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The Drawing Board is a podcast from Udacity focused on discovery.Innovative thinkers have been going “back to the drawing board” for decades to rethink, reimagine, and redefine their amazing ideas. It’s in this spirit that we welcome you to The Drawing Board, a podcast series from Udacity focusing on the remarkable innovations and individuals shaping our world. Discover groundbreaking new products and transformational new technologies. Learn about exciting new career opportunities, and meet ...
Stephen Farthing R.A. presents eight practical drawing classes using John Ruskin’s teaching collections to explain the basic principles of drawing. This series accompanies 'The Elements of Drawing', a searchable and browsable online version of the teaching collection and catalogues assembled by John Ruskin for his Oxford drawing schools. For further information please visit
Retire to the eclectic environs of the RN Drive Drawing Room, for music, musings and unexpected conversations. The Drawing Room is equal parts performance space, salon, and kitchen table confessional.
Trials and successes as an Oil Painter, illustrator or other creative person. Interviews, conversations, and solo thoughts and perspectives, with a sense of humor. Oil Painting, Art, Freelance, Illustration,Taxidermy, Sculpture, Creativity, Crafting, Music Making, Instrument Building... who knows? We all have something in common: a creative spirit and a love of what we do.
Pick up tips on drawing and painting techniques and improve your art with
Drawing a Dialogue
A podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts. Updates first Friday of every month, visit for more.
Welcome to the Drawing Board advice podcast, where you have questions, and we are the least most qualified to answer them! Confused? So are we! Email any questions to:
Drawing Borders
Drawing Borders is a bi-weekly comic/arts related podcast hosted by San Francisco-based creator, Matt Harding and Dichosis Studios’ writer and illustrator, Marcus Schultz.
Since publishing "Drawing Your Own Path : 33 Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation" with Parallax Press in 2016, John Simon has begun organizing a community of creative contemplatives; people interested in exploring Art and Meditation. For this community podcast, he is recording discussions and interviews with contemporary artists and contemplatives about their personal experiences and lessons from their practices. Enjoy!
Every Wednesday we interview, and John illustrates fellow artists, authors, occult practitioners, film makers, actors, and much more on our show. We discuss esoteric topics, theories in paranormal studies, strange sightings and everything under the umbrella of the strange.
Every week Shane, Sonia and a guest talk about the realities of running an art business, navigating different art scenes and living life as artists.
Back to the Drawing Board cultivates a unique perspective on the shape, role and meaning of visual art in the everyday world. Through interviews with adventurous and out-of-the-box thinkers and makers, Back to the Drawing Board instills an approachable and fun integration of life and art.
Intelligent, entertaining gaming content.
Drawing Blanks
All the crap that happened last week.
Hearing other people stories about their faith and spiritual journeys, what they’ve gone through in the past and what they’re going through now can encourage us and inspire us to strengthen our own relationship with God
HELLO! This podcast is about me (and guest sometimes) drawing your suggestions
Drawing Heat
Broadcasting from Perth, Western Australia, Beej & The Dude are 2 lifelong fans of the sport of professional wrestling. Covering news and results from WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan and local Australian promotion, Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW).
One of the best-rounded advisory experts in the market. Helps people and organisations improve their capital management and operational/individual performance.
A Star Trek Podcast Network
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What happens when two young drag queens move into an aged care facility?
On this week's episode, Shane and Sonia had the honor of speaking to a room full of art students about "Building An Artist's Life." The live event took place on October 10, 2018 at California College of the Arts. This episode is a live recording of the event! Special thanks to Josh Smothers from CCA who booked the event, and to Marcel Barraza w ...…
A new documentary, The Cleaners, reveals how social media is moderated and who decides what gets to stay online and what gets hidden.
Roejen from Project Archivist is here to talk about a peculiar childhood incident with a black dog. He details his unconventional childhood and how he was nearly possessed by the black dog figure. Was it archetypal energy or a real possession? Listen here for this tale and others from Roejen as we go about our spooky October at Drawing Out The ...…
What was life like for the men and women who were interned in Australia during the world wars?
In his latest tour, Griff Rhys Jones is looking back on a lifetime of travel, and wondering why it always seems like his director is out to get him killed.
This episode is made possible by our friends over at Gamefly! GameFly is a video game subscription service that allows you to rent one or more games to rock out on! To support our show you can get an unrestricted 30-day free trial by visiting Thanks GameFly! In this episode, Morgan is alone again as he goes crazy discussi ...…
In this play by Future D. Fidel, a Congolese-Australian boxer battles his opponents and his own haunted past in an attempt to be a champion.
What happens to artists when do not make any art for a while? Are they still artists? What do they do with their time? Do they evaporate into thin air? I sat down with Matthew Evans and Shinobu Akimoto, the co-directors of the Residency for Artists on Hiatus, to talk about the motivation behind the project, some of the non-art activities the re ...…
Husky talk about bridging the NSW-Victorian divide, and exploring their Yiddish roots.
Shane and Sonia discuss artist burnout. They get into how artist burnout happens, how to cope with it, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. They catch up on what they've been up to and also what they have coming up soon - including a live recording of the show! Show notes: The theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written ...…
Comedy albums, failing successfully, and whether it's ever necessary to sacrifice a friendship in the name of a good joke.
Kicking off the spooky month of October is a super super special guest telling about her experiences with ghostly places from the east coast of Canada. Melissa's mom, Dorothy joins us to discuss a frightening demonic encounter, plus a haunted victorian house they lived in in the 1980's. You can find Dorothy online here: ...…
Each year, in their Sidesault program, Circus Oz throw open their doors and invite smaller companies to push the boundaries of circus.
When Caroline Brothers was reporting on the politics of child migration, she found that she needed a different outlet for the emotional side of the story.
The latest production by the MTC uses humour and lightness to explore the complexities of dying.
It's time for another solo episode! What's that? I'm back in school? Again? To celebrate learning and new chapters, I cover the five things that art school did not teach me. Music: All Creative Live Classes are up to 50% off until October 12:
This episode is made possible by our friends at Forto Coffee Shots! For a delicious jolt of energy to keep you productive tryout Forto by visiting and use our code "Drive20" to get 20% off AND so they know we sent you! In this episode, we discuss finding your king, prime numbers, and how Kramer impacted the last election. Enjoy. ...…
After interviewing Deborah J Haynes in episode #17 the conversation hasn't stopped! In this episode the tables are turned and Deborah interviews me. We delve deeply into studio practice and the source of creativity.By (John F Simon Jr).
Fado is said to be so potent and expressive, that even if you don't speak Portuguese, you know exactly what the song is about.
Artwork by e jackson. Drawing a Dialogue is a podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts by Cathy G. Johnson + e jackson. Episode 15: In this episode, Cathy + e create a biography for Jackie Ormes. Born in 1911, Ormes was a cartoonist, reporter, fashion designer and community organizer during an important century of American ...…
Walter Bosley joins us to talk about The Zodiac Killer and how this ties into his Empire Of The Wheel theory and other murderous events around the United States. We touch on Jack The Ripper and ritual occult practices linked to these horrendous crimes. You can visit Walters online at: ...…
In Shaun Tan's latest book, he has imagined a city where crocodiles live on the eighty-seventh floor and young children throw hooks out into the sky in the hope of catching floating fish.
This episode is made possible by our friends at Forto Coffee Shots! For a delicious jolt of energy to keep you productive tryout Forto by visiting and use our code "Drive20" to get 20% off AND so they know we sent you! In this episode, we discuss not texting back, the Beauty and the Beast, and how to properly ghost. Enjoy. This ...…
Peter Sellars has been one of the biggest names in theatre and opera for decades and has directed more than 100 productions across the world.
Do museums, galleries and other institutions always tell the truth? I sat down with Heather Jessup to talk about artists and writers that disrupt our trust in the institution, artists and larger systems at play. Heather is the author of the book This Is Not a Hoax: Unsettling Truth in Canadian Culture, and in this episode she shares the positiv ...…
Compelled to write again by the death of his brother Andrew, and inspired by the poetry of John Tottenham, Matt Johnson is returning to the stage as The The after almost two decades away.
As a counter to the negativity she was seeing online, Dr Kirstin Ferguson created the hashtag '#CelebratingWomen' and set out to profile women, beginning with her mother.Those stories have led to a new book, 'Women Kind', which looks back at the project and what it revealed.
This week Shane and Sonia discuss what it means to be a part of local and online communities. They talk about communities that they’re involved in, how they found them, and how their art practices benefit.
Well this episode is a short one. We originally had cryptozoologist Richard Freeman scheduled for release today, but some mysterious issues arose with the files for his episode on Tulpa's and Cryptozoology. We hope to amend this error on the audio track, but if not we will have Richard on again to talk about one of is amazing adventures searchi ...…
What's the best way to handle a child that is too excited, too stressed, and can't get their emotions under control?
This episode is made possible by our friends at Forto Coffee Shots! For a delicious jolt of energy to keep you productive tryout Forto by visiting and use our code "Drive20" to get 20% off AND so they know we sent you! In this episode, we discuss two versions of the show and tell, bears, and how many partners is too many. Enjoy. ...…
Nelson Mandela is one of the most important political figures of the modern age, a hero to many in South Africa and beyond.So what is it like taking on the role of one of your country's heroes?
When Lisa Camillo set out to make a documentary about her home of Sardinia, she expected to tell the story of how the region's glory had faded.Instead she discovered that the seemingly deserted beaches of this holiday idyll were populated by unexploded missiles.
Ah, money. One of the few controversial topics out there, especially when attached to the word art. I sat down with Max Haiven, the author of the book Art After Money, Money After Art: Creative Strategies Against Financialization, to talk about the commodification of art, the romantic notion of the artist, and of course what we can do to get ou ...…
Extract from Marios's personal blog found at mnconsultingglobal.comBack To The Drawing Board is a monthly podcast series hosted by Marios-Nicolaos Charalambous, addressing business issues, as well as topics of personal interest.
This episode is made possible by our friends at Forto Coffee Shots! For a delicious jolt of energy to keep you productive tryout Forto by visiting and use our code "Drive20" to get 20% off AND so they know we sent you! In this episode, we talk losing your virginity, Cruise Ship Buffets, and hypothetical questions. Enjoy. This is ...…
Forty years in the making: Ed Kuepper returns with a new band and a new album of songs, which date back to his time in legendary Australian band, The Saints.
In his latest play, Jimi Bani is telling his own story: the story of his culture, of his home, and of his family.
This is a continuation from our last episode on Demonic Possession, in this episode, John and Melissa talk about Carl Jung and his concept of the shadow self and societies collective shadow in terms of possession. We also have a look at technology, which Elon Musk compared to letting a demon out on the loose that we would have no control over. ...…
Sarah Houbolt has represented Australia at the Paralympics, and performed with the likes of Cirque du Soleil and Sideshow Wonderland. In her latest solo show, she's telling the story of the early 20th Century sideshow star, KooKoo the Bird Girl.
Since quitting her corporate job to focus on art, Kaff-eine has travelled the world and her work has appeared on everything from silos to books.For this year's Darwin Street Art Festival, she's created a seven story portrait of Shaniqua, a sistergirl from the Tiwi Islands.
In the Drawing Room, Ken Unsworth reflects on a life in art, and the central importance of his wife, Elisabeth, along the way.
What if we tried to learn about things outside of our chosen discipline? I sat down with Piero Scaruffi, the founder of the Leonardo Art Science Evenings (LASERs), to chat about curiosity, highjacking technology, art and science, and learning things outside of your discipline. The LASER Talks occur internationally and are a way to bring artists ...…
This episode is brought to you by Scentbird. Get a 30 day supply of any designer fragrance for just $14.95 per month. Use the code "DBA30" to save an additional 30% on your first purchase and to let them know we sent you. Thank you Scentbird for making this podcast possible! ( This episode is also brought to you by our fri ...…
Part 2 of the Sexism in the Arts topic covers more personal information relating to our creative partnership, and how others perceive that and treat us, individually. To wrap up this immense discussion, we give our listeners some sound advice (men and women), on how to approach sexism when it happens to you. Show Notes: Margaret Keane Twitch Sa ...…
Crazy. This is really cool for us, our first episode 100 of anything we have ever done. nearly 400 questions, 100 episodes, and a third thing make me super proud of our company. Thank you Rylee, Thank you Ian, Thank you Fritz, Thank you Corbin, Thank you Cameron, Thank you YOU reading this. Not only are there plenty more episodes coming out in ...…
Nakhane is an award-winning actor, a celebrated writer and musician.His latest album, You Will Not Die, finds him in a place of hope, despite exploring the traumas of his childhood.
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