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Terryee Abbott has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help
Ruby Bedi
New Monthly Show New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - When you find your Soul, you will find meaning and purpose. The laws of creation and the speed of time have changed all of existence is in the process of rising from a chaotic state to a healthy and fertile vibration. What's next, and how do we get there is driving our consciousness. The new state of living is being called forth out of the uncertainty and chaos and people are ready to experience a new blueprint for living. A New Soul Blueprint ...
This is a 90-minute call in show offering insights, spiritual tools and energy clearing to support you attracting your heart's desires. A near death experience lifted Amirah to higher mystical insight in 1998. Amirah human journey includes many personal hardships and physical challenges that continue to teach her the transcendent power of love and light.She is a gifted energy healer, authentic channel and an exceptional psychic. As an outstanding clairvoyant and clairaudient, she has the abi ...
Talking with Lordiel
KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE & THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE......... The healings and blessings that flow through me are unpretentious, unrehearsed and straight from the heart, soul and Spirit. The programs are about helping each other ... and finding solutions to that which we seek!!! Programs that are for the people and by the people to share, teach and reach out to each other in living life. As in life, we are all in it together and if each of us just REACH out and TOUCH someone,we can ...
Dana Marie is a gifted intuitive and spiritual consultant with several years professional experience. Though discovering her gifts at an early age, she has been teaching and learning sacred principles and universal laws for two decades. Her divine mission is to empower, enlighten and consciously expand your horizons by helping you expect the unexpected. Dana's authentic insights, trustworthy compassion, and unwavering dedication keep her in high demand.For a free reading on this podcast, sen ...
Dana Marie is a gifted intuitive and spiritual consultant with several years professional experience. Though discovering her gifts at an early age, she has been teaching and learning sacred principles and universal laws for two decades. Her divine mission is to empower, enlighten and consciously expand your horizons by helping you expect the unexpected. Dana's authentic insights, trustworthy compassion, and unwavering dedication keep her in high demand.For a free reading on this podcast, sen ...
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Get the runners hig. How do u start to enjoy running
What are soul agreements and how make sure we honor them and have the best prosperity and understaning in our life?
How did Toni heal her depression? Find out how she did this after 20 years of being on prescription medication, It is a great story, Listen to her story, it is inspiring and motivational.
It is a new begining and a new year. What angel helps with our love life? Find out who helps and how to work with this angel daily to have an exquisite relationship.
Who are the angels an guides who help you honor your new year intentions and goals and become the best version of yourself?
Hey iit is a new year with new resolutions and fun things to create your dreams to happen. Find out more on our show tonight at 7pm east coast,
The holidays are wonderful and we have angels that bring joy and lots of magic to all holidays. Find out more about them today on our show.??????
Toni is an expert with knowing what cats think and what they are communicaticating to you. She will share how you can do the same for you and your fur babies
I am interviewing Toni Mathews today, She is successful and happy. She is her bliss Even when her father disowned her for 20 years. Find out how she became better instead of bitter
New year and this is the year to have new dreams and creating them to happen. 2019 is a special year to have a change of mindset and heart and really have our desires.
I have created a meditaiton to meet your soulmate.
Super charge your day with your self and your higher power and or an angel. Today is an amazing day. You are the best version of yourself
How cool is it to have an a to work with you and help you have more and be the best version of yourself to fine and connect with your twin flame. Sounds like a fun life to have? It is.. Tune in to learn more.
Angel Coach Toni Matthews Has very great thoughts about Honesty in relationships and making the relationship be the best it can be. Listen in and get insight about how to make your relationship be the best for you and your sweet heart.
It's Monday morning and listen in to help get you motivated for the day
Wonderful aha moments that make you love the life you live and
Have more energy anytime of day you desire,
New beginning and a new you. We are at the end of 2018 and how will you be to be prosperous in every area of your life. Check out the show now or later to have tools that will really work for you....And be fun to use too.
Gratitude is a powerful tool to create the best possible life for you in all areas of your life, Rpmance,marriage, love, life choices, career, business and and your wellness.
I am going to share things you can o to heal yourself. I wil talk and share different types of techniques to use that will give you imeditate results. You can start to feel better and have more energy and have hope that anything is possible. This can be a real game changer for you.
What are the meaning of these numbers and what does it mean when we see them randomly?
Tonights show will be about archangel Haniel. She helps us develop our psychic abilities especially clairvoyance.
How can you have be and then share abundance and prosperity with friends, family and yourself
You matter, and what you do matters to the world. Make your existence profound and meaningful by following your Big Plan
How do you find out who your angel or angels are and how do you work with them?
what is your biggest desire for your love, family, life choices, career, business and of course your wellness? How do you manifest all of your dreams for all these areas on this show tonight at 6pm.
Daily disciplines to create abunance in your love life. relationships. life choices, your wellness. Listen to the show and find out techniques to help you find, be and follow your bliss.
What is being in the flow with the mind body and spirit connection mean to haveing a life of bliss, We will discuss it this afternoon. How will this help you create an abundance in relationships, love. life choices and wellness,
I am going to do a show on living being and creating your bliss. Today's show is about creating the bliss in your life.. I also want to add following your bliss. The words sound fun and magical. It is a blissful process. Find out how to do this for yourself in your life and enjoy the creation process,…
Why are yearly readings so important for us as individuals, our family soul mate, love business/career life choices and our wellness and why is 2019 a big year for us all? Listen in and find out more tonight at 930 pm.
How do your psychic abilities? Find out how you can do this with some fun magical exercises you can start to do today.
We have 3 types of soulmates to choose from to experience in our life time. Which one do we choose and why do we choose them, Listen in to find out the why...
Most of us would like to attract the best mate powwible and how do we do this and what angels and or higher power helps us? I am going to have a fun lively chat about this today. You don't want to miss it.
I forgot to add this ritual in and it is the most importan
I do this every morning:: Daily rituals to keep me focused in the day and my goals a must! Listen what I do and I know ff it sounds good to you.use it!! Change your mind set change your life,
I am an angel coach and how do you have a lot of money and love in your relationships and find that power we all have if we choose. If you are looking for the relationship of your dreams how do you do this. What is the secret. We will share this on the show today.
If you feel you are done practising life, you are ready for quick success then start to ACT now. Masterstroke will make you win against all odds, you will achieve more than you intended, you will master the art of solving problems with full spirit power.
The bold will go where on one else dares to go, they sit on the edge of the known and the unknown fearlessly and boldly pull their future potential self into their present self creating all possible realities and big impacts with smallest actions. They are the future leaders.
Transparency is the finest quality of consciousness which allows us to see right through our inner and outer natures. In this state, you can see everything, agendas, emotions, thoughts and all things hidden, without judgement, known as the Gaze of God. Why should we be transparent When we become transparent we experience increased tolerance, a ...…
In the final episode of "A Life Untethered", Andrew and Jeremy are opening up the subject of trust. Trust in yourself and your abilities to manifest your world. Trust in yourself as capable, and able. Trust that your desires are possible, and most importantly that you are worthy of them. When it comes down to it, a spiritual journey is between ...…
We all hold the energies of the Divine Feminine within us. The energies of Feminine/Masculine have nothing to do with our gender.The divine mother in all of us is being awakened more and more with the awakening of humanity. We see evidence of this all around us. How can we consciously connect with our inner feminine aspects How can we cultivate ...…
Sometimes life is messy and chaotic. When things seem to go sideways and fall apart, how do we make sense of it Our natural tendency is often to go into panic mode when unexpected circumstances arise, but what if we could learn to see chaos as a positive thing This week Andrew and Jeremy open up the topic of chaos and shed insight on how we can ...…
For the first time ever, humanity can adapt to the new speed of time. In this era of increased speed of time, space, thoughts, learning and absorption of ideas, the old way of setting goals is powerless. The new overarching goal is to live spontaneously from moment to moment with optimal agility and flexibility, while accepting the speed of the ...…
Attachment is a word that is discussed a lot in spiritual circles, and they are usually seen as something negative. Like the topic of ego, many spiritual conversations focus around how to rid ourselves of attachment. What if we could explore our attachments without seeing them as something inherently good or bad What if we were able to more ful ...…
2017 has been a really intense year to say the least We have been pushed, pulled, squeezed, and stretched beyond what we thought we were capable of. As this year draws to a close, we begin to open up to the powerful potential of 2018. This week Andrew welcomes David Manning to the show. They discuss the major themes of the upcoming year. How ca ...…
This week Andrew welcomes Ryan Allen back to the show. They discuss why resolutions don't work and how to break bonds with the past. If you are ready to move into 2018 free from playing it small, living small, or being ruled by fear, then tune in. Ryan and Andrew give practical tips on how to move from disempowerment to rediscovering your inher ...…
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