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Welcome to the Cult Film Club, a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH despite how bad, weird or obscure they are. In fact, we love them because they’re bad, weird or obscure! We discuss and analyze cult films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Collectively we possess an impressive amount of useless pop culture knowledge, but we’re no movie snobs–just a couple of guys (and a girl) who really like movies.
The films you love, but no one else gets...
Cult Film Face Off
Every two weeks, Nick Leonard and Chet Roivas pit two cult films against each other before eventually choosing a victor.
Film Cult
Join David Sandhu, Stephen Sandhu and Ryan Victory as they learn, fight, agree and ridicule each other while discussing their ultimate love: Film. This is where the layman's critics get off the couch and start to speak up. Weekly show with many guests. Enjoy!
Two dudes, brews, and a film. Horror, action, and other cult movies.
Cult Film Freak presents SKULL ISLAND SURFER, a cinema podcast show hosted by James M. Tate, creator of the popular movie review and interview site, and here you will enjoy conversations with the likes of REB BROWN, LOUISE FLETCHER, VINCENT SPANO and many others... From SPIDER BABY to RESERVOIR DOGS, let the SKULL ISLAND SURFER take you away..."Thank you so much for your keen eye for detail and for your enthusiasm and support of my work – it really means a lot to me. It is ...
your satirical source for reviews of b-movies and cult films
Celebrating Cult Film and TV phenomena, this podcast is co-curated with the School of Humanities staff and students at the University of Hertfordshire.Shows will include discussions, interviews (with invited speakers, fans, academics and creatives), film and TV reviews and festival/conference reports.For further information please contact: Darren Elliott-Smith (
Disussion on all movies - mostly Asian/Cult classics. Also pop culture and humor as well as everything else. Truly old school. That's a good thing!
Astro Radio Z
Online radio show about horror / cult / exploitation films, low budget filmmaking, media collecting, and other fringe hijinx.
A mixed bag of fun. Like a barrel of monkeys played by lunatics. From Cult status to Back in toons. From Trash Cinema to Retrorocket hour we got it all. Sit back and have a nutty time.
Junkfood Cinema
Junkfood Cinema is a shame-free celebration of cult cinema hosted by critic Brian Salisbury and Marvel Studios screenwriter C. Robert Cargill
Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cult TV, Superheroes, Movies, Books & Comics. Reviews, Commentaries, Interviews & more. @Cultdom 8 Years 600+ episodes!This Podcast was created using
We feature films running the gamut from Horror to Exploitation to Noir and Martial Arts and back. You know that random video you got on VHS from some random mom and pop video store when you were 12? Yeah, we covered it. So sit back and enjoy the OTC ride. Tune into our Live shows every Wednesday at 6pm EST over at
George Feltenstein, Matthew Patterson, and D.W. Ferranti discuss the latest movie and TV releases from the Warner Bros. specialty label Warner Archive. The podcast features news, reviews, and interviews focusing on classic films and TV, sci-fi, horror, film noir, cult, animation, and other rarities culled from the vast Warner Bros. vaults.
A discussion of cult films by two guys located in a basement somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Matt holds a B.S. and M.S. in physics, and works as an aerospace engineer. Mark holds a B.S. in biochemistry and works as a research technician... both are graduates of Snohomish High School Class of 91/92 respectiviely, none of which qualifies them to discuss film in any meaningful way... so... "caveat emptor" and all that.
Where the Long Tail Ends is a website dedicated to finding old, obscure and possibly awful films that are adrift in the sea of pop culture. Please join us on this journey and maybe, just maybe, you'll find your new favorite movie.
Junk Food Dinner
Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult films, sci-fi, horror movies and everything weird and wild about the cinematic art form. Your three hilarious and good-looking hosts each pick a movie and then argue about why we did or did not like them.
Permanent Cinema
Permanent Cinema is a podcast about cult movies, classic films and pop culture.
The Bloodlust
We review horror movies. We tackle everything from the well-known blockbuster flicks, to the classics (with the occasional TV show thrown in). Nothing is too high or lowbrow, as we dissect everything from "Don’t Look Now" to "Leprechaun" with equal fervor. Join us, won’t you, as we revel in the blood and guts of the genre. Aficionados and noobs alike, everyone will find something to love about The Bloodlust.
They Cast from the Coast is a Cult & Horror Movie web series from Eastern Canada, also covering SCI-FI and ACTION in all its forms...
Death By DVD
Death By DVD: When renting is never enough.We here at Death By DVD sit painfully through hours and hours of movies so you, the public, can make an informed decision of what you put in your ear holes and eye holes. Some of these films are good, some bad, and some even unmentionable; but ALL have one thing in common: Watching all of these movies will one day melt our brains into a sloppy wet mush. No need to thank us, we were already methodically destroying ourselves with cinema. At least this ...
Comedy, Movies & Music steeped in Americana and silliness. Two friends discuss genre films with knowledge, passion and a unique sense of humour. There's no other podcast like this!
Forgotten Failures
The obscure movie podcast. DEEDS NOT WORDS
Reviewing B-Movies and Genre Flicks from a Christian perspective.WHY NOT CONTACT ME at WITH COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS AND I'LL READ THEM OUT THE SHOW.
Midnight Drive-In
From the ashes of The Last Horrorcast comes The Midnight Drive-In. Each week Bryan, Doug, and Noah will be talking about the craziest, weirdest, and down right insane cult, exploitation, and horror movies.
The show that review movies, discusses the latest movie news, and just talks about everything related to the art of cinema.
Richard, Brad, Jeffrey, and Simon talk about horror movies, the giallo genre, Euro-horror, and all kinds of other things and stuff. Check out Doomed Moviethon:http://doomedmoviethon.comRichard's Blog:http://cinemasomnambulist.comBrad's blog:http://yellowrazor.blogspot.comJeffrey's Blog:'s Blog: archives of the show can be found here:'re on YouTube as well! ...
Your source for cinebriation!
Presented by Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery, this show delves into the world of cult TV shows, movies, video games and more, with the help of beer and Google.
THE MILKSHAKE BOOM is quite possibly the greatest movie podcast ever made…but probably not. Simply put, we are a movie podcast dedicated to discussing hidden gems, cult films, and under appreciated guest favorites they feel need to be rediscovered!
Four Brains One Movie is a weekly podcast for cinefiles and fans of Horror Movies, Strange Films, Experimental and Underground Movies. With special guests each week including Writers, Artists and Directors, we dive deep into our topics and are not afraid of long, often off-topic conversations. Four Brains One Movie is also home to the regular podcast series' "Dinner With Lynch" all about David Lynch films and their influences and influencers and "Don't You Forget About Me" a regular series o ...
Mondo Movie
Cult movies, horror, exploitation, world cinema and other genre treats on DVD, Blu-ray and in cinemas. Ben Howard and Dan Auty cast their square eyes over some of the strangest, coolest and scariest movies from around the world
Cult Movie Cuisine
Show about the weird, wild and just plain kooky art of underground, cult and independent movies.
A father and his son and daughter-in-law review a different film each week. Films range from classics to fringe titles of which you might not be aware. Plus a weekly look at new releases on Blu-ray and DVD as well as what's new in theaters.
Elwood and Lackey each month challange each other to watch episodes of cult and obscure TV shows.
A joyful discussion of horror in cinema for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.
Official Selections of over 50 film festivals around the globe.
Stinker Madness is a bad movie podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. Cult, budget and "bad" movies twice a week.
Award winning Filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/failed filmamker Phil Hobden have known each other for over 20 years. They've made films together. They've written scripts together. They even fought in a war together (okay they didnt really but the rest is true.) And now they podcast together.Two friends talking about film, television, comics and the film industry.From the makers of the mostly forgotten Filmsploitation podcast.
Elwood and Stephen attempt to provide an introduction to Asian cinema, with each episode focusing on a different film along with further recommendations.
TV, DIY Filmmaking, Self Publishing, Horror Punk, Wrestling and everything Creep
A bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the films of the psychotronic genre. Partake in the madness & embrace the sleaze.
Tapes from the Tomb
Join Crypt Keeper Will and Vault Master Sam on our fortnightly discussion of horror anthology films old and new.
A discussion of cult films by two guys located in a basement somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Matt holds a B.S. and M.S. in physics, and works as an aerospace engineer. Mark holds a B.S. in biochemistry and works as a research technician... both are graduates of Snohomish High School Class of 91/92 respectiviely, none of which qualifies them to discuss film in any meaningful way... so... "caveat emptor" and all that.
WWW.DARKDISCUSSIONS.COM - Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews is a monthly podcast that reviews boutique label blu-rays and dvds of midnight movies and horror films.Visit us at or send us a comment at
Retro Ramble
Retro Ramble Movie Podcast & Blog - Join the Brothers McGhee each month as Charlie and George take a nostalgic look back at the TV and Films they grew up on why many are still relevant / being remade today. - Be sure to check our to access tonnes of additional content, movie reviews, funny videos and much more. Copyright Notice: All copyright material remains the property of the original copyright holder and all clips and audio samples have been used only as a referen ...
The Great Derelict
Step aboard the Great Derelict - a massive long abandoned space dock and join Andy as he explores all the various aspects of Spaceships, Science fiction, and general geekery, In-depth reviews and discussions, bite size shows and little odds and sods
Four-Eyed Horror
Nerdy. Horror. Goodness.
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show series
This is a mini-series of 8 episodes discussing the James Bond Films, the rip-offs and homages. We start off with Dr. No and end with Thunderball in this episode.
This week we focus on a more recent show and one that we and the rest of the fans want to revive.
This week the CTC crew takes a look at giant Japanese space turtle Gamera's first modern film with Gamera Guardian of the Universe. Plus new release news.
Before you even listen to the show, go to Hide the Bodies and get the Ghoul Summer 2018 T-shirt! Now that you have the shirt, please enjoy this episode with three movies picked by our Patreons. First, a janitor gets magical magician powers and then runs afoul of vampires, nazis and robots in "Alabama's Ghost" from 1973. Next, huge arachnids att ...…
Episode Fifty Nine. Two Roger Corman produced sci-fi thrillers from the early 80s. One verdict. Let’s have it. Subscribe to Cult Film Face Off on iTunes by clicking here. Check out CFFO on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
It’s time for us to pack it up and head on out to the big city. This week, we review the 1969 drama, Midnight Cowboy! In this episode, we ask if a film that’s won an Oscar can be considered a cult film? Although the movie has some offbeat humor and interesting camerawork, does this […] The post Midnight Cowboy appeared first on Cult Film in Review.…
Dan and I had a wonderful time talking with Horror Writer Kealan Patrick Burke about his writing and lots of other kinda unrelated topics. Topics ranged from toilet sharks, elaborate shorts, death, Roman Polanski, poverty, writing stories about people in bars and other exciting things including the time I accidentally sanded off my fingernails ...…
By (Bill By Force And Mr. Chris).
Buckle up, Junkions! This week Brian and Cargill slide behind the wheel with Walter Hill’s The Driver. Arguably the most cinematic car chase flick of all time, the guys discuss The Driver’s place in an amazing triple feature. They also discuss the stunts, the silence, and the heist at the heart of this uncompromising character piece. Then...the ...…
On this episode of Cult Film Club Jaime, Shawn and Pax take on The Last Starfighter from 1984!
Based on a book by Stephen King, and directed by John Carpenter. Two great tastes that taste great together. It should be no surprise that this movie is a favorite amongst the FM3. So hop in the back seat, cuz Forever Midnight has the wheel. We are taking you for one toasty ride as we review 1983’s ‘Christine’.…
New to Blu-ray: Never So Few (1959) starring Frank Sinatra and Home from the Hill (1960) starring Robert Mitchum. New TV on Disc incliudes Riverdale: The Complete Second Season (2017-18) on Blu-Ray and Hanna Barbera's 2 Stupid Dogs/Secret Squirrel Show: The Complete First Season (1993). 1930s Classics on DVD include Captain Applejack (1931), Wa ...…
Welcome aboard the Great Derelict! This is a little bit different, I recently attended the Nineworlds convention in London, and was asked to contribute to a panel on Star Trek Discovery, and with the kind permission of the panelists I am making the recording available for your listening pleasure here. My co panelists were Neth Dugan - https://t ...…
We take one of the most beloved stinkers of the last decade and find a new reason to justify the entire plot - a rumble to the death over the most important theme of the 1980's - high fashion. Miami Connection is at the top of the list for most fans of crummy films and this is no accident. It's truly one of the most accessible bad movies of all ...…
Jim Wallace and Jon Cross are out and about in the city of New York yet again discussing Hammer Horror Films. This week they talk Peter Cushing as the titular baron in The Evil of Frankenstein. They talk dodgy accents, Roger Moore impersonators, that bloke from Inspector Morse, dodgy make up effects, is it a remake or a sequel to a movie that n ...…
This week we’re talking some rape revenge films. Always a feel good topic. Also Noah gets mad at Bryan and Doug for not being into Ralph Bakshi movies, we get a load of feedback, and Bryan gets mad at Noah and Doug when they don’t care about a dream that he had. All this and … Continue reading The Midnight Drive-In: Savage Streets & Sudden Deat ...…
Director: Tyler MacIntyre Writers: Tyler MacIntyre & Chris Lee Hill Synopsis: Two midwestern high school seniors, Sadie & McKayla, are obsessed with true crime, & run their own blog, Tragedy Girls. Much to their delight, a series of killings in their small town seem to be the work of one psychopath. The girls figure this will be just the thing ...…
The legendary filmmaker Samuel Fuller was born on August 12, 1912 and to celebrate his birthday Andy and O discuss one of his masterworks, the Pulp-Cold War-Spy-Noir from 1953, 'Pickup on South Street.' This episode of the Permanent Cinema podcast is also a celebration - the 65th anniversary of the release of the film- starring Richard Widmark, ...…
We celebrate the 25th anniversaries of two baseball classics for the whole family.
On this FOUR BRAINS ONE MOVIE podcast, we are joined fellow podcaster and lover of messed up movies and horror movies Nolan McBride from the DEAD RINGERS podcast. A podcast that explores different films that 'with shared DNA but with distinct personalities.' We like his show because they like fucked up movies, just like we do! We have even cove ...…
Tom welcomes Morgan to the ongoing world of the Jurassic Park series.
Continuing our journey through cannibal films with a double dose of human carnage! Starting off with one of the most influential horror films most people haven’t seen, the grisly 1932 masterpiece The Most Dangerous Game, from the same team who would unleash King Kong on world a year later. This tale of Russian Count Zaroff living on a remote is ...…
This week, we make a triumphant return to the mailbag, taking a listener request to discuss Paolo Sorrentino's ponderous arthouse quirk-fest This Must Be the Place! Consequence of Sound film editor Dominick Suzanne-Mayer joins us in this exploration of one of Sean Penn's stranger performances, as a washed-up Robert Smith-type rock star who retu ...…
"And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out..." This episode, Cody, Robert, and Nat enter the wild world of Roger Corman with X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES. X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES is a mix of hubris, psychedelic visuals, Ray Milland, Don Rickles, and a surprising amount of thoughtfulness. We also take a look back at year four of the po ...…
THE MILKSHAKE BOOM returns this week with Robert's movie selection: 'White Lightning'! This 1973 Burt Reynolds 'hick-sploitation' flick about murder and moonshine co-stars Ned Beatty and is directed by Joseph Sargent!
This episode we prepare for MEG by watching two decent but overlooked Shark Flicks from the last few years.
LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! It's Fight Night at Permanent Cinema! Carter, David, Dillon, Paul and O take sides, debate, perform some fancy footwork and a little rope-a-dope to see who will emerge as the victor! In one corner, the Italian Stallion! And in the other, the Bronx Bull! Listen now! If you like the match, please give us a Rate and Revi ...…
Simon and Richard use words and sounds to describe Lamberto Bava's Macabre (1980). That's right, it's a frickin' LamBava show! Yay! This is also a listener request from friend of show Derek. Check out Derek's stuff: ...…
"What a Lovely Day!" This go 'round Matt and Mark review the Miller reboot of the Max franchise with Mad Max: Fury Road. While no doubt an undisputed masterpiece of 21st Century action, one has to wonder does it hold up on repeat viewings? Mark hmms and hahs certain details overlooked in the initial bombast, while Matt codifies the tropes of th ...…
"What a Lovely Day!" This go 'round Matt and Mark review the Miller reboot of the Max franchise with Mad Max: Fury Road. While no doubt an undisputed masterpiece of 21st Century action, one has to wonder does it hold up on repeat viewings? Mark hmms and hahs certain details overlooked in the initial bombast, while Matt codifies the tropes of th ...…
This week, the guys get kung furious with there review of the 1976 martial arts classic, Master of the Flying Guillotine! In this episode, the crew tries to piece together the history of this film. Who exactly was in the wrong? The Master of the Flying Guillotine or the One-armed Boxer? Later, the guys decide which of the fighters […] The post ...…
By (Bill By Force And Mr. Chris).
It's Junk Food Dinner's Beach Party Bonanza this week, so break out the surfboards and meet us down by the old Frankie Avalon place for a never-ending evening filled big waves, big babes, and big fun. Embiggen your filmic horizons with another ramshackle selection of movies that may or may not even adhere to the prescribed theme! Hear the sound ...…
This week we manage to not be able to view Miami Connection thanks to randy critters. So instead Sam and Justin discuss drinking children, seagulls, #goatpocalypse, Neil Breen's Twister Pair trailer, a new Great Superpower Debate, reviews of Transformations, Hologram Man, WuTang vs Ninja, and Sam invents a drunk game called "Who is THE GUY?"…
Brian and Cargill pick the wrong day to float the river and are met with a hungry horde of Piranha. Piggybacking off last week's episode, we discuss one of the very best Jaws rip-offs of all time that was coincidentally released in the Summer of 78 right alongside Jaws 2. The guys chat about the ravenous swarm of talent that descended upon Texa ...…
Elwood and Lackey return with another double dose of cult TV goodness this time kicking off with "Fringe" a show dismissed by some as an "X Files" cash in, the guys argue why this show was so much more.Rounding out this double bill is the 1977 public infomation film "Apaches" by John Mackenzie who would go on to direct the classic Brit gangster ...…
We continue our conversation about Summer Flicks with Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise & North Shore.
This week we’re doing a kids night and showing some cartoon movies from our childhoods in the form of 1986’s Transformers The Movie and then following that up with 1987’s G.I. Joe The Movie. Just remember that “You got the touch, you got the power!” Yo Joe. The post The Midnight Drive-In: Transformers The Movie & G.I. Joe The Movie appeared fir ...…
Jon Cross and Jim Wallace start a month long dive into Hammer Horror films with their 1957 film The Abominable Snowman. We get a fantastic email from Dr.Fuzz, we talk the wonder that is The Abominable Snowman, the nature and struggle of English identity, nostalgia reigns as we remember back when we first became aware of Hammer and we, of course ...…
This episode we go old school for a discussion on the many iterations of Tom & Jerry, Try and find the good elements of TerryToons and discuss the Comic-con animation news.
Elwood and Stephen are joined once again by's very own dutchess of dark cinema Zoe (Zobo With A Shotgun) so of course it made perfect sense that we would be looking at a Korean Romantic Melodrama.Stephen provides an introduction guide to the genre while Elwood opens the anime vault to look back at "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the O ...…
Based on the book by Jean Auel, The Clan of the Cave Bear tells the story of Ayla, a young Neanderthal girl orphaned and raised by a clan of Cro-Magnons. This week the CTC crew examines the 1986 adaptation starring Daryl Hannah.
Kevin's out this week so we're joined by Parker's Pool Party Radio cohort Jason Frisbie in New York and Jason's friend Cotton from Little Rock. Up first, the second film in the House franchise takes a decidedly different turn with new characters and a new house but things get even weirder as Jesse (Arye Gross) and his girlfriend Kate (Lar Park ...…
Episode Fifty Eight. Eccentric 1981 oddity The Ice Pirates somehow wasn’t a financial flop, but does that mean it’s better than Stuart Gordon’s oven-ready uber turkey Space Truckers? It’s time to find out. Subscribe to Cult Film Face Off on iTunes by clicking here. Check out CFFO on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.…
Cult Film in Review is packing up their waders because they’re headed to the bayou for one heck of a review. That’s right, The Crew is discussing the 1989 action comedy, The Return of Swamp Thing! In this episode, the guys compare and contrast between this film and the Wes Craven prequel, Swamp Thing. Later, Mike asks if […] The post The Return ...…
Episode fifty-five: Emanuelle and The Last Cannibals! Fifty episodes later, the time has come for Alec and Derek to pick back up with nymphomaniac photojournalist Emanuelle (Laura Gemser). Taking place shortly after the globe trotting escapades of Emanuelle in America, this time director Joe D’Amato sends our horny heroine and her stylish squad ...…
We start off our Mexican Cult month with two older choices "The Witches Mirror and Dr. Satan. We also do our month "International Snack Taste Test from the good people over at Don't forget we need your help to keep the show alive head on over to and join our monthly Patreon and help keep indepe ...…
Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet... Brian and Cargill kick off Summer of 78 by discussing the sequel with all the bigger boats: Jaws 2. Brian reaffirms his theory that Jaws 2 is a slasher film with a shark, Cargill expounds on the history of American whiskey, and the mob ties of Amity Island are revealed. Download, l ...…
In this podcast, Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish are joined once again by a favorite guest of ours Author/Cartoonist/Filmmaker Ricky Sprague. We will be exploring the depths of depravity that lie within the Morrissey/Warhol/Udo Keir classics from the 1970's "Blood for Dracula" (1974) and "Flesh for Frankenstein"(1973) We cover both movies in t ...…
We've got a monster-bud on our hands in the most notable work of Meatloaf's career. When the world's greatest hunter gets hired by a rich family to catch a yeti, he gets thwarted by a little girl whose clothes don't fit. Everyone is going to jail here. One might go into this thinking that you're about to be tortured for an hour and a half, ala ...…
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