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The eShop Action Committee discusses the latest digital releases and talks to developers on a regular basis as well.
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Daan and Jon return to discuss tons of Nintendo Switch games they've missed on their hiatus! It is a broad selection of games that includes Gotcha Racing 2nd, Arcade Archives PUNCH-OUT!!, Shadow Bug, Sally's Law, MEMBRANE, #Breakforcist Battle, Brakes Are For Losers and more.
In the thirty-first show of the eShop Action Committee, Daan and Jon discuss the latest Nindies Showcase. It brought reveals of LUMINES Remastered, Fantasy Strike, Bomb Chicken and more. With the latter half, the duo breaks down the usual assortment of available games. With games like Clustertruck and Slayaway Camp, there is certainly a little ...…
Daan and Jon discuss the Nintendo Direct for March 2018, which was wonderful. It included fun announcements like WarioWare Gold, Dark Souls: Remastered amiibo, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion and much more. Next to this, the duo highlights another ten titles for good measure. You will hear thoughts on games such as Bri ...…
Daan and Jon discuss various games that released throughout the month of February! The selection includes Dragon Quest Builders, Dandara, Crypt of the Necrodancer, ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun, Fe, Old Man's Journey, Puzzle Puppers, Space Dave and more.
Daan and Jon talk Nintendo's latest financial briefing and all the news that came along with it. In second half, the duo discusses our usual array of Nintendo Switch eShop releases. This includes Celeste, Lost Sphear, Shu, EARTH WARS, Super One More Jump, Night in the Woods and more!
Daan is joined by Image & Form's Brjann Sigurgeirsson to discuss the SteamWorld series, Nintendo Switch icons, sales numbers and so much more.
Daan and Jon discuss ins and outs of Nintendo's new Labo initiative. Naturally, there also Nintendo Switch eShop games to talk about. The selection includes Furi, Never Stop Sneakin', Gunhouse, InnerSpace and World to the West!
Daan and Jon discuss the all the surprises from the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, including The World Ends With You -Final Remix- and Mario Tennis Aces. In addition to this, they will also discuss their top ten games of 2017!
Daan and Jon discuss the roughly 30 Nintendo Switch eShop titles released in the final stages of December! They cover the big hitters like Gorogoa, Brawlout, Tiny Metal, Floor kids, The Next Penelope, SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition, Sparkle Unleashed, Stikbold! DELUXE and so much more.
In this episode of the eShop Action Committee, Daan and Jon discuss 23 different games on kinds of plains. We have incredible highs with releases like Nine Parchments, Dimension Drive, Human: Fall Flat, Unholy Heights and the Mutant Mudds Collection. The flipside, however, is lurking the behind the corner. The duo talk about their grievences wi ...…
Daan and Jon are back with their longest episode yet! The eShop Action Committee discusses everything from big AAA games to the shiniest indie gems released in the last three weeks. What does that include you might ask? Well... *deep breath* Farming Simulator, Sonic Forces, Snipperclips Plus, Maria The Switch, Koi DX, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, R ...…
After a small hiatus, we are back with a brand new episode! Daan and Jon discuss the variety of Nintendo eShop games released in the last three weeks. The selection includes Rogue Trooper Redux, Party Golf, The Mummy Demastered, Knight Terrors, Splasher, Perception, Super Beat Sports and much more! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - ...…
In the twentieth episode of the eShop Action Committee, we fit as many topics possible in a single hour! We discuss the new Switch update, upcoming DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors and Europe's new Nintendo 3DS demos. Next to that, we have your regular slew of impressions. The selection includes Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime, Earth Atlantis, Unbox: ...…
Daan and Jon discuss about twenty Nintendo Switch games this week. The selection includes highlights like Golf Story, Binaries, INVERSUS Deluxe, Pankapu and much more. With an hour purely focused on the games, there should always be a little something for you! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan - ...…
Daan and Jon discuss quite a bunch during this week's show! They chat about the new Nintendo Direct announcements, SteamWorld Dig 2 and all the games that were recently released. This includes the project Octopath Traveler demo, Lichtspeer and so much more! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan - ...…
In this week's show, Daan and Jon discuss games like forma.8 and Sky Ride on Nintendo Switch. They also dive into the news for the first time. How good are those new Shovel Knight amiibo? What is Nicalis exactly bringing to the Nintendo Switch? This and more answers await you right here!
Daan and Jon discuss the Switch titles seen during Gamescom 2017 like Yoku's Island Express, SteamWorld Dig 2 and Deru. After that, the duo chats about the recent Nindies Showcase, which brought many treats! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan -…
Daan and Jon discuss the latest Nintendo eShop releases including Retro City Rampage DX, Slime-san, Rocket Fist, Sonic Mania and Chicken Wiggle! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan -
Daan and Jon discuss all the important Nintendo eShop games from the month of July! The line-up includes titles like Death Squared, Overcooked, Namco Museum and Kirby's Blowout Blast! Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan -
Daan and Jon discuss the digital releases for the month of June! The selection includes titles like Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, GoNNER, Runbow Pocket and more. Follow us on Twiter! Jon - Daan -
Daan is joined by The Dangerous Kitchen to discuss their Nintendo Switch title De Mambo. You will learn how the concept came to be and what you can expect from the game!
We continue our quest for the best Nintendo 3DS eShop games with Nathan van Ginkel! Which absolute gems will be added to the fold?
Jon (NomComms) decides the first four games on our Top 25 Nintendo 3DS eShop games. Which games does he instantly pick up the system for?
Daan is joined by Jon (NomComms) to discuss all of May's digital releases. This includes games like Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, Thumper, Drancia Saga and much more!
In the second part of our Choice Provisions interview, we discuss the upcoming Runner3 and the potential of a BIT.TRIP collection.
In the first part of our interview with Choice Provisions (previously Gaijin Games), we talk about the history of the BIT.TRIP series and Runner2.
Daan is joined by Drool's Marc Flury to discuss the development of Thumper and how the game ended up on Nintendo Switch!
In the very first eShop Action Committee discussion, Daan is joined by his Dutch colleague Nathan van Ginkel. They discuss what they like and dislike about the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. What would they change and how?
In the second part of Daan's interview with Image & Form's Brjann Sigurgeirsson, they go deeper into SteamWorld Dig 2 and what players can expect from it! Next to that, the fortunes of the Nintendo Switch are also discussed.
In the first part of this interview with Image & Form's Brjann Sigurgeirsson, Daan asks about recent SteamWorld developments and why they went back to the Dig style!
Daan is joined Jon (NomComms) to discuss all of April's Nintendo eShop releases including TumbleSeed, KAMIKO, Graceful Explosion Machine, Team Kirby Clash and so much more! Follow Jon on Twitter -
Daan Koopman is joined by Benedict Fritz to discuss the upcoming TumbleSeed. In this interview, you will learn how the game came together and what challenges are awaiting you on May 2!
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