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The Dork Forest
Dork on Dork Dialog with Jackie Kashian. I am interested in whatever dorky thing you want to talk about. Guests speak to their love of books, TV, Movies, Comic books, websites, food, wrestling, cars, action figures and bees. There is room for all in The Dork Forest. This is a safe space. Credits: Music composed and performed by Mike Ruekberg (Sarah Cohen on intro) Audio fixes by Patrick Brady Website design by Vilmos
Comic Dorks!
Comic books, and everything they touch. Monthly, with Scott Johnson, Scott Kurtz, Stephen Schleicher, and Marc Spagnoulo! Only on the Frogpants Network.
Gambling experts from discuss the biggest sports betting news each weekday, with an emphasis on advanced Sabermetric stats - plus big game analysis, free picks, and Las Vegas betting stories - hosted by Gill Alexander.
Nerd Geek Dork
A podcast where we discuss nerdy, geeky, and dorky things.
Welcome to the Dorkly Podcast, a dangerous safari into the dumb, dark heart of pop culture news. A place where video games, comic books, and movie discussion converge in a horrible cacophony of friendly discussion.
The Dork Forest
Jackie Kashian discusses favorite obsessions with the obsessed. Video games, Comic Books, Birdwatching. How deep in the dork forest are you? Celebrate it and f*&%$, make it your own!
Dork Trek
The Crew of the fictional Star Fleet vessel the USS J H Boner NCC 2010 watch and review the popular TV program Star Trek
A storytelling podcast. Sometimes serious, sometimes very, very silly.
Dollar Dorks
Making every dollar count!
Dork Tunes
Over a decade of independent views and impartial reviews from the #gaming industry. UK-based, relevant worldwide. All our videos and Podcasts are available right here.
The stream-of-consciousness podcast about 80s movies, by fans of 80s movies!
Grim Dorks Podcast
A podcast about two friends explaining the lore and story of the Warhammer 40k Universe to their friend who knows nothing.
Dork Talk
All things fremantle dockers, AFL and more
Grim Dorks Podcast
A podcast about two friends explaining the lore and story of the Warhammer 40k Universe to their friend who knows nothing.
Check in every week as Tim & John invite a friend over to discuss popular topics in fandoms and beyond. like the show title implies, they aren't masters of any nerd topic, but know enough to get through one half hour talking about the topics while making each other laugh.
The show for anyone who loves to dork out about the stories in pop culture that we love. That means TV and movies, books and podcasts, and any other kind of engaging storytelling we can find. We talk about Star Wars and Gilmore Girls, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Trek, Netflix and Amazon, Serial and S-Town and, and, and... Every week noted TV critic and blogger Sonia Mansfield and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Christopher Allan Smith talk about movies, TV, books and more from both a ...
Dedicated to wrestling with questions of faith, religion, and theology that arise in comic books and other pop culture media. Occasionally irreverent, rarely sacrilegious.
Horror Dork
A live talk show, discussing the horror side of cinema.
Rich Keefe and his friends discuss movies, TV shows, video games, graphic novels, and other important things. Get in touch with the crew via e-mail ( and or twitter (@DORKpodcast).
Deadlifting Dorks
Just two nerdy dudes, who like picking up heavy things, trying to podcast. Follow us @deadliftingdork or @bigwillybeatz & @staldi_ on twitter.
We're a group of three friends talking about the YA series, Animorphs. If you want to know more about how the series holds up or just some gross animal facts, you've come to the right place. New episodes every Monday! Proud member of the Collective Legacy Podcast Network: RSS:
A podcast for dorks by dorks. Good friends have a good time while discussing movies, video games, comics... The sweaty stuff! You can also catch us on iTunes!
Army of Dorkness
Welcome to the Army of Dorkness podcast! Hosted by 'The Golden Voice of the Flawedcast Network' James Ryan and 'The Decepticon Queen' Maria LeDestroyer! Topics range from movies, comic books, role playing games, toys, and all things that fall under the auspices of Dork, Nerd, and Geek. The show also employs a special 'Sound Drop 9000' system in which you may hear movie quotes, songs, and other Easter Eggs during the episode! We Want You to enlist into the Army of Dorkness!
Dork Trek
We Watch/Review Every Episode of Star Trek the Next Generation...Actually, we do have lives.
4 Dorks (Darren Smith, Brad Gullickson, Lisa Gullickson & Bryan Young) discussing geek stuff- Movies, Comics, and more Movies!
Dork Uncorked
The right bottle, for the right occasion, for the right price
Dork Pridecast
Amanda, Blythe and Rissy make up a nerdcore comedy group called the Damsels of Dorkington whose main goal is to celebrate Dork Pride. They meet every week to discuss Damsel news and all things generally nerdy.
Dork Therapy
Gen X nerds examine the things they were made fun of for growing up in a time when geek wasn't quite
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Dork Theatre
A Weekly podcast featuring four dorky guys that share a passion for comics, movies, and all things nerdtastical.
Dorks Outside
Who are the Dorks Outside? We are three friends that love to talk about anything and everything nerdy, dorky, or just plain pointless! Our lunch conversations are so goofy, fun, and random that thought we would share them with the world. We never know where our conversations will take us.
Torah Dork
Torah Dork is a Hebrew entertainment podcasting network. Providing a comedic approach to learning, education, talk, drama, dramedy and Torah based Hebrew programming.
Dork Knights
Ever wondered how a murder/suicide pact gets its start? Well, look no further than this podcast! Two men, both descending on the slippery slope of madness, rap on their shared love of comics, pop culture, and sexual depravity. Together, they work hand in hand to fight the forces of sanity, decency, and hygiene. They fight because they have to. Because this isn't the podcast the internet deserves, or needs, or wants...or even asked for. But it's the one they're getting, dammit!
Dork Beauty!!
My podcast is about fun topics that will get your noggin thinking. I will talk about dating, politics, beauty, fashion, life and informational.
Podcast - DORK
DORK was started by Mark and Doree. We have a blog focused on local art, music and culture on
Brothers just doing what we do best talking MMA, Boxing, NFL, NBA, and NHL.
Dorks &Half-orcs
A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
A discussion of the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' based on books by George R.R. Martin
Dorks and Forks
This hour-long podcast celebrates Food & Food Porn, Geek Culture, Craft Beer and Local Music - Hosted by Brian Wild, Dan Sanchez, and Jinni Hayes#StayTuned #TuneIn #EatUp #NerdOut
Bunch of Dorks
(Sort of) Weekly Podcast featuring Mow, Promee and Man With No Name.
entertainment, music, gaming, discussion, sports, movies, general conversation, youtube, wrestling
Dorking Bay 94 is a podcast about comics, TV shows, movies, toys, games, and whatever other geeky stuff the hosts can think of (which can often be a Star Wars related tangent). The trio of "Legendary" Greg Fowler, Sharpy, and Greg Plunket aim to bring you an entertaining show each week about stuff both old and new.
Brandan Ray and Drew D'Amelia, noted dorks, talk about pop culture in various weekly segments while allegedly whistling.
Sports Dorks is a newly formed sports news website formed by two brothers, Nick Kappes and Timothy Chura. The podcasts are hosted by long time friend and sports expert Chris Wilson.
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A podcast by a bunch of dorks about anything from pop culture, technology, and current events.
Another Stupid Podcast by Johnny and Keane
Uncork Your Dork
Traffic tips for new and advanced business bloggers! From learning Pinterest to finding guest blogging gigs...I'll give you easy to digest tips and tricks to get your blog seen by your ideal audience! Http://
It's always dorkiest before dawn. The Dork Night podcast is a bunch of dorks talking about games, comics, movies, books, music, and whatever dorky thing they did. Play along as we play Nerdy or Not!
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show series
Gilbert and Lee expose themselves to a high dose of gamma radiation and encounter a norse god tethered to a nebbish dork when they visit the "classic" television event The Incredible Hulk Returns!
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Today Timothy Chura (@timothyjchura), Nick Kappes (@nickkappes), Chris Wilson (@sportsdorkchris) sit down to discuss the Iceman, Demian Maia, and UFC224. Also, the dorks talked about the blossoming Browns television debut and Timothy's Titans. And oh yeah, Nicks word of the day.
Pick of the week: Codorniu Cava (sparkling wine) from Spain
Rom is off to Starfleet Academy and Quark uses the trip as an excuse to smuggle some explosive gas that well exploded and sends the ship back to 1947 New Mexico. That’s the Smuggle’s blues
Blythe teaches Rissy about ASMR. Rissy rants about a Magnum PI reboot. Blythe has been watching Sailor Moon Crystal. In the Dork Pride Chat they discuss what shows they'd like to see reboots of.
Movies vs. Matrimony is a podcast that pits a husband and wife’s cinematic tastes against each other. Hosted by Daniel and Pauline Grant, each round of MvsM starts with the couple randomly selecting from a list made up of 10 of Daniel’s movies and 10 of Pauline’s movies. Whoever’s movie gets picked needs to defend it for the length of that movi ...…
The dorks are joined by "special" guest Alex Whittet of Run The Point Podcast to discuss his feud with Chris Wilson, Connor McGregor's innocuous family photos and the true "GOAT" of Basketball.
Thou shalt not make eyes at thine cousin, Kyle.
In this episode the dorks sit down to talk about the likes of C.J. Anderson, Coby Fleener, Michael Bisping, and Luke Rockhold.
The Defiant gets attacked in the Gamma Quadrant during negotiations.
With only one month until Flower City Comic Con 2018, the gang has decided to share with you their favorite episodes from the past year! In producer Chris' pick, C. and the gang talk to John Kovalic, cartoonist, illustrator and writer, best known for his work on the webcomic, Dork Tower, and his work on games such as Munchkin, Chez Geek and App ...…
Rissy and Blythe are holding down the fort while Amanda is doing science-y things. Rissy celebrated May the Fourth with some much-loved Prequel reviews, while Blythe tortured herself by going to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. The Dork Pride Chat covers the Met Gala and how we would turn it fashionably nerd-tastic!…
"(s1e1) The Bishop Of Dorking" from was assembled into the "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" podcast by Fourble.Episode 2 of 101.
Sit back and listen to Mia (a second grader from Ms. Bryant's class) share her thoughts on the book, Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell!
The definitive answer to which style of music is objectively better. Featuring the subjective opinions of certified dorks Brandan and Drew, who are not at all authorities on this subject at all but still exceptionally dorky. Who will win: Jake Paul or William Hung?
Today the dorks discuss UFC 224 and Bellator 199, both taking place this Saturday. Also discussed; the Met Gala and Timothy's broken down truck.
Greg boasts his superior taste buds and Matt wants to abort other peoples' babies. The two deride Elizabeth Warren for being a dork politician. We discover that Matt's music taste hasn't evolved since adolesence and find further proof that Greg is a vampire. Learn how to make fun of your friends for not cleaning their houses. Matt wants to get ...…
In this episode we discuss North and South Korea finally ending their almost 65 year long feud! Happy days are finally here! Then we move onto our trip to KJLH's Women's Health Expo in Long Beach. Prepare to how your minds BLOWN. Then we end things at the Korea Times 16th Korean Music festival. Listen to Nikki fan girl out over her favor Korean ...…
Lock Your Spot To the FREE Beep Beep Boop Boop Summit - (Don’t forget to share it out to claim your bonus free Summit Course) Welcome to Mo' Money May! This is interview is the first in our Mo' Money May series where the only goal is for you to have to buy bigger pants for your piggy bank :-) Today, we are chatti ...…
This is the first episode of our monthly Bonus Podcast called Damsels & Dragons, in which Amanda and Rissy retell their adventures from an ongoing biweekly D&D game. To get future episodes, become a Patron for as little as $1 a month! Also, HUGE thanks to Mikey Mason for allowing us to use his song, Best Game Ever, as our outro theme!…
Coach Chris is back! Today, the dorks gather around and discuss all things football and MMA. Tensions rise when the dorks get in a heated discussion over the Titians.
Ben makes a promise that he can't keep; SDF-1 accepts discommendation.
Are you an introvert? Do you love geeky, nerdy things? If so, this episide is for you! We talk with Stephanie Reynolds, author and self-proclaimed nerd/geek/dork. She discusses challenges that inroverts face when looking to meet new people or join new groups. Plus, she talks about several of the nerdy, geeky, conventions and cosplay opportuniti ...…
Episode 28 Topics: Talked about Kanye and the “media circus” in American culture, propaganda and exactly how we fall for it every day of our lives, the internet is a trap, the world isn’t ending it’s starting, human being are beautiful monsters, and I got to be on a podcast with Marina Franklin holy shit she’s so cool I hope she doesn’t think I ...…
Faith is bad at Dungeons and Dragons. Are you surprised? We have a special guest to talk about one strange musical in this episode of What A Time To Be Alive! Thanks to Jason Shaw for the use of his song "Acoustic Guitar" for our theme music.
Dax ex-wife shows up at the station yielding sexy results
The girls discuss all things Avengers: Infinity War. This IS a Spoilercast. There WILL BE Spoilers. You do not want them. We promise. Please listen to this episode AFTER you have seen the film!
Amanda is nearly dead from exhaustion, Rissy has been reading some weird-ass Penanggalan erotica, and Blythe defends A Quiet Place. They wrap up by discussing whether or not they would deuce out in an apocalypse during the Dork Pride Chat.
Full disclosure, fam. That title up there is an alternate title for the film we’re discussing this week. The fact is, the ACTUAL title is nasty. Really nasty. And unpleasant. And since our reputations are bad enough already, we decided to give Dork Shelf a break and use the much more benign title of this wretched movie. If you want to know the ...…
In todays episode, the dorks sit down with owner of ADK Fightwear to discuss the draft. Also the guys break down the potential future for Tonya "Triple Threat" Evinger.Check out and use code "turtle" for 20% off on some awesome gear.
Is everything Disney makes hot trash? Or is Pixar a big ol' bundle of failure? Listen in as Brandan and Drew, the two unquestionably superior authorities on the value of these animation giants, engage in a spirited debate in this week's dork fest.
From the coauthor of Dork Diaries series, Erin Danielle Russell, comes HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY, a witty and engaging picture book about a prankster who wants to pull off the best prank of all—pranking the Tooth Fairy!It looks like the Tooth Fairy, Princess of Pranks, has finally met her match. What could possibly go wrong?…
Ben and Daniel spoil Avengers: Infinity War! Venom Trailer Reaction @0:58 Deadpool 2 Trailer Reaction @7:45 Avengers: Infinity War Review/Spoilers @12:57 Avengers: Infinity War Rating @1:25:33 Discover new podcasts on the Dork Shelf Podcast Network! Find more from TDF Everything on Facebook and Twitter!…
Murder Hobo Show Presents - Threats, Treats and Timers Podcast! Victor Diaz and I got together and started a podcast about our favourite new game INDEX CARD RPG! What's that you ask? Well pump us into your earholes and have a listen to the sultry tones and smooth ballads of us two fellers as we discuss this new RPG!! In this episode we talk wit ...…
Emergency rewatch of the show ER! Mandy Stadtmiller stopped the voices in her head (@mandystadt) with LOST and now ER while writing. She’s got a new book Unwifeable ( and we talk about that and go DEEP into what binge television is FOR. Enjoy. Donate to The Dork Forest at or My new alb ...…
12 year vet of the married life and ace comedian/podcaster JACKIE KASHIAN (The Dork Forest, The Jackie and Laurie Show) joins the Groomzillas to talk about her very romantic and thoughtful husband, online dating, getting married in your late 30s, Dim Sum weddings, Wisconsin dirtbags, SkyMall engagement rings, and more!Plus the latest edition of ...…
Live from Idle Hands Taproom and Brewery! Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey are joined by Mac & Gu (Mac & Gu Podcast), Wes & Marcos (The Boxers Podcast) and Uncle Buck (Boston Sports 101 Podcast) to preview Avengers: Infinity War. Is it the most ambitious crossover event ever? Will any major characters die? Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey's Video Game Min ...…
Tune in and witness the birth of host Chris Wilson's rap career, and listen to the dorks break down the Poirier Vs Gaethje card, Baby Slice's Bellator career and even break down NFL news.
We address some BREAKING of one of our friends being a big dork, charlie's insane thoughts, charlie's tech issues and Al just laaaaughs and laughs at him. We discuss how nobody in a band wants to hear bass guitar, ever, creepy japanese things (it's not bad, just listen), "swiggle vision" and more!
In the first ever episode of Third And A Mile, the dorks sit down to talk about the NFL off season moves made throughout the league.
How many songs do you remember from Disney's Snow White? Brandan challenges Drew to name them all in our original test run of this podcast. And now you can probably guess how the podcast got its name.
Ikea and Home Depot are a dorkdom I did NOT see coming. Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy – her new album “Everything’s Fine” just came out! Get it.) is such a delight I CLAIM I will go to an IKEA. Wait for it. I learn about curtains. You will be CHARMED. #jococruise Enjoy. AD: Secret Active. (you guys… they got the domain name ...…
This one should be a lot of fun! We’ve got Eric of Many Names with us for the first time in far too long! He’s pretty awesome, which is why he’s here of course. Brian’s got a really long mad lib for us, but he assures us it will be totally worth it. Since it’s extra long we’ll be giving him card names throughout the episode while we talk about ...…
Ever wonder what it would be like to be small? Neither did Vermilion; everyone aboard for the Purple Pickle to Earf
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