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Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show that provides conspiracy truth exposing the New World Order and Luciferian agenda from a Christian view, as well as other topics not covered by mainstream media. The information on this show is for listeners who want the truth about the inside agenda, the guts behind the facade, and exciting details that the world is not exposed to from their normal resources.The episodes cover Conspiracy truth and social analysis. Our topics are the New World Order, Sec ...
This podcast is all about self-awareness and helping you to become more aware of yourself and the things going on around you causing you stress and struggle. Even if your life is going swimmingly and you just want more understanding of yourself and others Self Awareness with Duke is for you. Helping you to understand why life is showing up the way it is and by acknowledging the feelings around it, ultimately, being able to shift your reality. I wanted to do this podcast because I was inspire ...
Duke It Out (2018-05-17T01:27:54.000Z)
A podcast sharing the voices of Duke alumni. Presented by Duke Magazine.
John David Duke Jr presents his short stories and novels in audio format. Visit for more.
Duke Cast
Podcast by Canadian Duke
Just a Caffeinated Sneakerhead podcasting / talking all things DUKE. Follow & Tweet
The videos in my playlists are uploaded by many wonderful people who take a lot of time and effort to make these videos available for us to enjoy. Please let them know how much we appreciate them by commenting on their videos and subscribing to their channels.
Super Heru Radio
Aseer the Duke of Tiers and Celina Cordoba El discuss the many subtleties of Politics, Relationships, and all things Moor in its contemporary forms.Listeners are encouraged to join in.
Fake Christopher Walken invites us into his home to enjoy readings of some of the worlds most classic novels
In a tiny French dukedom, a younger brother usurps his elder brother's throne. Duke Senior is banished to the Forest of Arden along with his faithful retainers, leaving his lovely daughter Rosalind behind to serve as a companion for the usurper's daughter, Celia. However, the outspoken Rosalind soon earns her uncle's wrath and is also condemned to exile. The two cousins decide to flee together and join Duke Senior in the forest. Meanwhile, a young nobleman, Orlando is thrown out of his home ...
Politics + Technology = Nonsense at the Speed of Light
The Theology, Medicine, and Culture initiative invites participants to reimagine and to reengage contemporary practices of health and medicine in light of Christian tradition and the practices of Christian communities.
Peter Rho (Duke 98) and Michael Eckstut (Duke 98, Duke Law 01) are the Duke Basketball Junkies. Please send all questions and feedback to
Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke explain how our brain works.
This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw).Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at!Join the conversation at
CBS Sports’ official college basketball podcast is the most entertaining and informative of its kind. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander bring the sport into your ears three times per week with commentary, reporting, insider information and statistical analysis throughout college basketball all year long.
Clubbin' Vibes
Deep, House, Techno, Retro ... retrouvez au travers de ce podcast mes influences clubbin' d'hier à demain en passant par aujourd'huiLes épisodes sont principalement enregistrés en Live, dans les discothèques la folie douce et la relève, toutes deux situées à Lille, dans le nord de la france.Ma seule volonté : Vous faire bougez!Infos, contact, booking .... rendez vous sur ma page Facebook!*******Deep, House, Techno, Retro .... Find here in this podcast the ...
Interview with Scholars of Latin America about their New Books
Unapologetic Black Radio is a weekly radio show on WXDU Durham dedicated to black voices on Duke's campus. The show covers controversial topics and campus life at a predominately white institution for Black students. UBR was founded by Naomi Lilly and is co-hosted with Treniyyah Anderson and Aanan Henderson.
Podcast by Duke Clinical Research Institute
Interviews with Scholars of Asian America about their New Books
Rob Kibbe and Mike Finnegan: Talking Cars, Movies, and The Dukes of Hazzard!
Two Deep: Hokies Under The Influence is a college football podcast focused on the Virginia Tech Hokies. Hosted by Pete Bertheaud and Robbie Dowling, the show features news and updates, weekly game recaps and previews, exciting guests from other ACC and VT media, and in-depth analysis. We also enjoy different craft beers each week from across the nation in search of the perfect pour.
Ways & Means
Ways and Means is a small radio show featuring bright ideas for how to improve human society. The show is produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.
This site is to contain the iTunes RSS feed for Sebastian's Pub Podcasts
Interviews with Scientists about their New Books
Up and Vanished
Up and Vanished Season 2 focuses on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado. Follow along with host Payne Lindsey, a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, as he travels to Colorado to trace Reisinger’s path. In UAV Season 1, Payne tackles his first cold case story, the long unsolved disappearance of Georgia high school teacher and former pageant queen, Tara Grinstead. The 11-year-old case remains the largest case file in Georgia history. U ...
Geoffrey Smith's Jazz does exactly what it says on the tin: a weekly selection of tracks through which Geoffrey Smith shares his passion for jazz from a personal perspective
UNC Hoops Talk Podcast is a podcast by a fan for the fans providing all the UNC Basketball news, updates, and thoughts. I will talk college basketball with a bias any time, place and with anyone.
Portland Trail Blazers star - and former journalism major at Lehigh – CJ McCollum hosts Pull Up alongside Jordan Schultz, of "The Boardroom" on ESPN+. Pull Up is a one-of-a-kind show that will give an unmatched look into the NBA and the life of a basketball superstar. CJ has been lauded as the next breakout star in sports media. But why wait till he retires to begin his next career? In Pull Up, CJ will talk about everything from where star players will go in free agency, to what it’s like to ...
Heirloom Radio
Retired Biology_Environmental Science educator... passion for old time radio... protecting the environment, civil rights, and audio/video editing for local radio and TV station production. Produced 60+ OTR re-enactments with local actors. 13 years as radio host for "Audio Theater". Currently co-host a show on local cable TV called "Don't Dis' My Ability" and produce a storytelling program called "True Tales Live" which is found on Soundcloud and Itunes.
Talking University of Louisville basketball, football and more with the Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer.
Our daily show broadcast from the heart of Nashville across the country.
New Books in Music
Interviews with Scholars of Music about their New Books
In every emerging issue lies an opportunity. The Institute for Emerging Issues is here to find North Carolina's opportunities. You can help.
NFL lineman and one of the NFL's most active on social media, Geoff Schwartz shares his thoughts on the world of sports, life as an athlete, food and pop culture with his co-host, Duke Manyweather.
Arming the Donkeys
Audio podcast adventures from the mind of award-winning playwright and performer Robert Crighton - stories, drama, comedy and general audio sound things coming to you every week directly into your ears. You can support 'The Worlds of Robert Crighton' at
Interviews with Geographers about their New Books
Carolina Insider
Jones Angell and Adam Lucas give you an inside peek on all things Tar Heels. Expert analysis, behind the scenes info and of course the latest UNC news.
Day Trading Radio
Unbiased market commentary and technical analysis. Get a fresh,focused view of the financial markets with market coverage,focusing on all aspects of being a trader.
Interviews with Scholars of Science, Technology, and Society about their New Books
FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed nigga wearing kente cloth with a green ,red and black afro pick in his hair is waxing poetic about how evil the white man is then this isny for you, this is my st ...
DLC is your weekly audio tour of the latest in video games and tabletop entertainment. Hosts Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer are joined every week by the best damn gaming experts on the planet as well as YOUR phone calls! Disagree, Like, or Comment by Direct Live Call-in or in the Designated Lobby Chat! It is the gaming show Decided by Listener Contribution. DLC, the Digital Lifestyle Companion for gamers who Don't Like Cynicism. Hosted by Christian Spicer & Jeff Cannata.
A platform to explore and express unique observations, realizations, and understanding of what we call The World. Hosted by Agah Bahari.
Video Games Daily
All the gaming headlines in one place! Hosted by Scott Johnson
Two totally opposite friends – comedian Theo Von and filmmaker/journalist Matt Cole Weiss -- compete to see who has better “alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood. Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever…allegedly.
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The Liberal World Order with Robert Kagan (The President's Inbox - Council on Foreign Relations)
IT'S HATE WEEK! The guys recap the tough loss to Miami, but, more importantly, talk about the matchup with rival Virginia. A win keeps the streak alive and would mean one more game; a loss would put an end to a brutal season. Pete and Robbie have mentally prepared themselves for the worst, but are hoping for a big surprise on Black Friday. Happ ...…
Patient Perspective Nutrition And Diet In Perioperative Recovery by Duke Clinical Research Institute
Nutrition In ERAS: " A Call For Clinical Trials" by Duke Clinical Research Institute
The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision required desegregation of America’s schools, but it also set in motion an agonizing multi-decade debate over race, class, and IQ. In The Mismeasure of Minds: Debating Race and Intelligence Between Brown and The Bell Curve (University of North Carolina Press, 2018), Michael E. Staub,...…
In Patent Politics: Life Forms, Markets, and the Public Interest in the United States and Europe (University of Chicago Press, 2017), Shobita Parthasarathy takes us through a thirty year history of the legal debates around patents. This is an understudied area of STS that Parthasarathy carefully navigates in order to understand...…
Excerpt: In my mind, it seems incumbent—I’m at a loss for any other way to express it—what Sige has managed to do must be told. The subtlety with which he approaches the human condition and the artifacts of their existence is of such a nature that one is filled with hope, that not only is […]
Guess what? Thanks to you our favorite razor company of all time is back just in time for Christmas! Better yet, they have YOUR Christmas shopping all figured out to boot and you can save some cashola all at the same time. Want to give it a try, and support the show? We've partnered with Harry’s to give you $5 off ANY shave set, including their ...…
Quick podcast recapping Tennessee Tech and St. Francis games, but mostly looking ahead to Texas and the Las Vegas trip! See ya next week- Happy Thanksgiving! As always, thanks for listening and Go Heels! Make sure to support the podcast: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: TuneIn: Subscribe on Stitcher: http: ...…
Steven Shaviro’s book Discognition (Repeater Books, 2016) opens with a series of questions: What is consciousness? How does subjective experience occur? Which entities are conscious? What is it like to be a bat, or a dog, a robot, a tree, a human being, a rock, a star, a neutrino? Discognition...
Recap the BB win over Tennessee Tech, the FB win against Western Carolina, Pod After Dark after the BB win over St. Francis and double guests: now seven-time national champion field hockey coach Karen Shelton pauses her celebration to join the Pod...former Tar Heel LB and now Senior Associate AD Dwight Hollier joins the Pod…
What makes a small town thrive? Downtowns where people come together to see each other and do things. Their story and what makes their town special, and they’re proud to tell other people about it. Public and private sector, that work together with nonprofits and people willing to put in the time. This week's First in Future guest is Jeff Eidso ...…
Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.
When Dr. Anthony Edwards (arrives at a Vermont mental hospital to replace the outgoing hospital director, Dr. Constance Peterson a psychoanalyst, discovers Edwards is actually an impostor. The man confesses that the real Dr. Edwards is dead and fears he may have killed him, but cannot recall anything. Dr. Peterson, however is convinced his impo ...…
It is my pleasure to share another wonderful program from The Railroad Hour starring Gordon MacCrae. This track is the radio adaptation of the Florenz Ziegfeld production on Broadway in 1920, "Sally".... that ran for 570 performances, one of the longest runs on Broadway up to that time. Marian Bell and Jack Kirkwood co-star in this production. ...…
The Railroad Hour was one of the best of its kind for producing fine music and entertainment. The beautiful melodies are well sung and enacted, and the productions are all first class. On this track... "Hit the Deck" a late 20's musical that had 352 performances on Broadway... A bosun's mate and his two buddies find three women and trouble on s ...…
Jim and Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly) are getting ready for the Christmas holiday. To save a little money and enrich his artistic skills at the same time, Fibber decides to make his own Christmas cards... oh, oh! On the air for more than 21 years, this sitcom... with a musical break featuring the "Kings Men" featured what many critics ...…
Bobby Interview; BBC Documentary Penguins; Astronaut Hoodie; Did Ya See; Thanksgiving Quiz; Unclaimed Lottery; Gettysburg Address
Bobby Bones Interview; Pickup Line Duke Out; Dirty Santa Dilemma; Did Ya See; Distillery Cat; Clean Your Kid's Pacifier; Presents From Your Ex.
Sports Coat and Jeans; Daniel's Ego; Mean Tweets; Keith Wins CMA Entertainer Of The Year; Off The Wall with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate; Did Ya See; Go Fund Fraud; Bobby and Sharna
1950-52 - Those are the years that "Nightbeat" was heard on NBC radio starring Frank Lovejoy. By this time, television had begun to take over all the sponsorship from radio programming and it was getting more difficult to fund quality programs. Nightbeat, by all measures was a quality program. Good stories, sound effects, music, excellent actin ...…
Jack and the gang... Don Wilson, Mary Livingston, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Dennis Day and Phil Harris head out for some ice skating in Central Park... and you are invited to come along on this very funny comedy-variety show that entertained American radio listeners for 23 years on Sunday evenings at 7 pm. Listen here, on Itunes, or Google Pl ...…
Show 16 - imperialism vs republics (Manifest Destiny)
Jack Benny's career spanned 63 years... vaudeville, radio, television, motion pictures... he is considered by many critics to have been the most talented of all comedians. He was on the radio from 1932-1955, Sunday nights at 7 pm on NBC and CBS (at different times of course) and he made America laugh! This track is celebrating the end of WW II ...…
This episode is to correct some of the errors recited in the prior podcast "False Flag to War Flag." It is easier to just put out a supplement episode then to re-edit the past one and send it back out.
The Canes finally win, dominating Virginia Tech, and we revel in it. Then, we look ahead to the finale with Pitt.
Jeff and Christian welcome comedian and game reviewer Brock Wilbur to the show this week to discuss The Game Awards nominees, Sony ditching E3, a disc-less Xbox, and more! The Playlist: Fallout 76, Call of Cthulu, Red Faction Re-Marstered, Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee; Hitman 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Bulletstorm Remastered Parting Gifts! BONUS CO ...…
At the top, Norlander and Parrish open on Hawaii. Then it's on to Villanova (12:42), which lost again on Saturday — to Furman. Also 2-2: Syracuse (20:49). The Orange lost to UConn and Oregon at Madison Square Garden. Which team is more disappointing at this stage? Speaking of disappointing losses, Indiana let one get away at Arkansas on Sunday ...…
In this episode we examine the suspicions of the Thousand Oaks shooting and the possibility of a false flag. What are the chances of people being victim of two shootings. We bring up the suspicions of the California Fires and expose the Rothschild connection, the technology involved, and a purpose behind it to coral citizens into Smart Cities. ...…
80 - Black Pill Longboats (Third Rail)
In London over the next week, the London Jazz Festival is the only show in town, and Geoffrey Smith previews its fizzing cornucopia of delights with a galaxy of festival stars, from guitarist Bill Frisell and pianist Abdullah Ibrahim to singers Bobby McFerrin and Madeleine Peyroux.
Armed Forces Radio Service rebroadcast the Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands to our troops and Allies overseas during WW II. This broadcast featured the Jan Garber Orchestra live from Houston, Texas. Lead off song is a swing version of Swanee River... 15 minute broadcast... excellent show. Listen here or on Itunes or Google Play Music by follow ...…
The Armed Forces Radio Service feature the most popular bands in the country on their "Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands" program, broadcast live from all of the United States. This 15 minute broadcast was on June 1, 1945 and features the Mal Hallett Orchestra. Really an upbeat and entertaining broadcast.... Big Band music and Jazz... Lead off ...…
Picking up where the hit podcast left off, Payne Lindsey and the Up and Vanished team is back in Ocilla to continue their investigation. This episode will catch you up on all of the updates, plus check out the new investigative findings on the one night TV special Sunday Nov 18th at 7/6c on Oxygen. For more info go to: ...…
Sheldon Adelson's Influence (Trumpcast)
Jason interviews Marvin Bagley and Harry Giles on this packed podcast that also includes a recap of the dunk show that was the Eastern Michigan game. Lots to enjoy here!!0:00 Byrd Campbell, you are da man!0:30 Donald and Jason are here, but Sam had homework2:15 Time to talk about the Dunk Show… Duke whups Eastern Michigan3:20 Jason talks about ...…
Chester Lauck as Lum Edwards and Norris Goff as Abner Peabody were regulars on the radio from 1934 to 1954. Living in Pine Ridge, Arkansas and proprietors of the "Jot Em Down Store", Lum 'n Abner brought folk humor into millions of living-rooms via the radio. The show was mostly dialog, very little sound effects or music... and even absent a fe ...…
Here is a Thanksgiving mystery story as Staats Cotsworth plays newspaper photographer, Casey, who manages to take the crime photos and then gets involved in trying to solve the crime! Great supporting characters, Ethelbert, Ann Williams.... friend and girlfriend who meet Casey at the Blue Note Cafe' to discuss the case. Entertaining show that r ...…
Riley is out on a mission to provide a needy family with a turkey for Thanksgiving... the old fashioned was... hunt one. He takes Junior with him, but things don't turn out as well as he thought they would... listen and find out what happened in the 1944 Thanksgiving show on "The Life of Riley" starring William Bendix (Photo right) Listen here. ...…
Status is a double-edged sword. On the one hand having status can give you access to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have, and on the other losing it can be very hard to deal with psychologically. On this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the psychology...…
Friday's episode leads on arguably the most shocking result of the season so far: Michigan's 73-46 win at Villanova on Wednesday night. From there, Parrish and Norlander touch how good Tennessee's looked to star the year (16:30), get into Zion Williamson's hilariously ridiculous statistical pace so far (17:45), and move on to Ohio State (24:40) ...…
It's Friday! (a comeback story), preview a busy weekend of Carolina athletics, Adam can't pronounce Ramen Noodles, a rival fan talks trash to an eleven-year-old (Story Time returns!) and KJ Smith joins the Pod to talk growing up with a famous dad, transferring to Carolina and just how he became known as 'Baby Jet'…
Santa Claus called and noticed you need new underwear before the holidays kick off. He sees you when you're sleeping and stuff (allegedly) and is threatening no presents until you get things solved. To rectify this disaster, and to appease St. Nick, just head to and pick out a holiday treat for yourself early! Guaranteed for f ...…
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