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Fraud Talk
Fraud Talk is the ACFE's monthly podcast. In these sessions, we break down case studies, talk with the industry's leading experts and give you more tools to spot, fight and prevent fraud.
Fraud Tales
Two young creatives from Atlanta let you into their world. Relax and enjoy. Support this podcast:
The Blotter Presents
Hàng tuần
The true crime worth YOUR time, reviewed weekly. Sarah D. Bunting, desk sergeant.
Welcome to Forensically Speaking, a podcast covering fraud, forensic accounting, investigations and technology topics for professionals in the legal, insurance and corporate markets.
Fraud Expert Skip Myers discusses the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies to protect your identity from hackers, reduce chargebacks, enhance your fraud prevention team, and how to prosecute criminals.
Ohio 88
In Ohio 88; we will examine the most notorious individual from each one of Ohio's 88 counties. We will explore crimes such as bank robberies, poisoning, shootouts with police, burglary, embezzlement, school shootings, sports ticket fraud and more. Additionally, we will take a look into the backgrounds of some of the most infamous individuals who called Ohio their home. Some of these people include Charles Manson, Donald Harvey, Ariel Castro, Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Art Schlichter, ...
Every Wednesday, Mike Recine and Matt Anderson regale you with tales of scams, fraud, sociopaths, narcissists, and betrayal. Join us and our comedian friends to talk about everything that falls under the umbrella of organized crime. Bonus Weekly Episode available at
American Greed Podcast
Scams, sex, and even murder all in the name of a perverted American dream. Enter a world where crime pays until you get caught. CNBC’s unprecedented original true-crime series, “American Greed”, takes you inside the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money. Narrated by award-winning stage, screen, and television actor Stacy Keach.
FinTech podcast exploring topics like, chargebacks, fraud, payments and ecommerce best practices.
Not Up For Debate
A half-assed cultural talk show we accidentally created while trying to do a music show. We weigh in on pop culture, social topics, entertainment, sports, and much more from New York. The Director's commentary track to the culture. Featuring Paul Smith, Brandon, and Tone Aye. WARNING: Contains very strong opinions!rs!
Lie, Cheat, & Steal
A podcast about liars, fraudsters, thieves, and bullshitters.
Follow one writer's journey from a know-nothing fraud to a published writer (he hopes). Every writer has thought, at one point in time or all the time, that their writing is horrible, but Host Paul Sating tells you why you don't suck as much as you think you do. Building a community of empowered writers, one episode at a time.
Controversial host and world renown financial expert, attorney and blogger Neil Garfield provides a wake up call to people everywhere about the foreclosure crisis and related bank scams.
Utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to explore true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. From corruption and fraud to Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters, these financially motivated crimes have shaped our world in unimaginable ways. All in the name of greed.
Scam Goddess
“Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your favorite comedians! It's like true crime only without all the death! True fun crime!”
The Perfect Scam
Learn how to protect yourself from scammers. Hear compelling personal stories from scam victims, con artists and leading experts that pull back the curtain on how scammers operate. Hosted by Will Johnson and leading fraud expert Frank Abagnale, author of “Scam Me If You Can,” available Aug. 27.
You've heard the stories about bloody murder and horrendous homicide, but what about the rest of the crimes committed on a daily basis? Mugshot is a single narrator story telling podcast that brings you the crimes you didn't know you needed to hear... Robbery, fraud, arson, stalking, assault, and more.
Each week, the members of Scene-It Cast get together to recap and review the latest movies and television shows.
Help Me With HIPAA
In today's environment of data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and increasing connectivity, HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are a responsibility to your patients and your clients. HIPAA isn't about compliance, it's about patient care.
BBB helps consumers make informed buying decisions, understand consumers’ rights, learn more about products and services, and steer clear of scams and fraud in the marketplace. Ask BBB features guests from BBB Accredited Businesses, experts in our community, and consumers. Tune in: Saturdays from 10:30am-11:00am on AM980 Website-
QuantLayer Podcast
In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.
Alexandra Wrage, president of TRACE, interviews luminaries in the field of financial crime, including bribery, fraud, money-laundering, insider trading and sanctions. Each week, Alexandra and her guests will discuss who commits “white collar crime”, how it works and what is being done to stop it.
1st Talk Compliance
Tune in to 1st Talk Compliance with your host, Catherine Short, Partnership Marketing Specialist at First Healthcare Compliance. On this 30-minute, informative program, Catherine, and her guests will discuss the hottest topics, pain points and learning opportunities related to healthcare compliance management in America. Whether you’re wondering about federal fraud and abuse laws, OSHA, or human resources compliance, tune in to gain insight. Here you can also enjoy our archived library of au ...
Welcome to The CU Lab with NAFCU Services. In each episode, we explore breaking innovations, industry insights, and growth ideas. Catch up with credit union thought-leaders on fintech, security, fraud prevention, and more. Are you ahead of the curve on risk management, and prepared for what’s to come? Is your credit union building the best digital experience to attract and engage members? Tune in to connect with the best intel in the industry.
Ravelin Podcast
The Ravelin Podcast looks at the world of risk, fraud and growth from the perspective of the online merchant (mostly). What's going on on out there, what changing and what smart tech and ideas are emerging to help.
Cactus Chris, Eddie Fraud, Gabba Gabba Hayley and TJ Fadehawk take a look around this stupid world tell stories and have opinions about it. It's a good story. Then we found $20 and made it interesting. Support this podcast:
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) news and investment research brought to you weekly covering major market trends and new research insights. With topics ranging from climate impact on investment portfolios, corporate actions, trending investment topics, and emerging ESG issues, host Mike Disabato of MSCI ESG Research walk through the latest news and research that is top of mind for MSCI ESG Research clients and partners.MSCI ESG Research products and services are provided by MSCI E ...
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) news and investment research brought to you weekly covering major market trends and new research insights. With topics ranging from climate impact on investment portfolios, corporate actions, trending investment topics, and emerging ESG issues, host Mike Disabato of MSCI ESG Research walk through the latest news and research that is top of mind for MSCI ESG Research clients and partners.MSCI ESG Research products and services are provided by MSCI E ...
Food Fraud News
A resource for a rational approach to food fraud prevention.
"Frauds sounds like Lords, amirite?"A 5th Edition Actual Play podcast set in a Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage-inspired Waterdeep. We don't follow the "plot" of those adventures that closely as the PCs take a liberal view to the word "heroism" and the concept "property ownership".Ask Ode about the time he only got a few silvers for some Noble's used socks...
The Fraud Police
A show about impostor syndrome and its close relatives. Shahid and Matt have been on the run from The Fraud Police for as long as they can remember. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Join them as they hunt for evidence of their innocence, or guilt.
Punk rock radio
Punk rock music with some talking.
DavPelton's FraudCast
Potential Evidence of Fraud
Jesus and Hagrid together for the first time, making death... Metal.These two are not meek, nor will they inherit the earth.
Top Ten Frauds
Top Ten Frauds brought to you by
This is a fun, entertaining and informative podcast for private investigators or those attempting to enter the private investigation industry.
This is Real
In 2014, more than 30 people were arrested in the nation's capital on charges related to health care fraud. Those arrested included owners and operators of home health care agencies, office workers, personal care assistants, and patient recruiters. Millions of dollars in bank accounts and property were seized, and the bust remains the biggest health care fraud takedown in Washington, D.C., history. This series follows HHS OIG special agents as they work to uncover the complex fraud schemes, ...
This podcast was inspired by my own journey, and evolution through life, and wanting to share my story as well as stories from regular every day people. I'm a single dad, Union blue collar guy, former drug addict, spent time in Federal and State prison for drug trafficking and fraud. I was released in 2006 with nothing but the clothes on my back, and a bag of mail, and legal paperwork. In 2010 I finally kicked a long time methamphetamine habit, and started the long climb back up the ladder o ...
Hosts Dylan, Brent, and Forrest dig into the unusual, unorthodox, and downright unsettling beliefs found at the depths of the Internet and the heights of paranoia. Think of us as a podcast on the history of ideas, except the ideas come mainly from cranks, con artists, extremists, frauds, and other chronic failures. Whether they promote pseudoscience, alternative medicine, fringe religions, radical politics, or revisionist history, None Dare Call It Ordinary! is here to toss a chuckle their way.
Dealing with a loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, often we are challenged with the day to day tasks and time sensitive paperwork that needs to be completed after a passing of a loved one. The grief process is a long journey of healing and acceptance. Dragonfly Advisory Services is here to assist.
Tips, Reviews, & Sources to aid Consumers in Protecting and Preventing their Credit and Personal Information from Identity Theft and Fraud.
Inside the Law
An outsider gets inside stories and insights from cops, criminals, judges, lawyers and more. Learn about the fascinating experiences of people on all sides of the law.
Brett Johnson and Karisse Hendrick are both anti-cybercrime experts. But, with very different experiences. Karisse has worked with hundreds of the World's largest e-commerce and mobile companies to help them prevent payment fraud and other threats to their bottom line and customers. Brett, started his journey as an online fraudster, creating the first darknet forum for buying & selling credit cards and was responsible for creating the criminal enterprise that commits identity theft, credit c ...
ColdFusion aims to reveal the bigger picture of our world by making complicated topics easy to understand, often through a narrative lens. Interested in the stretching of minds, ColdFusion is here to educate and inspire the thinkers in us.
At Trust & Safety in Numbers, we chat with people on all sides of the fraud fight: hackers, FBI agents, fraud analysts, rogue cyborgs… In an era when high-profile account takeovers and global malware attacks are as common as an unwanted group text, it’s an exciting time to be on the fraud front lines. Trust & Safety in Numbers is presented by Sift, a Digital Trust & Safety provider that helps businesses grow without risk.
Third Rail Talk
The third rail is the one you don't step on. We will be shedding light on developments relevant to people in Minnesota Big Media won't cover, amongst which: the creeping advancement of the Sharia Agenda, Somali crime, DHS fraud, voter fraud, immigration-related health alerts and more. Support this podcast:
We empower industry professionals with relevant real-world training to enhance their professional credentials and skill sets. We provide online courses & board certifications in the areas of Cyber Investigations, Intelligence, Counterintelligence, eCommerce Fraud, Loss Prevention, Digital & Mobile Forensics, Fraud Investigations, Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking, Deception Detection, Criminal Investigations, Leadership & more.
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show series
Klay Thompson could really be anything, but he got a black girl so he black. --- Support this podcast:
There’s a simple thread that connects entrepreneurs and conmen. Alexander Stein, Ph.D., discusses this connection and dissects how the psychodynamics of fraud can help fraud examiners spot the differences between ethical employees and malevolent ones.By ACFE.
Author Jim Rossi discusses the widespread, relatively low-dollar cons he uncovered in his book “Cleantech Con Artists” set in Las Vegas.By Alexandra Wrage with Jim Rossi.
A successful trucking company is destroyed after it is inherited by the boss' greedy son. Prelude: Hundreds of Falcon Transport employees are blindsided by the company's sudden closure. Support the show by becoming a ValuedListener™ at Or donate directly at Buy something at ...…
We’re not posting a new podcast next week. Our fantastic editor, Brad Shoemaker of Creative Zombie Studios, is getting married this weekend and is busy with more important things! Instead, we’re reposting Brad’s favorite TRACE podcast: "The Death of Sergei Magnitsky". We’ll be back next week with an interview from Riyadh.…
Two stories this week with ESG glasses: 3M and DuPont failed to disclose their findings on the hazardous impact and proliferation of PFAS (0:40), and Hong Kongers are leaving Hong Kong for everywhere but the U.S.(10:11), all on the record. Listen on Apple Podcasts.By MSCI ESG Research LLC.
Two stories this week with ESG glasses: 3M and DuPont failed to disclose their findings on the hazardous impact and proliferation of PFAS (0:40), and Hong Kongers are leaving Hong Kong for everywhere but the U.S.(10:11), all on the record. Listen on Apple Podcasts.By MSCI ESG Research LLC.
Is there such a thing as bad luck breaches? Most of us don’t expect luck to rule our world although I will always take good luck if I can get it. But when bad things happen sometimes we say it is due to a string of bad luck. Can data breaches be due to one of those strings of bad luck? For more info go to…
We’ll be back with new episodes in November. In the meantime, enjoy this bonus episode featuring The Perfect Scam show producers as they test their fraud-busting knowledge in a game of True or False, with questions from host Frank Abagnale’s new book, Scam Me If You Can.By AARP - Host Frank Abagnale and Will Johnson.
Part 2: Kath breaks down the "creativity workshop" scam that mafe Caroline Calloway famous.By Body Tape Intl..
Tonight we discuss the strategies and reasons for homeowners to win foreclosure cases. Specifically we look at yet another case where a homeowner did win, hands down game over. see ...…
This episode is from an earlier interview with Monica Eaton-Cardone the COO at Chargebacks911. Eaton-Cardone points out that most women are unaware of what is really involved in technology jobs. She mentions women don’t feel welcome, assuming the industry is filled with a bunch of geeks in front of computers. Fortunately, perception is not real ...…
This episode covers Herbert Illig's alternative chronology, the Phantom Time Hypothesis. Illig alleges that the years 614 AD to 911 AD were inserted into history by Holy Roman Emperor Otto III and Pope Sylvester II so their reigns would occur in the year 1000. So party like it's 1722 because it turns out that's what year it is. Check out our we ...…
New "con-gregational" podcast Scam Goddess kicked off last week with Paul F. Tompkins joining host Laci Mosley to talk about Anna Delvey, and Stephanie Early Green joined ME to talk about the newest comedy-convo crime pod on the block. How is it possible PFT never heard of Anna Delvey/Sorokin? Do comedy podcasts about true crime need to be bett ...…
Renee Dudley of ProPublica discusses her fascinating research into the unsettling world of ransomware: how it works, the role that “recovery services” play and where the ransom money ends up.By Alexandra Wrage with Renee Dudley.
Dylan Palladino drops by to talk about Ellen’s CIA connections, the recent murder of Joshua Brown in Dallas, and the Ferguson activists who have been getting murdered. We wanted to have a POC on for this but they cancelled. Dylan's mic cuts out a little in the beginning, just deal with it.
Dylan Palladino drops by to talk about Ellen’s CIA connections, the recent murder of Joshua Brown in Dallas, and the Ferguson activists who have been getting murdered. We wanted to have a POC on for this but they cancelled. Dylan's mic cuts out a little in the beginning, just deal with it.
First Healthcare Compliance hosts Courtney Tito, Esq., Member, of McDonald Hopkins LLC, for an interactive discussion on “Payor Disputes and Audits: Observations & Strategies.” This presentation will help participants better understand the payor audit process and prepare the organization to respond. From recognizing the significance of initial ...…
Credit union loan participations have increased by 61% between 2014 and 2017 as a percentage of their total outstanding loan portfolios. Listen in to understand the landscape of modern loan participations and how to evaluate loan participation tools. Learn about ROA models, participation benefits and pitfalls, expanded balance sheet options, an ...…
Is an element named after the Norse God of Thunder the key to reversing global warming and saving humanity. It could be. In this episode of ColdFusion we'll be taking a look at why the scientific community thinks that unleashing the god-like energy properties of Thorium might totally revolutionize clean energy and help save the human race from ...…
Welcome back Con-gregation to Scam Goddess, the #1 pod dedicated to all things fraud! This week Laci is joined by stand up, actress, & podcaster Nicole Byer (Nailed It!, Best Friends Podcast) for a look at the many scams & lives of (fraudulent) “international” guy of grift-stery, Jeremy Wilson. Research Assistant: Sharilyn Vera Sources: https:/ ...…
This weeks topic are: Tiffany Haddish new hosting role Paul's take on a lack of a credibile Black show creators in the main stream New ERA in Pro-WrestlingAnd much much more......... Listen Now Believe LaterBy Mere Exposure.
On this episode, I speak to Zaki Manian from Tendermint. We get deep into the weeds of interoperability, his notions of interop between fast chains and fast and slow chains. We discuss the IBC protocol, which is a spec for adapters between different chains along with all the complexities when dealing with cross-chain communications. Moreover, w ...…
You've felt it before. That feeling you despise, the one of being forced to write. Let's discuss tips, tools, and tactics for avoiding that. Please leave a 5-star rating & review if you haven't already. It helps the show be found by others. Check out all my fiction (well, most of it) and sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear about n ...…
Kenny Chatman runs a string of corrupt drug rehab facilities in South Florida stealing millions by keeping insured addicts hooked on drugs. His sick plans include turning patients into prostitutes and sober homes into drug-fueled brothels. (Original television broadcast: July 2, 2018) Want to binge watch your Greed? The latest episodes at: http ...…
(Recorded October 06, 2019) This episode Nobody Asked You Kevin! joins Kova and Spoiler Steve to discuss two new releases, a retrospective and some television they've been watching this week 00:01:49 - Intro, news, Diego Maradona HBO Documentary, American Horror Story: 1984 and Wu-Tang: An American Saga 00:48:16 – JOKER 01:37:45 - In the Tall G ...…
The first patient access settlement has been announced by OCR. Director Severino mentioned they would be putting an emphasis on this issue and we now have the first enforcement come through. What should you learn from this settlement? It included some interesting corrective action requirements. More…
Bill Gates almost missed out on becoming the richest man in history. That's right! The software that started the PC revolution was actually based on a program written by a man who blew off a meeting with a team of executives from IBM that were looking to purchase software that the would run on their pc computers. That fateful decision led IBM t ...…
This episode focuses on Alex Jones during the Obama and Trump presidencies. We cover his film The Obama Deception, his rant dressed as the joker, his vile conspiracies regarding Sandy Hook, and his final sacrifice of any principles by supporting Donald Trump. Check out our website. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Support the podcast for as l ...…
Two stories this week with ESG glasses: The Council of Institutional Investors recommendation that investors check their CEOs pay packages (0:42), and then we discuss the continuing physical risk to real estate posed by climate change (12:52), all on the record. Listen on Apple Podcasts.By MSCI ESG Research LLC.
Two stories this week with ESG glasses: The Council of Institutional Investors recommendation that investors check their CEOs pay packages (0:42), and then we discuss the continuing physical risk to real estate posed by climate change (12:52), all on the record. Listen on Apple Podcasts.By MSCI ESG Research LLC.
Chinese Americans are being targeted by scammers in schemes known as the “Chinese consulate scam” and the “blessing scam,” through which victims have lost millions. When Mandarin-language calls began to bombard residents across the U.S., authorities take a deeper look. They find that these illegal robocalls are targeting areas with large Chines ...…
Part 1: Kath introduces Pat to the frighteningly cutesy world of Caroline Calloway, Cambridge student and future scammer.By Body Tape Intl..
Re non-judicial foreclosure non-judicial foreclosure lawsuits, which are on appeal in California, Today's Show will cover the following: - where chain of title argument is still getting traction at the appellate level; - how breach of contract argument is getting traction when chain of title argument is not; - how appellate courts might handle ...…
On this episode of Forensically Speaking, Simon Oddy, FCA, CFE, MCIArb, a partner in Baker Tilly's Global Forensic and Litigation Services group, discusses product recalls and developments made in the crisis management insurance market, specifically related to contamination events like the romaine lettuce E.coli outbreak and how the insurance m ...…
Today - October 3, 2019 is #JusticeForDJDay. As many of you may already know; I (Heather) co-host another podcast called Status Pending with Scott Fuller. DJ was the inspiration behind the entire podcast Status: Pending. DJ's case has had such an impact on me that I want to spend my 30th birthday today, spreading the word about DJ; will you hel ...…
Blogs on Tape - Popular articles from our blog presented in a format for audio learners and busy professionals. Chargeback mitigation plans are sets of best practices merchants can use to decrease their risk of losses due to chargebacks. These plans are designed to serve two functions proactively counter chargebacks and challenge illegitimate d ...…
Toby Ball and I took on two newish podcasts this week: the first from WBEZ and the Chicago Sun-Times, Motive, looks at the strange case(s) of TJ Jimenez. But is a competent, ambling narrative -- one that might have worked better as a longform magazine piece -- enough during peak true-crime? Unraveled returned with a fourth season last month, an ...…
Jonathan Turner, Vice President, Ethics & Compliance, at Smith & Nephew in Memphis, discusses the admissions scandal that has rattled several top-tier U.S. universities and ties some of the lessons learned back to the work of compliance professionals.By Alexandra Wrage with Jonathan Turner.
On this weeks episode Rappers to old Partynext door Benny the Butcher Disney Plus Paul's gambling what is battle rap?By Mere Exposure.
What’s up Con-gregation & welcome Scam Goddess, the #1 pod dedicated to all things fraud! In this initial episode comedian, actor, and podcast papi Paul F. Tompkins joins host Laci Mosley for a deep dive into Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin the scam heiress; a fake German heiress turned Manhattan socialite who swindled dozens of people out of hund ...…
We chatted with Aaron Blankstein, Core Engineer from Blockstack. Blockstack is a decentralized computing network, which makes it simple for developers to build blockchain-based applications. We learn about Blockstack’s incentive system, and what will be changing from v1 to v2. We discuss a few use cases of Blockstack, like the Blockstack Naming ...…
Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic illness? Has it impacted your ability to write those stories craving to burst from you? Kristine Kathryn Rusch comes on the show to share her own personal story and a wealth of tips, tools, and tactics how you can chase your writing your dreams. Please leave a 5-star rating & review if you haven't ...…
(Recorded September 29, 2019) This episode Bianca from Superhero Talk joins Kenny, Kova and Spoiler Steve to discuss three new releases and movies they've been watching this week 00:01:49 - Intro, news, On Becoming A God in Cenral Florida, Dogma, Derry Girls & Cocaine Cowboys 01:01:32 – Between Two Ferns: The Movie 01:17:14 - In the Shadow of t ...…
Rabbi Evan Moffic discusses one of his favorite passages from Ecclesiastes and the 5 things it teaches us about managing risk. Risk is everywhere in life, even when it's minimal. As people, it's important to think long term, because what we're doing right now determines our future. We should look to create multiple streams of income to prepare ...…
A Spanish woman becomes the president of a survivors group in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Prelude: Fred Parisi, a New York City police officer, creates a foundation to support 9/11 first responders. Support the show by becoming a ValuedListener™ at Buy something at SwindledPodcast ...…
In this episode, we’re discussing the expected phase-out of LIBOR and the impact on all financial institutions. Your primary functional regulator will want you to do your due diligence and demonstrate preparedness, and we want to help. We cover the specifics of LIBOR’s expected phase-out, the implications for the change, and the anticipated tim ...…
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