their warmest winter garb, polishing their optics, and marking their calendars to prepare for the all-out birding blitz that is the Christmas Bird Count season. It runs from December 14 to January 5, and I can guarantee there’s a count near you.…
Last-minute gifts for your nature-loving friends; making your yard bird-friendly; and the gentle Zenaida macroura — all on our latest show.
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