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Enter the most exciting voice in political comedy, Matt Forde, a man on a mission to let some hot air out of a few over-inflated political egos. Expect fast-paced reactions to the ever-changing news agenda, interviews with leading political figures and additional reporting from international comedians. #Unspun
Wetzel to Forde
Two of America's leading sports journalists, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports bring you the "Wetzel to Forde Daily Podcast," discussing everything in sports in a right-size, Monday-to-Friday daily package. Prepared in time for your morning commute, workout or wherever you’re trying to get to, this podcast will help you to form your own opinion on the day’s sports headlines.
The world's biggest sports radio station
Welcome to my free Anatomy and Physiology videos. If you like the videos here and they help you in your class please be sure to come visit my website at for the entire course. Each lesson comes with lecture videos, interactive exam reviews and printable notes.Mr. Scott Ford, M.Ed. has developed courses and taught for public schools, colleges, the FBI, the DEA, and other government agencies. His educational videos have been used and seen by over half a million students worldwide.
Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love” and today she will share her secrets to manifesting the love of your life. She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. Her w ...
Ford Galaxy, Classic FM and The Times Online are delighted to bring you a brand new and enchanting series, for all the family to enjoy. Richard E Grant, Alistair McGowan, Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, Harry Enfield and many more will be reading classic children?s stories and bring them to life in their own unique way.
Sports-mad comedian and talkSPORT presenter Matt Forde hosts a brand new comedy podcast featuring some of the biggest professional names in sport as well celebrity fans and officials.
Ford Ranger & Triple M - Helping You Work Smarter
Interview with feminist commentator and columnist for Fairfax's Daily Life, Clementine Ford, on the word 'slut' and its place in our modern culture.
The Fifth Queen trilogy is a series of connected historical novels by English novelist Ford Madox Ford. It consists of three novels, The Fifth Queen; And How She Came to Court (1906), Privy Seal (1907) and The Fifth Queen Crowned (1908), which present a highly fictionalized account of Katharine Howard's marriage to King Henry VIII. (Summary by Wikipedia)
The world's biggest sports radio station
We like our men like we like our coffee - hot, grumpy, and named Harrison Ford.A bi-weekly podcast where actors/writers/comic minds Rachel Leishman ( and Lauren Milberger (Formally of attempt to watch and discuss all of Harrison Ford's film work chronologically... before the Young Han Solo movie is released in theaters. Join them for The Full Ford and more...
Henry Ford profiles the events that shaped his personal philosophy, and the challenges he overcame on the road to founding the Ford Motor Company. Throughout his memoir, he stresses the importance of tangible service and physical production over relative value as judged by profits and money. He measures the worth of a business or government by the service it provides to all, not the profits in dollars it accumulates. He also makes the point that only service can provide for human needs, as o ...
Yellowhammer Radio Presents The Ford Faction: A captivating new way to get your news, politics, sports, and entertainment Monday through Friday. A variety of topics are covered but content is never lacking. Your Host Ford Brown, Zac Johnson, and Sam Warren let you escape your day while still staying up to date on all the latest news.
Makers Moment is a podcast created by and for makers of all types. Hosted by Zach Ford, Makers Moment dives deep in into the stories of creatives who have attained various levels of success over a period of time often confused with overnight success. Join in as we hear from authors, musicians, developers and more about the ins and outs of what it takes to make their thing possible.
A podcast that chronologically follows the career of actor, Harrison Ford.
Ford's Focus
Listen LIVE with caution every week on spreaker at 10PM (Mostly Wednesdays cos' there's no EastEnders) also shows at irregular intervals occasionally... I dunno!
Brandon Ford
Current Radio Advertizing for Brandon Ford.
Betty Ford
Betty Ford
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from The Utah Homes Team - your professional Utah County Real Estate Real Estate Agents.
In this weekly podcast, journalist Jack Ford (“60 Minutes Sports,” “Good Morning America,” NBC News) interviews individuals who have unique insight into the world of college sports. Produced by the NCAA and Champion magazine, episodes delve into the most pressing topics of the day and offer behind-the-scenes points of view from those who shape college athletics.
One of the most shocking plays produced in England during the reign of Charles I, 'Tis Pity She's A Whore chronicles the disastrous results of an incestuous affair between fatalistic Italian siblings, Giovanni and Annabella. As suitors vie for Annabella's hand, various webs of deception and revenge intertwine, culminating in a bloody finale. (Summary by Elizabeth Barr)CAST LISTBonaventura, a Friar/ Bergetto, Nephew to Donado: alanmapstoneA Cardinal, Nuncio to the Pope AND Banditti: Algy PugS ...
Rob Forde
Some great insights from inspiring and motivating people
Stand-up comedian, TV host and former political adviser Matt Forde presents The Political Party, a weekly celebration of politics and its personalities.
This publication is the weekly message audio from Parker Ford Church, in Pottstown PA. Occassionally, a cooredsponding study guide will be provided in PDF format. If you would like more information about our service times or to go to know PFC better please visit our website.
Sean Ford LIVE
I am you. I get to judge people. I get to drop knowledge. I get to tell stories. I get to create havoc.See? Just like you.
Francis Ford Coppola
Audio Engineer based out of Halifax. NS
Welcome to the UAW/Ford Community Podcast. There will be a variety of shows available to you here. Some of which are:Benefits,ESSP,Diversity,JPS Community Spotlight, and more.
Podcast by Melissa Ford
This is the story about Margo and how she dies.
The 2014 Dunlop MSA Formula Ford Championship of Great Britain will be contested over 30 races, offering what is believed to be the highest number of races of any junior single-seater formula, giving drivers the maximum competitive time behind the wheel and exceptional value for money.The combination of 10 events in front of the BTCC’s massive spectator fanbase, allied to the speed and durability of the new Formula Ford EcoBoost 200 – not to mention the exciting new element that will come wi ...
Welcome to the "What's Up In Healthcare & Technology?" podcast, where we discuss what's trending in the intersection of healthcare and technology amazing things happen. Get smart, share, learn, grow with our insightful community. Stay tuned for interviews, briefings, exploration, interviews, laughs and virtual meet ups.
Jenny Ford is a popular YouTube fitness personality who shares simple workouts to help you get into the best shape of your life. Trying to find time to go to a gym can be hard, but there are so many simple and easy workouts you can do at home to get healthy. And the best part, you can watch Jenny Ford Fitness on your phone, Connected TV or video podcast player.
Le Podcast De Ford
Daily or weekly Podcast about Society, Politics, Culture, Leadership, Arts, News with Ford or my co-hosts
Ford on Food
Jason Ford is a professional Chef, qualified Cookery Lecturer and published Author.
Felicity Ford's posts
Felicity Ford's recent posts to
Rose Wilder Lane was a newspaper reporter, free-lance writer, political activist, and the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House" series of popular children's books. In this biography of Henry Ford, Ms. Lane worked directly with Ford to tell his story from his birth to his founding of the Ford Motor Company and his use of modern assembly lines to mass produce his cars.
Ford and Friends Music Show is a show dedicated to personal interviews with some of music's up and coming artists from around the nation! We sit down and talk everything music with new guests every week! New shows will drop every Tuesday at 5p.m. EST! Be sure to subscribe on Spreaker and iTunes and share it with your friends!
Designer and film director Tom Ford - internationally renowned for his turnaround of Gucci and launching his own label, Tom Ford, as well as directing A Single Man - discusses his life and career with Kinvara Balfour. Hosted at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Podcast by The City With Rob Ford
He turned Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent into the hottest labels on the planet and has since launched an eponymous line that’s loved by all of Hollywood. In his spare time, he directed the Oscar-nominated movie, ‘A Single Man’. Hear the legendary Tom Ford talk about the highs and lows of his incredible career with Grazia’s Style Director Paula Reed.
In this short novel the narrator is a superintendent on the K. & A. railroad, sometime in the late nineteenth century. The train is robbed somewhere in the Arizona desert. Various adventures involve this young superintendent. Romance is provided by a comely passenger. (Summary by David Wales)
Helping you live in the infinite love of Christ
The show for those who are more than just car enthusiasts, but are also enthusiasts for the automotive industry. Join us as we talk shop with the top designers, chief engineers and product planners about the latest vehicles they’re bringing to the market.
All sermons from Lower Ford St Church, An evangelical church in Coventry, UK
St Paul's Old Ford, part of the Church of England in the Diocese of London
Red Deer's new home for great, local sports talk is "More on Sports" presented by Lacombe Ford and 106.7 The Drive! Available on iTunes
Jacob O'Neal and Ryan Ford host a weekly podcast that focuses on indie music from all genres.
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Today the guys are going kayaking, T-swifting, and the SAM-ZACTION.
Amanda Head called The Ford Faction for the first time in a couple of weeks to talk about her time in the Middle East. Amanda shared some great moments from her trips like getting to float in the Dead Sea, being harassed by some people and seeing an Alabama and Auburn flag. Amanda touches upon the Kylie Jenner GoFundMe fiasco and many things on ...…
SPECIAL GUEST: Andrew Saul, CEO, Genovation In-Studio: Electric Corvette?NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- Auto Alliance doesn’t want tariffs. Will the Administration listen to 12 car companies??- BMW’s ReachNow car sharing service adds ride hailing in Seattle. The uber Uber??- Nissan’s UK plant builds 1-millionth Juke. Does that prove consumers’ tastes ar ...…
Jonathan Cooner was Today’s Alexander Shunnarah “Shark of The Week” and he came with some great stories. Jonathan started it off by talking about his time the law firm and the number of phone calls they get and how he started off. Jonathan told the guys a story about “A toddler and a mechanical bull.” Jonathan went into depth about what it mean ...…
Today the guys get a new intern, Zac makes up a new sport, and the Sam-Zaction!
Mike Ruttan of Central AlabamaWorks! Joined The Ford Faction to talk about what’s been going on recently with AlabamaWorks! The initiative they have is to “Develop strategic alliances by building and expanding effective industry partnerships.” The Career Expo for 8th Graders will be held on Sept. 13 and 14 at Southern Union in Opelika.…
Today the guys are taking votes on what the new air force one should look like, ESPY’s, and our Promos.
Will Ainsworth made a surprise call into The Ford Faction to talk about his big win against Twinkle Cavanaugh for the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor. Will talked about how grateful he was for the support he’s gotten from the voters. Ainsworth talked about how he can gather Twinkle voters to get behind him in his run for Alabama’s Lt. Gov ...…
Today the guys talk about the British Open, hang gliding, and the Sam-Zaction.
Walter Carr, the 20-year-old who walked from Homewood to Pelham, made an appearance on The Ford Faction to talk about how he’s recently been in the news. Walter received a new car for walking to work and doing it with a great work ethic. Walter credits hard work and a good attitude for his success.
On Today’s show, are alligators and crocodiles basically the same?
This full length workout has 3 great sections. The entire workout has simple kickboxing moves like shuffles, punches, and strong kicks and knee lifts. Optional power bursts are included if you want to really punch it up! By completing the full-length workout you can get 3120 steps in for the day. Participation Level: All Levels Welcome…
Rain on cut grass Sunday Morning Service by Paul Watts on Psalms 72:1-20
God will keep his people for his purposes Sunday Evening Service by Andy Norris on Acts 19:21-20:1
Jay McCumber, will teach on 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 with the message entitled "Spiritual Discernment" as he continues our current sermon series.
SPECIAL GUEST: Ken Nelson, Orphan Car Collector?NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- First Half Sales: Anything to learn beyond lots of crossovers??- Volvo Launches M: Why is it taking on Uber??- Why are scooter companies attracting such huge investments??- What will the effects of tariffs be on the industry??PANEL:?- Paul Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau?- Gar ...…
Rachel and Lauren chat about the final film on Harrison’s current resume ... "Blade Runner 2049”! Topics include: Ryan Gosling, the world of the film, and Harrison Ford’s third act. Beware: we chat a lot about Michael Green and his TV series "Kings" (aka starring Sebastion Stan). We also chat briefly about the importance of Pat McQueeny, his fo ...…
Look and live Sunday Morning Service by Paul Watts on John 3:14-15
Honour Jesus Sunday Evening Service by Conor Deering on Acts 19:8-20
Pastor DJay Martin will share PFC Vision as he begins a new sermon series entitled “The Acts of The Holy Spirit: Constant Listening for Discernment.”
Instructional Step Workout – Great place to begin for first time stepper’s or those who need a refresher. Get up and move along with Jenny to get the feel of stepping and learn the basic step moves. Great workout to learn how to step as well as the physics and dynamics of this amazing format. Once you’re familiar working with the step bench, mo ...…
It's been ten long years since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. A decade since our favorite part-time "teacher" found out he has a son that can joust. George Lucas and Steven Speilberg are not big on doing Director commentary for the Indy films. So we thought we would "help" by doing a Hangout for Skull. A Hangout may not be ...…
What will happen at the end of the last days? Sunday Morning Service by James Young on Daniel 12:1-13
Pastor DJay Martin will teach on the book of Daniel chapter 6 with the message entitled " He Will Make Your Paths Straight " as he continues our current sermon series “Daniel: Crooked Paths Made Straight."
This full-length workout has 3 great sections with optional power bursts and some fun moves right by the beautiful ocean. You can get 3445 Steps by completing the entire workout. Participant level: All Levels Welcome
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