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Best Classicvideogames podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Classicvideogames podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Uncle Bob returns to AFPH to discuss the recent miracle that is Shenmue 3 FINALLY coming out. Oh and Blizzard updates.By Brian and Ray
AFPH discusses the Master of all consoles and why it is still worth a visit, all these years later.By Brian and Ray
AFPH dive into the Atari shell company Tengen, whose surprising role in video game history precedes it's nefarious origins.By Brian and Ray
It's been 20 years since the Dreamcast launched and on this episode, the Autofire Power Hour revisits Sega's little white box with fresh eyes.By Brian and Ray
Join the Power Hour for a look inside the origin of one of the most influential genres in video game history, Dungeon Crawlers!By Brian and Ray
The Power Hour takes on one of the best and most unique fighting series of all time, Samurai Shodown!By Brian and Ray
The AFPH braintrust decided it was time to peel the curtain back a bit and share about our recent retro recreation.By Brian and Ray
AFPH is once again joined by special guest Paul Streifel to discuss his time working at Obsidian Entertainment.By Brian and Ray
Today we get lost in the space weeds with world record Gyruss player, Paul Streifel.By Brian and Ray
On today's episode we discuss the lost art form of cheat codes.By Brian and Ray
On this installment of the Power Hour, we take a look at the Ninja Gaiden series.By Brian and Ray
From the Gameboy all the way up to the 3DS, and some obscure efforts in between, join AFPH on the go!!!By Brian and Ray
Join us for a breezy morning chat about the 3DO over coffee and cotton candy flavored energy drinks.By Brian and Ray
On Today's episode, we examine a small chunk of EA's pre-sports big business shift of the mid 90s.By Brian and Ray
We are back with an extra lumpy episode about some of the more recognizable games that features Clay Based Stop Motion Animation- or Claymation for brevity's sake.By Brian and Ray
AFPH is going on a teensy weensy little hiatus but before we do, we have a special episode about mastering light gun games.By Brian and Ray
The discussion whirls around Panzer Dragoon Saga and a half hour birdwalk about the upcoming live action Sonic movie and its likely special brand of unintended entertainment value.By Brian and Ray
On Today's first installment of a two-parter, Ray finds himself in a dilemma.Find out if he is crazy or not...By Brian and Ray
Today, we take a dive into the history and relevance of the UK's Codemasters.By Brian and Ray
Whether its pride or misguidance, we have all at times been blinded to the truth by our favorite video game brands.By Brian and Ray
With Ray once again out on assignment, Brian and Bob settle in on this potpourri episode.By Brian and Ray
Everybody has some stuff they love that isn't too popular.By Brian and Ray
Its our 50th episode so for such a big milestone, we have done a big show! Bob Bare, stinging over recent events involving his favorite video game company, joins us to discuss.By Brian and Ray
Genre-starved fans have been pouring money into Star Citizen with very little to show for it.By Brian and Ray
We have come to the end of our Retro City Festival coverage/content. Time for us to put our stuff in a hanky at the end of a stick and hit the road.By Brian and Ray
As we begin to wind down our output from this year's Retro City Festival, we have put together a "potpourri" of interviews with some really awesome people.By Brian and Ray
We catch up with Phil to see what's new on his plate this year and to talk about nerd culture before it was pop culture.By Brian and Ray
AFPH is joined by Walter Day, the founder of Twin Galaxies and the all around founder of what is now called E-Sports.By Brian and Ray
Live from RCF 2019- Billy Mitchell returns to AFPH to talk controversy and his path to vindication. After Billy, we speak to Ryan Burger of Old School Gamer Magazine.By Brian and Ray
How good was your 2018 Christmas Haul?By Brian and Ray
This week we dig into the archives to re-release a special Christmas episode!By Brian and Ray
Why is Super Smash Bros so good?By Brian and Ray
In 1993 Yu Suzuki released a 3D fighting game that would change the video game industry forever.By Brian and Ray
Arcade Racers have crashed n' burned in today's video game industry but there was a time when they ruled the track.By Brian and Ray
In 1993 Joe Lieberman was on a crusade to prosecute the video game industry. Night Trap was at the top of his target list.By Brian and Ray
On this episode of Auto Fire Power Hour, Brian and Ray discuss the recent flurry of retro releases and debate the most important of topics.By Brian and Ray
PACHINKO!!! And health clubs....those too.By Brian and Ray
Relax next to the fireplace with Brian for a late night session answering listener questions.By Brian and Ray
Triple combo. Hyper Combo. Super Combo! Brutal Combo! MASTER Combo! AWESOME Combo! KIIING COMBO! KILLER COMBO! ULTRAAAA COMBOOOOO!!!By Brian and Ray
Cool ones, bad ones, expensive ones, just barely functional ones... The controller is to the video game as milk is to cereal, eternally tied together.By Brian and Ray
AFPH covers a mere fraction of the overall mega load of arcade games released on Nintendo's big gray baby sitter of the 80s.By Brian and Ray
In this very special edition of Autofire Power Hour (+48 Hours) we tackle the entire history of Nintendo's Highs & Lows.By Brian and Ray
Journey with AFPH into the world of Taito's Darius where we battle the onslaught of space fish in one of the best horizontal shooter series of all time.By Brian and Ray
Autofire Power Hour is taking it to the X-Treme!!!By Brian and Ray
On this extra special bonus edition of the AFPH, we lightly dabble in self-induced public shaming in an attempt to pull back the curtain a bit. Special appearance enthusiast Thor Becker joins once again as we discuss how we spent our Friday nights in high school establishing the "Sega-Nights" (not to be confused with Sega's Nights).…
FINALLY! It's long overdue for AFPH to speak the virtues of a forgotten but excellent fighting game that stayed in the 16 Bit era: Namco's Weaponlord. This super hardcore and mechanically advanced fighting game would (maybe? possibly?) influence Soul Calibur. Have a listen and then play this awesome game, or the Demonlord will be super pissed.…
On this edition of AFPH, we scratch the surface of one of the most prolific 'single-and-double-A' developers and publishers in Data East. For an added bonus, we were joined midway through recording by returning guest, surprise appearance maker, and all around Bad Dude, Thor Becker. We go on and off the rails. It's a fun one!…
Today on AFPH; Predatory cats, so many buttons, and some number fudging that gets us to 64-bits. The Atari Jaguar was the last home console made by the former video game juggernaut and against all convention, it still has a loyal fanbase. And Ray gets to (justifiably) mock Brian for being among that fanbase!…
Today on AFPH, we have a spirited chat about the Mortal Kombat arcade games. Then for a very special treat, we are joined by Daniel Pesina. Mr. Pesina was the martial arts actor who played Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and more in the games and has a lot to say about the making of and lasting impact of MOOOOORTAL KOOOOOMBAT!!!!…
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