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Welcome to Cinderella has Cellulite - a show about love, romance, and how to make it all last! Relationship Expert Donna Arp Weitzman draws on her years of experience in and out of the dating game to unwrap the mysteries behind the all-too familiar fairy tale! Tune in to find out the secrets behind first dates, second marriages, and everything in between!
BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) discuss their latest film Cinderella. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Actors Lily James and Richard Madden talk about Cinderella. Inspired by the classic fairy tale, this live-action retelling of Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece is a visually dazzling spectacle for a whole new generation.
Podcast by Trailer Park Cinderella
Cinderella Men
A Podcast by Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo.
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Episode 2 of Trailer Park Cinderella I had to review the debut solo album from Ouija Macc "Gutterwater"
GG Allin: The Allins Documentary - Trailer Park Cinderella by Trailer Park Cinderella
Enjoying wine on a first date or a date night with the second husband doesn't have to break the bank. Jeff Siegel from is here to break down the ways that the wine industry tries to get to you spend more than you need to. He also brings by three bottles of delicious wine that you can buy for less than $20. And how does it ...…
Welcome back to another episode of Cinderella has Cellulite! Today on the show, Donna and Zach catch up on their summer plans before sitting down with friend of the show Natalie Westbrooke to catch up since her last appearance on Episode 10, hear how she's been making waves in Dallas with her brand Gilt Guide, and find out how she'll be tearing ...…
Michael Holmes is the founder of Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions, a company responsible for building workflows for businesses all over the metroplex. Believe it or not, when he's not figuring out how best to maximize your professional efficiency, he's also doing a little relationship legwork. What does a guy like Michael know about being si ...…
Donna and Zach dish on the royal wedding (and Donna's latest outing in Las Vegas) before inviting local author Nancy Smith on to the podcast to talk about her time as a society writer for the Dallas Morning News, her adventures at over 5,000 Dallas parties, and get the scoop on her latest book "Original Scarlett O'Hara."…
Sure, every relationship is different, but what about every marriage? Today on the show, Donna invites Judge Juan Jasso onto the podcast to talk about the subtle art of getting hitched and how some folks like to do things a little differently than the rest when it comes to getting married.By RNCN.
Donna sits down with Zach and special millennial guests Sarah Strackhouse and Haley Rogers to talk about the secret to asking for money as a wedding gift instead of actual gifts (and whether or not it's socially acceptable) and the problem with Chris Rock and the "Uncle Zone" before diving into pet ownership and hopefully quelling some of Zach' ...…
What does it take to be one of the top bachelors in the country? Nick Boulle is a 29-year-old businessman that loves racing cars. How does that sound, ladies? We'll find out what's essential for a possible spouse, how he balances his time, and what it's like to go more than 200 miles per hour.By RNCN.
On this week's episode, Donna sits down with certified matchmaker Eva Hood to talk about how she got into the business of fixing folks up, how she met her husband through her own service, and what she's been doing since playing the professional matchmaking game.By RNCN.
With the new world of online dating, how does a woman stay safe? How does a man? It all comes down to instincts. Former Secret Service agent Robert Caltabiano joins Donna to explain how you should put away the technology and rely on something much older...our guts.By RNCN.
Even though it's 2018, people still believe in romance. Donna sits down with romance author and speaker Jodi Thomas. We hear about what it takes to be a successful author, why she tries to reach out to younger writers, and why romance is still as popular as it ever was. We also talk Oscars!Find out more about Jodi at…
Normally Cinderella has Cellulite is a show that celebrates relationships, but with the highest highs come the lowest lows. This week on the show, Donna sits down with mother of four Stephanie Bond to hear a story of domestic abuse turned tragedy and find out how other women can see the signs and save their families from unforeseen disaster.…
Donna and Zach discuss the endearing world of the contemporary "Sugar Baby" before inviting Dallas' hottest couple Steve Kemble and Chad Collom onto the show to talk about the dating scene in Dallas and how despite the odds these two crazy guys managed to find each other- and make it last!By RNCN.
Cinderella has Cellulite is getting hitched! Donna and Zach head down to Dallas Market Hall for the annual Dallas Bridal Show where they chat with one of the "Battle of the Brides" finalists, a couple of cake bosses, show alumni (and famed dressmaker) Ruby Bhandari, and more!By RNCN.
Donna and Zach invite Kristin Merron onto the show to talk about Donna's recent travels to Cuba, chat about the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp at the Golden Globes, and have a look at Donna's latest book "The Wind Blew Innocent: A Memoir" and reflect on Donna's small beginnings growing up in South Texas.…
It's a Cinderella Holiday Special! Donna and Zach sit down with bachelor Rich Meister and voice of the show Samantha Knight to kick off Christmas in a way only an esteemed author and three Millennials can- talking traditions, spreading holiday cheer, and believe it or not, digging into the #metoo movement. Pour another glass of your favorite Ho ...…
Donna and Zach sit down with a couple of soon-to-be-weds to talk about the seemingly ever-increasing national divorce rate, figure out why Millennials seem to be leaning away from tying the knot, and find out if marriage truly is the destination or maybe just a pit stop along the way.By RNCN.
The modern internet has completely changed dating. Model and engineer Johnny Qureshi sits down and talks about how social media has evolved the dating game, how you strike a balance between your professional life and your personal life, and what every girl does after a first date. Also, how does snoring impact your marriage?…
Donna returns to the Lawley Art Gallery to talk about local happenings with Dallas celebrity boyfriend Chad Collom, chat all things art with gallery owner Tanner Lawley, wax candidly about Mrs. LeeAnne Locken with Real Housewives of Dallas Fiancé and Hottie from Swattie Rich Emberlin, and discuss dating destiny with Cinderella has Cellulite bac ...…
Donna heads to a local Art Show at to the Lawley Art Group in Dallas' own Design District to sit down with local fashion-preneur Natalie Westbrook to talk about life in the metroplex, building your brand, and the key to finding love somewhere in between.By RNCN.
Donna sits down with two of DFW's own "Flip Angels," a trio of young entrepreneurial women who flip houses in the metroplex, to talk about the trouble with relationships and why sometimes it's not so bad being single!By RNCN.
Donna sits down with longtime friend Pat Holder Ritter to talk about her second marriage to her true love Wayne Ritter, her transition from life as a later dater to a remarried woman, and the things she's learned along the way.By RNCN.
Donna and Zach discuss the meaning of happiness before sitting down with Luxury Romance Concierge Therez Fleetwood to talk about the key to a happier couple - and how her new startup is putting a little spice back into the traditional marriage.By RNCN.
Donna discusses the 3 personality traits to look out for when considering whether or not your partner may be cheating before talking about the big Chris Pratt/Anna Faris split and sitting down with Psyche Terry and Vontoba Terry to talk about their 15 years together and the top 7 tips to keeping a marriage strong in the age of instant gratifica ...…
Donna discusses what later daters should and shouldn't be wearing on date night before sitting down with Ruby Bhandari of Silk Threads to talk contemporary fashion trends, eccentric requests Ruby's heard at her custom clothier, and what the guys can do to step up their fashion game.By RNCN.
Donna premieres her Mystery Dating Game and welcomes local Plano School Teacher Kira into the studio to talk to her three mystery bachelors (Thomas, Johnnie, and Rich) and decide which man she wants to meet for a blind date.By RNCN.
Donna and Zach discuss the 5 ways to know it’s over before sitting down with 620 AM Afternoon Host Brian Glenn and Sex and the Siren cover artist Cachet Petty to talk about the rise of the relationship app, instant gratification, and the dating differences between boomers and millennials.By RNCN.
Donna discusses the rise in online dating scams and how to avoid getting socially swindled before sitting down with Bravo's "Real Housewives of Dallas" star LeeAnne Locken to talk about her dating life between seasons and her alluring "Hottie from Swattie."By RNCN.
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Cinderella has Cellulite! Donna introduces herself to the show to talk about the trouble with phone-snubbing before sitting down with motivational speaker Vicki Hitzges and author Doug Box to discuss the trials and tribulations of the modern later dater.By RNCN.
BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) discuss their latest film Cinderella. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) discuss their latest film Cinderella. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Actors Lily James and Richard Madden talk about Cinderella, a live-action retelling of Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece.
Actors Lily James and Richard Madden talk about Cinderella, a live-action retelling of Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece.
Hear into the cavernous wells of our dark souls when we comment on the death of an icon, the desperation of the lonely, and having sex with aliens.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
This episode was recorded a month before Halloween, Due to technical difficulties we were unable to release it until now. In this episode we discuss iTunes reviews, Halloween costumes and old friends.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
In this episode we are joined by Marcus Jemison to discuss Education, Hookin up and the future of the podcast. MUSIC BY: The Dandy Warhols, The Kids of Widney High and Lenny Kravitz.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
In this episode we are joined by Jordan Stricklen to discuss bathroom etiquette, camping, the A.C Slater and Derick talks about the repercussions of his decision to go into the closet.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
Our boring lives are awesomely interrupted by a genius at public speaking, we laugh at a poor old lady and plug Jack's Twin Bar in Gloucester City, New Jersey.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
In this episode we discuss The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat, then take a hard left into a post High School therapy session.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
We celebrate our tenth episode by acknowledging it verbally, recant meeting a comedian and the consequences of victory, and pay homage to the real heroes who guard their posts by making people sign in and out.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
We are joined again by Nicholas Anderson to discuss our thoughts on Inglourious Basterds, the brewing feud between Nick and Jordan and Nicks obsession with Zach Galifianakis. We then chit chat about Eddie and Steves true relationship.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
Jordan Strickland joins the gang to lament the death of Jonathan Brandis, spoil District 9, herald the return of a maybe gay pervert and spin a yarn about the greatest caper ever executed.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
We bash a classic and forge the ultimate plan for nuclear holocaust survival.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
We talk Vanilla Sky and purple jackets, Our correspondent Zack comes to us live from Comic-Con and Nick stops by to rap with us about the homeless.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
Nicholas Anderson is back on the track with a little green bag. We rehash the Harry Potter movies, review the new one, revel in the idea of Jon minus 9, accuse a movie studio of making the same movie over again and dare to dream for celebrity guests.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
BREAKING NEWS. David Carradine has died! On this episode we discuss masturbation, roof top fun, strip clubs, death and fucked up thumbs.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
Back to the original duo, wherein we discuss Ryan's crazy Las Vegas adventures with two women, our thoughts on celebrity death, give Waterworld it's due and reminisce about past Halloween victories.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
In this episode, we panic and bring in a third man. Spin yarns of our worsts moments of intoxication. And dwell on bodily functions far too much.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
The first episode may be a little rough but you should give us a chance. We talk about bartending, dinosaurs, shrink rays and HIV.By (Ryan Kain and Derick Armijo).
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