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With a 10 year passionate terrestrial radio following, The Big O and Dukes Show has a mind-blowing 4 million downloads to date. This current incarnation is its purest form to date. From pop-culture to politics, each approaches subject matter from very different perspectives. So pull up a seat, plug in your headphones and step into the studio with Chad Dukes, Oscar Santana and Drab T-Shirt. By the end of each show, you\'ll have laughed yourself right out of your chair, but have gained a windo ...
Dukes of Dice
The Dukes of Dice - a podcast and community about board, card and role playing games.
Chad Dukes on 106.7 the Fan.
The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show
This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw).Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at!Join the conversation at
Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show that discusses Conspiracy Theories, exposing the New World Order agenda and Secret Societies. Information and social analysis from a Christian view. We discuss Secret Societies, the Illuminati, Secret Government projects, the paranormal and occult, End Times prophecy, Signs of the Times, and share biblical insight. Features special guests periodically. Information that goes beyond the boundaries. A rational voice in a world of conspiracy. You never know ...
An irreverent but useful podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience, and life in emergency operations.
Former NFL big play wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, one of the most unique and entertaining personalities the game has ever seen, teams up with former NFL player and current NFL Network personality Jamie Dukes, for a lively podcast about the NFL, pop-culture and the lifestyle of of one of the most engaging former professional athletes of all time.
Michael Dukes brings you all the news and hard hitting commentary every morning from 6 to 9 AM on KBYR Alaska talks here!
Peter Rho (Duke 98) and Michael Eckstut (Duke 98, Duke Law 01) are the Duke Basketball Junkies. Please send all questions and feedback to
Dukes & Bell
Dukes & Bell
NFL lineman and one of the NFL's most active on social media, Geoff Schwartz shares his thoughts on the world of sports, life as an athlete, food and pop culture with his co-host, Duke Manyweather.
Covering The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. We also cover Game of Thrones.
The Duke TIP Podcast
A Duke TIP blog for parents and teachers
Duke Loves Rasslin
Welcome to the home of the Pro Wrestling Podcast that matters, *Duke Loves Rasslin*!! New episodes posted every Friday at 12PM EST!!! Send all questions and comments to Facebook and Twitter @DukeLovesRasslinPlease note, previous episodes can be found on our Youtube Channel:
Introduction to Political Economy: Duke Course
The videos in my playlists are uploaded by many wonderful people who take a lot of time and effort to make these videos available for us to enjoy. Please let them know how much we appreciate them by commenting on their videos and subscribing to their channels.
Duke It Out coming from the mind of The Duke to discuss the hot topics of the world, including movies, games, celebrity lives, and politics.
Michael Dukes is a 3rd generation Alaskan and an underpaid radio talk host. He tackles the news of the day with dry wit and humor. As a Libertarian he eschews the same old US vs THEM and LEFT vs RIGHT dichotomy. He also covers things happening in the world of entertainment, sports, pop culture, technology and pretty much anything else shiny that happens to stray across his path. He can be heard daily on the internet at
Classical Hollywood cinema, or the classical Hollywood narrative, are terms used in film history which designate both a visual and sound style for making motion pictures and a mode of production used in the American film industry between 1927 and 1963. This period is often referred to as the "golden age of Hollywood". An identifiable cinematic form emerged during this period called classical Hollywood style.
Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast
These days, extreme partisanship, a breakdown in civility, gridlock, and other pathologies of modern politics have caused many Americans to lose trust in political institutions. The notion of individuals coming together to solve problems seems increasingly antiquated. However, most Duke University students want to hear what the other side thinks. They want to better understand the foundations of others’ beliefs. They want to learn how others’ experiences have shaped their world view. The Dev ...
Specializing and serving the Island of Oahu - Duke Kimhan provides you with all the latest updates, tips and tricks about how hiring a Property Manager can save you time and money.
The Theology, Medicine, and Culture initiative invites participants to reimagine and to reengage contemporary practices of health and medicine in light of Christian tradition and the practices of Christian communities.
In each podcast, “Beyond Good Intentions” with Kristen Duke, shares a heartfelt discussion with guests about their own childhood and the parenting choices they now make as adults. Through these stories, you will find specific ideas for strengthening families and answers to parenting questions that pull at all of our heart strings. You'll walk away with strategies for deliberate parenting that help to move beyond good intentions to a stronger family. Kristen, a mother of 4, has shared her pas ...
John David Duke Jr presents his short stories and novels in audio format. Visit for more.
The official Duke Nukem Forever podcast series, featuring interviews with team members from Gearbox, Triptych, and 2K Games. This podcast will take you behind the scenes and give a sneak peak into the upcoming shooter due out June 14, 2011 in North America and June 10, 2011 internationally.
Da Duke
Welcome to the Da Duke podcast, where everyday discussion take place. We got ribs, chicken, greens, yams, cornbread you name it.
Duke Cast
Podcast by Canadian Duke
Tristian Dukes
Juju on that beat
Duke's World
Step into Duke's world. Family man, husband, Father, film maker, comedian, independent talk show host, best friend, songwriter, picture taker, generally confused guy and podcast genius!
In the last of the six Palliser novels, the sudden death of his wife, Lady Glencora, leaves Plantagenet Palliser, the Duke of Omnium, finding himself in charge of his three children. The eldest, Lord Silverbridge, has recently been expelled from Oxford; his younger brother, Gerald, is about to enter Cambridge; and the youngest, nineteen-year old Lady Mary, has imprudently formed an attachment to Francis Tregear, who, while certainly a gentleman, unfortunately has no income. Before her death, ...
The Very Very Best in Progressive, Electro and Big Room House, Live Set Recordings, Guest Mixes, Interviews and Sometimes None Stop - No Talking In The Mix action
Duke is taking a short vacation from the air waves. We will return as soon as I have had a chance to get things together. I am currently recovering from a broken foot and just need to concentrate on healing. I promise, this page will stay right here and I will be back. Please read Duke's Daily Blotter everyday at www.dukesblotter.comThanks, Duke
What The Duke!?!
Bobby, This that BULLSHHH!
Duke & The Juice
We're two black dudes that are living life. The highs, the lows, and everything in between.
Hopalong Cassidy rode the radio air waves from 1950 to 1952. His popularity grew and grew, every time his show was heard. These radio shows, together with his movies and television shows helped make him one of the all-time most popular heroes of western fiction and cinema. His popularity continues to grow each year, as generations new and old delight in the classic tales of this American hero.
Fake Christopher Walken invites us into his home to enjoy readings of some of the worlds most classic novels
A 1940's style science fiction radio drama featuring the adventures of Lord Dinby and his companions as they travel through the British Space Empire aboard the rocket-ship 'the Wanderer,' with danger, adventure, and low cunning at every turn. Episodes will air Wednesday nights from July to December.
Duke City Tech
Where technology meets life, web, music, science and art in Albuquerque
DJ DUKE's Podcast
Bringing you the latest news and insights from York High School in York, NE
Hear at Duke
What are the things and who are the people that shape our campus? Hear at Duke is here to answer those questions. Hosted by Alex Gonzalez and Malu Frasson-Nori, Hear at Duke features stories from across campus that are about all the little things that make up Duke as we know it.
What The Duke!?!
Bobby, This that BULLSHHH!
Bella & Duke
A show by humans who love their dogs for humans who love their dogs. Easy ways to radically improve your dogs health and help it to lead a longer healthier happier life . Raw dog food made easy.
Love Me That Duke
A show that will talk about lots of very intimate personal stuff related to mine, my cohost, and many of our guest's relationships. The purpose is to have a safe place for a person to express themselves and admit things that they otherwise couldn't because they are afraid of the backlash from friends and families. Real names are not required to protect the people involved.
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Dukes and Bell present Sidelines with the Dawgs and The Falcons Report as they preview tonight's preseason game before moving on to Gamewinners.
Dukes and Bell present Sidelines with the Dawgs and The Falcons Report as they preview tonight's preseason game before moving on to Gamewinners.
D&B: Foles or Wentz? Time for NFL Blitz on Dukes and Bell as they discuss the Nick Foles injury, listen to a replay of John Smoltz's interview, and a chat about the Urban Meyer probe at Ohio State.
D&B: Who Blew Game For Braves? Dukes and Bell discuss the Braves 9th inning blowup, what they're hoping to see tonight from the Falcons, and catch up with Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin.
Austin is in his usual form this week, talking about a new favorite artist with an old fashioned twist!
The big finish to the week’s shows is right here. A fantastic installment. Dukes talks to rick Snider, Anthony Becht and Robert Klemko about everything related to football. There is also some new production involving a potential showdown at the station. Robert Klemko – 00:10 Anthony Becht – 16:12 The Best Live Read Ever – 29:50 Rick Snider – 38:42…
After the dust settled from a turbulent 3rd hour, it was up to the Vamping Ninja to reassert order and conduct himself like a professional broadcaster. He talks to Ben Standig about last night’s Redskins game and then allows the callers to control the show for Open Line Thursday. Ben Standig – 00:08 Open Line Thursday 1 – 16:38 Open Line Thursd ...…
The Fruitcake Emporium explodes in the second portion of today’s CDVTW podcast. Land Phil and Broc go toe to toe before Land Phil does another episode of the Piñata! Sean Salisbury also joins the program for a great segment. Sean Salisbury – 00:07 The Emporium Explodes – 18:04 The Fast Food Piñata – 29:50…
The Redskins played the Jets last night in the second preseason game. Who played well? Who got hurt? Dukes talks to Craig Hoffman and the listeners about the game and what it means. He also is joined by Chris ‘Blue Shorts’ Lingebach. Show Open – 00:08 Craig Hoffman – 5:00 Dukes on the Redskins – 22:00 Blue Shorts – 30:00…
Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin joins Dukes and Bell and talks about the Hawks joining the NBA 2K League for it's second season, and the addition of six local restaurants to the choices at Philips Arena,adding "We told (our chef) to find the restaurants that represent Atlanta and we're very excited" Steve also discusses attempting to build an LA ...…
#TheDuke & #TheBostonBadBoy hold nothing back when addressing the sexist comments made by #DaveMeltzer concerning #WWE star #PeytonRoyce. In addition the fellas address fans that defend the sexism. This is one of the most controversial episodes in #DukeLovesRasslin history folks.. Show Highlights Include:* #TheDuke is ready to destroy #Babomb a ...…
It was time for the “Top 3” headlines segment at 6. REPLAYED DABO SWINNEY INTERVIEW. Gamewinner. It was time for the “Let Me Clear My Throat” segment before turning it over to the Bunker Mentality.​
It was time for the Falcons Report on Dukes and Bell as the guys talked about the roster spots that could be open moving forward in the preseason. It was time for the day’s “Big Story” segment as the guys talked John Smoltz about the craziness that happened last night in the Braves game, “No way, this was a rogue pitcher obviously not knowing w ...…
John Smoltz joined Dukes and Bell to discuss the craziness that happened last night in the Braves-Marlins game and told us he didn't think Don Mattingly called for this, “No way, this was a rogue pitcher obviously not knowing whatever he was trying to do, it’s a bad look and he’s probably going to get suspended. To do it like he did, luckily it ...…
The New York Jets are in town to face the Washington Redskins. Dukes talked to Ross Tucker, Craig Hoffman and an excited fan base. He also weighed in on the comments that Jalen Ramsey made. Would the listeners want someone on their team to do that? Ross Tucker – 00:07 Jalen Ramsey Comments – 19:14 Dukes on Ramsey – 27:30 Craig Hoffman – 36:16…
It was time for the Dawg Report, as the guys talked about the news of Clemson signing to do a home and home with LSU. The guys talked about the situation last night with Ronald Acuna getting hit by the Marlins, Mike said his biggest beef is when these things happen and no one does anything they just all run to the middle and stand there and yel ...…
This is a Redskins town! Dukes only needs to whisper the name of the local football team and the phones explode. As soon as Chad finishes talking to football legend Joe Theismann, he turns to the phone lines to be overwhelmed. Joe Theismann – 00:08 Redskins Fans Explode 1 – 18:56 Redskins Fans Explode 2 – 27:46…
Dukes and Bell go around the NFL in the Blitz segment. The guys took calls on the Acuna-Urena melee last night. It was time for ICYMI with Mike Conti.
Dukes and Bell open the show talking about the Braves game last night where the bottom of the first inning turned into a melee when Jose Urena hit Ronald Acuna Jr. with his first pitch, Mike said that this absolutely came from Don Mattingly because this is an unwritten baseball rule from years ago. Dabo Swinney joined Dukes and Bell to talk som ...…
Of course the 2nd game of the preseason is a big deal. The looming fantasy football season is a big deal. That’s why Shooter talks to Manish Mehta and Brad Evans. However, the biggest deal is the new gang in town…. Tha Meatball Boyz Brad Evans – 00:08 Manish Mehta – 21:46 That MeatBall Boyz – 33:00
Michael Parkhurst joined Dukes and Bell and told the guys what it was like to play in the all-star game at home “It was awesome, what an awesome event the city put on a great show. It went so well, the crowd and the atmosphere was so good it was a night to remember.” When asked about how why the team has had issues closing games out Parkhurst s ...…
Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch joins the show to discuss tonight’s preseason game. Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post helps to continue the discussion about the Maryland Football program, and Big Shooter endeavors to expand the Meatball Boyz. Show Start – 00:08 Michael Phillips – 4:12 Adam Kilgore – 19:50 Meatball Boyz – 31:30…
Dabo Swinney joined Dukes and Bell to talk some College Football and his Quarterback situation at Clemson “we have Kelly Bryant, Trevor Lawrence, Chase Brice and I think at some point this season you’re going to see all three of these guys.” Coach Swinney told the guys what he’s learned about his team during fall practice to this point “This is ...…
Dukes and Bell Did The Top 3 Stories Replay Chip Tower Interview Game winner segment
It was time for the Falcons Report on Dukes and Bell as the guys talked about what they expect in season under Steve Sarkisian based on comments that everyone including our OC is much more comfortable and further along in year 2. It was time for the day’s “Big Story” segment as the guys talked about the comments made by the Jaguars Jalen Ramsey ...…
:01 It was time for the Dawg Report, Chip Towers joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the Dawgs and gave us some insight on where freshman OL Cade Mays has been lining up "It's one of those things you don't know what to make of it, but there was no mistaking it that Cade Mays was out there with the number one unit at left guard. We may be at the ...…
The Radio Meister covers a lot of ground in this final CDVTW installment. Are there any Peoples Drugs still around? What about Diet Rite? Dukes talks to Kalyn Kahler of Sports Illustrated and Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports. Frank Schwab – 00:09 Diet Rite and Peoples Drug 1 – 21:00 Diet Rite and Peoples Drug 2 – 33:04 Kalyn Kahler – 37:40…
DJ Shockley joined Dukes and Bell to talk about our Falcons and when asked about the first preseason game "It was tough to watch for sure, but you have those first game jitters, trying to do everything right and guys just have to settle down, not much you can take away from it and say this is where we will be in three weeks." Shock continued on ...…
Dukes and Bell go around the NFL in the Blitz segment. Jalen Ramsey speaks to GQ and goes in on the quarterbacks in the NFL. He calls out Matt Ryan , Josh Allen he calls trash. And he even talks about this own quarterback. Tom Brady talks about what his goals are this season and Carson Wentz give an update on his status. Dukes and Bell talk Bra ...…
The Vamping Ninja, Chad Dukes talks to Wes McElroy from Richmond about the expectations that we have for the Redskins. With Derrius Guice down, should we begin to lower our hopes and expectations? Dukes weighs in and talks to the callers. Wes McElroy – 00:10 Dukes on Redskins Expectations – 16:16 Callers on Redskins Expectations – 28:02…
Chip talked about the depth Kirby has built on the roster "I don't want to overcook it, but there's no denying Kirby Smart's recruiting, right now you have 21 5 star recruits on the roster, and next year it'll rise to 25 which will be more than Alabama. He's stockpiling talent, and these guys are out here fighting tooth and nail, the guys are h ...…
This portion of CDVTW includes the very best segment of the week! The Vamping Ninja ran through Crossing the Streams with Brian Campbell for MMA, Erik Davis on movies and Peter Brown for video games. He also covered Andrew Luck & the Colts with Greg Rakestraw. Crossing the Streams – 00:10 Greg Rakestraw – 18:30…
Former UGA Wide Receiver Mohamed Massaquoi joins the show to talk about his personal story of losing his left hand in a ATV accident. How it has changed his life and what his new mission in life. Plus Mohamed talks about UGA and how be believed Kirby was the right guy for the job, because he knows what's expected from UGA. He also believes they ...…
00:01- Dukes and Bell open the show talking about the Braves keep winning. Acuna has been hot from the top of the lineup hitting another lead off homerun. Carl ask the question is he the next Griffey? Mays? Ricky Henderson? 12:11 - The guys hit the headlines. Sark address the media about the offensive prefromance last Friday night. He said the ...…
24 hours after the press conference in College Park, Chad Dukes talks to Rick Maese of the Washington Post about what will happen next for the program. Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland is aboard to discuss Cleveland Browns football. Show Open – 00:08 Rick Maese – 4:00 Daryl Ruiter – 17:50 Dukes on the Maryland Football Story – 31:04…
You asked, we deliver, love hearing from more teens! Katie just graduated from high school, and as she embarks on college life, she reflects back on how she was able to cultivate a great relationship with her parents, which I think is excellent insight for any parent out there! From social media to choosing friends to the birds and the bee's ta ...…
In the fifth and final hour of today's show Dukes and Bell bring you The Top 3 @ 6, replay the Nick Green interview from earlier in the show and then got callers thoughts on how much they would pay to make their sick pets healthy during tonight's Gamewinner.
In the fourth hour of today's show Dukes and Bell bring you The Falcons Report, The Big Story and then it was time for "In Case You Missed It" with Mike Conti.
Roman Stubbs from the Washington Post joins the show to recap the Maryland Football press conference. Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports joins the show to talk NFL. The Vamping Ninja talks about restaurants that are ripping people off. Ryan Wilson – 00:08 Roman Stubbs – 17:08 Cleaning Pots & Cooking Food at Restaurants – 29:48…
The discussion of Terrelle Pryor causes Dukes, the Fruitcake Emporium and the listeners to go down memory lane. Who were some of the players, coaches and situations that allowed the Redskins to completely fool us over the years. Bamboozled by the Redskins 1 – 00:06 Bamboozled by the Redskins 2 – 13:40 Old, Forgotten Candy – 27:46…
In the third hour of today's show Dukes and Bell go "On the Sideline with the Dawgs," talk about the Falcons Plan D and then it was time for Yea Man/No Man.
Braves Analyst Nick Green joined Dukes and Bell and talked about the emergence of young phenom Ronald Acuna Jr. “Last year when I saw him at Triple-A I thought he was the best prospect I’ve ever seen in person, I was skeptical when they moved him to lead-off and he’s been a completely different hitter since the move, his power numbers are incre ...…
The second hour of the show is jam packed with guests. Shawn Springs joins the Vamping Ninja in studio, followed by a discussion on the Nats with F.P. Santangelo and then Eric Bickel is aboard to discuss the Maryland Football scandal. Shawn Springs – 00:08 F.P. Santangelo – 16:18 Eric Bickel – 29:44
In the second hour of today's show Dukes and Bell go around the league during the NFL Blitz before being joined in studio by legendary UGA Football Coach Vince Dooley. Then Braves analyst Nick Green joined the guys to talk about the latest with the Braves.
Vince Dooley joined Dukes and Bell and the guys asked him if he remembers a game as crazy as the Rose Bowl, Coach said “I don’t remember any game quite like that, I remember playing Georgia Tech in ’78, the guy ended with a 2pt conversion that won the game, those two games stand out to me.” When asked about Kirby Smart’s time at UGA so far Coac ...…
In the first hour of today's show Dukes and Bell recap the Braves double-header sweep over the Marlins yesterday and specifically Ronald Acuna Jr.'s big day. Then the guys jump into the headlines and play cuts from Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan, who both spoke to the media yesterday.
The University of Maryland Football program is embroiled in a scandal following the death of a player early in the summer. The athletic director & school president addresses the situation and Chad Dukes the Vamping Ninja does some stellar broadcasting. Show Open – 00:08 The Vamping Ninja – 00:45 Maryland Press Conference – 21:16 Dukes on Maryla ...…
In the fifth and final hour of today's show Dukes and Bell bring you The Top 3 @ 6, talk more about Touki Toussaint's strong MLB debut for the Braves and then got callers thoughts on fantasy football team names during tonight's Gamewinner.
Finishing a Monday evening show with authority. Dukes goes around the NFL with Pro Football Weekly’s Eric Edholm. He gets the latest from Redskins camp with Craig Hoffman and delivers a report of the happenings off the air. Eric Edholm – 00:08 What Happened During the Break – 20:10 Craig Hoffman – 27:14…
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