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True stories of the supernatural as told by real people with your host Jim Harold. Den of Geek said this of the show: Jim Harold’s Campfire is perhaps the best tool we have currently in existence to hear real-life scary stories from other human beings since the actual campfire was invented. Jim agrees. Tune in and get your spooky on!
The Campfire Project
Fire was our first true piece of technology. Around its warming glow, we would tell stories, share our thoughts, and bond with the people we love. Centuries later, our fires have been digitized, and thrown into everyone's pocket. They are infinitely more powerful. This is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and storytelling, from two writers connected by circuits, wires and a passion for writing.
A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology... Hear the Fear!
Discussion of this week in television from dramas to comedies to scifi.
The official Adventure Archives podcast.
Campfire Shadows
Join your host Shane McMahon around the campfire every Wednesday night, as they talk to guests about anything and everything to do with the Big Guy. You know. Bigfoot. See you there!
Every week, comedian Menuhin Hart watches Tv shows and movies on Netflix and sometimes goes to the theaters to check out the new releases. It use to be more people on this podcast as seen in the photo but ...uhh yeah it didn't work out. But the black guys still there... still pushing.
Campfire Stories
Stories of Salesforce Trailblazers including SME's, Thought Leaders, Admins, Developers, and Evangelists in the Salesforce Ecosystem discussing their journeys with Trailhead.
Daily Outdoor is a bi-weekly roundup of camping & outdoors tips, tricks, gear, interviews and more. Hosted by Nick and Clint from 50 Campfires, this show is part Wayne's World, part public access - but all authentic. We hope you'll enjoy hanging out around our campfire with us!
Campfire Sht Show
Our Podcast is a fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is us. From money, love, weird one night stands and our own disgusting fetishes, we bare all.
Campfire Wisdom
From keyboard to campfire, Greg Stuetze explores the nature of community in a world that seems to have forsaken its tribal roots.
Campfire Files
Caty Braun and Savanna Sturkie are two journalists who share an interest in the scary, spooky, weird and strange. With Campfire Files, they finally have an outlet for their research into the otherworldly.
A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.
Campfire is an interactive storytelling event. Our storytellers work with writers, speaking coaches, facilitation experts and multimedia specialists to create a presentation that brings their story to life. Campfire is like… TED without the data The Moth but interactive A Church sermon without the religion
Campfire Stories
On this show we tell, talk about and examine the kinds of stories you use to freak out your friends.
Melrose Scouting Productions presents "Around The Scouting Campfire", a podcast which features Boy Scout and Cub Scout related topics. This show from the scoutmaster of Troop 68 includes audio bits featuring the Boy Scouts and leadership of Boy Scout Troop 68 during the last twenty-five years. ATSC is co-hosted by Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, who shares his thoughts about that great adventure we call Boy Scouting. Topics include songs for "Around the Campfire", "Buttons' Corner", and the ...
Talking all people, places, things PA Coal Region
A Guy's Guide to God and Life. Listen in as we sit around the campfire, remove the filters, and "guy talk" about how to win at faith, work, and life. Pick up some tips and hacks to keep your faith relevant and on track. The show is hosted by Greg Arnold, founder of Live Bold Ministries and the popular Live Bold App for Christian Men.
Hey campers! Welcome to the Campfire Curmudgeon! Where your hosts Nicholas Jones (the skeptic) and Heidi S. (the believer) talk about spooky stories! We read your listener submitted true stories and talk about other creepy events! Then we discuss them! Could this phenomenon be real? Could there be a reasonable explanation? Don't forget to send in your creepy stories via email or leave a message on our report hotline (480) 442-0124!
Welcome to the campfire! In this podcast, we talk to people and tell stories about why they do what they do. It's a delightful conversation about nothing in particular, starring extraordinarily passionate guests.
Clif's Campfire
A Gathering of Stories
Campfire Canticles
Matt and Michael share stories of finding God in everyday life and unexpected places.
Campfire Games
The hottest of takes on video games.
Campfire Talks
Campfire Talks is a weekly podcast about a group of friends interviewing each other about their passions, talents, and life perspective. Inspired by late night conversations around a campfire, this podcast serves to explore our individual personalities. Quickly changing between comedy and introspection, each episode is sure to provide insight. Hosted by Mark Kriegh, and starring Juliana Concepcion, Noah Wood, and Nat Hilton.
Campfires is a weekly show hosted by Jacob Slaton.
Campfire Chats
You child-directed outdoor learning podcast.
Welcome to the Weekly Campfire Chronicles for One of Those Times in a Life where Mark Pearson shares the musical journey that is his life. It is an ongoing journey of more than forty years as singer, songwriter, member of The Brothers Four, and someone who continues to try to understand and explain what it means to be fully human and finally home. Join the journey at the website and become part of the conversation at the Mark Pearson Music Facebook Page.
Dope Ass Campfire
Have you ever been around a campfire with the fam having a great conversation and thought to yourself "Damn this is a dope ass experience". Well sit back and enjoy the homies talking s**t on topics ranging from hip hop, pop culture and all round ratchetness. Don't forget to bring the marshmallows tho... bring that s**t! Lol
These tales of supernatural suspense by Soren Narnia adhere to the most primal element of storytelling: a single human voice describing events exactly as it experienced them. The stories, stripped of even proper titles, spill forward as taut, uninterrupted confessions. Knifepoint Horror leaves nothing but the story's riveting spine to compel and chill you to the core. Music by Kevin MacLeod. These stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, mean ...
Camp Fire Chat
Join in on the conversation as the team from First Light Outdoors shares adventures, tips and tactics from time spent afield. First Light Outdoors LLC is dedicated to educating and equipping the outdoors person to be more knowledgeable, efficient, safe and more successful in Gods great outdoors!
Teen-ager Hazel Edwards and the other twelve members of the Flamingo Camp-Fire Girls experience some real adventure when they are invited to spend part of their summer as guests of Hazel’s elderly aunt on her large country farm. Mrs. Hannah Hutchins is a widow living alone with a few servants and farming assistants in her home in the midwestern town of Fairberry. The girls set up camp on a section of Aunt Hannah’s farm but, before too long, an incident occurs during the annual Fourth of July ...
Hello and welcome to Campfire Chronicles, the show where we read your stories about your experiences in World of Warcraft! These can be anything from drama stories to stories of random/dumb things you did as a noob (or saw another new player do) to fan fiction of your own character (but within reason)! So pull up a seat, drink some cocoa, and let's reminisce! Submit stories to
Our second Firecast features a report from the recent Campfire Convention London event and includes Tobi Hug's Circle Singing, plus members hi5s and highlights from our 'Reimagining politics' thinkshop.Features :0:40 : Campfire Circle Singers plus Tobi Hug and Bryony Croft interviews3:38 Gemma Dempsey Hi54:46 Jonathan Leighton Hi57:10 Reimagining Politics thinkshop panel highlights (7:29 Richard Barbrook, 8:57 Kimm Fearnley, 12:11 Ed Dowding, 14:47 Indra Adnan)19:58 Suzanne Noble Hi521:09 Li ...
Pull up a log and join us by the campfire as Adrienne discusses some favorite movies with a rotating crew of lovely cohosts. You’ll hear them gush over their favorite creature effects, critique the design of that self-destruct system, and go on many, many entertaining tangents.
The Silver Fox Patrol is out on their first camping trip! The boys, Thad the fill-in scout-master, Allan, Bumpus, Davy Jones, Smithy, Bob White, Giraffe and Step-Hen, are learning many new things about being scouts and about themselves. But when a bear invades the camp, their trip turns into an adventure that they will talk about for a long time!Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne.
“Girls, I have some great news for you. I’m sure you’ll be interested, and I hope you’ll be as delighted as I am. Come on, all of you. Gather around in a circle just as if we were going to have a Council Fire and I’ll tell you something that will—that will—Teddy Bear your teeth.” A chorus of laughter, just a little derisive, greeted Katherine Crane’s enigmatical figure of speech. The merriment came from eleven members of Flamingo Camp Fire, who proceeded to form an arc of a circle in front o ...
Welcome to the Weekly Song Videos of One of Those Times in a Life where Mark Pearson offers music written and performed over an ongoing career of more than forty years, songs to be enjoyed individually, seen as part of a larger yearlong concert, or appreciated as the soundtrack to of a life. Join the journey at the website and become part of the conversation at the Mark Pearson Music Facebook Page.
Every other week, Kurt Smith and James Tilby sit down and watch an entire movie franchise and then discuss it beside the campfire.
A campfire is warm, lights up dark nights and brings people together. Our faith as Christians should reflect those properties of a campfire.Back in the day, Jesus used simple stories to share powerful messages. He used real experiences that resonated with those he was sharing with. From young children to the elderly, the sick, the healthy, the rich and the poor, Jesus was truly a master storyteller. Campfire Faith is a series of my reflections as I travel and explore the stories of Jesus.
The Camp Fire Girls books is a series of fiction novels written for children by various authors from 1912 into the 1930s. (Wikipedia)
A Podcast That Tells You Scary Stories
Happy Camper Radio
The Happy Camper Radio Show is a family oriented camping podcast. Our focus is on building and maintaining family unity in an outdoor recreational environment. Call us with your camping questions at 404-537-CAMP.
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
This show is a weekly episode watch-through of the iconic 90s Nickelodeon horror anthology show Are You Afraid of the Dark. Featuring a group of teens that meet every weekend to tell scary stories by firelight in the woods, this show scared many a generation. And while the scares don't pack the same punch today, the core principle of the stories are still very scary and make for a great discussion of what truly scares us all. Hosted by Jeremy Goeckner and Sara Laurel Goeckner, take the journ ...
Fort Fritz
Fritz inherits a ghoulish haunted house from his late uncle, Felix. There's only one catch: he's got to stay a night in the creepy old mansion to own it. Calling over some friends to help Fritz work up the nerves to overnight it doesn't go so well, as each of his guests tell campfire-like stories complete with sound effects. If you like horror stories, scary facts, and spooky radio plays, this is your podcast!
Ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends from the dark backroads of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales. Website:
America's Top Paranormal Podcaster interviews the best known names in the paranormal about UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, and everything paranormal! Guests have included Amy Bruni, Chip Coffey, George Noory and the biggest names in paranormal studies. This feed reflects the last 90 days of content. The Paranormal Podcast has been in production since 2005 with over 480 episodes. Hosted by Jim Harold. Be sure to subscribe for FREE! Also, check out Jim's other free podcasts. Tune into spooky listener s ...
There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
Do you love a good mystery? How about a creepy campfire story? A monster tale? Myths and Mysteries brings you true stories of the mysterious, weird, and creepy. Monsters, aliens, murders...we tell the stories and ask questions to see if we can figure out what's real and what's not.
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On Monday, March 26 we invited musician Shane Secor into camp at Lake Griffin State Park in Florida to play a 50 Campfires : Campfire Session. It's always great to connect with local and national musicians as our paths cross - and this was no exception.Shane's music blurs the lines between country, folk and even punk rock. It was a pleasure hav ...…
Hey gang, these 3 segment i go all in about Black Lightning, Krypton, The Death of Superman animated movie, and Meryl Streep!
Before the time of television and other digital media, children’s stories were told to help the children navigate their path towards adulthood. Unlike today, where an extended period of adolescence is common, our forebears experienced a world that was much harsher, where the transition between childhood and adulthood occurred much more quickly ...…
While the arrival of spring may be proving illusive in many parts of the country, our 2018 Spring Gear Guide Podcast always arrives right on schedule! Our community of podcast listeners is gearing up and getting ready to go camping no matter what the weather. If you need a few new pieces of gear to round out your camping kit or just want to add ...…
Imagine you went to camp every year with your best friends - then imagine your parents wouldn't let you go for your last year as a camper. The horror! Comedian Dava Krause doesn't have to imagine it, it actually happened to her. She joins to tell her tale of woe, plus musicals gone awry, hot dogs for canteen, and much much more. Don't waste a m ...…
Gather 'round the campfire for this week's episode as we delve into the mysterious history of several cryptids! From mermaids to the Mothman, listeners will have their cryptozoology degree in no time! (P.S. our audio issues of the week are due in large part to Bailey being an actual ghost...ok bye)
Gather 'round the campfire for this week's episode as we delve into the mysterious history of several cryptids! From mermaids to the Mothman, listeners will have their cryptozoology degree in no time! (P.S. our audio issues of the week are due in large part to Bailey being an actual ghost...ok bye)
It takes two to set a fire. Written by Christopher Troise – @troisenator Performed by Danielle Gregori { "@context" : "", "@type" : "Person", "name" : "Chris Troise", "url" : "", "sameAs" : [ ] } Chris Troise Writer at The Storymaker's Association Christopher Troise's first book recently turned three years old, find Catbug’s Tr ...…
It takes two to set a fire. Written by Christopher Troise – @troisenator Performed by Danielle Gregori { "@context" : "", "@type" : "Person", "name" : "Chris Troise", "url" : "", "sameAs" : [ ] } Chris Troise Writer at The Storymaker's Association Christopher Troise's first book recently turned three years old, find Catbug’s Tr ...…
It was almost eight years ago now that I realized I had totally lost touch with some big emotions. Back then, if I was feeling sad or angry or disillusioned and you asked me to name the feeling I was experiencing, I would have had a tough time. I could feel a pressure in my chest. I could feel the physiological effect it was having on my body, ...…
“What happens when you let go of the plan?” - Story from Clay Beyersdorfer Original air date: March 21st, 2018 Podcast Producer: Andrew Warshauer
Greg Luther is an avid hunter, living in Montana. As a sportsmen and a gun owner, he supports stricter gun control. In a recent op-ed piece published in High Country News, Luther stated: We hunters pride ourselves on self-sufficiency, so let’s work from the ground up. That means looking at the facts, talking about it around the campfire, voting ...…
50 Campfires had the privilege of speaking with Chris Havel, who's the Associate Director of Oregon State Parks, and has been for nearly 24 years. We wanted to know what was behind record setting years in their campgrounds - as well as some of his favorite spots to check out around the state.We were fortunate enough to spend some time camping a ...…
Is RV Life as good as it looks? There are many things we love about living this life. Today we're talking about the negatives along with all the positives. We learned early into our travels that you must be flexible. Things are always changing. Things break. It's not always a vacation, even though that may be all you see. You must learn to adju ...…
Download Episode! Stoney Lake Reflections Show Notes Episode: 06 Jim & Judy Mohr What I have to say: Jim & Judy were very much parental figures for me and countless others. Their roles as 'in loco parentis' were not cemented because of their age in relation to younger staff, but with their stage in life, Storer experiences, and willingness not ...…
Join us on a camping(ish) trip to Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA, where we'll share some spooky local legends from around Southwest Virginia. Mentioned in this episode: Haunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands by Joe Tennis
In this episode, we're just listening to some of the artists we've had on the show and hanging out. Plus a very special NEW SEGMENT called Campfire Wonderings with our newest TFAM Crew Member ... Umberto. Enjoy! Featured in this ep. Joe Marcinek, Rebel Soul Revival, Security Culture, Jeff Chi, and The Counter Culture Club.…
Good morning y'all this segment is a trifecta of word around the campfire quickfire review and in my mind about black panthers 5-week reign in the box office and a quick Fire review and in my mind about Tomb Raider!
“What happens when you let go of the plan?” - Story from Eli Chen Original air date: February 21st, 2018 Podcast Producer: Andrew Warshauer
This segment of talk about the trailer for Avengers Infinity War and DC Warner Brothers trying to sign Ava Duvernay to direct the New Gods movie!!!
Lazy Loading!Zack and Steve put a few logs on the campfire and start talking about their favorite programming language, Swift. Today they discuss a topic that really suits them, lazy loading!* A great blog post on using Lazy Loading:* Another great blog post: http://mikebus ...…
This week in The Current, most of the guys are organizing their basements and garages. Will gets a new reel. DK goes to a wild game dinner, Everyone else went to the Stony Valley NWTF banquet. Finally, we are giving away a bunch of his trout tackle. Check out the giveaway post on our Facebook page to enter. If you hear something on the show and ...…
It's a toasty episode, campers! Beau and Meryl, your trusted camp counselors share why both of us live in San Diego but hate the beach, and take a Camper of the Week question regarding anxiety surrounding a change of career!
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Path to NowSubtitle: An Octogenarian's Account of Life and Travels in North Florida and the WorldAuthor: Connie McBrideNarrator: Bob KernFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 52 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-29-16Publisher: Connie McBrideGen ...…
1. Rufus Wainwright - Taft Theatre - 3/16 2. Walnut Hills High School - Sing for a Cause - 3/18 3. Alan Barnes - First Unitarian Church - 3/18 4. Richie Ramone - Southgate House Revival - 3/23 5. Bobby Mackey - 70th birthday celebration at his club - 3/23 & 3/24 6. Carmon DeLeone & the New "Studio Big Band" - The Greenwich - 3/25 7. Tommy Stins ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: CampingSubtitle: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on Your First Camping TripAuthor: Beth McRobertsNarrator: Christina BradleyFormat: UnabridgedLength: 49 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-14-15Publisher: Little Rock PublishingRatings: 3.5 of ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Old Souls in a New WorldSubtitle: The Secret History of the Cherokee Indians (Cherokee Chapbooks) (Volume 7)Author: Donald N. YatesNarrator: Rich CrankshawFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 10 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-21-14Publisher: Panth ...…
This week Byron's out of town, and things get strange. Even more so.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Story of God, the Story of UsSubtitle: Getting Lost and Found in the BibleAuthor: Sean GladdingNarrator: Sean GladdingFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 21 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-28-17Publisher: Spoken Word IncRatings: 5 of 5 out of ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: UnthinkableAuthor: Shirley DukeNarrator: IntuitiveFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 32 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-27-17Publisher: Lerner Publishing GroupGenres: Teens, Ages 11-13Publisher's Summary:Omar Phillips is Bridgewater High's favorit ...…
A creepy encounter with Mrs. Death headlines this week's program that is chock full of great Campfire stories. Enjoy & tell your friends! –Zip Recruiter– Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by Zip Recruiter. Find out today why ZipRecruiter has been used by businesses of ALL sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate resu ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Tales of TerrorAuthor: Edgar Allan PoeNarrator: William DufrisFormat: AbridgedLength: 1 hr and 12 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-25-08Publisher: The Copyright GroupRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 5 votesGenres: Classics, American LiteraturePublisher's S ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Desert RatsSubtitle: Adventures in the American OutbackAuthor: Chinle MillerNarrator: Richard HenzelFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-10-15Publisher: Yellow Cat PublishingRatings: 4 of 5 out of 9 votesGenres: Travel & Adve ...…
High Water Brewing’s Campfire Stout is in the glasses this week, while Scott gives his theory on who the father is of Bob Kraft’s girlfriend’s baby, the fellas debate the pros and cons of letting soccer Hooligans get coked up in the stadium, Scott rails against his own team, and Mike pays up on a punishment. Our producer, and NBA expert, Joe tr ...…
Cheryl shares stories from her 14 years working with Salesforce. Hear how she found Salesforce, what drives her to be so active in the community, and what sends her to Trailhead daily. Follow us on Twitter @SFCampfire
An artist in Minnesota has left a scary sculpture at the bottom of an old pit mine lake, appropriately named "Crystal Lake" of Friday the 13th bad guy Jason Voorhees. Also, we talk about the new Light Phone 2 and what Clint liked about the original Light Phone.Enjoy!
A hen is a delightful feathered friend who will provide you with both eggs and entertainment. But in deciding to bring hens to your farm, you also need to decide if you will keep a rooster as well. Do you actually need a rooster? What are the pros and cons of keeping a rooster? How do you choose the right rooster for your home? And—the question ...…
Nikolas Green is a young man with a YouTube channel. To celebrate his 70th follower, he decided to spend a night outside...camping for his first a blizzard. Overnight, his videos received millions of views - not because he was an expert camper, but rather because he showed his authentic experience of camping for the first time. We als ...…
Derek Flail, the general manager of The Jungle in Schuylkill Haven, just completed the Empire State Building tower run. And incredible feat and experience. Today we stopped by to talk to him about the challenge of taking on this huge endeavor.
Your President fooling! Listen, enjooy and most importantly #staydope
Download Episode! Stoney Lake Reflections Show Notes Episode: 04 Jim & Judy Mohr I Sat down with Jim and Judy in August of 2017 at their home in Ann Arbor to catch up with what they are doing now as well as discuss their reflections. As you can imagine they were as welcoming as ever, even though it had been around 16 years since our last face t ...…
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