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Best Exploring Jewish Law podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Exploring Jewish Law podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Ziegler Torah
The Road Ahead
A critical look at the present and future of Orthodox Judaism. Join Rabbi Yehudah ("YB") Ilan as he explores various topics related to the current state of Judaism and Jewish law in search of a viable way forward to a brighter Jewish future.
Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher? is a podcast exploring the intersection of Jewish traditions and contemporary questions hosted by Rabbi Avram Mlotek and Rabbi Jon Leener.
Welcome to Re-Arranged, a podcast about the FYI show Arranged that follows three couples as they prepare for what the show says is an “arranged” marriage.
The Rabbinic Journey Podcast is an exploration of my Rabbinate from the inside out. From reflections and sermons to interviews and discussions, I'm going to cover it all. Why? Because there is so much to explore!
The +972 Podcast
Dive past the headlines in Israel-Palestine to explore the issues and stories other outlets tend to ignore with +972 Magazine writers and local activists, politicians, and experts. +972 Magazine is owned and operated by a group of Israeli and Palestinian journalists, providing fresh, in-depth reporting and analysis directly from the ground in Israel-Palestine. The magazine is committed to human rights, democracy, and freedom of information, and actively opposes the Israeli occupation.
National Prayer Network director Rev. Ted Pike has recorded over 300 podcasts/Bible studies (available at Truthtellers.org) which explore the meaning of life and how to have a relationship with God. Pike also addresses cults of Christianity, a truly Biblical perspective on the Jewish people and Israel, hate crime laws and erosion of American civil liberties.
13 short vignettes to help the Christian take a deeper walk with the Lord as well as help the curious understand how Christianity is really supposed to work. Topics include: 1. How to Avoid Positive Stinking (the title piece). Why true submission to the Lord trumps forcing ourselves to "think positive" all the time. 2. Our Conditional Love of Jesus (in 3 parts). Explores the conditions Jesus required for us to love Him. If these conditions are not met, He clearly states we do not love Him. 3 ...
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The deportation of Omar Shakir, the Israel and Palestine director of Human Rights Watch, put a spotlight on Israel's attempts to suppress dissent and criticism of its policies in the occupied territories. For Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man, one of the lawyers representing Shakir in his lengthy battle to stay in the country, the deportation “has huge ...…
On Rosh HaShanah, Rabbi Artson welcomed the atheists, agnostics, and skeptics to enjoy the many ways that religion can meet deep human needs, regardless of whether or not religion’s claims are objectively true. Explore the powerful ways that religion builds community, expands our horizons to include each other, extends our compassion to others ...…
Almost two weeks after Israeli voters cast their ballots for a second time this year, it is still unclear which candidate will lead the country. To make sense of all this, The +972 Podcast turns to leading public opinion analyst Dahlia Scheindlin, who says not much has changed since the April elections. What’s different this time, however, is t ...…
Rabbi Artson’s first Q&A of the academic year. Lively back-and-forth with the Ziegler students on topics for this year’s High Holy Days; rabbinic view of football and concussions; thoughts on rabbinic roles in political debate; what we can hope for in Israel’s election; managing a divisive world; skepticism about marriage and commitments; shoul ...…
Whereas in 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to appeal to his voter base by warning of Arabs going to vote “in droves,” now he is openly accusing Palestinian citizens of voter fraud and of “stealing” the elections. Sawsan Zaher of Adalah, the legal center for Palestinian rights in Israel, talks to The +972 Podcast about how this voter intimidation ...…
In this episode of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher, the rabbis visit the legacy of 9/11 and wonder how we might remember in effective ways 18 years later.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In Season 4, Episode 3, the rabbis share what the shofar's sound means to them this high holiday season.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
During a period of partisan zeal and assault, too many succumb to the temptation to jettison decency and righteousness for a short term victory. Exploring the wisdom of the Torah, to “love your neighbor as yourself,” Rabbi Artson dives deep into the fusion of the personal and the communal, the private and the public. Future rabbis — and all who ...…
By understanding Zionism as a white supremacist project, the division between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians becomes reductionist, says Noura Erakat, Palestinian human rights activist and author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine. Thinking of racism merely as a distinction between Jews and non-Jews pits Palestinians agains ...…
Season 4, Episode 2 the rabbis of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher? take on the 45th President's claim that voting Democrat makes a Jew disloyal.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Season 4 premiers with this brand new episode of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher as the rabbis reunite and ask: when has someone trespassed too far?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
It is no secret that for decades, the Zionist left discriminated against Mizrahim, or Jews with roots in Arab and Muslim countries, treating them as second-class citizens and pushing them to the economic, political, and cultural margins of Israeli society. Mizrahim took matters into their own hands, forming political movements and parties of th ...…
The United States’ approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has dramatically transformed since Trump took office, but a lot of those changes — from legislation to defund the Palestinian Authority to an attempt to criminalize boycotting Israel — actually came from Congress. It’s BDS and the idea of boycotting Israel to pressure into changing ...…
Israeli human rights lawyer Eitay Mack is working to uncover both Israel’s historic ties to brutal military regimes, such as Pinochet’s Chile, as well as its current arms exports to countries carrying out gross violations of human rights, like South Sudan and Myanmar. Israel's ticket to becoming an arms exporter — with deals dating as far back ...…
For more than a year now, Israel has been trying to deport the Israel and Palestine Director of Human Rights Watch, Omar Shakir. The ongoing litigation began in May 2018, when Israel decided to revoke Shakir’s work authorization in Israel. This was the first time the Israeli government had used a 2017 amendment to its Law of Entry, which denies ...…
Is the two-state solution really dead? Who knows if it ever will be. But an equitable one-state solution isn’t a given, and there are other models out there for creating a Palestinian state. Confederation keeps the basic idea of two states but without separation between them. Borders are open and meant to facilitate movement instead of hinder i ...…
Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Tel Aviv in mid-June to take part in the annual Pride Week festivities. For LGBTQ Palestinians living in Israel, however, the celebrations are far more complicated. Israel likes to celebrate how liberal and pluralistic it is while covering up — or “pinkwashing” — its human rights violations in the occ ...…
Every year for over two decades, thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel have marked Nakba Day by marching to the site of a different village that was depopulated and destroyed during the Nakba. While the story of Palestinian refugees — 700,000 of whom were driven out or fled in 1948 — is relatively well known, we rarely speak of those who ...…
In early April, Sudanese armed forces deposed dictator Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity after nearly three decades of rule. The Sudanese refugee community in Israel celebrated al-Bashir’s fall, which came after months of protests across Sudan. Along with the excitement of regime change, however ...…
A week after Netanyahu easily won another election, things don’t look all that different in Israel-Palestine. But one thing has changed: Everyone who told themselves Israel was seeking a two-state solution all this time now has some difficult and painful questions to face. Our guest this week, +972 Magazine co-founder and contributing editor Li ...…
In Season 3, Episode 3 of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher the rabbis explore what it takes to be a rabbi and who qualifies for this position.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Israeli elections are right around the corner. But for a country that controls millions of non-citizens, the concept of democracy becomes muddled. In this episode, +972 Magazine writer Noam Sheizaf explains why, as opposed to the one- or two-state paradigm most of the world thinks in, Israelis consistently vote for a third option: maintaining t ...…
In Season 3, Episode 2 of Rabbi Is Pot Kosher the rabbis take a question from the listeners on making out and eating.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In this episode of Rabbi Is Pot Kosher, the rabbis explore whether or not rabbinic presence in certain situations - weddings, synagogues, rallies - affirms those very spaces.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Two rockets fired toward Tel Aviv from Gaza were described, by both Israel and Hamas, as "mistakes" in recent weeks. Tareq Baconi, of the International Crisis Group, joins The +972 Podcast to talk about why that's probably not the whole truth (14:00), how the Great March of Return (8:40) and Israeli elections come into play (15:30), and the con ...…
Decades after the first Ethiopian immigrants arrived in Israel, the community still suffers from high poverty, discrimination, and recent police shootings have brought on mass protests. Mazal Bisawer, a prominent activist, says Israelis can't seem to admit that anti-black racism exists in their society. Later in the episode, editor-in-chief Mic ...…
Millions of Palestinians living under Israeli rule don't get to vote in the upcoming Israeli elections — but some other Palestinians can. Rejecting calls to boycott the elections, Palestinian Member of Knesset Aida Touma-Sliman says that when things get hard you're supposed to fight harder, not run away. In the first episode of The +972 Podcast ...…
In the Season Finale of Season 2 of Rabbi Is Pot Kosher the rabbis explore the Jewish themes of the best picture nominations of the Oscars.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
On this episode of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher, the rabbis explore the Israeli Jewish extremist group, Jewish Power, and wonder what American Jewish reactions ought to be.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
On this new Hebrew month of Adar, the rabbis step into emotionality and explore joy together.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
While the President of the United States addressed Congress and the country, the rabbis took a stab at the spiritual state of the union too.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In Season 2, Episode 16 the rabbis return to the weekly Torah portion for an ancient debate: deeds or creeds?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In Episode 15 of Season 2, the rabbis explore International Holocaust Remembrance Day and wonder, what are we remembering exactly?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In this episode of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher the rabbis explore the recent controversy around students leaving Birthright Israel trips out of political opposition while addressing the Jewish relationship with free food.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Is it kosher for Louis CK to make Holocaust jokes? What about Larry David? Tune in to hear the rabbis discuss whether or not Holocaust jokes are kosher.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Free will? Divine Providence? The rabbis weigh in on this timeless question.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In Season 2, Episode 11, the rabbis return to Christmas taking a question from one of you, dear listeners, and ponder: Can a Jew Go To A Christmas Dinner?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Tune in to hear the rabbis explore the significance of ancient tragedies, particularly those related to the Land of Israel. What's their meaning for today?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
On this episode of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher, the rabbis celebrate their podcast's arrival on the Top 200 Jewish Podcast list and ask: Is Hanukkah just a Jewish Christmas?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Join Rabbi Artson and the lively crew of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies as we explore: will apps replace rabbis? why is ArtScroll so awesome? (rare words of praise from a Conservative rabbi!), where is the line for unacceptable behavior? How do we balance online privacy and ethics? How do we find resilience in catastrophe? What is the m ...…
In Season 2, Episode 8 of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher the rabbis explore the rabbinic saying, "The stories of the ancestors are symbols for the children," and ask where free choice dwells as we inherit family legacies.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Season 2: Episode 7: The rabbis discuss the growing Anti-Semitism in America, especially post the Pittsburgh massacre, and wonder: what is the Jewish response?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Listen in as Rabbi Artson and the students of the Ziegler School explore: what would you wish you could change in the Torah? Gun control? Donations from a bad person? Is Los Angeles the Diaspora? Is Tel Aviv? What’s new in Jewish Philosophy? Rabbis working outside of congregations? Must converts believe in God? Connecting the work of social jus ...…
The rabbis explore gender norms and roles in Judaism.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
The Jewish High Holidays are over. Now what?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
The rabbis explore the relationship between Jews and tattoos.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
On this episode the rabbis explore the notion of forgiveness in the era of #MeToo. Also, what foods are a must have after Yom Kippur?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In episode 2, the rabbis wonder where God and spirituality dwells in the New York City real estate market. They explore the challenges and hopes of moving, in general, as they settle into their own new apartments making them home.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
Season 2 begins and the rabbis are back, exploring in this episode how politicians use, misuse, or even abuse the Bible.By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
In the Season 1 finale of Rabbi, Is Pot Kosher, the rabbis finally explore the long awaited question: is marijuana kosher? And, if so, what's the blessing for weed?By Rabbi Avram Mlotek & Rabbi Jon Leener
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