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Dead Meat Podcast
The Dead Meat Podcast is your horror safe haven. Reviews, film history, and all things that make your skin crawl.
Have you ever seen a dead body? People find dead bodies everywhere, under floorboards, inside chimneys, and in their homes. They’re at crime scenes, disaster scenes and in morgues. There have been dead bodies on the red carpet, in cannibals’ dens, and even advertised in the classifieds. In this series, experienced crime and court reporter Sharnelle Vella, and veteran radio host Dee Dee Dunleavy look at where dead bodies have been found, how they got there, and most importantly, the effect on ...
The Living Dead Girls Broadcasting from Buffalo's own Think Twice Radio, The Living Dead Girls is a podcast that covers true crime, unsolved mysteries, the paranormal, and generally spooky and bizarre topics. We're just two #murderino #paranerds who want to talk it up. You can reach us at and can follow along with our updates and news at
So Dead
Hàng tuần
Hosted by Jenn Carpenter and Dani Fairman. So Dead features unique tales of true crime, the paranormal, urban legends, and more.
Read or Dead
Read or Dead is a bi-weekly show dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.
The Walking Dead Talk Through is an episode by episode discussion about all the TV and movies within the AMC's The Walking Dead Universe. In each episode, we talk about the character arcs and their interactions with other characters, the plot, and action of the episode, and make predictions on what will happen. Our listeners are very important to us, and your feedback is an essential part of this podcast. Host Brian Meloche is joined by co-host Mark Kirkman for The Walking Dead episodes, and ...
Pre-Dead Boys
You're gonna rot - but that doesn't have to be a bummer! Prepare for the inevitable with Max and Dorian as they explore the history and culture of death and decomposition.Twitter & Insta: @predeadboys
Dead End Podcasts
More than hip hop conversations!
"So good." -Willem DaFoe
"The Walking Dead Tertulia Zombie" es un podcast en el que comentamos la serie episodio a episodio. Con spoilers, motes para los personajes y muchas risas.
Dead Ringers
Dead Ringers is a twice monthly horror podcast covering double features with shared DNA (e.g. premise, structure, concept), but distinct personalities. Each episode, host and producer Nolan McBride is joined by a rotating panel of co-hosts to analyze each film individually before comparing and contrasting the differences in their approaches and highlighting what each movie brings to the horror genre.
Kim and Lizzie are two humans who host a podcast celebrating and dissecting AMC's "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead."
Dead Air podcast brings you horror film reviews from a dark basement in Ottawa, Ontario. Wes 'Dead Air' Knipe and typicallydia hit classics and contemporary scary movies, recording moments after watching them. You can listen here so if there is a movie you think we should watch, drop us a line!
Podcast by Better Off Dead Minute: The Podcast
Kill the Dead
A horror movie discussion podcast. Horror nerds that love to talk, rant and ramble! New episodes drop every other Thursday.
Dead Air Nation
"One Nation, Under Dead Air."The Dead Air Nation Network features 3 unique shows, with their own unique brand of content.- Dead Air Nation Live! is a new breed of comedy talk radio. Airing weekly on Sundays 8pm EST.Dead Air Nation Live features LIVE callers and CELEBRITY guest interviews, funny skits,pranks, and weekly segments including the news as only DEAD AIR NATION does it.Join Mister Sinister, Thomas, Billy, Gator and the ever evolving motley crew for NON STOP ACTION.DEAD AIR NATION LI ...
Two idiots, real history, and a subterranean bunker lost in time.If you like the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! cover art was created by Ian Patterson. You can find more of his work
From the Idiots who brought you 'Ashamed of Thrones'
The Walking Dead
ZombieCast.NET Your Guide to all things Zombie, we talk zombie news, movies, tv, games, and comics. with your host Freeman and Matt and Tedakin LEAVE US AN iTUNES REVIEW!
Forging a new left agenda in the midst of our neoliberal hellscape -- Join us weekly for the best news and analysis from a left perspective.
WE ARE SQUAWKING DEAD...a podcast, pulverizing episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and #TWD3
God is Dead
Odds are you've been hunting for a new podcast for a while, so why not try God Is Dead? In each episode Bryce Mills and Campbell Walker bring you the strangest things they've found from the internet and modern culture and explain why they each prove that God has completely abandoned us all.
Dead Pixel Live
Dead Pixel Live features discussions, reviews and interviews about video games, movies, and more video games. With an open format that has lasted for hundreds of episodes, DPL is an unpredictable and entertaining show.
Dead Men Questing
Four Adventurers live a dangerous lifestyle, full of monsters, loot, and character development. This line of work isn't for long term planners. A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast
Walkers & Talkers
David Brody, from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and his co-host Jamie from Lite FM in NYC, break down every episode of AMC's The Walking Dead , Fear The Walking Dead and Preacher with knowledge and humor. They also give you the latest TWD news all year round!Twitter: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers Instagram: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers
Dead Waves
A psychic, a ghost, and a demon take your calls and listen to your problems. They're going to do their best to help, but they're still working a few things out, alright?Questions? Comments? An overwhelming urge to have some sort of communication with anybody else? Email us at
A monthly musical journey with the Grateful Dead & Friends
Corpse Club
Corpse Club is the official podcast! Featuring a mix of Daily Dead staff and special guests, each episode of Corpse Club will dive into the world of horror entertainment. Welcome to the Corpse Club!
Melissa and Kia are stowaways on the same fateful helicopter that took Rick Grimes away from us all. Will they ever be found? Only the TWD movies will bring them out of hiding. Until then, check out the Two Dead Chicks archives for recaps of seasons 1-9 of AMC's The Walking Dead.
We are the Fear Me Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the shows Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead and Preacher. Every week, Kim, Stewart and Scot bring you their likes and dislikes of the latest episodes, plus more, all while sampling a few of our favorite craft brews.
When THE WALKING DEAD ends, We’re just getting started.
Preacher Recap
JD & Josh discuss 'Preacher' to the NthDegree! AMC is bringing some of our favorite comic books to life and we're going to talk about them as only we a moderately entertaining yet overly self-important manner. Join us, won't you?
Talk Dead To Me
A podcast from Skybound Entertainment focused on all things Walking Dead. Hosts Johnny O'Dell, Alexandra August and Woody Tondorf dissect and discuss everything happening in the Walking Dead universe - Season 10 of the show, the end of the comics and games, books and spin-off news. TDTM also features interviews with guests well-known throughout the franchise and fandom. New episodes every Monday morning!
Dead End Sports
This is the place where sports opinions collide. Each Tuesday, Nicky Dusse, Beezy430, Feefo, and Kinge discuss the latest and hottest topics in sports.
We explore ideas and practices once believed to be true but no longer. Each dead idea is explored in all its glorious eccentricity.For example, discover miasma, the theory that plague comes from stinky air; or the medical diagnosis of hysteria, which holds that women's wombs wander around their bodies causing trouble.Join us on a fun romp through the history of ideas that didn’t quite stand the test of time.
Dead and Lovely is a horror movie podcast hosted by Ben Eller and Steven Spratling.
Dead Darlings
A monthly podcast for the spoken word scene in London and beyond. Contact us on Twitter at @DeadDarlingsPod
That Guy’s Dead
A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Zachary Westbrook that explores the lives of those who have passed before us. Support this podcast:
No one stays dead for long in comic books and our passion for talking about them never dies.
Podcasting The World Of Movies, TV, & Video Games
"In every generation, there is a Chosen Podcast."
You're Dead Too
A podcast about our shared, inevitable demise!
The podcast that explores hauntings, the people they affect, and the chilling true histories behind the legends.
Every Saturday morning our resident Dead Set Legends, Leigh "Joey" Montagna and Jay Clark, with a new co-host each week give you their unique spin on the world of sport, and the vagaries of life itself. Where else can you get all that squeezed into two hours eh?? Join the Dead Set Legends from 10am till midday every Saturday on Melbourne's 105.1 Triple M or catch up with them here.
The airwaves will be anything but dead as the music of one of rock's most prolific touring acts, The GRATEFUL DEAD, are brought to you by 'Uncle John'. Featuring live recordings, rare unreleased material, interviews and much more...
Recap show for The Walking Dead on AMC. Your hosts Sebastian, Jon, and Dennis analyze the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and read your feedback. For more podcasts on the Fandom Found Podcast Network, visit
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James and Chelsea head into the new millennium with a crew of creepy kids. This time, we're talking Spain and Japan's weird kiddos! ---- SOURCES Evil Children in Film and Literature - Karen J Renner (essays within journal by Steffan Hantke, William Wandless, A. Robin Hoffman) The Monster Show – David J Skal The Uncanny Child in Transnational Ci ...…
In the 1970s, Priggooris Park in Bath was a dangerous place, connected to the disappearances of three Mid-Michigan teenagers. Today, their spirits are said to haunt the park, along with something much more sinister. Cases: Martha Sue Young, Maureen Nichols & Stacie Rost Support the showBy Carpenter & Fairman.
You want to know the backstory of how ‘The Whisperers’ we’re formed? Sure, who doesn’t? Do you want it to take over an hour while do so? …nah.By Martin Miggs.
Two centuries ago, on vacation in Geneva, a young novelist with a lifelong morbid curiosity conceived one of the most enduring and fascinating stories of all time. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is known for being the first science fiction novel and an early achievement in horror, but it is also a critique of the terrifying scientific exploits of ...…
This week Anthony Lewis and Aurora Bubbaloo talk about Season 10 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead “Lines We Cross” including our thoughts on the episode, what we loved, what we didn’t, and give it our personal 1 out of 5!!! Support Us: Fandango — Movies Tickets And Gift Cards Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Spotify | Android | Stitcher | ...…
It's here! It's finally here! After a full year of development, our new show the History of Sex is here. Cruise on over to The History of Sex on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get podcasts. Also, an announcement: next month, we will have more Dead Ideas!By B. T. Newberg.
In 2002, 339 bodies that had been sent to the Tri-State Crematory in northwest Georgia, in the US, were found dumped on the crematorium's site. This led to civil litigation and criminal prosecutions.A series of attacks on young lovers parked at a “lovers’ lane” in Rowville, Victoria, in the 1980’s went unsolved for more than 30 years. But in 20 ...…
In this episode, we collaborate with the Black Korea Podcast to do our first re-watchable film review which is on Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. We debate on whether Taraji P. Henson’s character was justified in her actions throughout the film, what signs you should look out for in a partner before getting married, and what is considered fair compensa ...…
This is the grossest episode of all time. Do NOT play this at the club. Taking a moment out to get as gross as possible in a deep dive about 2 things: Cumming on a turtle Cumming in a coconut ALL MEDIA HERE: FOLLOW BRYCE: FOLLOW CAM: ...…
Notorious Serial Killer--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
Shakedown Street (1982-04-06) The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PAJack Straw >Deal (1979-11-06) The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PANEYBAS Live in studio!Help On The Way >Slipknot! >Franklin's Tower (1977-10-11) Univ of Oklahoma - Norman, OKRipple ('American Beauty')By Uncle John.
Kim and Lizzie discuss and dissect The Walking Dead 10.1 "Lines We Cross." “We pick back up with the group in Oceanside continuing to train in case the Whisperers return. Tensions are high as heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.” Brainiacs, look for Brains Gone Bad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Email us at brainsgon ...…
Talking Through Lines We Cross We have finally made it to episode 100 of The Walking Dead Talk Through! It seems like it took forever… Well, it took us five years! Thank you, listeners, for all of your enthusiasm and support! We did the first time ever first impressions episode earlier this week, and this time, Mark and I talk through a more de ...…
“Every night I save you.” Clearly I’ve set my listener expectations in terms of my Season 6 feelings. So to keep myself honest, it seems I have decided to frontload those discussions of Depression: The Series with avowed superfans of said season. Following on the heels of last week’s talk with Season 6 expert Elizabeth Rambo, this week I’m join ...…
We'll tear your ears apart! Not really, cause that would be bad podcasting!It's that good ol' Halloween season again which means DEAD AIR is back with the first of two commentary tracks. These special episodes are where we tackle the biggest of the big that the horror genre has to offer. This year is no exception as we take you scene by bloody ...…
The patron Q&A is here! Thanks to all of you who asked questions and joined in on the YouTube live stream. I think we all had a lot of fun. Let me know if you'd like me to do this format more often. Topics covered: Can Warren win? What do we do if she does? Should we run an independent socialist? What are my feelings on David Graeber? How has t ...…
Katie and guest host Liberty talk about Knives Out, creepy mysteries, and more! This episode is sponsored by Book Riot’s Read This Book newsletter, All the Devils by Barry Eisler, and Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky. Subscribe to the podcast via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. To get even more mystery/thriller recs and news, sign ...…
El podcast en español sobre la serie "The Walking Dead. Review, risas y spoilers. Episodio 1 de la 10ª Temporada: Line we cross Emisión en AMC USA: 6 de Octubre de 2019 Emisión en FOX España: 7 de Octubre de 2019 Más información y comentarios en:…
Minute 47 starts with E.G. Daley dancing seductively and making eyes at the camera and ends with E.G. ending the song with a victorious flourish.By Better Off Dead Minute: The Podcast.
How difficult is it to do a forest fire on TV? What’s really going on with Siddiq’s PTSD? How many people could that deer have really fed? Tune in for the answers to these question, and a lot more as we read listener feedback about season 10, episode 1. —Please send us your comments, thoughts...By Chris & Jason.
The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere was like a breath of fresh air!! A Russian satellite fell out of the sky and it wasn't weird! A freaking satelite!! Our survivors had to make the tough decision to cross party lines and risk Alpha's wraith. And Carol took on that challenge with gusto! Tune in each week as Scot, Kim and Stewart review the late ...…
You're Dead Too - Episode 33 - Funerals - Pt 4 John sits down at the mic by himself to talk about funerals. This is the fourth entry in a longer, more nuanced exploration of funeral practices. Today John looks at cremation - what it is, why we do it, how we do it and the horrifying practicality of burning a body on purpose in a respectful manne ...…
On this Off-Topic episode, Emily von Seele is joined by THE DEEPER YOU DIG co-director/co-writer/co-star Toby Poser to talk about her new film making its way through the festival circuit and what it's like to make micro-budget films with your family. Links of interest and/or sources cited for research for this episode: [Fantasia 2019] THE DEEPE ...…
Dead Space: Downfall A prequel to the hit video game chronicling the discovery of the Red Marker and the first Necromorph outbreak. Director: Chuck Patton Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti (screenplay), Justin Gray (screenplay) | Stars: Nika Futterman, Keith Szarabajka, Jim CummingsBy Kill the Dead.
Join Buck N' Cap LIVE every Wednesday at 8pm on the Dead Air Nation Network The show is designed to entertain you with a variety of comedic topics based on current affairs and/or the warped minds of Buck N' Cap. You will also find a variation of interactive segments like: Trivia Challenges; Movie Quotes & Sounds; Cappy's Cup and a wide range of ...…
Ep. 159 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM in NYC break down The Walking Dead S10 Premiere! "Lines We Cross" Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD Twitter: @DavidBrody @TheTalkingJamie @Walkers_Talkers Instagram: @DavidBrody @TheTal ...…
New episode of the podcast recapping Season 10 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead entitled “Lines We Cross”. Enjoy! If you would like to be included in the show, feel free to email us your feedback to Enjoy our The Walking Dead Podcast? Be sure to subscribe to our show completely FREE on your Android or iOS device. Use the opt ...…
Your girls are finally back. In this episode, Adara tells Kenzie about something eerie that's been seen under the streets of Toronto. What is it? Listen to find out. Original Theme Music by Ethan Reid (Instagram @ethanareid) Additional music and SFX by Epidemic Sound Follow us! Instagram: Facebook: ...…
Uncle Ben and Hollywood Steve are coming at you with something of a wildcard pick: The Addams Family. It may not be horror, but it's a great movie to watch around Halloween! We talk about all of the production issues, Anjelica Huston's dedication to the film, and the rest of the awesome cast. Mamushka! Go become a Patreon patron: ...…
Tap to hear the infuriating tale you don't know about Ireland's sordid history. Also inside, an Olympics event that was so stupid you won't believe your ears. Like, rate, subscribe!VENMO TIP JAR: @wtadpPATREON: @wetalkaboutdeadpeopleFACEBOOK: www.twi ...…
This week Talk Dead to Me dives head first into the Season 10 premiere, Lines We Cross. We break down friendship bracelets, Three Men and a Baby and that spacey special guest. ******** Each week hosts Johnny O'Dell, Alexandra August and Woody Tondorf discuss everything happening in The Walking Dead universe - new episodes every Monday morning! ...…
The Walking Dead | Season 10 Premiere Recap: “Lines We Cross” Like a satellite smashing into the earth, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) crash into the tenth season premiere of The Walking Dead, “Lines We Cross.” Directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Angela Kang, “Lines We Cross” begins several months after The ...…
Episode 354 Oct 7th 2019THIS WEEK the Host talk Season 10 TWD, "JOKER" full REVIEW plus Shudder and Creepshow! New Shudder TV Series!!!!!!!!Twitter @ZombieCastWorld is @ZombieResearchFacebook search ZombieCastWorld and ZombieResearchSocietyPLEASE Leave us a REVIEW on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, DownCast and where all Podca ...…
At long last, TWD is upon us! It feels forever hasn't it? LET'S BREAK IT DOWN!Camp Marimac Fall Charity Bash | Thurs, 10/17 @ 5pm: An evening with TWD cast and Meg, Rachael, and Dave! Stalker Atlanta | 10/18 - 10/20: WE HAVE A TABLE AND PRESS PASSES! Meet Dave, Carol, Meg, and Rachael!2 MORE WEEKS ADDED to ou ...…
A Dead Darlings bonus episode. Rebecca and Laurie discuss Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey.Our book review of Milk and Honey in episode 3 ended up being a lot more in-depth than we had predicted, and following some comments on social media, we've decided to release the full conversation as a bonus episode. Enjoy, and as ever, let us know what you think!…
Dead Pixel Live doesnt have friends in this episode. Derrick discusses the issues brought up in the last episode. He explains why he's not that excited about the mini Genesis. Derrick complains a little about the state of the world while explaining why he doesnt see the listeners as friendly.By DerrickH.
The Dead Men Questing have buried their companion and picked up some cheap goblin labor in Altdorf, next order of business- breakfast. So much has happened since they first joined together for the rescue of lost treasure but with the stakes even higher the Dead Men Questing truly find themselves at the beginning of their questing daysFollow us ...…
This week, we recap the week in the NFL, discuss our predictions for the first round of the Major League Baseball playoffs, and discuss James Harden's one-legged three move and career motivations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Studio71.
In this conversational ramble, Matt and Damian discuss generational differences in comic book reading and ponder who their number one comic book writer of all time would be. This is the conversation that immediately followed last episode's discussion of Tokyo Ghost and is basically a series of digressions.…
Before you can go off selling your deceased relative's stuff, you've gotta make sure that it's not haunted. That's just common sense. Our caller this week was smart enough to do just that. We help Drew from Funkley, Minnesota go through his grandmother's things to make sure that there's no spooky paranormal stuff going on. Business as usual, ri ...…
We knew this day was coming, friends? Or did we? We wouldn't blame you if you thought we forgot about you since this is coming at ya six months late. But good things take time. We hope. Even though it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, we must. But really, it's a celebration, benches (any fans of The Good Place out there?). We compiled all ...…
This month the podcast takes us to the Late Summer 1991 Run that had the band playing 6 shows in 7 nights... and they only repeated one song! Amazing. This is the 4th show of that run, and they are obviously trying hard not to repeat anything and came up with some interesting twists. For half-time, "Bob" brought us in some Bob & Rob from 1991. ...…
Episode #28: Not Exactly Wrapped in Plastic Kat and Leslie bring it all back to New York! Kat tells the story of the Brightside Hotel, on Raquet Lake (in the Adirondack Mountains), and Leslie tells the fateful tale of Hazel Drew, from Sand Lake, NY... the story that inspired Twin Peaks.
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