Best Cardiology podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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This podcast delivers Dr. John Mandrola’s summary and perspective on top news of the week that cardiologists can’t miss.
JACC Podcast
Each week, renowned editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC, records free podcasts highlighting journal findings. To keep clinicians updated on the most important science emerging in clinical and translational cardiology, Dr. Fuster provides an overview of the weekly edition, as well as a short summary of each manuscript. Encompassing JACC and five cardiovascular specialty journals, the JACC family of journals rank among the ...
In this podcast series, editors-in-chief from the JACC family of specialty journals provide highlights and summarize key findings for select issues. Published by the American College of Cardiology, the JACC Journals publish peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of cardiovascular disease, including original clinical studies, translational investigations with clear clinical relevance, state-of-the art papers, and review articles. They are top ranked for impact factor and their manuscripts are ...
A regular news roundup from the desks of TCTMD reporters covering the top stories in cardiology, hosted by TCTMD Managing Editor Shelley Wood.
Transformational Pediatrics is a free podcast series for health care professionals featuring the specialists from Children’s Mercy covering topics in that are changing pediatric medicine. In each 10-minute podcast we cover important and timely topics in pediatrics including heart care and cardiology, critical care, oncology, neurology, neonatology, infectious disease, gastroenterology and nephrology among a host of others. We will discuss research, ethics, new solutions to health care our pr ...
Hello and welcome to the Zero to Finals podcast. My name is Dr Thomas Watchman. I am a trainee GP in the UK and I love creating educational material for medical students. This podcast is designed to be a time efficient revision tool to help you study for your medical exams. Each podcast leads on from the next and each season tackles a different are of medicine. Season 1 covers cardiology. The podcast supplements the material available on the website, in the Zero to Final ...
Cardiologist FAQ
Listen to an explanation of common cardiovascular terms and medical procedures as well as health care advice from the heart experts at Osceola Regional Medical Center.
Each monthly episode will discuss recent publications in the fields of genomics and precision medicine of cardiovascular disease.
Audio presentations by Dr. Ronald Hoffman on the topics of preventive medicine and natural healing
Podcast of USMLE Step 2 Secrets, 5th Edition
Welcome to New Frontiers in Functional Medicine™. Each month, I interview the best minds in Functional Medicine. Expect thought provoking ideas, new research, lots of clinical pearls for practitioners and step-change information for consumers and patients. I hope you join us. Don’t hesitate to email me with ideas for future podcasts.
The Pain Cave
The Pain Cave is a free-flowing conversation with a wide variety of guests from the worlds of running and exercise science. We talk about physiology, sports science, politics, music, beer, and occasionally running.
The Pain Cave
The Pain Cave is a free-flowing conversation with a wide variety of guests from the worlds of running and exercise science. We talk about physiology, sports science, politics, music, beer, and occasionally running.
Medical Education focused podcasts that will make you a better learner and teacher.
Pete McMurray and Jane Monzures from WGN Radio 720
The Audio PANCE and PANRE Board Review Podcast
Specialty Stories
Specialty Stories is a podcast to help premed and medical students choose a career. What would you do if you started your career and realized that it wasn't what you expected? Specialty Stories will talk to physicians and residency program directors from every specialty to help you make the most informed decision possible. Check out our others shows at
Humans of Purpose
Each week, Mike Davis of Purposeful brings you meaningful conversations with inspiring and purpose-driven individuals from our community. Guests join Mike for a relaxed conversation at his home to discuss their career journey and purpose, how they aim to create change and how they leverage their impact. Tea, coffee or single malt whiskey are provided as we traverse meaningful subjects and gain insights into business and community.
KSCO Pet Radio
Sunday 12-2pm on KSCO 1080/104.1 Santa Cruz
Podcast by Westminster Amarillo
On Call with AngelMD is a podcast exploring the intersection of finance, healthcare, and technology. Episodes topics range from discussing medical investment philosophies to breaking down the conflict of privacy in health data. Embedded in the startup culture, AngelMD approaches these topics with fresh perspective, sourcing opinions from experts in the related fields. These twenty-minute episodes are all you need to stay plugged in to the evolving healthcare landscape....On Call is hosted by ...
Welcome to the first in a series of podcasts on pediatric hospital medicine. This series was created to keep the busy physician of today informed and up to date on some of the most important diagnoses and issues we face every day in the care of hospitalized children. There is free CME associated with this via the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). After you have listened to the podcast just go to the link below, sign in and follow the directions, take the short quiz and get your ...
Boston Med Talks. The official podcast of Boston Medical.
Audio Medica brings informally spoken comments from the world's most significant medical experts to the ears of practising doctors and medical professionals. Audio journalists attend leading medical conventions to interview doctors and medical scientists about their latest findings from important clinical trials. Their reports are available to subscribers on audio journal CDs and through internet podcast downloads.
"Transition Aging Parents" is a free radio show created and hosted by Dale Carter, founder of This show will focus on issues of caregiving, family communication, financial and estate issues, respite options, and first-person stories by older adults.
MGH Academy
or physicians and healthcare professionals who value the highest standards of clinical care, the Massachusetts General Hospital Academy provides world-renowned education that improves clinical practice and leads to better lives for patients and their families. Advanced teaching methods, an interactive learning format, and focus on solving real-world, practice-related challenges give the Academy international recognition for helping providers effectively diagnose and treat their patients acro ...
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Dr. Merrianne Burtch, Birchbark Foundation and Pacific Veterinary SpecialistsBecause of last week's technical problems, this segment did not run at 1:30 as scheduled. We've given the equipment a stern look and have been assured everything will be fine this week.Dr. Merrianne Burtch discusses feline heart disease, a very serious if uncommon cond ...…
Trainer Laura Pakis of ACME Canine was accredited media at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden and will report on what's shes saw, including the new Museum of the Dog.
Are you taking these drugs? Nutrient depletions associated with common pharmaceuticals.
In this episode I cover gastric and duodenal ulcers. If you want to follow along with written notes on peptic ulcers go to or find the gastroenterology section in the Zero to Finals medicine book. This episode covers the pathophysiology, presentation, complications and management of gastric and duodenal ulcers. The ...…
Methylation—everything you ever wanted to know. Dr. Kara Fitzgerald discusses one of the least-understood and most controversial topics that promises to revolutionize the field of nutrition. Methylation is a ubiquitous process that turns on, or turns off DNA expression, regulates the synthesis of many essential substances within the body, and b ...…
Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald about Methylation, a process that turns on, or turns off, DNA expression, regulates the synthesis of many essential substances within the body, and breaks down hormones, medications, and toxins.
Eating ultraprocessed foods accelerates your risk of early death; What would you suggest for my 35-year-old daughter who has lupus, scleroderma, type 1 diabetes, and kidney and eye problems?; What do you think of using Rauwolfia to lower blood pressure?
I want to lose weight but I'm not sure what to do--I need your help; Yes--there is such a thing as personalized cancer medicine; Extravagant claims are made about celery juice like reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and is anti-inflammatory. Is there anything to it?
Dr Paul Wong: Welcome to the monthly podcast on the beat for Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. I'm Dr Paul Wong, Editor-in Chief with some of the key highlights from this month's issue. This month's issue is dedicated to a new exciting topic, His bundle pacing. His bundle pacing is designed to achieve a more physiological human dyn ...…
Optimal heart health with Jim LaValle, a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, and board-certified clinical nutritionist. He discusses the American Heart Association's “Life’s Simple 7” for optimal Heart Health and why aged garlic extract is among the most commonly used supplements in people with heart disease. Numerous studies sug ...…
Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Jim LaValle, a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, and board-certified clinical nutritionist, about the important benefits of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract.
In this episode I cover gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. If you want to follow along with written notes on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease go to or find the gastroenterology section in the Zero to Finals medicine book. This episode covers the pathophysiology, presentation, diagnosis, complications and management of gas ...…
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
Jane Monzures is getting married and there’s so much to do in so little time! Luckily, Amy Allen of Modern Luxury Weddings and Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events stop by in-studio to give her the low down on what’s hot and what’s not in the wedding world.…
Chef Louie Alexakis from Avli Taverna in Lincoln Park joins Jane Monzures in-studio to share some thoughts on the popularity of Greek food in Chicago and the success of his new restaurant. Plus, listeners share their secret family recipes for some truly unique home dining.
Vitamin C improves blood sugar control in older patients, diabetics; Acupuncture eases menopausal symptoms; Natural treatment for osteoarthritis; How much calcium for a man with coronary artery calcification? Bill Sardi reports on the benefits of hyaluronic acid.
Men who can do 40 push-ups are 96% less likely to have cardiovascular risk; Daily diet colas increase risk of premature heart attack, stroke; Why exercise can stave off hunger pangs; What type of exercise is best for weight loss? A caller with ulcerative colitis reports intestinal perforation during colonoscopy; A diabetic complains he can’t co ...…
We have previously podcasted on tachyarrythmias (Episode 34 Tachyarrhythmias), but in this episode, we focus specifically on the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), specifically paroxysmal SVT. We discuss the treatment options of adenosine and calcium channel blockers, weighing in with the evidence, the guidelines, and some opinion ...…
Tim Wright regenerative farmer, holistic manager, educator and soon to be published author joins me to discuss regenerative agriculture. There are important things to learn from this episode, whether you are living in the country or city, we are all dependent on agriculture for the food we consume. Tim’s family have been connected with the land ...…
Diabetes: How optimism may influence your risk; Personality traits and diabetes incidence among postmenopausal women.
The Legend is back! Finally! After a three-month absence, the Don Draper of ultrarunning returns for our latest installment of This Month in Ultrarunning, the craze that’s sweeping the nation. Phil and I start off with some final thoughts on the 2018 UROY and FKTOY voting (3:30) before turning our attention to the new year. We discuss some rece ...…
In this episode I cover liver transplants. If you want to follow along with written notes on liver transplants go to or find the gastroenterology section in the Zero to Finals medicine book. This episode covers the types of liver transplant, indications, contraindications, liver transplant surgery and the post t ...…
Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with board-certified neurologist, Dr. Phillipe Douyon, creator of the BrainFit™️ app.
Prolonged TV watching a risk factor for colorectal cancer in younger age groups; What are your thoughts on a vitamin D lamp in conjunction with or as a replacement to oral vitamin D supplementation?; I was about to buy Spry oral rinse for its xylitol benefits but the third ingredient is alcohol. Won't that dry out my mouth and kill the benefici ...…
How can weight loss be successful for someone with PCOS?; What supplements do you recommend for hearing loss?; Is an omega-3 complex more or less beneficial than regular fish oil?; I was going to order CLA and noticed caramel color in the ingredients, isn't that carcinogenic?
DSL’s GI-MAP stool test is, as CEO Tony Hoffman states, “a clinician diagnostic tool;” it’s not a microbiome test. Yes, of course the GI-MAP looks at the microbiome, but it's not a broad sweep of the myriad of bugs taking up residence. Rather, it’s a carefully curated investigation of organisms with demonstrated imbalance potential, be it patho ...…
A wide body of research—not to mention centuries of use in Chinese medicine—has shown the power of medicinal mushrooms in promoting health, and no one knows more about the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of supplemental mushrooms in modern integrative health care than Jeff Chilton. The president of Nammex, one of the biggest medicina ...…
February 10, 2019: Something New - Rev. Will Esler by Westminster Amarillo
Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect their children from diseases that could harm them and the community at large. Dr. Katherine Gergen-Barnett discusses common myths associated with vaccines and the importance of sticking to the recommended vaccine schedule for both children and adults.…
This years cold and flu season is shaping up to be a nasty one. Dr. Jill Powell discusses how you can tell the difference between a cold and the flu, treatment advice if you get sick, and many important ways to prevent getting a cold or the flu this season.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is responsible for cushioning joints, maintaining youthful appearance of skin and hair, and many other essential body processes. As you age, it becomes depleted. Bill Sardi, noted health journalist, describes the science behind HA. It’s used extensively as an injectable for joints, but a new oral form of HA, HA-7, has prove ...…
Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation with Bill Sardi, noted health journalist, who describes the science behind Hyaluronic Acid.
In this episode I cover liver cancer, particularly hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. We also touch on focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver and haemangiomas of the liver. If you want to follow along with written notes on liver cancer go to or find the gastroenterology section in the Zero to Finals me ...…
Commentary by Dr. Valentin Fuster
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