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Happiness Podcast
Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 7 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. ...
Greetings from teacher Dee. I am welcoming everyone on board. I am teacher Dee and I am an ESL teacher, corporate trainer and I am based in Shanghai, China. I have been teaching English since 1998 and I have helped hundreds of students and adults learning English for different purposes. I have taught English as a second language to French speaking learners, Japanese speaking learners, Korean speaking learners, Chinese speaking learners and Russian speaking learners. It is my pleasure to help ...
Take charge of your life, your career, and everything in between so you can discover, design, create, build and thrive in work and life you love! Your host, Dr. Ann Vertel, is a business and success psychology expert, leadership development consultant, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and 20-year naval officer who helps businesses, associations, institutions, non-profits, and government agencies deliver world-class leadership development programs. Learn more at
Certified Trainer and Corporate Consultant Dawn Shuler delivers sharp, relevant inspiration and success strategies for CEOs, business owners, founders, managers, and leaders. Learn the importance of aligning your company’s purpose and values with those of your people and employees for greater success. Topics include business success, team building, employee engagement, communication, leadership, values, and more.
J Loren Norris
I began my public speaking career at 19 delivering fire safety speeches to elementary schools while serving in the US Air Force as a Fire Fighter. Since then, I have helped entrepreneurs, government officials and Fortune 50 Companies worldwide learn to lead difficult attitudes and to transform their life experience to craft a vision and message with lasting impact.I am a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach Marketing Communication strategist.I have a real passion for helping my clients le ...
Ashwani Deswal – Self Mastery Coach, an Authority on Life & Wellbeing coaching.He is the Author of 108 Divine Seeds, NLP Coach, motivational Speaker & a dynamic corporate trainer empowering & uplifting individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams.His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes and results they desire in their Personal and Professional lives.
Today’s Learning Workplace is by learning practitioners for learning practitioners. Join us for weekly conversations to stay up-to-date , get a “professional development fix,” as well as ideas and tips as we talk about the news, trends, and issues impacting learning professionals.
Linda H. Yates - The Image Energizer, will teach you how to reach your potential and achieve your goals on The Executive Edge Podcast. Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer Linda will share tips, secrets and techniques you can implement today in order to achieve success. She will include interviews of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and professionals exploring how they have reached success and the lessons they have learned in order to achieve their dreams. This podcast will be inspirin ...
Robin's Top 5
Robin’s Top 5 is a quick weekly podcast that provides you with tips, tricks, and ideas about a topic of interest to trainers, facilitators, and others who help people learn.
Stories heal us and bring us joy. Sharing our stories with others helps us gain insight, meaning and become our best selves. Hearing other people's stories helps us feel a sense of belonging, connection, and empathy. For the past 15 years as an executive coach and corporate trainer, I've heard over 50,000 personal stories from over 10,000 men and women from all around the world. This podcast is unique in that you get to join in real time as people share their insight from taking The Dale Car ...
Delivering inspirational insights, strategies, tactics and tips to help you rock your life, biz and career. Curating conversations at the intersection of readiness and faith at work with world-class leaders who lean into Faith to co-create vision in the marketplace. Sharing spiritual growth, faith testimonies and journeys without judgment. Bringing spirituality and faith to the future of work. Hosted by Evangelia Leclaire – career coach, public speaker and corporate trainer. Evangelia believ ...
How do you feel about your personal and professional life? Many people feel like they or their teams are stuck in a mediocrity trap. The question is how do you take where you are today and make it better and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to your success? Not only that, but how can you inspire your children or employees to do the same and become their best? In the Becoming Your Best podcast, Steve and Rob Shallenberger will help you uncover the principles of highly successful le ...
Hi, I'm Melanie. Lawyer turned success coach, NLP practitioner and wellbeing trainer. I combine corporate, coaching and counselling expertise to help purpose-driven individuals and businesses move from where they are now to where they want to be.My formula for success is simple and is reflected in my triangle logo: Understand, Create, Transform. Once you understand what drives you and what’s keeping you stuck, you can create an action plan which really works and change your life from the ins ...
Training Pulse
The Training Pulse is a collection of training tips to help Trainers and Training Leaders develop and deliver the best learning solution.
Kerry Ruff
Move Your Energy Differently Podcast created by Kerry Ruff is the only personal brand building and business podcast from New York City which is specify designed to help you master the curriculum of marketing/communication by elevating your energies in specific ways that will take your personal brand or business to the next level.
The podcast of one of the top Filipino corporate trainers, training consultants, and motivational speakers in the Philippines. is the podcast for training business professionals just like you, all over the world, helping you to start, grow and scale your training business. Each week, your host, Mark Garrett Hayes brings you motivational interviews with experts and training business entrepreneurs who want to share their story and advice to help you! Want to know how to market your training business, drive sales and get more clients? Thinking of becoming a freelance consultant or starting your own ...
Making Work Work
Martha Follent is a performance consultant, NLP certified trainer, Time Line Therapy practitioner and Certified Hypnotist. Together with Liz Mead they examine techniques, stories and tools to take people to the next level, bringing out the potential so that they can make the most out of their personal and work life.
Hawks Training Academy
Trevor Knowles has over 15 years experience being a personal trainer as well as a chef. He started from the bottom as a dishwasher, working his way up to head chef. He has worked for 3 corporate fitness studios and was certified as a personal trainer at the age of 16. He utilizes his abilities to create a customized program for each client. This is accomplished through focusing on food frequency and macro ratio. He has perfected this method and can drop pounds off anyone committed!-"I love d ...
Make it Simple TV
Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you develop your leadership skills so you can build the best team to drive productivity and profitability. Listen in as Jennifer Takagi, founder of Takagi Consulting, 3X time Amazon.Com Best Selling-Author, Certified Jack Canfield Success Principle Trainer, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Facilitator of the DISC Behavioral Profiles, Certified Change Style Indicator Facilitator, and Certified Coaching Specialist - leadership ...
My name is Ryan THE Life Changer and it is my passion to make a positive impact in your life. Please enjoy my podcasts. Feel free to reach out to me:IG@ryan_the_lifechangerEmail:
Street Smarts with Harvey Mackay is a podcast designed to help hungry fighters become healthy, wealthy and successful in their business endeavors. If you're an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, salesperson, marketing professional, business owner or corporate executive, Harvey Mackay and his team of global training and business development experts bring high-quality, no-nonsense information and advice to help take your business to new heights. Join host Cliff Jones, Managing Partner and Co-Founde ...
In today’s challenging and uncertain world, even successful executives could use a little help! In this engaging podcast, Bobbie LaPorte shares her experience and expertise to help leaders get ready for anything. Debuting in July 2019 the series, “Leadership Curveballs, Blind Spots and Black Holes”, helps busy leaders navigate through complex and volatile times. Weekly episodes focus on practical solutions to real-life leadership challenges, proven tactics for overcoming common “confidence k ...
Welcome to Group Fitness Over Coffee. This is podcast for instructors and participants who want to want to know what’s what with Group Fitness across the world. With Group Fitness Over Coffee I hope to share with you interviews, reviews and tips from all Group Fitness programmes from Les Mills, to Zumba. From Metafit to free style aerobics. From Bokwa to Freestyle Fitness Yoga. And I’m going to need your help to make the show great. I’d love to hear what you think of the podcast and your ide ...
Andrea George is the owner of Workouts By Andrea a Corporate and Public Health and Fitness Service Provider. Andrea is an inspiring and motivating, International Instructor, Speaker, Trainer, Teacher, and Educator, specializing in low impact aerobics, water aerobics, kids fitness, senior adult programs, recreational activities, nutrition, minority health issues and much more.
Coaching Conversations is a podcast dedicated to practical coaching in business. Marie Taylor and Steve Crabb, authors of Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies, are international coaches and trainers with experience of business success in corporates and small-medium enterprises.
The WODcast Podcast
Chaque semaine
If you CrossFit, this is the show for you! The Wodcast Podcast is a fun show about functional fitness hosted by comedian Eddie Ifft. The host is knowledgeable (sometimes), experienced, and love the “sport of fitness.” They blend CrossFit experience and insight with humor, providing meaningful content without taking themselves too seriously. Each week the Wodcast Podcast hosts some of the biggest names in CrossFit including Games athletes, subject matter experts, coaches, fitness professional ...
Welcome to SuccessCast - the business program dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, business leaders, managers, sales people and anyone with the desire to take their company, job or career to the next level. SuccessCast – moving your needle from success…to sustainable success, with proven processes and well-guarded secrets from some of the greatest business minds on the planet. Your SuccessCast host is Scott Deming - international speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and a le ...
Eat The Lens Podcast
Increasingly we’re living our lives on-camera. Whether it’s a television news interview, a presentation to your virtual team in Beijing and London or a keynote address being broadcast live on the internet, you need to know how to put your best face forward.That’s where Noeleen McGrath comes in. As an award-winning television news journalist, media trainer and video producer—no one is better qualified to help you improve your on-camera performance. Every week, McGrath will share her wealth of ...
Expert Focus
Are you an aspiring speaker, coach or trainer? An expert in your own crazy little niche? Or maybe you just love marketing in all its forms? You’ll probably kinda like The Expert Focus Podcast. Host Claire Dowdall is a marketing geek by trade. Having worked in corporate, trained businesses, spoken on every medium imaginable. Along the way she has made some pretty awesome friends and now she’s interviewing them and extracting all the smart stuff they know – just for you. What do they have in c ...
Real People ...Real Conversations...Real Transformation..Jacquie Forde is a Coach, Mentor , Trainer and International Speaker who lives in Scotland and works globally. She created The Unashamedly Human Podcast to help people get out of their heads and into their lives whilst sharing a new understanding fo the mind that is helping heal hearts, minds and bodies all over the world. The podcast is a warm, inclusive and light hearted conversation about this understanding plays out in our every da ...
ABC Podcasts
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Welcome to the COACHED Podcast! Join in as I teach you to train your body into your ideal condition through interviews with industry experts and topics that most trainers try to avoid. I’ve learned through many of my clients, such as tri-athletes, college athletes and even Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, that the definition of personal fitness is very different from person to person. I'll provide you all the information that the trainers know and do not share with their clients. Support this pod ...
Host Mike Domitrz dives into thought-provoking discussions on respect in today's world and how we can take actions each day for creating a culture of respect throughout our lives - from business to family to education. From 1-on-1 interviews with top experts to group discussions with thought leaders to host Mike Domitrz personally sharing his expertise on current happenings in the world, each episode is an unique listening experience. Your host Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought after ex ...
World Wide Strength Radio, is a monthly podcast dedicated to the exciting sport of strongman. Each episode Phil Burgess and Marianna Astmarsdottir speak to a host of Strongmen and Strongwomen, and Strength athletes, to provide a fun and informative show.
Binge-Free Dad Show
En gång i månaden
Patrick Jones is a health and wellness consultant, dad of 5 kids, and co-author of forthcoming book “For The Win” with Rudy Ruettiger from the hit movie Rudy. He is the one of the nation’s leading experts on inspiring individuals to take control of their health through nutrition and exercise. He hosts top rated weekly podcast, ‘The Binge-Free Dad Show ’ where he shares is passion of health and past struggles of binge eating to the world.He is a licensed nutritionist and certified eating psyc ...
About The Podcast8 Minutes of Learning With Hira Ali are self-development podcasts hosted by me. In this brief podcast I hope to inspire and motivate you and share with you, tips, techniques, and strategies along with many other tools which will help you in overcoming personal & professional challenges and in advancing your potential. In each podcast, I will talk about a new topic. Some of the topics I wish to cover include; Leadership, Self-Help, Emotional Intelligence, along with inspirati ...
Sunday Times bestselling author, keynote speaker and executive coach, Jamie Smart, hosts The Thriving Coaches Podcast. In this show he works with coaches and other transformation professionals (trainers, therapists, consultants etc) to help them break through their limiting beliefs and grow their practices. You'll also hear Jamie coaching people who want to transition from full time employment to something more fulfilling and on-purpose for them. In the process, you'll get to eavesdrop on th ...
Scott has been learning to lead, leading, and developing leaders his entire life. From his time in the military, to his work in corporate America, to his major successes as an entrepreneur, to his lifetime of discipleship, Scott has a passion for leadership. Scott is a founding member of the John Maxwell Leadership coaching and speaking team, and is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world. This podcast will cover every aspect of leading and duplicating leadership alon ...
Scott has been learning to lead, leading, and developing leaders his entire life. From his time in the military, to his work in corporate America, to his major successes as an entrepreneur, to his lifetime of discipleship, Scott has a passion for leadership. Scott is a founding member of the John Maxwell Leadership coaching and speaking team, and is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world. This podcast will cover every aspect of leading and duplicating leadership alon ...
The Jane Anderson Brand You Show is the podcast for experts, consultants, speakers, trainers, academics and coaches who are or aim to be the leaders in their field. Jane shares her insights as well as interviews those who are industry experts to find out about their experiences when marketing themselves under their Personal Brand, or name. According to US Labour Data, by 2020 50% of the workforce will be self-employed​. The ability to market & sell yourself is an essential skill for the futu ...
Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional. With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking. Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly he ...
Former trainer to Dennis Rodman, Mark Cuban, Michael Dell and several other high profile people, George DiGianni is no ordinary fitness and wellness professional. With over 27 years of experience as a leader in the health and wellness industry, George DiGianni's hands-on and well researched experience delivers much passion on his radio show (Train Station Fitness) and during public speaking. Many years ago George identified his life's mission to positively and profoundly he ...
My mission in life is to help people shift their mindset from lack to abundance via my Empire Executive Coaching program, my corporate workshop 'The Limitless Mindset', Zillionaire Superstars podcast show and my articles on, Addicted2Success and I help entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence and move swiftly to an abundance mindset in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.When studying and examining successful people in the world. It is not ...
Voice Power Studios offers private voice and speech coaching and accent reduction training by telephone to executives and business professionals world wide. Also available for Keynote speeches, seminars and workshops on "Your Voice Is Power in Business" "Speak with Confidence", and "Change Your Voice, Change Your Life".Speaking with a confident, articulate and persuasive voice is essential in today's global economy. During a voice Consultation your vocal issues are determined and you receive ...
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October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month and we join with founder of The Pink Elephants Support Network to honour the tiny babies lost early in pregnancy.
Latrobe Valley aquifer could power new industriesNew efficiencies coming for the mining industryEucs a new source of graphenePrime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2019Should we communicate with ET?By ABC Radio National.
Fighting continues in northern Syria despite a ceasefire brokered by the United States; Pauline Hanson may face a challenge to her lifelong leadership of One Nation at the party's Annual General Meeting today; And how do those involved in re-homing retired racehorses feel about them meeting a cruel end?…
Fighting continues in northern Syria despite a ceasefire brokered by the United States, and inside Kurdish-controlled areas the deal has been seen as a betrayal.
Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is confident his new Brexit deal can be ratified by the departure date at the end of the month.
Pauline Hanson's leadership of her One Nation party is set to be challenged at the annual general meeting today, with disgruntled members complaining it's no longer representing their interests
The fate of thousands of ex-racehorses has been called into question after an ABC investigation revealed alleged mistreatment at a Queensland abattoir, and evidence of New South Wales horses being sent to a knackery, in violation of Racing NSW policy.
Routine satellite monitoring of the Murray-Darling Basin has picked up an unusual sight: farm dams that somehow filled, despite water restrictions during the drought.
With just a week to go, hordes of tourists are still travelling to the red centre to experience the ascent of Uluru before climbing is banned next week.
In its annual report, the Australian Signals Directorate says rising cybercrime attacks pose significant threats to both national security and economic prosperity.
The sea water on one stretch of Papua New Guinea's coastline turned bright red earlier this year after at least 80,000 litres of toxic slurry spilled into a bay surrounding a processing plant for a nickel mine.
Australia takes on England in a knockout clash in the Rugby World Cup in south western Japan later today.
What should you do with the embryos you have left over after IVF treatment?By ABC Radio National.
Food. It's more than just calories — it forms the very basis of our culture and community. The God Forbid panel discusses everything from fasting to feasting, chickpeas to cannibalism.By ABC Radio National.
People hurt us, we hurt others. In order to find happiness and peace in our hearts, we need to heal these hurts and move forward. Learn why and how on this new episode. To learn more about the Happiness Podcast, go to: To learn more about Dr. Puff's Corporate Workshops, go to: http://www.SuccessBeyondYourImagina ...…
The news business. From subscription to streaming, podcasts to programmatic advertising - what's the future for news media?Guests: Gautam Mishra, inkl CEO, @jeamish and Caitlin Welsh, Editor, Mashable Australia, @Caitlin_WelshBy ABC Radio National.
There's been a flurry of blame shifting after 7.30's report showing alleged mistreatment of racehorses at a Queensland abattoir; Trainer Chris Waller tells us he was left gutted by footage of horses being mistreated before slaughter; And the Prime Minister again says its too dangerous to try to get Australian citizens out of camps in Syria.…
The Friday shakeup with comedian Tom Ballard and Daily Telegraph journalist Eliza Barr.
Dr Andrew Clarke is the CEO and vet director of 'Living Legends', an organisation dedicated to housing retired champion racehorses at it's property outside Melbourne, where it offers tourism and education opportunities linked to the animals.
Animal rights activists are appealing to the authorities to just get on with the job of looking after the welfare of Australia's race horses, after the ABC aired allegations a Queensland abattoir was responsible for alleged mistreatment of racehorses during their mass slaughter.
Chris Waller is one of Australia's most successful horse trainers - famous for training the racehorse Winx. He told reporter Julia Holman that what was shown on last night's 7.30 left him gutted.
A prominent QC says Australia has signed on to take responsibility for crimes committed by its citizens abroad and it should do so. Professor Felicity Gerry says its fair to think some of the Australian women and children in Syria may have been trafficked.
Many displaced Syrians have welcomed Turkey's decision to pause its military offensive in Syria for five days, while US-allied Kurdish forces withdraw from the area, but there's uncertainty about whether the ceasefire will hold.
A bid by a Chinese company to lease an entire for up to 75 years has sparked concerns that Beijing may be looking to establish a military base on Australia's doorstep. The province now claims the deal won't go ahead, leaving the region's future uncertain.
When their son Rio was given a terminal diagnosis, Ryan and Karen Fowler spent their last days with him and their daughter at Bear Cottage in Sydney's northern beaches. Now the Fowlers have turned their energies to the campaign for more children's hospice facilities in Australia.
This week, we learn what World Food Day is all about, we meet some winners of the Nobel Prizes, scientists find out something cool about the planet Saturn, and we check out a giant avocado!
Eleni Psaltis presents Japan in Focus, a weekly program that takes a close look at significant political and social developments out of Japan and the region.By Eleni Psaltis.
The racing industry is in damage control after a damning report revealing alleged acts of animal cruelty on a mass scale; Boris Johnson may saved his political future by negotiating a Brexit deal with Europe; And 'a ceasefire' or just a 'pause'? What a brief break in the hostilities in Syria could mean for the Kurds.…
Racing Australia has promised to investigate the shocking revelations brought to light about cruel treatment of retired racehorses, but is also questioning the motives of groups who brought the alleged cruelty to light.
Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi is leading an inquiry into the horse racing industry which is due to hand down its report in the coming weeks.
Texas police have vowed to deliver justice for Queensland man Brenton Estorffe shot and killed in his home near Houston.
US President, Donald Trump, has hailed a ceasefire for Syria brokered with the Turkish government as a "great day for civilisation" — but Turkey says its just a pause in fighting.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has finally come to agreement on a Brexit plan with the EU — but will British MPs come to the table?
An audit by refugee settlement agency AMES Australia and not-for-profit finance organisation Thrive found there are 300 businesses that have been opened by refugees in Sydney and Melbourne in the past two years.
Kate and Cassie onstage with writers Holden Sheppard (Invisible Boys) and Roanna Gonsalves (The Permanent Resident), and Mitchell Librarian Richard Neville, as they read new novels by Australian writers Charlotte Wood and Katherine Johnson, American Alice Hoffman and Frenchman Philippe BessonBy ABC Radio National.
As a girl, Davida Allen was brought up to be a proper young lady. Instead, she covered her naked body in paint and rolled around to make art. She grew up to become one of Australia's most famous painters (R)
Richard Freedman – trainer Damian Gleeson – horse breeder Bidda Jones – chief scientist, RSPCA Phil McManus – human/animal relations expert, Syd UniBy Helen Thomas and Max Presnell.
The US has brokered a short term ceasefire with Turkey, to allow Kurds to flee Northern Syria; Boris Johnson claims to have secured a deal with the European Union to secure Brexit; And the RSPCA says Australians should be appalled by the revelations about what's happening to retired racehorses.
The US has brokered a short term ceasefire with Turkey to allow Kurds to evacuate from Northern Syria.
Against all odds, British leader Boris Johnson has convinced the leaders of the 27 EU nations to sign off on a new Brexit deal.
The RSCPA says it's appalled by the brutal treatment of racehorses, which was exposed on the ABC's 730 program last night.
Australian journalist Peter Greste will front a federal parliamentary inquiry into press freedom which will hold public hearing today to hear evidence from media bosses about the adequacy of current laws, and whether there are enough protections for whistleblowers.
Small businesses say the Government's $750 million internship program for long-term unemployed youth isn't working because the process is too complicated and the incentives too low.
With big business currently under pressure and somewhat on the nose amongst the people, the Business Council of Australia is getting a new president.
The father of a family of six adult children found living cut off from the outside world in a Dutch farmhouse has been arrested and charged with deprivation of liberty, abuse and money laundering.
You're gonna hear the latest from Melbourne producer TobiahsPlus, we dive into the long awaited single from Montgomery and get acquainted with D'Arcy Spiller.Emerson Leif - Wake Up With YouTobiahs - Late NightJohnny Hunter - Pain & JoyMontgomery - SureD'Arcy Spiller - Cry All NightFollow Unearthed: ...…
Julia Jacklin now has two brilliant albums behind her, but three years ago she was just starting to get traction as a solo artist with her debut album.We’d known her as a member of the band Phantastic Ferniture, but her solo work stopped us dead in our tracks. As the Take 5 dips into the archives here’s one from May 2017, when Julia Jacklin was ...…
Hello fellow Noy scholars! If you liked Cam on Finding Drago then check out his new stand-up special on the ABC COMEDY Presents podcast. You can hear his stand-up show 'Honestly, Thank You' for free, listen and be cherished.
Former NSW Breaker Kath Koschel has had to learn how to walk three times in her life.In this unedited interview, the Kindness Factory founder shares her story in full.You might want to grab the tissues.
You really can say just about anything in the US.But this week a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist found that there were limits.One of the authors of a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, a retired university professor named James Fetzer, has been ordered to pay 450,000 USD to Leonard Pozner, whose 6-year-old son Noah was killed in the massacre ...…
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