Best Garbage podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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Garbage Theatre
Welcome to the Garbage Theatre Podcast - Where bad movies belong! Every week, hosts Chase, Blake, & John will challenge each other to watch a bad movie (and when we say bad we mean BAD) and then quiz each other to see who paid attention. The winner gets to pick the next movie and the loser must suffer through whatever torturous schlock the other can find! We watch them so you don't have to! Sign up to our mailing list by emailing us at for updates, new episode ...
Big Time Garbage
Big Time Garbage is a weekly comedy podcast where we hang out and make jokes, voice opinions, and riff with our friends. it's always funny, occasionally compelling, and rarely edited. Hosted By Brett Mercer, Blain Hill and Bart Dangus
Garbage Town is the podcast where we watch and review the worst-looking Hollywood movies each week, so you don't have to! It's hosted by Ryan LaPlante and Tyler Hewitt, with a special guest comedian for each episode. COME ON DOWN TO GARBAGE TOWN!
Who Charted?
Howard Kremer brings on some of your favorite comedians to discuss the top 5 songs and movies of the week. Plus, Howard, the guests and Who Charted crew each bring a new song that they recommend over all the garbage on the charts. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
A weekly music podcast from Portland Oregon. Poorly researched, awkwardly discussed.
A podcast about technology, much of it garbage
Dating Is Garbage
IVM staffers talk modern dating and the woes and wows that come with it. Each week, we sit down with some very cool guests to have an unfiltered conversation about our dating habits, awkward experiences and heartbreaks. Tune in to hear us attempting therapy on each other.
Trash Talk
two pieces of human garbage talking about this week's highlights in reality tv and pop-culture | hosted by Danielle and Reagan
My podacast is the best one. Wimen love it because of my yumor. Download it you peesa garbage.
Enjoy NFL football news and nonsense? Enjoy our articles? Want insight into NFL matchups as well as fantasy football help? Well, you're in the right place!
The true crime / comedy podcast YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. We recap your favorite true crime documentaries with humor, sass, and a well timed garbage bell. Hear our take on "Wild Wild Country," "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane," "Jesus Camp" and many more. So many garbage people, so little time.
Phoebe's Fall
A major investigation by The Age newsroom in Melbourne, Australia, into the death of Phoebe Handsjuk, who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a luxury apartment building.
Tasteless Softcast
I'm the trashman. I eat GARBAGE
Welcome to my audio thrifting diary.I scour second hand stores searching for interesting artifacts, useful unusuals, trendy trinkets, cool collectibles and good garbage. Each week for the show I take a guest second hand shopping. After we gather a thrift haul, we record an episode based on our findings.
Garbage of the Five Rings is a mistake two friends decided to make in which they are going to read EVERYTHING in AEG's Legend of the Five Rings, starting at the beginning, in publication order, and then try and explain it, drawing from the cards, fictions, and RPG supplements.
Pure punk for punk people
Team Garbage Fire
Two men questing through the deepest and darkest corners of the food-iverse; seeking the wild and unbelievable oddities found therein. And then eating them.
Two everyday garbage men take the time to talk current events, sports, and most importantly garbage etiquette while enjoying some beer. Mark and Paul live by these words, "Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot." Feel free to drop us a line at, Tweet us @CanCrushers69, and Like us of Facebook. We love hearing from all our fans.
My podacast is the best one. Wimen love it because of my yumor. Download it you peesa garbage.
Hot Garbage Gaming Podcast
A podcast From with Red Dwarf news, reviews and commentaries
Just two garbage girls in a garbage world. We're fiery trash for the stuff we love, and we hope you are too. We sometimes (always) talk about Taylor Hall.
Trash & Treasures
Welcome to Trash & Treasures! We rescue the movies others throw away. Join us every two weeks as three weirdos look through the forgotten footnotes of cinema with a queer lens in hand, looking for great movies nobody talks about and the kind of amazing garbage that makes movie nights worth hosting.
Subscribing to this podcast feed is like inviting a garbage truck to back up to your porch and dump its entire load on your steps. You won't know exactly when the truck will arrive, but once you hear the beeps you'll know that it is far too late to do anything about it.
"Welcome! Divas, Dropkicks & Dives is a weekly podcast dedicated to entertaining the masses (That's you!). From parts unknown, we are here to be the best wrestling podcast there is, the best wrestling podcast there was, and the best wrestling podcast there ever will be. Join Kevin & Michael, the tag team chumps, as they guide you through the glitz, the glamour, the glory & the garbage of professional wrestling! So join us. We're ready to Bo-lieve you! Part of The 8bit Geek network."
This is a podcast about all those jobs we've had that sucked. Each episode Brooks will interview a guest and find out what garbage they had to put up before they got to the position they're in now. Plus if you have any hellish jobs of your own you want to share email
I'm Still Right
From blowouts about overnight bags to decades-long squabbles over whether or not Michael Jordan is a garbage person, people have some pretty crazy fights, and I'm Still Right is about exploring them in depth. Each week, writer/comedian Luke Kelly-Clyne hosts two friends, lovers, or family members with an ax to grind.
Sysex Dumpster
SysEx Dumpster is a quasi-monthly podcast about modular synths, music gear, and related garbage. Hosted by Dave 8cylinder, Nick Vasculator, and Greg VanEck.
Two immature comedians, Justin Watts and Usama Siddique, review and discuss the world's best films, current events, their own HILARIOUS lives, and your mom. Believe us, she's nicer than you think.
This is the official account of The Garbage Will Do: A STAR WARS Destiny podcast. The show runners discuss everything related to Fantasy Flight Games’ STAR WARS Destiny the collectible card game. Hosted by Chris and Shaun, avid STAR WARS fans and enthusiastic Destiny players. This show aims to stem your flow of blankitus, build the UK Community with the mantra ‘Fly casual’ and introduce new players to the best STAR WARS game FFG produces.
Sick of feeling guilty about the books you should be reading, but aren’t? Annoyed that the books you read don’t seem to “count” as literature? Join author and journalist Caroline O’Donoghue as she discovers the chick-lit classics her guests were raised on, from schmaltzy romances to family comedies to bodice-ripping dramas. We talk to authors, fans and cultural critics about what makes chick-lit tick, and investigate why it’s so often overlooked.
Certified Rotten
Hosted by Major Tom and Doc Awesome, Certified Rotten takes a closer look to the underappreciated, often-lamented masterpieces of the Hollywood garbage bin.
Dangerous Thinkers features interviews with thought leaders, authors, journalists, entrepreneurs and amazing individuals from every walk of life. Be informed, and more important, be inspired by the experiences and insights of fearless people who dare to challenge, or even destroy, the conventional wisdom. It turns out that a lot of what “everybody knows” isn’t actually true. “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble; it’s what we know that ain’t so.”—Will RogersWhen the pretend news ...
More Garbage
The name says it all. Music, interviews, news, and reviews. Brought to you by VandalNYC, T.R.A.C., Steve B, and DJ FTL.
Greenlight Garbage
A movie podcast about the kind of garbage Hollywood should be making.
Welcome to the Garbage SLAW and errthang else... podcast, where anything is talked about...
Garbage Talk
Weekly podcast in tribute to The Weekly Substandard podcast, about the Substandard Expanded Universe, full of garbage opinions, star war arguments and pioneers of the podcast genre Dudes Counting. Described as "mediocre terrible" by Flagg Taylor.
I hear a lot about the "subjectivity of art," and to that whole concept I say: PSHAW. The laboratories at Audio Entropy have designed an UNASSAILABLE method for SCIENTIFICALLY AND OBJECTIVELY RANKING ALL VIDEO GAMES. Here's how it works: our host, Luke, grabs a random selection of guests each episode from his twitter followers, and they rank 5 randomly chosen video games, judging their quality by a simple minority vote. Random Sampling is a Science Word! That's how you KNOW this system works ...
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
One side effect of our national addiction to Trump’s tweets and other news cycle garbage is that fascinating issues, brilliant books and important debates aren't getting the attention they deserve. With a rotating crew of your favorite Crooked Media hosts, contributors, and special guests, Crooked Conversations brings Pod Save America's no-b.s., conversational style to topics in politics, media, culture, sports, and technology that aren’t making headlines but still have a major impact on our ...
Homegrown Garbage
Are you interested in listening to an idiot talk about nothing for half an hour? Why? What's wrong with you?
The Garbage Tale Kids podcast extracts our hosts’ most uncomfortably hilarious recollections for you to relate to, or gawk at in horror. Lisa, Nick, and Chelsea have all, in their own right, felt the cruel hand of embarrassing circumstance. We invite you to walk hand in hand with these three walking dumpster fires into what may be an enlightening (but most likely gross and unsettling) experience. Take a breath and let’s get weird.
After we take out the garbage, we can sit in the basement. One desk, two mics, a couple cats. Just you and me sitting talking face to face. Aww yeah.
"It's not Garbage" is a podcast hosted by Eric Satterberg and Juan Diego Ramirez. It revisits films the hosts believe were not given a fair analysis at the time the film was released. Our promise to our listeners is to offer a 30-44min deep dive on one film per podcast in a fun context.
The New Era Podcast
We are the light at the end of a long tunnel of Internet garbage.
This is the Garbage Reel Podcast, where we watch bad movies and tell you all about them so you don't have to! Become a supporter of this podcast:
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show series
Tyler and Tom are joined by Megan Miles to check out "Hellboy (2019)”! Tom busts out his comics, Tyler wants more metal, and Miles wants to burn the whole damn thing down. Give us a listen and find out if you should save yourself the cost of a ticket!Also, check out our Patreon to vote for future films and to get exclusive behind-the-scenes con ...…
It's our 420 episode! Drew, Andy, and Silent Partner Nate break it on down. We talk about our thoughts on the green holiday, we give other drugs their own holiday, our memorial feasts, our favorite stoner munchies, and we listen to some amazing music. songs from Awon, Polo and Pan, La Goon, Lord Dying, and Fruition.…
On this episode, our hosts Jaanam, Abbas and Surbhi are in conversation with the Stand-up Comedian and Writer Kaavya Bector about the most controversial topic in India: LIVE-IN. What does it mean to take this leap of faith and start living together? How is it different than being married to someone? What are the anxieties that surround the unce ...…
8. Clan Wars Part 8: Monks, Mantis, and McGuffins Amelia and Jude are exasperated by new characters, passing references, and just how swole Yoritomo is. They are perfectly okay with Ishikawa being just the best boy. Recorded: 03/25/2019 About Us: The Podcast Twitter: @G5RPodcast ( Instagram: @G5RPodcast https://in ...…
Brendan, Dan, Leslee, and Zach talk about recent gaming news including updates to PlayStation Network's username policy and VR developments, as well as what they've been playing.
This Week on the Garbage Will Do, we summarise all the big news from Star Wars Celebration, Chicago and discuss our thoughts on the World's first large scale competitive Galactic Qualifier post Convergence. Chris Infinite Deck - Watto/eSnoke/FOST - Chris Standard Deck - Watto/eSnoke/FOST - https://swdest ...…
This episode is fucking insane, i'll be honest. We are all physically and mentally drained for one reason or another and the results of that are interesting. i mean it. listen to me try to talk, and just fizzle out into nothing. My mental state is deteriorating and you get to come along for the ride. For real though, so many insane things happe ...…
Tyson and Ben are joined by their friend Mike as they take a fun(?) trip through the world of highly(?) efficient(?) foods(?). V8 Vitamin Energy Nestle Food Science Boost Glucose Control Hungry Man Hand Fulls Fiber 1 Pumpkin Bars Kozy Shack Flan
Ha Kung Wong and Ryan Whitfield of Football Garbage Time get you up to speed on the NFL, including the Antonio Brown v. Juju Smith-Schuster Twitter feud, Chris Hogan's signing with the Colorado Panthers, Russell Wilson's contract situation AND MUCH MORE! "Waste Time with Us!"™
Silicon Teens - Let's Dance (Mute) The World - Raddish (Lumpy) Preening - Work Policy (Digital Regress) Cool Greenhouse - Landlord (Drunken Sailor) M.A.Z.E. - Psycho Eyes (Episode Sounds) Nots - Half Painted House (Goner) Delta 5 - You (Kill Rock Stars) Au Pairs - You (Castle) U - Kleenex (Kill Rock Stars) Spasmodic Caress - Register of Elector ...…
Its time for Season 5 to get started and man, was this first movie a lesson in false advertisement! We watched 'Fireback' starring Richard Harrison and BARELY starring the cool looking gun on the poster! Listen along as we suffer through Richards fruitless attempts at locating his kidnapped wife and marvel at this most unimpressive rogues gallery!…
In this episode we talk about an infinite loop that Heath and Kory got into while playing, some random guesses as to what will be in Modern Horizons, and the first cards to catch our eyes in War of the Spark. As always you can find us at: Website: Twitter: Instagram: https://ww ...…
In this episode Jane is discussing how she's observed and encountered herself backlash over new found pride and confidence being received as arrogance.
Wherein your hosts talk about the NHL Playoffs even though they don't care at all, the upcoming Alberta election and why you should exercise your democratic rights, why a book about Dracula doesn't need fictional letters from fictional characters to move the plot along, what sorts of things not to say at a party, why birthdays are important-ish ...…
Lisa, Nick, and Chelsea discuss garbage jobs.
Today we're talking to Queenie author Candice Carty-Williams about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah, a book that stands out on Sentimental Garbage for neither being sentimental nor garbage. In fact, it was very well reviewed from the moment it came out. However, this book has more in common with chick lit than you might expect. We talk abo ...…
It's our first episode of Season 5?!? What about the last 6 months?? Nope nope nope - it's like they didn't even exist! Just listen and we sort of lazily explain ourselves. But the real topic of the day: MONEY. Cardi B was right when she said it. She was also right when she said a ho never gets cold. But down to brass tax. This episode is full ...…
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