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A weekly journey into the mind of Howard Bloom, noted historian, philosopher, and author. Bloom is the most frequented contributor to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. On this show, Howard and emcee Chad Dougatz tackle a wide range of humanity, including sex, drugs, God, aliens, and Michael Jackson.
Welcome to The Chad Prather Show! Your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Over half a billion people have watched Chad's social media videos. Now listen as Chad gets real and personal with the names you know and people you love. Often called "the modern day Will Rogers" and a voice of "the every man," Chad has made numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and A&E. Now, he brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiratio ...
Chad Dukes on 106.7 the Fan.
The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show
Going Deep with Chad and JT podcast features Chad Kroeger and JT Parr from Chad Goes Deep. In the pod, they will discuss major current events, honor legends, explore ongoing beefs, and give advice to fans who have sent in questions. New episodes released every Wednesday! For more of Chad Goes Deep, check us out at
New, Fresh, Exciting Take on the Events and Top News of the Day.
Each week, Breakthrough PT Marketing Podcast with Chad Madden brings you no-nonsense marketing strategies that deliver you patients and profits.Author of "Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs" and Owner of Madden Physical Therapy, Chad grew his practice 600% in the last five years using direct response marketing strategies. He sees more than 200 new patients each month in his single location Private Practice. Now he's teaching over 400 Practice Owners to do the same.
Chad Hartman
The Chad Hartman Show
Chad Burton, CFP® discusses important financial planning and wealth management issues. If you want to learn how to plan for retirement and do a better job managing your investment portfolio, this is the show for you.
Industry veterans Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash discuss a wide variety of topics and news stories around recruiting, human resources and employment. Hiring companies and employers tune in weekly for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups and more.
Chad from Saint Louis attempts to cling to whatever fame comes with being a regular caller to The Howard Stern Show. Just a slice of life with a side of wack packers.
A Podcast for Chefs
Chad the Podcast
Put some prime quality Chad into your ear, with his weekly Op-Ed from the Paper Machete at the Green Mill Chicago about pop news, sports, politics, science, sex, life, death, birth, love, nerds, Star Wars and sometimes it's all about you.
Chad NOW brings you a series of lessons highlighting the differences between Chadian colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). The Chadian dialect of Arabic is fun to learn and speak, and we encourage you to check out this podcast brought to you by
I am Chad Vice, co-owner and operator of Championship Vinyl, an online record store. Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!
NYC DJ/ Producer Chad Jack Presents "Gigabeats" Podcast
We asked three people to describe Chad and Ballsy Daily.They said:-“Who?”-“They owe me money”-“Sometimes funny” Chad and Ballsy Daily, your daily dose of 104.9 The Wolf’s morning team Chad and Ballsy including stuff they weren’t allowed to say on the air.
This is Scotty Explains Sports to Chad with Scotty and Chad. We bring you basic information about sports, simple enough for Chad to understand -- and maybe you'll learn something, too.
Listen to messages from Awaken Church led by Pastors Chad & Lacy Gonzales. You can also watch live and archived services on youtube, FB, our Awaken Church phone app and at
Chad Theule
Podcast by Chad Theule
The Benefits of Chocolate in Every Aspect of Life🌎
Go to for real broadcasting. This broadcaster is horrible.
Delivering you straight forward, daily tips on how build muscle, gain strength, and lose fat. I want to make your fitness not so damn scary!
Chad’s greatest passion is to see young people changed & empowered through the preaching of God’s word. A gifted and humous communicator, Chad’s enthusiastic and anointed communication style appeals to people in all cultures. Combing the truth of God’s word with relevant and anointed subjects, young and old alike have come to experience the life giving power of Jesus!
Chad Jeffers
Musician, Writer, Entrepreneur
Chad Logan
Chad Logan, musician & Entertainer.
A weekly journey into the mind of Howard Bloom, noted historian, philosopher, and author. Bloom is the most frequented contributor to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. On this show, Howard and emcee Chad Dougatz tackle a wide range of humanity, including sex, drugs, God, aliens, and Michael Jackson.
Welcome to Breakout Sessions with Chad Nedland where amazing things happen when you get out of your own way. Join us as we explore different viewpoints and perspectives changing our points of view and allowing ourselves to see. No longer will we be limited buy a single lens but allowed to see through the perspective of many. Get ready for a ride.
Chad & Wess Make a Podcast! Listen to the ramblings of two nerds as they talk about things Geek culture like:- Movies- TV Shows- Comics- Games- & More!!Check back every other Sunday to get the latest news and happenings!Check us out on iTunes!
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from The EXIT Lakes Realty Premier Team - your professional Brainerd Lakes Real Estate Agents.
Women & Investing
Weekly Sermons from the Mantua Center Christian Church. Most offered by Rev. Chad Delaney, M.Div, from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Chad Baseball
Chad Baseball Podcast
Reverend Chad Hall featuring speaker Chad Hall
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Edina Realty - your professional Real Estate Agents.
Hanging With Chad
Chad Davis sits down and talks to friends and soon to be friends about everything and anything.
Chad Warren
Everything combat sports
Chad takes a few minutes to discuss a legal concept, idea, procedure, or article in the least boring way possible.
My name is #ChadBehnken and I educate and assist people looking to #buy and #sell #homes in my favorite city, #ColoradoSprings! I am a #LicensedRealEstateAgent with #TurnerAssociatesLLC and a #ManagingBroker for The #PenkhusProperties Team. #PiquePodcast
A DJ mix of the best in Deep House, Progressive House, and Techno.
Adam & Chad is a weekly sports talk radio show for the Mid-South, airing on U.S. 51Country 93.5 WKBQ-FM in Covington, TN from 8PM-10PM every Tuesday. Also on TV and YouTube - check website for listings. Hosted by Adam Craig and Chad Gatlin.
Hanging With Chad
A podcast where Chad invites people on to talk about a wide range of topics and fun things............
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Beto O' Rourke does a town hall with CNN. Lottery fever. Urban Word of the Day. Saudi officials admit WaPo journalist was killed. Sheriff David Clarke talks about the migrant caravan and the mid-terms. Chad sees the new Halloween. Beyonce turns down invitation to perform at Super Bowl half-time.
It's a huge final hour of the show, as Chad is joined by Santana Moss (00:00), then presents the CDVTW Clip of the week (15:30), discusses the worst type of radio in the world (26:30), and is finally joined by SiriusXMNFL Host and writer for The Athletic Ross Tucker. (34:22)
Everyone's favorite beat reporter for 106.7 the Fan Craig Hoffman is on the line to preview the first Dallas game of the season for the Redskins (00:00), and then it's an Open Line Thursday you do NOT want to miss. (16:55 and 28:53).
Another jampacked hour of CDVTW as Chad is joined by Sean Salisbury (00:00) to preview this week in the NFL and the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry. Next up on Dallas week we talk to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas's Mike Fisher (18:02) to preview the game and hopefully avoid a radio feud with the Junkies, and finally it's another edition of the Fast Food Pin ...…
Let the Big Sherpa take you through a radio journey, firstly being thrilled that J-Rod is out again today (00:00), and is then joined by Hall of Famer Joe Theismann (6:35) to break down all things Redskins/Cowboys. After that it's NHL Network's EJ Hradek (18:04) to discuss Tom Wilson's suspension and the rest of the news surrounding the hockey ...…
Republican Senate candidate Karin Housley was a guest of Mike Max, who was filling in on the Chad Hartman Show.
GOP senate candidate Karin Housley joined Mike Max.
Mike Max in for Chad Hartman. Alan Horton joined him to talk about the Timberwolves.
Lying in your bed you hear the clock tick and think of squirrel. Caught up in circles, squirrel-fusion is nothing new. Flashback, hug squirrel, almost left behind... the second squirrel unwinds IF YOU’RE LOST YOU CAN LOOK AND YOU WILL FIND SQUIRREL… Unless you're on Frontier Airlines. Boo. SHOUT OUT to WildClaw Theatre's TASTE OF DEATHSCRIBE at ...…
Craig Ferguson call Ballsy "scrotum", Chad sings "Kiss From A Rose", and a bunch of men sitting around staring at each other.
Holy Hell! Halloween must be close, because companies are losing their minds and scaring the shit out of us. On this week’s show, LinkedIn might have a blacklist, Indeed is 86’ing staffing firms, companies are putting blinders on their desk jockeys and scare clowns are invading offices in the heartland. The boys also give their takeaways from s ...…
It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash The Shred is brought to you by The Judge Group… The Judge Group A leader in technology and healthcare staffing providing top talent to organizations ranging from the Fortune 100 to the tech startups, across all industries. Check ’em out at – that’s J-U ...…
Trump threatens to cut off aid to countries supporting migrant caravan. Urban Word of the Day. Advertising and politics. Business boycotting Saudi conference. Classic stories now being targeted in #metoo movement. John Bolton vs. John Kelly. Sexist tissues.
DeAngelo Hall joins CDVTW and gives his input on Cooley’s comments regarding the offense, the Radio Sherpa is looking for advice on installing a water fountain and Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post is on to help preview the beginning of a new NBA Season. DeAngelo Hall 1 – 00:10 DeAngelo Hall 2 – 14:10 Water Fountain in a House? – 24:36 Tim Bo ...…
Chris Cooley was on with the morning show and had some interesting comments about Jordan Reed, Alex Smith and the Redskins’ offense. Dukes plays the clip for Michael Phillips and the listeners to see how viable the idea is. Michael Phillips – 00:10 Jordan Reed & Alex Smith 1 – 15:50 Jordan Reed & Alex Smith 2 – 26:00…
The spectacular second hour of the show is football heavy. Dukes talks fantasy football with Kevin Payne of Roto Wire and then breaks down the Thursday Night Football game with Cecil Lammey and Mike Jurecki who cover the Broncos and Cardinals. Plus, a great spy report from Thom Daly. Fantasy Football Preview – 00:10 Countdown to Kickoff – 17:40 ...…
Off the Menu host Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl made her weekly appearance, talking all things food with Chad Hartman.
Congressman Keith Ellison joined Chad for a conversation following the release of his divorce records, questions regarding his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan and his hopes for the future of Minnesota if he is elected Attorney General.
Former independent counsel Ken Starr joined Chad Hartman to talk about his latest book Contempt, a look back on the impeachment of President Clinton 20 years ago.
The Washington Wizards open up their season tonight and the expectations are mixed. Dukes talks to long time play by play announcer Steve Buckhantz, looks back at the great Austin Rivers interview and addresses the lack of scoring from his pal John Carlson on Capitals. Show Start – 00:10 Steve Buckhantz – 5:42 Austin Rivers – 19:46 John Carlson ...…
MMA is coming to DC and so is one of the best fighters in the world! Chad Dukes sits down with PFL welterweight fighter Jake Shields. Shields takes on Ray Cooper III this Saturday at the brand new DC Entertainment & Sports Arena.wa
Chad hangs out with Boston Globe journalist Dave Abel. They talk about Dave's new documentary Lobster War: The Fight Over the World's Richest Fishing Grounds. They also dive a little bit into Dave's career as a journalist for the Boston Globe. Dave was at the finish line of the Boston bombing, he reported to many different newspapers from Cuba ...…
Chad and Jade ponder the mechanics of morning people, the proper pronunciation of "sweet tea" and warn against the dangers of winning the lottery.By
What Is This Episode: 7 Minutes of Fame Air Date: 10/17/18 Duration:108:42 Size: 105mb Summary: * Wush responds to criticisms from Krystal, Brain, and Lenn. Enjoy your recognition and look forward to working with you again in the future! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) SHOPPING ON AMAZON? REPLACE YOUR BOOKMARK WITH THIS LINK TO HELP PODTRASH.COM FOR FREE! – https: ...…
Uber could go public next year and Lyft announces a subscription plan at discounted prices. Is ride sharing cheaper for commuters after you factor in insurance, gas and auto payments? I also look at mixed Q3 returns and the decrease in US home construction and affordability. Other topics include: Canada legalizing recreational marijuana America ...…
Mike Pompeo meets with Saudi officials regarding American Journalist's death. Brian Kilmeade, talks about his new book. Urban Word of the Day. Federal revenue and spending. Cameo app. Rod Rosenstein feels it's time to wrap up investigation. Rosanne's character killed off on return of The Conner's. Website will provide you with a celebrity shout ...…
Thom Loverro continues to hang out with Big Shooter and they get into a discussion with Doug Farrar about the news that Nick Bosa of Ohio State has decided to skip his final games for the Buckeyes in order to get ready for the NFL Draft. Is this a wise decision? Doug Farrar – 00:10 Nick Bosa Experiment 1 – 16:53 Nick Bosa Experiment 2 – 26:48 T ...…
The Radio Sherpa is joined in studio with a man who is either buddy or antagonist depending on the moment. Thom Loverro is in studio and the guys talk to Austin Rivers. The new guard of the Washington Wizards drops an incredible interview that needs to be heard. Thom Loverro – 00:10 Austin Rivers – 22:50 Reaction to the Rivers Interview – 30:00…
The best segment of the week and a Stanley Cup champion. Dukes covers movies with Erik Davis, MMA with Damon Martin and video games with Mike Mahrdy on Crossing the Streams. John Carlson of the Caps joins the show. There are some great ska covers in the works. Crossing the Streams – 00:10 John Carlson – 20:02 Ska Versions – 29:26…
Susie Jones joined the show to talk about the release of the documents in the divorce of Keith and Kim Ellison. Then our weekly conversation with Jason DeRusha.
Chad starts the show on a somber note, discussing the passing of longtime Redskins reporter with Chris Russell. After a tribute to Tandler, Dukes talks Capitals with Joe Beninati, Redskins with the Rooster and transitions into more jovial topics. Dukes and Russell discuss Rich Tandler – 00:10 Redskins Discussion – 6:00 Joe Beninati – 20:38 Rich ...…
Tonight Titans sacks, College Football, and Player of the Year Semi-finalists! Coach Marty Wheeler joins to talk Charger football.
Mayor Michael Fougere, Chris Foord of The Cannabis Show, and Police Chief Evan Bray weigh in on legalization day.
Canvas recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese’s Death Match competition, pitting four start-ups against each other. They were cool under pressure and came out victorious. Listen now to see how it went down.
Our dawg Chris G joins us on this fire pod. We discuss the craziness of coconuts, the way we established our bond with Chris, the aftermath of the Conor Mcgregor/Khabib fight, and Chris's unintentional acid trip with some of our dogs. As always, there's babes, beefs, and legends of the week. Check out the subreddit: ...…
Saudi officials ready to admit WaPo journalist was killed in an interrogation gone wrong. Lindsey Graham wants to sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia. Cherokee Nation fires back at Elizabeth Warren. What Chad said vs. What you heard. Mega Millions drawing. Chuck Todd, Meet the Press, talks about the mid-term elections. Ronna McDaniel, Party C ...…
The Radio Sherpa is joined in studio by J.P. Finlay. There is a lot of ground to cover about the Redskins, so Dukes doesn’t need to be hindered by the Fruitcake Emporium. The Redskins play Dallas this weekend. How important is this game? J.P. Finlay in Studio 1 – 00:10 J.P. Finlay in Studio 2 – 18:16 J.P. Finlay in Studio 3 – 28:00 J.P. Finlay ...…
There have been rolling corrections in different sectors and in different stocks making this month tough on investors following the large Q3 returns. Is now the time to become more conservative or simply ignore the headlines? Today I discuss: Troubling media headlines and geopolitical events Sheltering yourself from the chance that stocks and b ...…
Is it possible that the incremental improvement of the franchise will acknowledged? Not celebrated, but noticed or acknowledged. We will see. If the Redskins can beat the Cowboys, what will it mean to the listeners? Are they ready to believe? Time for the Redskins – 00:10 If Washington Beats Dallas….? – 15:50 We Should Appreciate .500 – 29:48…
Every week the Radio Sherpa goes around the entire NFC East to find out what is happening with teams the Redskins play twice. Otto Porter stops by to help Dukes preview the upcoming NBA season that starts for the Wizards tomorrow night. Tackling the East – 00:08 Otto Porter – 19:34 The NFL Power Rankings – 30:34…
Chad asks Trump supporters whether they are alright with him calling Stormy Daniels horseface. Later in the hour Chad visits with Neal Justin from the Star Tribune about The Connors debuting tonight on ABC without Roseanne Barr.
Big Shooter starts the show recapping what the Redskins did on Sunday with Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post. He talks Raiders with Bonta Hill of 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area, and then invites the two hosts following him on the station this evening. Show Start – 00:08 Kareem Copeland – 5:14 Bonta Hill – 19:34 Blue Shorts & Thom Daly – 30:34…
This hour Chad talks about Canada starting legal marijuana sales & has his weekly visit with Jamie Yuccas.
Chad visits with KSTP reporter Tom Hauser about Karin Housley's Facebook post on Michelle Obama from 2009 but first, he deals with Earl from Western Minnesota who isn't happy with Chad
Trump gives interview to 60 Minutes. Elizabeth Warren takes DNA test to determine Native American Heritage. Weekend box office. DANNY INY, Author- Leveraged Learning. Sears files for Chap. 11 bankruptcy. Asian students at Harvard take issue with Affirmative Action. Co-founder of Microsoft dies. Saudi Arabia planning to admit WaPo journalist was ...…
It's time for another round of questions with Richard Mystery, and just who is Richard Mystery? We may never know... Seriously we really don't find out anything worthwhile here. At all. Find the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast on Discord:
Chad Dukes is joined in studio by one of the best players ever to wear the burgundy and gold. Dukes and Moss hang out and discuss everything from yesterday’s game to the rap career of Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. Great, as always. Santana Moss 1 – 00:10 Santana Moss 2 – 16:32 Santana Moss 3 – 27:18 Santana Moss 4 – 36:12…
At 3-2, and in 1st place, do we know anything more about this team than we did 6 weeks ago? Can we expect them to beat teams with bad records? Is there anyone left of the schedule that they should definitely lose to? Dukes weighs in and takes calls. Time for the Redskins – 00:10 Calls About the Burgundy & Gold – 17:34 Jack in Woodbridge Gets Re ...…
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