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Double Triumph - Star Wars Roleplay UK (EotE, AoR)
A podcast dedicated to Star Wars role-playing in the FFG system, (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion), in the UK.
Nerds and Stuff RPG Podcast
Hailing from our YouTube channel, the Nerds and Stuff RPG Podcast is hosted by Martin Baker with Daniel Peterson and Sterling Chandler. We are dedicated to creating quality RPG storytelling content. We pride ourselves in teaching most every game and running a strong story or character driven narrative complimented often with ridiculous humor. We use rules as a foundation and then quickly do what's best for the story in our content. If you're looking for amazing adventures with sharp humor th ...
Tabletop Squadron
Tabletop Squadron is a Star Wars Edge of the Empire actual play podcast. We present stories in a Campaign setting, meaning that we have a consistent cast of actors and tell a long form story over many episodes. Come join us as A Bounty Hunter, a Slicer, A Colonist, and a Smuggler learn to work together and find out what's really important to them. It's a big galaxy out there, and we intend to explore it all!
Podcast Racers!
An RPG play podcast, following a lovable group of murder hobos playing the Star Wars RPG system Edge of the Empire. Each Game Master runs an arc of episodes, and then the GM switches, allowing for fun, narrative swings.
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Hey kid, wanna hear the plot to The Last Jedi? Dan had a dream he saw the film and now we know everything that happens in it... although, he may have confused it with the plot of the porn parody, Star Whores: The Assed Jedi.#StarWars #RPG #EdgeoftheEmpire #TheArrival #Elstree1976 #Battlefront
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