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The Definitive guide to Holiday Let Success | Vacation Rental | Increase Bookings | Reduce Costs | Save Time | From interviews with industry experts and successful holiday home owners to useful and useable ideas, resources and discussion. If you love your Vacation Rental | Holiday Let | Serviced Accommodation and want to get the best out of it, then tune in! Every holiday home owner has the same battles, learning curves and worries whilst striving to build their holiday let business to be th ...
"I Feel Ya with Katie & Elaine" is a podcast hosted by Katie Hilliard and Elaine Carroll. If our podcast had a thesis statement, it would be this: "The more we share of ourselves, the more others see themselves in us." It's about cultivating empathy and vulnerable sharing. We believe that the more human beings share vulnerably with one another the more people realize that we are all in this life thing together and the possibility for a more empathetic society increases. So every week, we sho ...
Elaine The Brain
Two heads are better than one! A place for business owners to work through their Creative ideas through brainstorming.
Elaine Aki
I sing, I compose, I dream, I work, I learn, I live, I believe, I am now
Welcome to Elaine and Her MoviePass! Will a movie be worth the watch based off trailers and reviews? Subscribe to a quick movie podcast about random thoughts, feelings, with no major spoilers or frills. 😬😬
Welcome to the official SoundCloud channel of radio host and author Amy Elaine Martinez! She is the host of “Real Victory Radio” – a show that inspires listeners to walk in wholeness and live in victory. Her ministry exists to bind up the broken-hearted and encourage them to become whole again. You’ll hear how Jesus can help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life and live in REAL VICTORY every day. Amy Elaine is the author of ‘Becoming a Victory Girl: Staking Your Claim in The Kingdom ...
funky beats and good messages....deep house, electro house, scratching and turntablism.
Smart Health Talk will provide the latest in health and nutrition information.Smart Health Talk is a radio talk show that is broadcast live on KCAA Radio, Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 PM, The host of the show is Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD.Smart Health Talk wants to bring listeners news they can use today and tomorrow. Listeners will learn from host advice, guest interviews, caller questions, and referrals. Smart Health Talk's host, Elaine McFadden, is serious about health and we ...
Journalist, dreamer, believer and wanderluster. "Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time."
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show series | Have you ever asked, “God, where are You in all of this?” I certainly have and I bet you have too! Listen in-Tune in! This week’s Real Victory Radio features my friend, Michelle Lynn Senters. She’s the author of “the Unseen Companion: God with the Single Mother.” This book reveals the Father-heart of God for ALL of us! H ...…
KCAA: Smart Health Talk with Elaine McFadden on Tue, 4 Sep, 2018
Potentially like Unfriended: Dark Web, but actually good acting, and solid plot line?? 🤞🏽🤞🏽
Thinking Downton Abbey? But Haunted? 👻👻 | In this episode, Amy Elaine interviews Shannon Geurin of Fiercely His. We’re talking about the power of restoration, redemption, and finding your identity in Christ. Shannon says, “Authenticity breeds connection.” She’s right; when we are authentic, we will find deeper connection with God, ourselves, and others. Listen in ...…
Brothers reunited can defeat a tatted up James Franco with a gun that is out of this world! 🌏
KCAA: Smart Health Talk with Elaine McFadden on Tue, 28 Aug, 2018
A boy and his wolf. Sounds familiar 🤔🤔 | Are you in a season of waiting? We all are at some point and learning to wait well makes the wait more bearable. Join Amy Elaine, with special guest Julie Holmquist of Stuff of Heaven, and learn how to wait better and stronger. Waiting is hard, but we can trust God’s timing in our moments of need. We’re talking about the ...…
The most anticipated movie.... since "The Hurricane Heist" 😂😂
Oh you know... it's just Mark Wahlberg requesting the "Hand of God".... 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ | Don’t miss my interview with the Get Stuff Done Girl herself Katie M. Reid. We’re talking about Katie’s new book, “Made Like Martha” and you will love listening to Katie share about how she became FREE of her to-do list to be the Daughter God designed her to be! Katie’s book: “Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who ...…
Pretty sure I'm two of the three words in this movie title... 🤔🤔
Racist portrayals and reaching 100 movies watched with my MoviePass! 👍🏽👍🏽 | Six Powerful Prayers of Abundance – Just what we need! Jesus taught His disciples to pray in this way, “on earth as it is in heaven.” That’s not a prayer the enemy wants us praying. There’s POWER in this well-known, often overlooked prayer we memorized as children. Amy Elaine shares some fresh insight into the powerful pr ...…
Will the sequel live up to the first Along with the Gods? 🤔🤔
Initial thought..... Ughhhhhhhhh.... 😭😭
A Cute n Cuddly Disney Remake? 🍯🐻
Don't you hate life changing events at the most inopportune time? 😑😑
Team Mom? Team Dad? Team Neither? 🤔
The adventure of heartbreak taken to an unlikely extreme...💔
For the love of cakes🎂🍰 and good lovin 😍😘🤷🏻‍♀️ | Part 4 of the Get REAL Series: Get Authentic This week’s show features an Interview with Author Carey Scott. We’re talking about her new book, “Unafraid: Be Authentic. Be You. Find the Grit and Grace to Shine.” Carey’s book unpacks nine ways to find the confidence we need to be ourselves in a world that tells us to be som ...…
Is Moviepass doomed?? Oh yeah and awkward middle school life 😑😑
Tom Cruise is like a good cheese that ages well. 😬😬 | In this episode, we’re continuing our GET REAL series. Join Amy Elaine as she talks about GETTING EQUIPPED! We have everything we need living inside of us to fight the good fight. We’ve been equipped with supernatural weapons of warfare, but we have to learn how to use them. Join us as special guest Shannon Geurin intervi ...…
Singing, Dancing, and Girly Time 💃🏻💃💃🏽
Do action sequels require you to watch the original? 🤔🤔
Death wants to face time... 🙄🙄 ☠️ | Part 2 of the Get REAL Series: Get Ready This week’s show features an Interview with Author Kelly Balarie. We’re talking about her new book, “Battle Ready: Train Your Mind to Conquer Challenges, Defeat Doubt, and Live Victoriously.” In this life, there’s going to be a battle, but we can be prepared to fight the good fight ...…
One building 🏢, One Rock 🗿, And one Leg 👞...
download your freebie worksheet here: | In this debut episode, we’re talking about what it means to Get Real- Ready and Equipped for an Authentic Life of Victory. Join Amy Elaine as she talks about what it means to live a life of victory. Joshua 1:9 encourages us to be strong and courageous. Amy Elaine shows us some unlikely ways to victory using the D.A.R.T.S. ...…
Sales and telemarketing... sometimes you have it 🤔🤔 and sometimes ya don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Procrastination apparently is my house of tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
A trip down memory lane... i get sooo Emotionnnnnaaaaaallll. 😬😬
Don't care for insects... unless they are cool superheros.... 😀👍🏽
Birth Separations, Birth Conspiracies and Birthday Shoutouts 🎂🎂
Guns, Dust Clouds, and Reccomendations... 😊
Boundaries. Such a relative term 😎😎
Miniature Horses? Ohhhh boy. 🐴
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