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For Colored Nerds
Each week, BFFs Brittany and Eric humorously deep-dive into the uncool topic of their choice while testing the outer limits of their friendship.
Sci-Fi in Color
A writer & a film buff discuss sci-fi TV & films that feature actors/directors/writers of color! Podcast updates on Sunday.
Color Commontary
Tune in every week for casual discussions about our favorite, ever-growing Magic: The Gathering format, Pauper!
Color Full Lives
The State Farm and Loud Speakers Network podcast Color Full Lives is back and more Color Full for its fourth season! Hosts Angela Yee and Aminatou Sow are joined by a vibrant new cohost, My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley, to share real talk on finances, goals and side hustles with celebrity influencers, including Marsha Barnes, Jamila Souffrant, Rich & Regular and more. Tune in weekly, and as always, #LiveColorFull!
Crime in Color
Your weekly look at people of color in true crime hosted by Keyerra. I'm not only telling stories but also bringing light to cases. This podcast isn't only about murderers/serial killers, but it's also about victims, survivors who were able to make it through a terrible life changing event or the wrongfully convicted who had their lives ruined. All of these are important and I want to tell their stories.
Coloring Crypto
Best for beginners and skeptics, Crypto Coloring is the most diverse, consistent and accessible podcast illuminating the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Host Gabe Colors brings a decade of executive startup experience and another decade of art and color study to conversations with investors, founders, futurists, visionaries, and enthusiasts. Join us as we shed needed light on this new technology. twitter @gabecolors instagram @coloringcrypto https://www.instagra ...
This is a show about the art of colored pencils. Where we discuss tips, techniques, shortcuts and all the nitty-gritty of this medium that we love so much.
True Crime podcast. The details you crave mixed with humor you need
"The Color Commentary: giving our own commentary. In color and in context"Too often the phrase "we need to have a discussion about Race" gets lost in translation. Our communities, divided by race and culture but unified and united by common goals, socioeconomic status, and political agendas, don't realize that the discussion to understanding starts with a simple conversation. A Simple commentary placed in proper context. Our team focuses, discusses, and debates every day topics from differen ...
Colorful Eats
Conscious, healthy living to empower the modern woman.
Deep Color
DEEP COLOR is an oral history project and podcast series that features insightful conversations with visual artists as they discuss their work and lives--offering listeners a unique understanding about the experiences and people behind the artwork. DEEP COLOR is independently produced by Joseph Hart.
Colored Red
A podcast about the lesser known murders and crimes that have shaped the history of Colorado. Learn about dark tales from Denver and the murderous past of the Mile High City. Contact the host at: and find the show on Facebook at Colored Red: A Colorado Crime podcast to see photos associated with each case.
Colored: Crack Cocaine, the War on Drugs, and the Making of Post-Civil Rights America is a seven-part series exploring the racial dynamic behind the War on Drugs and the crack cocaine scare - specifically drawing from the perspective of Black Americans living in Boston, Massachusetts. Joe and Prasanna delve into the complexities of this era, while presenting their ideas in an unconventional way. Each episode focuses on one theme, building to conclusions that extend far beyond drug policy.
Color Healing Radio
"Change your Colors...and you change your World!" Welcome to the world's first radio channel devoted to Color Healing! Launched in 2009 by Aura House School of Color and Light, our illuminating shows promote clarity, healing and peace through the use of Color.
Color Radio
R+B, Doo Wop, And Rock + Roll from the 1950's and 1960's. Hits, regional songs and obscure recordings are featured in an upbeat style reminiscent of the DJ's from the past. Originally broadcast on KVMR-FM in Nevada City, CA, these are two hour segments of newly recorded nostalgia!
Democracy in Color
The Democracy in Color podcast, hosted by Aimee Allison, features today’s best and brightest political leaders, strategists and thinkers of the New American Majority. We’ve featured Senator Cory Booker; Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal; San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, Stockton, California Mayor Michael Tubbs; BART Director Lateefah Simon; writer Eric Liu; #Goodmuslimbadmuslim co-host Tanzila Ahmed; New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb, and writers Rebecca Solnit and Jeff Chang, among many others. E ...
History of Color
Allegra Alvarado and Friends will have an easily digestible discussion of non-fiction books, biographical films, documentaries, and news interviews centered around people of color and minorities that have been sidelined in our history education.
Michigan State Football and Basketball Podcast
A podcast for those who may have left summer camp, but camp never left us.
Color Can Heal Your Life
De Colores Radio
A production of the Dallas based De Colores Collective, De Colores Radio aims at celebrating the culture through conscious and fun conversation, interviews, and more. Join Host Eva and sidekick Rafael as they discuss news, pop culture, Latinidad, and the arts sprinkled with their Southern Hip Hop flare in De Colores Radio. Follow Us: @DECOLORESCO
Podcasts in Color
A podcast about podcasts, groundbreaking.
In "The Colors of Space," Marion Zimmer Bradley tells the story of Bart Steele, a human being who is disguised as a member of an alien species in order to discover the secrets of their space travel. This book is a science fiction novel set in the future, a time when humans can already travel faster than the speed of light and can reach the remote corners of the universe with the help of another type of beings called the Lhari. In the book, the Lhari help the humans to travel faster than ligh ...
Comic Nerds and Newbies Assemble!Deep in the Four Color Fortress, The Four Color Comrades meet bi-weekly to chat all about comics for your listening pleasure!Alan loves Hal Jordan, Manga, and the technical side of comics.Chewie is a comic newbie with a love of horror and the dark side.Ian wants super powers, is way into Batman, and is easy to please.Ryan is our indie guru, comics historian, and geek father of two.With our powers combined, we are...Four Color Commentary: The continuing saga o ...
Digital Color Correction Tutorials, Training and News
Amanda and Venessa talk about knitting, dyeing yarn, design and new patterns, books, geeky stuff and other interesting things, while sipping a cocktail or two.
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Gameboys of Color
Welcome to the latest addition to the Geeks of Color Podcast Network! Each week Amber, Jordan, Okon, and a fourth rotating seat will gather around to talk about what they've been playing, shine a spotlight on indie titles in their Collective Gaming Club and discuss the latest in gaming news.
This is Colorful Scrambled Eggs Radio. We play uncommon stuff that's good. Each episode is twelve songs played in full with minimal mixing. The songs and genre are fairly randomly picked. You will like something no doubt. Our website is
Talking about dyeing, spinning, knitting and the life between.
This is the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast with your host, Shelley Hitz. Each episode contains an inspiring story of HOPE and HEALING in Christ. Many times what we see as our biggest regrets, failures and mistakes become what God uses the most in our lives. God is able to transform our brokenness into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. He takes our mess and creates a masterpiece. You see, broken crayons still color.
Color Commentary
A different view on our favorite TV, Movies, and Comics
Off Color
Frank and funny conversations about race, hosted by Rebekah Henderson and Dr. Gregory Diggs.
Interviews with a range of artists, media creators and technologist fascinated with how we capture and use light and color to influence us and our stories about life.
An open format, unfiltered, uncensored conversation with friends and/or guests. Each episode is wrapped up with a tasting of a new craft beer.
Preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenthood can take many forms. Here at Birth Stories in Color, we emphasize the role of storytelling as a way to equip future parents. Listening to real birth stories is one way to discover the expected and unexpected parts of the journey. We realize that there are birthing stories not being heard. Birth Stories in Color is also a space for people of color to share their birthing experiences. A space that specifically celebrates, mourns with and supports ...
Chill Out Zone. Official website:
Hollywood in Color
Hollywood in Color is a new podcast telling the stories of the stars usually left out of entertainment history — the people of color in front of and behind the camera who have been representing for over a century. Host Diana Martinez has a PhD in film and media studies and has written for Slate, The Atlantic, and Women in Hollywood. Season 1 begins April 17. New episodes every Tuesday.
Too Colored Girls
Tiffany and Ju'lia share their social commentary on all things spiritual, self-care and holistic lifestyle related. Tarot cards and bible verses included. Culture/ Social Commentary/ Women/ Mental Health/ Self Care/ News/ Pop Culture/ Personal Development/ Sexuality/ Talk
Allen Christian and Steven Granger do the Lord's work, with weekly episodes chronicling the rise of the comic-book adaptation in film. Every episode is a new film, watched and reviewed as in-depth as possible. Personal feelings and misinformation abound, but we'll all learn things together.
The Power of Color
Please enjoy past shows while we are taking a break. We shall return.Color is part of your life! You choose the colors you wear, your décor, and what foods you eat. Each of these color vibrations affects you. Yet, there is so much more to the power of color. It can help you understand who you are; it can guide you into healing; it can show you a new way of living. During The Power of Color Radio Shows we will explore all of that. Our guests will share how they use the power of color in their ...
A podcast network about Mexican Soccer, from El Tri to Liga MX.
The Conversations in Color podcast is hosted by Frantzy Acluche and Atiba Rogers. The pair's friendship goes back to 2005 when they met in an English class in a high school in Brooklyn. It took random meetings and lengthy conversations over the phone for this duo to realize how well they mesh when catching up on each other's lives and discussing important topics about what's going on in the world.Fran lives in Rhode Island and Atiba in Queens and on top of their full-time jobs as a researche ...
Every month! Tons of great music from the best producers all over the world, plus brand new and exclusive releases.Follow Life in Color Tour: www.dayglowtour.comFollow David Solano -
Welcome to the Your Color Style podcast. The show where you learn how to rediscover yourself with color. Jen Thoden is the founder of the proprietary color system, Your Color Style. She is a personal stylist, color style coach, author, speaker, blogger, entrepreneur, laugher, mom-of-the-year (not) and personal development junkie. Join Jen Thoden as she chats about color theory, color analysis, how to transform your world with color, how to wear your colors and simple tips that will help you ...
Listen as two biracial comics cover the issues that matter.
Add Water and Stir will focus on promoting adoption within communities of color, especially within the African American community. We want to give voice and visibility to families like ours who often seem left out of mainstream adoption conversations. We hope to educate others as we talk about our struggles and triumphs of parenting adopted children. Of course, there will be time for Mimi and ABM will kick it about all kinds of not necessarily adoption related topics as well.
Color Street
Ever wanted to own your own business and work from home? Then Color Street is the place to be!! Let me tell you about it!!
Backwards Colors
Ben, Moses, and Jihad Jerry search for meaning in a backwards world.
Not all black girls are alike, but we are all magical, even when we disagree! Join, Jasmine and Jenae, sisters with vastly different health and beauty regimes, as they discuss beauty myths, disasters, and triumphs in all their #blackgirlmagic glory. Listen as they tackle everything, from ratchet to righteous, in the world of beauty, health, and wellness for people of color.
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CDN crew is back after a summer break and definitely out of form.Season preview/expectations, our breakout player candidates, and even some El Tri talk. We were all over the place for this episode just like Chivas was during the offseason.
Elaine Gibson grew up at summer camp at Camp Blue Ridge in the 1950s, and her kids (including previous guest Seth Davis) and grandkids continue to go to the same camps to this day. We talk about the similarities and differences of camps then and now, plus much much more. Don't waste a minute, take a listen!…
Here's how we cope with (or don't) unexpected change at work and at home.Hues Highlight: Sandra Oh gets the first Emmy nomination for an Asian-American woman.Also, go see The First Purge!
This time around, we're calling all the freelancers and small business owners out there. In this episode, the Shmoney Team breaks down business liabilities and taxes. Plus, we try to help you find some free money with some of the top grants for Women of Color. All that, plus an interview with YourMoneyWorth's Melisa Boutin. Join in the conversa ...…
In celebration of our next GREY SPACE art show we have MariconX co-founder Alejandro Trevino. Tune in as we cover the latest juice including: RAICES reuniting families, Desus & Mero exiting Viceland, Drake's Scorpion, and much more! Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes and send art show submissions to Enjoy!…
Featured Podcast: Just the Tips: A Menmoir Part of the NSFW Podcast Network. Find them on Twitter at for notifications of what they have going on. This week we had Jacob Crain in the studio to give use the trend of what’s going on in the business of fashion. This up and comer of Instagram http:/ ...…
Joe Arridy was a mentally disabled man who was coerced into a confession and wrongly convicted for the murder of Dorothy Drain in Pueblo, CO in 1936. Despite the real killer already in custody in Pueblo, police continued to pursue the conviction of Arridy despite him having the mental capacity of a 4 year old. He spent his final years on death ...…
Don't forget to check out the video version of the show over on Youtube as always... Make sure you Subscribe to Survive
Tonight we step out of the basement to record our first LIVE episode! Rebekah and a panel of experts discuss inequity in American education, debate the possibility of a prison-free society, and take some lively questions from the audience. Special guests: Colorado State Rep. James Coleman, Elisabeth Epps of the Denver Justice Project, and educa ...…
Show Notes Sharpened Artist: Colored Pencil Podcast Original Release Date: August 22, 2016 Rerun Release Date: July 16, 2018 Topic: Interview with Ester Roi Points of Interest: The long-awaited interview with artist and inventor Ester Roi is finally here! Ester describes her background in art, including her sudden immersion in colored pencil ar ...…
What's happening with Crypto in the middle of 2018? [2:50] My friend Lenny is done with Crypto [10:00] Amy Wan, CEO Co-Founder of Sagewise says just chill [23:00] Terrence Yang says adoption is abysmal @gabecolors
The crew from FMF State of Mind kick off their LigaMX podcast. Jahir, Antonio, Nestor, and Raul recap Mexico's World Cup and preview the upcoming LigaMX season.
This episode we’re talking about evaluating cards in the context of pauper. We spend a bunch of time evaluating cards on the show and want you to understand our approach and method. In the second half of the show we break down some general guidelines to sideboarding. Support us on Patreon: You Can Buy Pla ...…
Interviewing 12 guests, I felt like I got 144 different answers to the state of Crypto in the summer of 2018. Nothing is happening, everything is coming, this is the Great Gestation. Part 1 starts in the middle with a trader and a visionary. @gabecolors @shegrows
Pov is finally free so the Scumbags get back together to recap the quarters and semis plus they preview the final.
Craig Chandler Price, aka The Warwick Slasher, is a serial killer from Warwick, Rhode Island who was active between the ages of 13-15. At the age of 13, he murdered a young woman by the name of Rebecca Spencer, and two years later at the age of 15, he murdered another young woman by the name of Joan Heaton as well as her two daughters Jennifer ...… ~ The colors you wear define the message you are sending. Are you projecting as stand-offish? Friendly? Sexy? Loud? mousy? Your colors matter. Learn 4 things to consider when choosing colors for any situation.
Here’s My Issue: Greatest Hits #1 - Ryan I Hate Fairyland #1 - Alan Speed Racer: Mach Go,Go,Go! - Ian The Unsound #1 - Chewie First Prints: Horizon: Vol 1. Four Color Character Compendium: Savage Dragon Backmatter: MIND MGMT Kickstarter, Anime Expo, and Steve Ditko Remembered.By (Stuff & Things Podcast Network).
Sun You makes sculpture, installations and wall works that operate like paintings. Sun talks about carrying the language of painting into her three dimensional work, finding ways to interrupt her sensibility, the tonality and surprise in Korean film, moments of self-doubt as healthy, false proximities and keeping track of the potential of art.…
Featured Podcast: Hop Nation USA The week of the Fourth of July, 2018, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with our boys from the Florida swamps, #No Offense, and had ourselves a great time! Their first swap cast we kicked off our new intro, had delicious beer, and got to talking about a whole lot of stuff. From ...… PodsInColor Philly Meetup 7/24 (5-7pm) Sampan 124 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19107 Podcast Movement Lots of love to Spotify and the 10 women they choose for the Sound Up Bootcamp xoxo Podcast Pitch Day July 10th Podcasts in Color Directory tings Submit your podcast Update your ...…
Show Notes Sharpened Artist: Colored Pencil Podcast Release Date: July 9, 2018 Topic: What I Wish I’d Known – Part 2 Points of Interest: It’s part 2 of “What I Wish I’d Known,” where John and Lisa share those useful bits of wisdom that would have come in handy at the beginning of their careers. Consider this a solid pep talk for artists who are ...…
The Detroit native is running to fill a key Democratic House seat in Michigan, one already mired in controversy. But the outspoken candidate has already taken on billionaires in defense of her constituents, thrice beating recall efforts. Simply put, Tlaib stands up no matter the size of the challenge.…
(00:50) The "Great Gestation Episode", preview of the upcoming Coloring Crypto episode(s) with Amy Wan, Terrence Yang, Miko Matsumura. Something is coming, tell us what you think @gabecolors (06:00)Guest CEO and Founder Julie Benlevi-Zeff. Announcing the Blinked Token available now at from our sponsor, Blinked (available on ...…
"Subscribe To Survive!" - COMMENTARY is a group of movie, tv and comic book lovers that you can count on to bring you "views from a different side."To make a long story short we focus on movie reviews, we focus on TV show reviews, and we focus on comic book reviews.We work really ha ...…
ABM is joined by guest host & foster mom Cristi and Michelle Hughes to discuss the immigration crisis that has resulted in nearly 3,000 children being separated from their parents after arriving at the southern US border. This crisis is especially triggering across the adoption community due to questions about legal status, childhood trauma, an ...…
This week, I will be covering a serial killer that hits close to home for me. I will be covering the case of Jason Thomas Scott or “The Mother-Daughter Killer,” an ex-UPS worker who murdered five women and committed 29 home burglaries and nine home invasions in PG County, MD.Talk to me:crimeincolor/sothisisthekey on twitterUse the hashtag #Crim ...… ~ Jen responds to a viewers request to tone down her bright appearance.
The $hmoney Team is back! In the Season 4 premiere, Aminatou Sow, Angela Yee, and new co-host, millennial money expert, Tonya Rapley, help you wrap your head around preparing for the next big money move — whether that’s buying a house, paying for education, or stacking for retirement.Join in the conversation on social with #LiveColorFull, email ...…
Sean J. Patrick Carney is a visual and performance artist, writer, comedian and art educator. Sean talks about the similarities between comedians and visual artists, his love for teaching, cooking as a creative and meditative process, being a member of the Bruce High Quality Foundation, the fog of art speak, his Humor & The Abject podcast and c ...…
Parenthood as a whole has this way of requiring you to surrender. Surrendering to the unknown, knowing though, that it's going to be a beautiful journey. When Laurel was finally able to yield she describes her son's birth as transformative for her relationship with herself mentally and physically. Many people claim birth to be a rebirth for the ...…
The Scumbags return to recap the round of 16 and preview the quarterfinals with Pov calling in from bookings.
You may know Josh Brener from his hilarious roles on shows like Silicon Valley and Maron, but before all that he was a camper at Echo Hill Ranch Camp in Medina, Texas, famous for being owned by the family of songwriter/comedian/occasional politician Kinky Friedman. Josh shares his stories of his summers at Echo Hill, including his impressive ar ...…
Hollywood in Color is a new podcast telling the stories of the stars usually left out of entertainment history — the people of color in front of and behind the camera who have been representing for over a century. Host Diana Martinez has a PhD in film and media studies and has written for Slate, The Atlantic, and Women in Hollywood. Every seaso ...…
Featured Podcast: #No Offense Part of the NSFW Podcast Network This week… Half of the “Shit Happens When You Party Naked” Podcast, Jason Alme, joins us in studio. Jason and his wife Christina, are “1 uping” the largest single donation to our fundraiser for Veterans Co ...…
We are joined in the basement by activists Elisabeth Epps (@elisabeth) and Victor Galvan Ramirez (@victorgalvan247), as well as jazz singer Danette, to discuss questions of citizenship and equity for POC in America. Whose democracy is this? What is a vote worth? What will it take to survive the struggle we see today in our cities and at our border?…
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