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Eryn and Diana discuss the fascinating facts behind some truly captivating crimes. A weekly podcast on true crime ranging from the enthralling to the utterly bizarre!
The 720 WGN Blackhawks Crazy Podcast with Chris Boden and Scott King
Crazy Wisdom
Have you found yourself experiencing a lot of stress recently? Do you want to be more creative? Stewart Alsop interviews successful creatives to find out how they work with and manage the stress that is inherent in creative work. He investigates the questions: "What is the connection between stress and creativity?"
A Podcast that explores paranormal, macabre and spooky stuff, hosted by a couple of dumbs.
The Crazy One
The Crazy One helps you find new breakthroughs in your career, creativity, leadership and more. In every episode, Stephen Gates give you honest and actionable insights taken from his experience leading global in-house and agency creative teams, building multiple Fortune 100 brands, and working as InVision’s Chief Design Evangelist coaching and working with some the world's most innovative companies.
BatFlip Crazy
Enthusiastic data-driven fantasy baseball analysis and strategy.
由創作人觀點去講不同類別的改變。致 所有對世界懷著瘋狂、 愛推翻思想、不安於現狀、在不同範疇尋找新觀點的人。
Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!—a podcast that will shatter the HGTV-induced veneer of real estate, and celebrate the challenges of working in this wild, wacky business.
Football Crazy
From deep within the bowels of the beIN SPORTS studios, the Football Crazy crew meets every Monday to go over all the biggest stories and trends from the world of soccer.
Crazy Blessed is a podcast created for you, the person who loves Jesus, loves to have fun, and loves to live a life that is blessed like crazy. Hannah Keeley is a therapist, minister, success coach, and mom of seven. If you are looking for a powerful shot of faith and some fresh fire in your spirit, she's got you covered. New episodes delivered to you weekly. Learn how to lay your stress down, lift your hopes up, and put a smile back on your face.
The Crazy Life
Ways to contact the show: Website: E-mail: Gen's Twitter: @genscrazylife Bryan's Twitter: @stewnami Henno's Twitter: @idahenno Bryan's Other Podcast: Bryan's Blog:
由創作人觀點去講不同類別的改變。致 所有對世界懷著瘋狂、 愛推翻思想、不安於現狀、在不同範疇尋找新觀點的人。
The CRAZY Asian
My WHY is to leave a legacy by positively impacting others. I love people & want to share ideas w/ u Support this podcast:
My Crazy Office
Hosts Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley are best selling authors of three books about workplace behaviors: Working with You Is Killing Me, Mean Girls at Work, Working for You Isn’t Working for Me. Kathi and Katherine address all of those wacky behaviors that we all deal with at work. That coworker who ate your lunch then complained that you put too much mayo on the sandwich? They know him. Join Kathi and Katherine as they answer real workplace questions with solid advice, and a great sense ...
Crazy; In Bed
May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis are best friends, stand-up comedians and crazy – clinically speaking, and just regular speaking. Join them each week to discuss their mental health issues, which cover anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, addiction and even a dead dad! Wow, they're fun at parties. Instead of going to parties they invite comedians, journalists, artists, doctors (thank god) and more to join them each week and help shine a light on the things people usually keep hidden. This ...
Crazy Good Turns
We celebrate people who do crazy good turns for others. New episodes are released every other Tuesday morning.
Join Joy Taylor for a different take on the world of sports. Joy will be breaking down all the biggest stories from the NFL, NBA and everything in between.
Angie and Mike watch and discuss every episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Angie's seen every episode multiple times, Mike is watching for the first time.
A Podcast that explores paranormal, macabre and spooky stuff, hosted by a couple of dumbs.
Witches Be Crazy
Two girls interested in all things spooky discuss the craziest and most confusing stories out there in the world. Tune in each week to hear crazy conspiracy theories, hair-raising paranormal experiences, and the most chilling true crimes to ever exist. Deep discussion and a look into the world of spirits shows just how crazy them witches can be!
Comedian Nate Armbruster sits down twice a week to talk about what's on his mind.
Two Random Guys on Their Way to The Crazy Town Discussing Everything Weird, Crazy, & Unusual About Life Along the Way. ---Topics include: Weird & Odd News, Interviews, "Are You Urban"(Game), Rants, Rambling, Elaborate Opinions, Tangents, Unique Life Observations, Crazy Life Stories, Solutions to the Hard Problems, and a Little Bit of Insanity.
Rants about young adult books and fiction. Spoilers and swearing abound!
Tasty science with a side of baloney. Join the absurd, irreverent Dottore Balordo as he and his guests explore science.
Crazy 4 Comic Con
Covering what's new, best and weird at Comic Cons and in geek culture. Please rate and comment! Get my exclusive content at!
When the world zigs, some companies know when it’s time to zag. In this series, State Street Global Advisors teams up with Elizabeth Banks to uncover the bold moves mid-cap companies make to thrive and survive.
Crazy Good Turns
We celebrate people who do crazy good turns for others. New episodes are released every other Tuesday morning.
The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend After Show Podcast recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.Show Summary: Successful and driven, Rebecca Bunch seemingly has it all — an upscale apartment in Manhattan and a partnership at a prestigious law firm — but she feels like something is missing. After a chance meeting with a former romantic interest, Rebecca impulsively decides to give up her life in New York and relocate to West Covina, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb she hopes will be ...
How do you get over someone you never dated and when did dating become so 50 shades of complicated?! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. If he likes my picture is he flirting? Why is he ghosting me but watching my stories? Whats the meaning of life? And why can’t I sleep?!I don’t know about you guys, but I’d listen to me talk each week about dating and LA and life and whatever else comes to mind. So here we are and welcome to Too Tired To Be Crazy - a hilarious podcast brought to you ...
A podcast of kids' stories aimed at maintaining parental sanity during the daily car ride. In Crazy Grandpa's stories, the parents and teachers are clueless, and the kids will save the day.
It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm.
Crazy Love Podcast
Audio Podcast with Francis Chan, best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, Erasing Hell, Multiply, and You and Me Forever. Currently, he is planting churches in the San Francisco area. For more information visit:
Tattooing: The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, My Vida Loca; Volumes 1-7Crazy Philadelphia Eddie is one of the godfathers of American tattooing, and he is missed by the tattoo community. There are more than fifty tapes of Eddie telling his life story, so it will take some time to upload all of the recordings. Mix yourself a couple drinks, hit play, and enjoy the ride. This story is a roller coaster! Support this podcast:
Ever feel that you are alone in the world, talking to yourself about the television phenomenon that is CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND? Are you desperate to find your fellow Paula patrons , Darryl devotees, and believers in all things Bunch? Friend, prepare to meet-cute with your television soulmates, Crazy Ex-GirlFans. We explore all things CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, the CW series created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna. Join us as we go episode-by-episode and experience everything West Covina has to ...
It’s All Gone Terribly Wrong is an irreverent podcast that covers just about anything absurd, odd, and obscene. Hosted by Jordyn Stock and Rebecca Carlson, each episode features unbelievable anecdotes of human horrors.
Crazy Town
With equal parts humor and in-depth analysis, Asher, Rob, and Jason safeguard their sanity while probing crazy-making topics like climate change, overshoot, runaway capitalism, and why we’re all deluding ourselves.
Fort Fritz
Fritz inherits a ghoulish haunted house from his late uncle, Felix. There's only one catch: he's got to stay a night in the creepy old mansion to own it. Calling over some friends to help Fritz work up the nerves to overnight it doesn't go so well, as each of his guests tell campfire-like stories complete with sound effects. If you like horror stories, scary facts, and spooky radio plays, this is your podcast!
Please send help. Or wine.
2 Dumb 2 Tame
Stand up comedian, Mia Pinchoff hosts a ridiculous/hilarious podcast featuring famous and fascinating guests as well as her own ballz to the wall opinions. She's been called "delightfully bizarre," and "a cross between Jim Carrey, Katy Perry, and a pile of bath salts." In addition to her interviews Mia comments to things happening in her own life and what’s on the news. On her regular segment, Dumb Sh%t for Sale, Mia’s shares first impression of a stupid product or service that’s available t ...
Dj Ju Crazy
A collection of mixes from the mind of international latin dj, Dj Ju Crazy !
It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm.
Have you ever had a Crazy First Date story that's SO good it needs to be shared with the WORLD?! Remember, doesn’t have to be your worst… just your first!
Team West Covina: A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Podcast that analyzes the characters & themes of the TV show.
A podcast about drinking, filth, and the American way!
Hosted by Mat Brunet (aka AniMat from the YouTube channel ElectricDragon505), AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast tells the latest news happening throughout the week in the field of animation and what he has to say regarding those insane events. The podcast is live on Twitch every Saturday at 2pm EST, which includes interacting with the audience and occasional special guests.
Garb your ears in tunes from The Shend's garden shed. Piles of Punk, slabs of sixties psych, Rock and Roll rumblings, wodges of weirdness and steaming lumps of strange ranging from the forties to the day after tomorrow. Stuff you've heard and stuff you'll wish you hadn't. What the hell is going on?EMAIL:
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More powerful to have a strategy for face to face and digital--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
I am joined by entrepreneur and angel investor John Ramey, founder and CEO of ThePrepared, to discuss the bizarrely unconventional subject of prepping. In this episode we get to dig deep into the lost art of survival, how modern prepping is bringing it back, the stigma surrounding it and where his company fits in all of this. Find out more abou ...…
It's a bonus episode because Jackie and Reina are still human garbage! In this short episode Reina tells us the strange case of the Gibbons twins and the strange death of one of the sisters. Jackie tells us a (super) short scary story of a surgeon in a hospital full of dead people!By Witches Be Crazy.
Chris Boden & Scott King are back again for another “Blackhawks Crazy” Podcast from Development Camp after Jeremy Colliton spoke for the first time about his re-shaped roster. Plus, hear from Adam Boqvist as Stan Bowman indicates he’ll begin the season either with the Hawks or Rockford. We have sound from Kirby Dach & MacKenzie Entwistle as well.…
Kathi and Katherine talk about confidence on this week’s My Crazy Office Overtime show. How can you build your confidence? Listen to this week’s podcast here. The post How To Build Your Confidence: My Crazy Office Overtime, Season 6 appeared first on K Squared Enterprises.By Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster.
Mandi dodged a bullet by driving in her own car! You have to hear her date!By 97.1 WASH-FM (WASH-FM).
Don’t sign eviction papers just because a deputy asks you to! Candy Owens, a REALTOR® in Chapel Hill, was showing a home when a deputy and an official came to the door and tried serving her eviction papers – despite the fact that she wasn’t the right person to be asking. Listen in to learn how Candy finally convinced them that she – and her cli ...…
Spider-Man: Life Story #5 Written by Chip Zdarsky, Art by Mark Bagley Marvel’s Spider-Man: City At War #5 Written by Dennis Hallum, Art by Michele Brandini Invaders #7 Written by Chip Zdarsky, Art by Carlos Magno and Butch Guice Batman #75 Written by Tom Taylor, Art by Ken Lashley Justice League #28 Written by Ralph Macchio, Art by Chris Allen…
As Senegal and Algeria prepare to face off in Friday's Africa Cup of Nations final, Des Norris welcomes in Sulaiman Folarin and Andres Cordero to preview the tournament's climatic game, identify the key battles (without skipping past the obligatory Mane vs. Mahrez talk), and reflect on a tournament that saw Madagascar and South Africa make stat ...…
Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy! You're listening to a special episode recorded by one of the two hosts, Jacob Haller, while he was at PodX in Nashville. For this episode, Jake talked to Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy of 'Oh No Ross and Carrie' about some books that were important to them when they were young. Note that the discussion includes spo ...…
Comedian Nate Armbruster (@natecomedy) talks about the absurd amount of Greyhound Bus trips he's taken throughout his career. Let's see if we can convince the folks at Greyhound to become the show's first sponsor. Also, have you heard that scientists have witnessed two Whale Sharks mating for the first time in history? Listen to Nate dream abou ...…
This week former NFL star T.J. HOUSHMANDZADEH touts his Madden rating and explains why that number means so much to players. JOY, BRANDON and T.J. also get into the COWBOYS contract conundrums with EZEKIEL ELLIOTT and DAK PRESCOTT, plus T.J. tells us the truth about why RUSSELL WILSON is underappreciated. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, Joy and Brandon w ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Nino Llanera, Briana Phipps, Renee Ariel and Trene Todd discuss episode 1 of season 2. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that is set to pre ...…
Replay of our 6/25/19 Live Podcast on Twitch. Live Every Tuesday at 8PM EST / 5pm PST. include:- Area 51 Attack- Butthole Challenge - Facebook's "monumental" fine- Google is Pissed- Forced Castration- Curing Blindess- Chicago Alligator- Man and his cat break into a home…
Episode 83 of the BatFlip Crazy fantasy baseball podcast features 7 hitters and 4 pitchers I like for the second half of the season. Players discussed (in order): Danny Jansen, Jason Castro, Christian Walker, José Abreu, Justin Turner, Randal Grichuk, Jesús Aguilar, Robbie Ray, Vince Velasquez, Ross Stripling and Daniel Poncedeleon. Intro song ...…
For Crime Crazy's 100th episode, we flew to Chicago and uncovered some truth about a very famous serial killer. Warning - we both found the truth a little crushing after the stories we'd always believed. From cows and fires to murders and articulators, we uncover the fact behind the legends. Sources: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson D ...…
Time for the Crazy Blessed Bible study! Learn how to achieve success from a MMA trainer! Part 3
We recorded outside so apologize for the wind interference. It clears up later in the episode. It’s San Diego Comic-Con week! Are you ready? Join Tony, Trevor, Abby and Johnny as they reflect on the significance of 50 years of Comic-Con, share what they are looking forward to and offer advice to first timers. They ……
This week, Gen, Henno and Bryan and joined by their guest Don, and the group talks about the subject of caregiving. Don talks about helping out others, as well as helping himself. Please subscribe and share! Contact Don at: Twitter @duckiefans Facebook email Bryan's Go Fund Me https://www.g ...…
This episode is a replay of my main stage keynote from HOW Design Live 2019. This talk is a culmination of everything I have seen and learned over the past year and a half working at InVision. It is made up of three truths that I think affect all of us and the six things we need to work on in our companies and in our work and lives.…
Lou & Pat discuss sleep paralysis and some weird news.They open a package from a fan.For fancy fun prints, check out Michael by Colin Lacativasabotagesound.bandcamp.comBy This Might Sound Crazy.
Today’s episode includes:• Netflix and Studio MDHR announced The Cuphead Show!• Warner Bros. Animation to make an adult reboot series of The Flintstones• TOHO released the trailer of Lupin III THE FIRST• Disney released the trailer of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil• Disney released the teaser trailer of Mulan (2020)…
If you want to understand how to write clearly and get your thoughts out on paper watch this episode. Check out Andy at @SparksZilla if you like this episode.
Renowned sex therapist Emily Morse, teaches you how to cum over and over again so have a seat because you’re gonna wanna listen to this. On this episode we discuss how to, get a guy to go down on you, have multiple orgasms, find your G spot, swallow, spice up your sex life and the #1 ORAL METHOD THAT WILL MAKE YOUR GIRL CUM EVERY TIME. We conti ...…
Even if everything in your life looks perfect, be very wary of the ones close to you that may want to pull the rug out from under you. When they start to pull the rug, grab your hammer and start swinging! Check for rattles! --- Support this podcast:
Our guests this week is Actor & Comedian, Will Weldon!We chat about reality shifting once you find stability in medication, mastering baked goods, adapting to and from a community that makes you feel good, Canadian politics (sorry), the empowerment of owning your failures, navigating panic attacks, and movies that make you cry! As always please ...…
First, Pallotta raised millions to fight cancer and AIDS by inventing multi-day fundraisers. Now he’s out to change everything you think about charity -- and yourself.By Crazy Good Turns.
In this episode, I share what's currently been happening in our real estate business and what deals we have been closing. Explaining Judgment and Liens deals.
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