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Dr Strangelove Retrogaming: PODCASTS (2017-12-02 19:39:40 +0000 UTC)
Dr Strangelove Retrogaming: FLASHPODCASTS (2017-12-02 19:41:02 +0000 UTC)
We're 2 dudes and a NES. We record game by game podcasts about the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The Bit Effect
Welcome to The Bit Effect. A gaming podcast by four friends that covers a range of different topics and shows over a range of sub shows!The Bit Effect show releases every month, in which we go in to depth with whichever game takes our, or your, fancy!Retro Rewind releases on the other weeks. A show where one of us or one of our audience picks a retro game for us to replay and then discuss.Operation Sequel is Dave's challenge to play through all the games in a series, is he mad or just obsess ...
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Yup. Record amount of sidetracks here. In this River City Ransom episode we cover: Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest 11, Snatcher, Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Catherine, Deadly Premonition, Monster Hunter, sex scenes in games and a good chat about game mods. If you would like to chose a game for us ...…
Another international episode! Dude Nick comes back on the show (by himself!) to present you with a Nintendo Switchup on Tetris 99. How fitting!By (Michael and Justin).
That's right we have played Snatcher! Join us on this waffling random chat down Snatcher lane as we talk a bit about the game, sprinkle some Kojima in there, and talk shop about what makes us tick when it comes to adventure games! If you would like to chose a game for us to play hit up the website at…
The Dudes are joined by Dude Hickman of the Genesis Germs (why!?) to discuss the often overlooked (in it's day) and arguably underrated game... Clash at Demonhead!By (Michael and Justin).
Dave and Craig get shooting in the FMV filled Lethal Enforcers. Not one's to record without going off topic the first ~5mins is actually our mini Lemmings episode! Enjoy! If you would like to chose a game for us to play hit up the website at www.thebiteffect.comBy The Bit Effect.
[REDACTED] Any thoughts on NIER: Automata, or even what we should play next? Hit us up at where you can contact us about anything, and we mean ANYTHING.By The Bit Effect.
The Dudes are joined by Steven Michael yet again to talk about the Retro Gaming Monthly game for February... Darkwing Duck!By (Michael and Justin).
Yes that's right, Dave, Mike and Craig try to get to grips with NIER: Automata as best they can. Episode one as usual is a spoiler free summary of the mechanics, with a little chat about growing old thrown in there for good measure! Any thoughts on NIER: Automata, or even what we should play next? Hit us up at where you can ...…
Michael sits down to talk about Into the Breach, a game he should have talked about a long time ago.By (Michael and Justin).
This on the rails shooter sees us pick up our keyboards as our weapons of choice in the House of the Dead spin-off series that really gets your heart racing! Craig and Dave find out very quickly as well that there aint a lot to talk about here and so go off topic in tremendous style. As I said above, no need to listen, just play this classic!…
The Dudes are joined by the guys from Power Trip Gaming to talk about Gargoyle's Quest II. Can Paul finally bring a quality game to the table for discussion?By (Michael and Justin).
En este debate pondremos encima de la mesa los pros y contras de cada plataforma. Por un lado, los PCs, mucho más superiores en el plano técnico que las consolas, pero también más caros y dejados de lado por la industria. Las consolas, en cambio, cada vez con menos identidad propia pero con un precio inigualable. De la mano de Arcademaniac, Sat ...…
What happens when your SD card fails? Tune in to find out!By (Michael and Justin).
Yes it's part 2 of Yakuza where we have a chat about what we thought about the story. Mike joins for half the episode before promptly bailing out before we ruin the end! Hope you enjoy! :) Any thoughts on Yakuza 6, or even what we should play next? Hit us up at where you can contact us about anything, and we mean ANYTHING.…
That's right! Mike is back in the recording studio and ready to rock and roll, which means it's finally Yakuza time. Having been on our list to play since release hype is running high, let's hope Kiryu's final outing lives up to expectations! Any thoughts on Yakuza 6, or even what we should play next? Hit us up at where you ...…
The Dudes cross international borders to record and episode about one of the most classic games in the world, much less on the NES. They are joined by Steven Michael from Facebook and Nick from Scotland! This is a long and great episode that you won't want to miss.By (Michael and Justin).
Happy New Year! We are back and start off with a catch up after a couple weeks off and then move into the games we are looking forward to in 2019. Wahooo!By The Bit Effect.
In this episode we discuss the classic Sin and Punishment for the N64, as well as have a long and rambling conversation regarding Craig's new Switch. According to the audio up next on Retro Rewind we have [INSERT GAME HERE] which should be great! If you would like to chose a game for us to play hit up the website at…
Guest host Kleva da Great discusses the Nintendo Switch game... The Messenger. To hear more in-depth coverage be sure to donate on Patreon.By (Michael and Justin).
Special guest Steven Michael from Facebook drops in to do a Switchup episode on Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon! To hear more in-depth coverage, be sure to donate on Patreon.By (Michael and Justin).
Welcome to 2019 and the 6th Season of 2 Dudes and a NES! Michael and Justin sit down to talk about one of the handful of skateboarding games on the NES... Skate or Die!By (Michael and Justin).
Craig and Dave take a trip through the meat circus as they discuss Psychonauts, with some added bonus Rhombus of Ruin chat towards the end! The episode runs long but for once we stay on topic!By The Bit Effect.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our listeners. 2018 has been an excellent year and to celebrate we go through our Games of the Year as well as some highs and lows for the year. If you agree, disagree, or just want to get in touch hit us up at where you can contact us, or even suggest a game for us to play! :)…
Join Dave as he closes out the series with a bit of an oddball. Are the changes good, or do they muddy the waters?By The Bit Effect.
We continue our discussion on Red Dead Redemption 2 by getting right into the middle of it. Join us in this ruckus of a spoiler filled spat. YEEEEHAW If you agree, disagree, or just want to get in touch hit us up at where you can contact us, or even suggest a game for us to play! :)…
Michael sits down to finish the year off and talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.By (Michael and Justin).
En los años 90, SNK y Capcom libraron una feroz batalla por el dominio del Arcade. Uno de los protagonistas de este conflicto fue Street Fighter II, que pareció arrasar con todo y provocó la respuesta de SNK con la saga King of Fighters. Esto también ocurrió con títulos de otros géneros como Beat'em ups, Shooters, Plataformas y Run'n Gun. En es ...…
That's right, we are on Red Dead Redemption 2 and it's a rollercoaster ride of feelings as we discuss the mechanics of Red Dead and our initial impressions on the game itself. There are some pros, many cons and some arguments as we get through this one! In part two next week we get in to the nitty gritty of the story! If you agree, disagree, or ...…
This pick was Luke's. All he had to do was pick a good game to go back to. Instead he picked one purely to nibble away at what is left of Dave's sanity. If you would like to choose a game to annoy Dave hit us up at www.thebiteffect.comBy The Bit Effect.
In an odd turn the we go off topic and discuss not only the later half of Tales but also nostalgia itself. Why do we play old games and how we feel when memories aren't all they are cracked up to be?! A genuine thank you to Austin for this first listener suggested game, you really got us thinking! :) If you would like to suggest a game hit us u ...…
Can the Dudes stop talking about food long enough to cover Felix the Cat for the NES? Tune in to find out on this very Thanksgiving themed episode!By (Michael and Justin).
The week Craig and Dave have a bit of an arcade showdown with Namco Museum Volume 2, the second such challenge in the podcast so far! Let's see how they get on with Mappy, Xevious, Gaplus, Super Pac-Man, Grobda and Dragon Buster!By The Bit Effect.
Some people consider it the best of the series, Do the additions to the gameplay and change of engine help or harm the series?By The Bit Effect.
!!!!SPOILERS!!!! This week the guys continue their discussion on Marvel's Amazing Spider Man on the PS4 by going into depth on the story and their final thoughts. Want to share your thoughts, suggest a game or get in touch? Socials - @thebiteffect Email - Website -…
Spoiler Free! This week the guys give their first impressions and a spoiler free review of Marvel's Amazing Spider Man on the PS4. Want to share your thoughts, suggest a game or get in touch? Socials - @thebiteffect Email - Website - http://thebiteffect.comBy The Bit Effect.
Happy Halloween!!! Are you guys in the mood for a scary game? Well the Dudes have a treat (no tricks) for you. Monster Party!By (Michael and Justin).
Onimusha 2 changed a few things for the series, were they changes for the better?By The Bit Effect.
Join Dave, Craig and Luke on a trip down bombing lane as they play the every classic and awesome Super Bomberman. This 1993 hit was developed by Produce! (yes with an exclamation mark Dave) on the SNES and has been a regular family go to game for one of the gang.By The Bit Effect.
Es lógico amontonar cientos de juegos en una estantería y gastarse miles de € en ellos cuando se puede jugar gratuitamente? Existe un coleccionismo enfermizo de videojuegos? Es normal que se paguen cantidades indecentes de dinero por papeles y electrónica obsoleta? Hay niveles de "locura" en el coleccionismo? Un debate apasionante sobre el cole ...…
Dave takes a look at Onimusha, the hack and slash/Survival horror series.By The Bit Effect.
The Dudes sit down to talk about Q*Bert... sort of. Actually, they spend 95% of the show talking tangents, but there's a little Q*Bert talk sprinkled in there too!By (Michael and Justin).
The Armored Core series has ran from the original Armored Core in 1997 through to this title being the latest release in 2013. Let's see if it leave's the guys pining for more Armored Core action!By The Bit Effect.
Luke has picked Zone of the (Bell) Enders for this weeks Retro Rewind. Will it stand up?By The Bit Effect.
Dave brings Final Fantasy to a close with a brief talk on the series as a whole. After the rambling is the music contest to win a physical copy of Final Fantasy 15. Good luck, and may the Crystals guide you!By The Bit Effect.
Dave and Craig give their thoughts on the most recent Final Fantasy, was it worth replaying? Will they enjoy the DLC? Will Craig say quay correctly?By The Bit Effect.
Michael sits down to discuss one of the hottest topics in regards to Nintendo's new online service... NESflix!By (Michael and Justin).
This week Dave, Craig, and Luke tackle 1996's Do Re Mi Fantasy released in Japan only as Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken, and then later on the Virtual Console in the EU and US. How will this classic platformer hold up amid the current run of hit and miss platformers we have had for Retro Rewinds?By The Bit Effect.
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