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A podcast about technology, much of it garbage
"The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan" is Katie's podcast where she tackles the world of sports and beyond in her own unique and humorous way.
Katie Nolan rounds up the week that was in the sports world and beyond, in a loose and lo-fi setting where unfiltered sports talk meets late night comedy. Airs weekly on FS1.
Glitter in the Garbage is a celebration of all things fancy, classy, and important. Your host, Drew Droege, and his friends will play obscure celebrities who celebrate, fight, and feast upon the filth. It's like a salon, without all that boring intellect.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to��and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
Garbage Garage
Every Saturday, tell your mom you're sleeping over at your nerdy friend's house and sneak away to the Garbage Garage. This show is full of all the greatest leftover musical junk on the planet -- punk rock, folk, hip-hop, jazz, classical, comedy, garage alternative, jazz hip-hop, combustible international, grunge-trance, eclectic fusion, funky mambo, acoustic reggae, gentle dubstep, and anything else that your cooler older brother never told you about. Madalyn promises to take your secrets to ...
A weekly music podcast from Portland Oregon. Poorly researched, awkwardly discussed.
Garbage Theatre
Welcome to the Garbage Theatre Podcast - Where bad movies belong! Every week, hosts Chase, Blake, & John will challenge each other to watch a bad movie (and when we say bad we mean BAD) and then quiz each other to see who paid attention. The winner gets to pick the next movie and the loser must suffer through whatever torturous schlock the other can find! We watch them so you don't have to! Sign up to our mailing list by emailing us at for updates, new episode ...
Enjoy NFL football news and nonsense? Enjoy our articles? Want insight into NFL matchups as well as fantasy football help? Well, you're in the right place!
Just two garbage girls in a garbage world. We're fiery trash for the stuff we love, and we hope you are too. We sometimes (always) talk about Taylor Hall.
Garbage Town is the podcast where we watch and review the worst-looking Hollywood movies each week, so you don't have to! It's hosted by Ryan LaPlante and Tyler Hewitt, with a special guest comedian for each episode. COME ON DOWN TO GARBAGE TOWN!
Hailing from northwest indiana, this podcast is garbage is hosted by local garbage truck driver andrew reed and produced by ryan dexter. NWI, or colloquially known as "the region," is a collection of cities and towns just southeast of chicago. Often overlooked, the region is defined by it's steel mill and sand dune skyline and neighborhoods both flourishing and forgotten. While many might view northwest indiana as the midwest's garbage dump, there are people from all points of the region tha ...
One Man's Garbage
Fun, underrated movie discussions.
A podcast From with Red Dwarf news, reviews and commentaries
More Garbage
More Garbage. The name says it all. Music, interviews, news, and reviews.
Garbage Day
Your source for all things irrelevant and motherloads of bad comedy.
Austins Garbage
Austins nonsense
Space Garbage
A podcast starring Alex Wolf & Lauren Bee. Where we discuss life experiences, crazy fantasies, and occasionally some garbage advice on how to skate by.Twitter:Podcast @spacegarbagepodAlex Wolf @dinnonuggiezLauren BeeEmail:
A movie podcast about the kind of garbage Hollywood should be making.
Garbage Day
Honestly, we didn't know what we wanted to do for a podcast. So we make it up on the spot! Tune in for a ton of hilarity as Lil Stevie and Jeremy improv the entire show. We can't promise it will be good, we can promise it will be funny. Well... no we can't.
Garbage Time
It's a podcast.
Effing Garbage
If you're listening to this podcast, you're probably Effing Garbage...just like us!!
Babbling Garbage
Free Flow comedy and random talk podcast about anything including current events.
Hot Garbage
Our opinions are the trash, your ears are the dumping grounds. Hot Garbage is your go-to podcast about movies, tv, video games, and whatever else we want to talk about that week!
Garbage Thoughts
A podcast all about our garbage thoughts on mental health, relationships and being ourselves, from the perspective of three millennials stuck in rural Ireland.Hosted by Caroline Kelly, Róisín Jackman and Niamh McDonagh.
Garbage Punch
In this podcast Alex and Ashley binge-watch TV shows from the 90's then get drunk and talk about it.First up- Boy Meets World
Big Time Garbage
Big Time Garbage is a weekly comedy podcast where we hang out and make jokes, voice opinions, and riff with our friends. it's always funny, occasionally compelling, and rarely edited. Hosted By Brett Mercer, Blain Hill and Ray Hollifield.
Join Lex Cunningham and the Raucous Garbage Woman & Men as they discuss various Topics and World events while in a Oshawa Ontario bungalow .... wooooo
When two of the world's foremost sports media consumers are locked a studio there's no telling what will ensue. Once a week, Hot Take Juggernauts Will Lonnquist and Nick Sullivan spew consistently incorrect sports commentaries on "America's Station", 89.3 WAMH Amherst College Radio. Special guests frequently appear and spice up the already zesty banter. Each show is broken down into 2 hour-long podcast segments; In Hour 1 we talk sports, in Hour 2 we talk life. New episodes posted roughly ev ...
Team Garbage Fire
Hot Garbage Gaming Podcast
Garbage Time Points
A podcast about sports by amateur experts
This is the Most Things are Garbage Podcast.
Two immature comedians, Justin Watts and Usama Siddique, review and discuss the world's best films, current events, their own HILARIOUS lives, and your mom. Believe us, she's nicer than you think.
Talking movies, TV, comics, and all the garbage in-between! Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and our Youtube Channel!
Music Ranging from hard hitting, trance-like, chemical beats, to liquid, electro-organic beat-speak with many melodic layers.
The motherload of bad comedy
Tbh I don’t know what I’m doing and because your hear I’m pretty sure you’re lost in the sauce too. So let’s talk about shit❤️😭
The motherload of bad comedy
Talk all things geek - comic books - movies - sci-fi - electronics - video games and more.
RK and Matt talk all things geek on their weekly podcast
Being Human Garbage
The Tactics, Routines, And Habits Of Garbage Human Beings Just Like You!New episodes every other week.
Welcome to Garbage Time ! Where JMF and SHEN talk about anything and everything cause they can.
Hot Garbage Podcast
Join us for our NSFW look into the week of pop culture, life lessons.. and maybe some butt stuff courtesy of your hosts and special guests!
Occasional gold conversation buried in an overwhelming inundation of garbage as we stay a half hour past close of local bars and dream of an egg carton filled recording studio.
Why garbage, you may ask? It's simple: because we're trash.
Welcome to the Garbage SLAW and errthang else... podcast, where anything is talked about...
Two men questing through the deepest and darkest corners of the food-iverse; seeking the wild and unbelievable oddities found therein. And then eating them.
Weekly Podcast surrounding the fourth and long fantasy football league, the overall sporting landscape, pop culture, and other random fun things
After we take out the garbage, we can sit in the basement. One desk, two mics, a couple cats. Just you and me sitting talking face to face. Aww yeah.
My podacast is the best one. Wimen love it because of my yumor. Download it you peesa garbage.
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В этом часу играли: Tiamat - Brighter Than The Sun, Takida - Curly Sue, Heather Nova - Higher Ground, Sonata Arctica - Mary-Lou, Земфира - Земфира, Slicker's Match Factory - That's Who You Are, Garbage - Blood For Poppies, Milow - You Dont Know, Рома
Catholic School and Garbage panties. Guest host Jen from Toronto talks all the royal wedding dish and we discuss American foods and if we have any? Listen to our garbage panties AKA garbage plate stories and more!
Ingredients: Cracked Shell, Looking to Prey and Rotten Egg Trash from Plenty of Garbage!
Notable garbage: Jefferson Leary solves mysteries during his acid flashbacks, a man's prized pig eats him, nazi officer falls in love with a cross dressing Jewish man, Jimmy confesses his love to Guy Fieri. statue comes to life and torments children, old man believes he is a pirate and becomes a tourist attraction, and our gift to Cleveland The ...…
Courtney's Fundraiser: I have a favor to ask y’all. One of my previous guests, Courtney, is going through a rough time right now. They’ve got a whole host of health problems and as a result they can’t work. Last week their car, which was having problems already, blew its transmission. If you’ve be ...…
Listen to us Film Punch Isle of Dogs, directed by Wes Anderson and starring Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton, and Bryan Cranston. Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog after the mayor bans all dogs to an island of garbage due to a disease they carry. One boy searches for his lost dog while a cure is searched for ...…
Girl talk episode. No guests, just a couple of gabbie gals chattin' it up at a desk. Two mics. A couple... well you know the drill. Apparently this episode was brought to you by Slim Jims, Birch Box, and Glade? I'm sure they would be happy to know their products are being put to good use. Especially Glade. Shout out to siblings and awkward situ ...…
Transmission 319 Kinky – John Barry I Don’t Know – Beastie Boys Between Me and the Future – Stanley Brinks and the Kaniks Rock ‘N’ Roll/Nightclubbing – Human League That’s Too Bad – Tubeway Army She Cracked – The Modern Lovers Where Have All the Flowers Gone – Marlene Dietrich I’m Not Sayin’ – Nico What A Waster – Adam Green Two White Horses – ...…
Make sure you listen to our show live every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, Urban Sports Scene Live. Urban Sports Scene is a sports show based out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). The sport show provides youthful and fresh insight into all sports. The show stars Wally, Ray and Will T. Show topics: Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall possibly retiring, the ...…
During the final hour of the show Charlie talks Luc mbah a Moute simply could not get it together thus Coach D'Antoni pulling him unitl garbage time . Justin Verlander continuing a history making run, an anomalyamong his peers. A look toward game 3 in Oakland and what Vegas has to say about the odds. Is there a rotation in baseball history as g ...…
We talk about that guy from that 70's show, eating toothpaste, skits on rap albums, and white people calling the cops. then as our big closer we tell a bunch of jokes. just the gang on this one. no guest. thanks for listening.
Creatives can't always be on a hot streak. It's important that, when you're feeling low about your artwork/music/etc, that you don't let it affect you so much as to bring you away from your art. In this episode, we talk about the emotional toils of creative work as well as some of the things we've done to get out of those downtrodden moments.…
Mother's Day Sermon 1/1 Introduction: Have you ever just been done with someone? Like really, properly fed up with their nonsense? My brother is about 12 years older then me. And for as long as I can remember we have always picked on each other, as brothers do. Nothing abnormal about that. Like most brothers, we would look for any way to get un ...…
It was hard not to laugh excessively when it was first announced that there was going to be a movie made of the arcade classic, Rampage. However, once we found out that Dwayne Johnson would be starring in this movie, well...we were still laughing, but now there was a little bit of excitement starting to build. Could Rampage be the rare video ga ...…
This episode kicks things off with a special guest! US Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III joins us in studio to help out with the Patreon Promo! If you believe that, we’ve also got a bridge you might be interested in! After that, the boys realize that they share a dislike for one of Rochester’s biggest annual events, the Lilac ...…
Quick update on life for those who care, and that Prom Dress that stirred controversy. Intro: Garbage - Push It
Keeping it uptempo with bouncy songs from Garbage, Lecture On Nothing, The The, Big Audio Dynamite and The Clash.
Cider won big at the 23rd Annual Home-brew Competition held in Boston and put on by the Wort Processors - a home-brew club. Tom Bell’s New World Cider won both Best in Show for cider and placed 3rd in the Best Overall in Show. This means that Tom’s winning cider was placed in the final competition for Best Overall with 37 winning beers. Best of ...…
You may not be the boss, but sometimes people need a boss to tell them what to do (or not do). Take Robinson Cano, who needs to be told steroids are not to be used, or Brek Shea, who needs to be told how to kick a ball. We discuss both, as the Mariners and Whitecaps are both facing some serious challenges coming up due to personnel issues. We a ...…
Join Jim, Matt, and Shannon as they discuss the Garfield films staring Breckin Meyer and not, and I mean not the POS kiddie show with that garbage US acres nonsense. Then we get a good gloat on about Life of the Party debuting at #2 and despite his best efforts a certain strong armed tough won’t keep us down. That is all. Download…
Ryan and Jay's favorite garbage snacks, going down a rabbit hole with Colin Farrell, and the weird stuff they watch as they're falling asleep. Ryan watches a French threesome movie. True story.
This episode, Warren describes a situation in his work bathrooms that has been troubling him: one day the overseers at Warren's office replaced the paper towels with air dryers. However, some people must have complained, because at some point someone added a box containing so-called "door tissues". This way, people who had previously used paper ...…
We’re back with the third installment of “Friends Before Friends.” This time we watched Matt LeBlanc’s short-lived Married… with Children spinoff, Top of the Heap. LeBlanc plays a young, handsome, dimwitted Italian-American man named Joey… er… I mean “Vinnie.” Basically it’s the same low-brow shenanigans as MWC but with more dancing! Is it a he ...…
A new way to help support Tim / Distorted View – Check out our Patreon page ALERT: We’ve got a freak in need – Help Jessica get medical testing! You might just win a year Sideshow membership. Just pledge at least $7 – Read more about it here Win one of two Super Nintendo Classics! I’m thanking you freaks for hanging in there while I moved my li ...…
This week we take on a not-so-deep- and generally well-trod piece of wrestling garbage. It's Heroes Of Wrestling! I guess now this makes us a legit wrestling podcast?
Marcus picked a decent action movie this week instead of his usual garbage. We watched The Last Boy Scout starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. There weren't many issues with the movie, although we do find out who was supposed to star in it and what Shane Black actually envisioned. Kenny tries to explain a racist comment in the movie while no ...…
Harry Potter. Star Wars. Game of Thrones... What do these top media franchises all have in common? Well, it might be humans. This week on Naturalish, Alex and Ben test out theories of whether the characters from our favorite fantasy and sci-fi stories are, in fact, Homo sapien. Even in the most far-off and fantastical worlds, has our species ma ...…
Motivation is garbage. You need discipline. Resource of the week: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
This episode is jam packed with action. Mostly superhero action! Friend Andrew is an enthusiast to put it lightly. We hear about his gamer tournaments in Dubai. There's talk of Paul Blart Mall Cop, but we talk mostly about the cool and unbelievable life that Friend Andrew lives. Happy Mother's Day Moms! We love you all. <3 Thanks for always bei ...…
More Garbage Episode 3:Part 1 - Vandal & DJ I-Cue (Ingenious Music).Part 2 - Vandal interview w/ T.R.A.C.Part 3 - More Music w/ FTL , Steve B, and Vandal.Outro - Vandal, Dave Gee, T.R.A.C.
In this week’s episode of The Working With… Podcast I answer a question about work and personal tasks. Links: Email Me | Twitter | Facebook | Website The Beginners Guide To Building Your Own Productivity System The Working With… Podcast Previous episodes page Hello and welcome to episode 26 of my Working With Podcast. A podcast created to answe ...…
Pat and Sarah somehow survive SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE (1987), which reunites all of your beloved characters, with the addition of John Cryer as a very, very cool teenager. Topics Covered: "Nucular" Man’s invisible pants and acrylics; Nucular bloopers; a beautiful terrible piece of garbage; Clark Kent <3 the Bucs; Superman’s nonconsensu ...…
Mary and Andrew talk about their week which includes: Two online scams they were almost victims of Wrestling with a shrub A critique of our garbage men The future retreat we are planning Mary’s going green Andrew & Mary make new “couple” friends (they didn’t really have any at the time) There’s a whole LOTTA Yoga stuff fo sale! If you’re intere ...…
The End Of All Is Near What if the last day were today? That question makes you think, doesn’t it? Would you take a different course of action? Would you take the day off from work? Martin Luther was once asked that question, “what would you do if today was your last day?” He said that he’d go out and plant a tree. You see, the point he was mak ...…
Doesn't it seem like everywhere you look, there is something that just doesn't work. Our car, the garbage disposal, marriage, family, work/career....even our faith community. What do we do with all of the brokenness around us? Where do we go for hope, for healing for a true restoration, to see things become the way they were meant to be? This s ...…
I. Her AbandonmentII. Her AttractionIII. Her AcceptanceVI. Her Ancestry
Notable garbage: Too Many Rodneys, Aj flexes his Korn muscles, two seperate Fast and Furious pitches, what's really in Antarctica?, Boy Get Back on That Toilet!, Passion For Fashion, and King of Long Beach. Hosted by Jimmy Dixson, Heather Dixson, and Aj Guerra. Intro: Garbage! by The Crypts! Outro: Helpin' Out by Uncle Neptune…
After the Celtics draw first blood in the Eastern Conference Finals, The guys at Garbage time break down what they saw from the game. Tim and Ben discuss if the Celtics are now the favorites, or was this just a bad game from LeBron and Company. Also they preview the Western Conference Finals, including how Clint Capela is the X factor in the se ...…
Hey everyone! This week on the podcast we have comedian Hannah Bollman! We talk about weird first dates and expand the topic into strange territory involving minivans and public transportation. We also talk eating habits and the ability to process garbage food. Hannah is a very funny person and was a wonderful guest on the show. You can follow ...…
Discord: Patreon: Twitch: BfA Alpha Dungeons Waycrest Manor Freehold Temple of Sethraliss Had to start over Was able to go through the initial scenario, but the key cutscenes are placeholders. “Cool cutscene” Ali went through horde starting scenario, f ...…
Join us as we talk about only the best in games with such hits as Destiny 2, and other terrible garbage!!! The post Gaming Fyx – Episode 19! (xXx_XanderCageFangirl_xXx!!) appeared first on Fyx.
I didn't want to spend too much time in this celeb garbage but I am concerned about censorship and biased slippery slopes online
Welcome back! Or for the first time! This week, the Dames are talking about: This Week in Garbage People: Cosby/Polanski/Rose/Brokaw/R. KellyThe Great FanCon ConCathy Yan is directing Birds of Prey!MoviePass and the limited unlimited limited features for nowThe Terry Gilliam/Cannes mess--pre-court decisionWhy we love Rowan FarrowListener Questi ...…
Recorded another bulletin yesterday evening and it was vintage rols premium delirium golden hour - come for the news, stay for the crazy.Stories I covered:1. Recycling sitch is becoming especially scary with some quantifiable figures emerging: ie our recyclable waste contamination rate averages out around 20% (does that mean 1 in 5 of us is jus ...…
Taking a look back at round 2, and looking ahead to round 3! Who are the goalies that are good, and who's garbage?
China is no longer accepting many categories of foreign waste, giving rise to a debate about just where the world's garbage will be processed in the future. We also dive into a new report on air pollution in the Middle East and discuss the rising problem of e-waste.
Max and Karl put on thirty pounds of muscle and pogo the night away to 1995's KISS OF DEATH. A movie so good, they made it twice...and made it the second time with Nicolas Cage! So, after a brief moment of silent appreciation for one of the craziest stunts we've seen all season (semi truck, Nic Cage's WILL believe a stuntman can fly ...…
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