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Mad Decent World Wide Radio taking over the airwaves with the newest of new underground sounds.
Recent Paper Decent Puzzle is a podcast with two parts. First, Dan explains a recent scientific journal article in enough detail for non-experts to get a good sense of the science. Then, he presents a decent puzzle, so you have something to think about until you get the answer in the next episode. Ready? Set? Listen!
Mad Decent World Wide Radio taking over the airwaves with the newest of new underground sounds.
Music by the fans and for the fans. A podcast featuring conversations with artists who inspire us.
Decent At Best
Reise Kitts and Garrett Foust answer any and all of your questions. Their answers are not good, but they are guaranteed to be Decent At Best.
intellectual ignorance designed to elevate your vibration!
Decent Exposure
Decent Exposure is a weekly podcast hosted by Jason Cercone and Angelica Ross that dives into the world of social media, content creation, Internet trends, brand visibility, representing yourself and your brand in the best way possible, and simple marketing strategies that will help your brand stand out in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. This podcast is designed to be fun, laid-back, easy to digest, and full of information that's easy to absorb and implement into your day-t ...
An adult human male and an adult human female discuss things, like adult humans. Blog and podcast.
Wicked Decent Learning explores issues relevant to teachers in Maine and the world beyond the Vacationland borders. Hosted by two practicing public educators, WDL features a weekly discussion followed by technology integration tips, media integration ideas, book talks and a 'Didja See?' segment about the week in education news. And no show would be completely without a few tangents and a healthy dose of shenanigans. Contact Wicked Decent Learning at or w ...
A journey of a poet seeking to turn his passions for storytelling and empowering people into value, while staying true to himeself. Ever since he was a little boy @AndreWYZE was able to string words together to translate his emotions and surroundings. Now an adult with an array of experiences and inspiration behind him, WYZE seeks to impact the world by sharing his pursuit of becoming the best story teller in the world and helping everyone he can to believe in their dreams. Stay tuned for mo ...
A Decent Podcast
Creator, Emerald Twiggs is grabbing the mic once again to share her perspective offstage. Get the chance to personally ask her questions with her weekly episodes of Q&A. Stick around for her prolific episodes of Poetic Digest, exploring original published poems. In Something to Consider, we discuss a weekly message to be mindful and share positive affirmations. Generally, the last week of every month discusses a follow up with our honest selves in Checking In. Week 5, it’s either already Sep ...
Decent Tunes
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Decent T.V
Welcome to the Decent TV podcast, where amazing things happen.
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Project 86's Andrew Schwab returns to the podcast to discuss an upcoming project that he will be working on, the band's history, and London Six Echo.Join our team at our Patreon page: our website:
explaining what our plan is for the youtube channel
In this episode, the Decent Boys answer questions from Reddit. Thank you to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this episode, the location for goods and guidance for the modern man, delivered monthly – plus a full shop of uniquely cool products. Use offer code: DECENT for 20% off your next purchase at Don’t forget to email your questi ...…
SANDROS BACK. talking about reo speedwagons album hi infidelity. FACTS OF THE DAY. support your local record shop.
John Mark McMillan joins the DCT podcast to discuss Mercury & Lightning, the 10th anniversary of The Medicine, and How He Loves.Join our Patreon team: our website:
co host Aaron goes solo minutes before episode is suppose to be up. taking about a cassette found at creme tangerine records in costa mesa. then the main event, do what you love. and taking about a classic film. excellent
first up we talk about a 2004 comedy in our segment classics only, then join us as Sandro and Aaron Interview Esthefany to hear her story as a beggining entrepreneur.
Emerald gives closing statements & encouragement as Season 1 concludes. Season finale.
Josiah talks with Facedown Records' Deathbreaker about their most recent project "Disconnect". Gabe also gives an update on Stryper's Oz Fox.Our podcast is now on Spotify: our website at
In this episode our CO host Aaron will be sharing with you must do's in Newport Beach for the best shots and the best day. If he didn't mention a place you love in Newport Beach Share with us on our Instagram @decent_dudes_podcast We appreciate all the support
In this episode, the Decent Boys celebrate the podcast’s 21st Birthday by answering your alcohol related questions. They discuss favorite drinks, drunk stories, and answer if its bad for guys to drink fruity drinks. All this and more in this episode. This episode is brought to you by A premiere subscription box service for me ...…
In this episode Hibachi and The master levitator are joined by a special guest Bianca "Th everyday goddess" and they have a real discussion about variety of topics from relationships, spirituality, and general life advice. This episode is real so be warned!
In this episode we're sharing artist born in August, Facts of the day, Record shop treasures, And the future of the decent dudes Podcast and our band
“You can read between the lines or I can read it for you." Let's discuss the original poem, Cardiac with the subject of my affection. Welcome to Poetic Digest.
Stryper's Michael Sweet joins the podcast to discuss the band's latest record "God Damn Evil", the band's career, and a possible tour with Fozzy.Find us on iTunes: our team on Patreon:…
Let's talk about being natural. Not just butts and boobs, but bigger things that actually matter. 😂
here our stories from visiting the VANS U.S. OPEN, our favorite albums this week, and what waiting gets you. and to believe the dream even when you feel theirs nothing left to get it going.
Today's special gets personal answering a few of your questions through music. Tune in.
In this week’s episode, the Decent Boys are joined by their friend Kaleb Savage to answer some questions (he even brought a few of his own). Send in your questions to
Everyone’s free time is different. When do you listen to my podcast? In this podcast, I briefly explain my current release schedule. What day is more convenient: Tuesday or Saturday? I want to hear from you!
Remember that movie Shazam? No you don't, because Sinbad said he never filmed it. Welcome to the Mandela Effect. 🙃 Music in this episode: Still Not A Player, Big Pun; Rosa Parks, Outkast; Ascension, Maxwell
Hi, my name is Emerald. (Hi, Emerald!) And I'm here to break the ice by answering your questions! Welcome to my weekly episode.
Gabe talks with Eddie DeGarmo about his new book "Rebel for God", his time with DeGarmo & Key, and his time as a music industry executive.Visit our website at decentchristiantalk.comJoin our Patreon team for as low as $1 a month at
aaron rides solo sharing decent tunes he found in record shops, classic movies, and shares what happened at his work that changed his views on someone there. give us a listen.
After a long hiatus the duo of hibachi and the master levitator are Back! In this season the duo will be reflecting on relationships and taking accountability and responsibility for the impact that our actions have on relationships and how those relationships shape our well being.
join us as andy Mejia A.K.A spectrum force shares his life story and what brought him to become a musical artist.
In this week’s episode, we are joined by our good friend Ryan Tow as we answer the questions you sent us on Instagram. If you have any questions, make sure to send them to
Gabe and Josiah talk with Hollyn about Lebron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers, her inspirations, and her future plans.Join our team at link: our website at…
Join us as we hear Jacob's life story and how music has affected him. Long but great episode. Also Jacob shares life advice and what it means to be true to you.
In this episode we are explaining why the audio was so bad the past few episodes and giving a hint of who our first guest is
get to know our Co host Aaron and his journey to picking up the bass guitar and dabbling in recording music videos.
in this episode we will be digging in sandros life to see where his love for guitar began and where it will take him.
get to know Sandro and Aaron and the base for this show
I fought back tears this morning after seeing the latest video of people NOT helping the young man who was stabbed in NY. Im hoping people are inspired to help, it it’s also important to heal. #stayhumble Become a supporter of this podcast:
“It’s so hard to be humble.” Become a supporter of this podcast:
My truest form of self discovery started November 1st 2017. It was the beginning of the end of the old me. It also started an amazing journey that’s unfolding. Can’t wait to share more with you. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem by André WYZE Become a supporter of this podcast:
On this week’s episode, The Decent Boys share their thoughts on the NBA, talk about their favorite TV shows, and do a lot of free marketing for a restaurant. You already know what it is, so quit asking. Send your question to
My name is André W.Y.Z.E. and I am a poet, public speaker and digital storyteller. My mission it to put positive messages out into the world and to help people find out who they are and how they feel. I believe that by knowing yourself, you get to love yourself. People who love themselves radiate that love into the world. I don't know about you ...…
Josiah talks with Bread of Stone about their success and experience at the Creation festival.Gabe previews the 40th Anniversary of the Creation Festival and talks about what he is looking forward to seeing.Check out our Creation Fest 2018 playlist on Spotify: ...…
Our first episode! Join us as we talk about student loan debt, taking risks, and finding success. But we do have to warn you, don't come in with any expectations, because well, we didn't.
The Decent Boys are back this week answering your Q’s with their A’s. Remember to submit your questions to
Decent Discussions Episode 28, "Get On The Internet" The Round Lake BWW, Psuedo Yard Update, Bar Trivia Night, Roseanne, The Office, Norwegian Omni, A Quick Solo Review, Horror Movies, Gore Bums Jimmy Out, Really Tall Guy at the Theater, Diarrhea Bathroom, Bathroom Etiquette, The Perfect Bathroom, Lake Geneva People, "Get On The Internet", Zach ...…
Gabe talks with Aaron Boyd, songwriter of "God of this City", about writing the song and what he has done before and after.Aaron Boyd also discusses his involvement with World Orphans, an organization that empowers churches around the world to fight poverty.Join our team at Patreon: our website at decentchri ...…
On this week’s episode, you already know what it is, so stop asking! The Decent Boys are joined with their guest and long time friend Jacob Bryan as they team up to answer your questions and talk about conspiracy theories. If you want your question answered, email us at
The DCT podcast crew talks to Comrades about their most recent release: Lone/Grey. They also talk about what it's like having a husband/wife duo in a band!Join our team for as low as $1 a month at
On this week’s episode, the Decent Boys return in stunning glory with some brand new segments and new questions. We’ve missed you ;) If you want to have your question read on the podcast, email us at
DD Podcast Episode 27 - Keep Yo Witz About Yo The podcast debut of Jeremie Witz. Whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, how terrible of a person Dion is, KFC, vinyl, movies and music that you missed out on, karaoke craziness, Zach does Tom Sawyer, and a long discussion about music, Jimmy's fridge update, inaugural what's in Tom's wallet. (Rema ...…
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