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Clips of the Week
Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs poke fun at the bloopers, odd phrases and 'oops' moments from the world's biggest sports radio station this week. If you hear a classic on talkSPORT this week, let us know at, text 81089 (texts cost 50p + standard network rate) or tweet @tSHandJ with the date and time.
Free Downloadable iPod Porn Videos in MP4
Selections from lectures by Jim Collins
All the best bits from Mark In The Morning - only on 100.3 The Sound L.A
Featured Clips
We've already compiled the best of the podcast world into one, easy-to-access website and app for you. Now, these featured clips from the very best of PodcastOne's 200 shows make it easy to find new shows you'll love, catch up when you're tight on time, and share the highlights from your favorite podcasts with friends. Get a taste of the finest, talk about these featured moments, and sample the possibilities that are sure to prove your ears never had it so good.
ECFR Clips
Foreign policy podcasts from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), the first pan-European think-tank. Launched in October 2007, its objective is to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy.
Short clips from recent Veritas Forums!
The voice of the Pope in dialogue with the world
Podcast by USCCBClips
We can't believe anyone wouldn't want to listen to The Punt podcast in full, but just in case there is someone like that out there, we've decided to let you listen to individual match previews too.
Tanya clips
Tanya – The Book of the Intermediates (Likutei Amarim) – taught by Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski
Pete & Rob (Playmobil® 3161) are the stars of several short stop motion clips. In every episode they experience life as a Playmobil®, but will never losse their smile. Watch over 55 episodes at
Clips To Bounds
A brief show about writing code, and writing words hosted by Phill Farrugia.
No Fat Clips!!!
Music videos, short movies, and other kinds of short visual entertainment.
RCV Clips
Join the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center for our monthly podcast, where we cover ranked choice voting election administration topics ranging from drafting legislation to election certification. We'll have brief interviews with team members of the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center, election administrators who have run RCV elections, and more, to tell us about the resources available through the RCVRC and best practices learned from running RCV elections.
Podcast by -Dufresne - Blaudschun - Gould
Short snippets of NFL punts from the William Hill team
Welcome to Clips X Ahoy's Monthly Podcast Loaded. Clips X Ahoy will be spinning his favorite tracks and guest mixes from his friends.For more information visit
Weekly updates from Bernie @topgold about edtech, parenting and travel.
For full episodes check out for subscription options
In this Podcast, we explore the world inside, outside and all around Sport Clips Haircuts. Sport Clips is like no other haircut place. TVs everywhere - playing sports. And guy-smart stylists who know how to give the perfect haircut. Everyone walks out feeling like an MVP.
Fish & Clips
We pair (and compare) movies so you don’t have to!
3 Sample videos for Davis's Quick Clips: Muscle Tests
3 Sample videos for Davis's Quick Clips: Special Tests
Swinburne Library - your gateway to research support, online resources, referencing, and copyright advice.
Audio clips
Sound and Bytes of the past and present Rev M W Durrance archive Ekklesia Online Video Ekklesia Foundation Blog are an outreach of the Ekklesia Foundation
The short form podcast that talks about many random things from culture, music, sports, lifestyle, and many others. A display of thoughts.
Apple and tech talk
Enjoy these audio extras for The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide, available from Stylus. Transcripts for each audio file are available at
Our amazing chefs share cooking tips, quick recipes, and more!
Sips 'N Clips
Takin' big Sips and playing awesome clips!
High Thot clips
Short raw uncut thoughts created in a high state of mind 💁🏿‍♂️ ·Clothes and looks are a distraction from character be yourself be beautiful ♡· for full high thots go to my main podcast 👇🏾 Instagram - @hightots twitter - @highthoties
Faculty experts at the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center provide information on their research and perspective on today's health news.
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We bring you the latest batch of clips from an English pub in Russia...
This podcast interview is with Linda Casillas - Sport Clips Coach, Founding Member of the Artistic Team, and an Ambassador Lead. In it, we discuss her unique path to Sport Clips stardom, including what inspires her and what advice she gives to up and coming stylists. On Instagram @lindacas_hair Instagram: secollectivem.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
We bring you the latest batch of clips from behind the iron curtain
Why do we as a public glorify ignorant behavior? And what are the consequences? www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
The title says it all. What is the difference between these two concepts? www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
What will the role of a creative person look like in the future?www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
What an important part of Summer’s End means to me www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
Is Kanye crazy or is he about to run the whole summer? www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
Welcome to E-Clips! www.summersendcollective.comInstagram: secollective m.waynesworldSummer’s End, a creative collective
Tiffany Pollard reveals how she was first cast on TV, and ended up one of the original HBICs on Rock of Love and I Love NY. And no, she didn’t know it was Flavor Flav!By
Hear Marlon Wayans’ passionate advice on getting into the entertainment industry and creating opportunities.By
Political Commentator Dave Rubin explains how his political shift has been received by his fellow LGBTQ community, including his view that once you have equality, you don’t owe anyone.By
Mackinac Island named the No. 1 summer destination in America on a recent TripAdvisor listFull episode can be found here:
Another tremendous dose of the best clips from last week
This podcast interview is with Tyffani Allen - Sport Clips Rookie Coach of the Year and Artistic Team Member. In it, we discuss her breakthrough into the industry, fast track to stardom and future opportunities. On Instagram @t_fadez7
With the recent supreme court decision sports gambling could be legalized in Michigan. Should it be? Will the tax revenue help the state?The complete episode can be found here:
The Detroit Tigers select Casey Mize #1 in the 2018 MLB Draft. We talk about the job Al Avila has been doing on this current Tigers rebuild processFind the whole episode here:
Fathers are a gift to their children. Fatherhood is also an immense task; a father is meant to represent God the Father to his children: that unconditional love and acceptance, along with protection and challenge. This episode features Bishop Mansour (Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn, Bishop Caggiano (Bridgeport), Bishop Sis (San Angelo), Bisho ...…
A selection of the very best clips turned musical numbers from the past few years.
When a man decides to go to the seminary, his family’s reaction matters. In this episode, two bishops (Bishop Caggiano, Bishop Rassas), 2 priests (Fr. Al Baca, Fr. Luke Ballman), and 1 seminarian (Brendan Glasgow) share their parents’ reaction to their discernment.
Rob teaches us how to handle hecklers in the audience!By
The best bloopers from the week from the likes of Jake Robson, Neil Warnock, Danny Kelly and many more...
Whitney Quesenbery, of the Center for Civic Design, talks to us about CCD's work on ranked choice voting usability: designing RCV election materials for the everyday voter.RCV Usability Reports and Materials: Recordings: for Civic Design: https://civicdesig ...…
The ladies tell all the guys out there what NOT to do on your profile, and how women really see your photos, career listing, bio and more.By
The latest edition of the world famous 'Clips Of The Week' Brazil's mispronunciations, Parry's ailments & a Cundy turn of phrase...
Talking to a leader of Catholic Charities and how religious freedom issues impact the Church's outreach.
Heather talks about her recent, very normal flight experience next to an inconsiderate passenger. Hear the sequence of drama.By
Spencer learns the hard way after being dissed by actor Owen Wilson – no more respectful asks to Snap celebrities, just take the Snap and go. Hear about the encounter, including illegal parking and why Wilson is now dead to Spencer Pratt.By
Shaq talks about how he changed the culture of the Miami Heat franchise, and his thoughts on Dwayne Wade.By
Join Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs as they bring you another edition of clips of the weekBy (talkSPORT).
Dennis and Dana talk about how the Hans and Frans characters on SNL were born, stemming from the “poetry” of Arnold Schwarzenegger.By
PodcastOne host BJ Armstrong shares how teammate Michael Jordan handled losses, why he got so angry and his enlightening view on why they lost.By
'Extreme Cut Out Jeans' selling for $168Complete Episode Here:
On this episode of Made for Love, bishops speak about their mothers and celebrate the gift that motherhood is for the Church and the world. Bishops Caggiano (Bridgeport), Mansour (Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn), Paprocki (Springfield, IL), Ricken (Green Bay), Sis (San Angelo), and Rassas (Chicago).…
Thomas Tramaglini has been charged with lewdness and littering for his defecation Episode Here:
Join Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs as they bring you another edition of clips of the weekBy (talkSPORT).
Dave's out for the week, so we went on a movie tangent.What movie sequels were good, which were bad? Can they ruin the original?Find the complete Episode here:
Evidence shows that giant sloths once existed the complete Episode here:
Clint's excited Double Dare is coming back, not so excited about Pick-It thoughFind the complete Episode here:
The Ladygang girls try to decide whether this mirror message, courtesy of Gloria Steinem, is positive or negative for women.By
Hear Kaitlyn and Bri recreate the musical voicemail message they “produced” back when there were CD players!By
He shoots… he scores! Did you know one of our bishops was a hockey player who has also run 23 marathons? Find out more on today’s Made for Love, as we discuss how sports can enrich family life. This episode features Steve Splonskowski, Bishop Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Sister M. Xavier Schulze, FSGM, and Jeanne and Veronica Canavan.…
Shaq shares his rules of curfew the night before a game. And which team was such low competition that he was out clubbing until 4am the night before every matchup?By
Join Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs as they bring you another edition of clips of the weekBy (talkSPORT).
Comedian and activist Chelsea Handler shares what drove her to get off her high horse and take action, what sparked that decision, and how she’s doing that now.By
Jennifer Daniels talks about the intersection of religious liberty and education.
Shaq breaks down his opinion about why Kawhi Leonard might land in Boston. Plus, he thinks something is going on in San Antonio – potential leaks are coming.By
Spencer explains which of the scandals found in the Comey raid appear to be repeats of storylines from “The Hills.” He wants his royalty check!By
Karen Brinson Bell and State Representative Marc Roberts of Utah discuss the ranked choice voting pilot project bill that passed there in March. Resources discussed in this episode: FairVote's coverage of the Utah Bill: Bill Text: https://le.utah.go ...…
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